20 Lesser-Known Facts About Heather Dubrow And Her 'Botched' Star Husband

Heather and Terry Dubrow have certainly earned their place as one of today's top reality TV power couples.

While Heather got her start in mainstream TV shows and the pageant world, Terry had starred in several reality TV shows prior to his now renowned show, Botched. Both have worked incredibly hard to achieve the success they have today, both on their own projects as well as on a few collaborations.

Although through Heather's appearances on The Real Housewives Of Orange County we were able to get quite a candid look into some of her and Terry's personal lives, there are some things we just still weren't aware of!

These two have certainly come together and found their groove in the celebrity world, and have managed to maintain their relationship and family through it all! Having reached the status they have today, we can't help but want to know more about the cute and dedicated couple.

Keep reading through the article below to find the 20 lesser-known facts about the two that we've managed to dig up.

20 Heather Was A Dinner Show Performer At Disneyland

As her acting and pageant days show us, Heather was always a performer. One of her more unknown gigs was as a performer at Disneyland.

Heather graduated with a BFA in Musical Theather so it makes sense that she wanted to be involved in this sort of career.

When she moved to LA she got a job singing at Golden Horseshoe Jamboree at Disneyland, she told OK! Magazine.

While she didn't stay at Disneyland too long, she did meet a guy there and together they put together a 14 piece band and started touring. That is also what got her an agent. Just goes to show that you never know when you are going to get your big break!

19 It Wasn't Love At First Sight For Heather

After being set up on a blind date, Terry was smitten with Heather but that wasn't the case for Heather right away.

He told her "You know how you're a kid, and you wake up on a Saturday morning, and you realize that you don't have to go to school, and you turn over and find that amazing place in the pillow again? That's what kissing you is like."

That comment was a major turning point in their relationship. Another thing that helped her fall for Terry? Going to his surgery in private practice and seeing him in his element. According to her, it was very attractive.

The couple then went on a weekend getaway and as Heather was walking up to the plane, she knew that she wanted to marry Terry.

Since then, it has been over 18 years of smooth sailing for these two.

18 Heather Dubrow Has More Than One Thing In Common With Hillary Clinton

It turns out that Heather Dubrow was born in the Bronx, New York but grew up in Chappaqua, New York. Does that city sound familiar? It's because that is where Hillary Clinton moved when she was vying for the position of NYS Senator and has lived there ever since.

The Chappaqua woods became famous for people spotting Clinton walking her dogs during her post-election blues.

Clinton and Dubrow don't just have the same town in common — their politics also align. During the 2016 election, Dubrow tweeted out in support of Clinton tweeting "Welcome to Twitter @HillaryClinton ! Your profile picture is fabulous !! XX".

17 Heather Is A Mother Of Four, Including A Set Of Twins

With all the fame and fortune, Terry and Heather Dubrow made sure to make time for family.

Heather doesn't remember the inspiration behind Nicholas but remembers that she and Terry thought of the name together. Nicholas also has the middle name "Kent" because it is Heather's maiden name.

Maximilla is named after Heather's grandmother and it worked because both she and Terry liked the nickname "Max" for a girl. Katarina came from the couple's desire to have a Russian theme to their children's names but also came as a compromise after Heather wanted to name the baby girl Kitten. They chose Katarina as a creative take on Katherine.

Finally, Collette is named after the movie character in Ratatouille. Her middle name, "Kennedy" because of the first letter K to pay tribute to Terry's late brother Kevin.

16 Terry Has Dabled In Many Tv Shows Prior To 'Botched'

While Terry currently is most known for his TV show Botched, he has been mixing the concept of reality TV and cosmetic procedures for a while.

Dubrow first used his skills on reality TV on Bridalplasty. The show's concept was to have 12 women compete for a wedding and for transformative cosmetic procedures. Dubrow was the one in charge of performing the surgeries. The show also only aired for one season.

His second TV show was Good Work, a talk show hosted by RuPaul, Terry Dubrow, and Sandra Vergara.

The show was a weekly roundtable conversation about procedures in Hollywood and what was "good work" and what wasn't.

The show only aired for a couple months in 2015.

Dubrow got his current reality TV show, Botched in 2014. The show features him and Dr. Paul Nassif as they help people who have had plastic surgeries go wrong.

15 Heather And Terry Met On A Blind Date

Heather met Terry Dubrow for the first time on a blind double date after she had asked one of her friends, who happened to be a surgeon if he knew any nice Jewish doctors. According to Heather's podcast, the sparks did not fly immediately for her. He wasn't her type and she thought he was generally a mess.

During phone calls, on the other hand, Heather felt herself falling in love but then when they would hang out she would feel unsure again.

Maybe get your friends to set you up with someone, it could work out for the best!

14 Heather Was A Pageant Queen

It seems as though Heather has always had a knack for being in the spotlight.

Before she appeared on reality TV, radio or had even married her mega-famous husband, Heather could be found performing in beauty pageants.

She was actually quite successful, being named as Miss Greater Syracuse in 1989.

That's not all though— she was also named Miss Congeniality at that year's Miss New York State Pagent, which is in affiliation with the much larger and more well-known Miss America pageants.

Not much has changed since then as even today Heather definitely still has the looks and the charm.

13 Heather And Terry Wrote A Book Together

Heather and Terry Dubrow don't just dominate reality TV separately, they also love to work together.

Their book, The Dubrow Diet, is expected to be released in October of this year. Terry told The Daily Dish that the book focuses on practical components in addition to more scientific components of being as healthy as possible.

The book focuses on the idea of interval eating, a concept that has found popularity with quite a few celebs. Terry himself credits his six-pack to his dedication to this diet.

Maybe eating the Dubrows is the way to get the summer body we've all been dreaming of.

12 'Heather Dubrow's World' Was Once The Number One Woman Podcast On Podcast One

One of the projects that Heather Dubrow took on after leaving RHOC was to have her own podcast. The podcast, Heather Dubrow's World focuses on health, beauty, wellness, travel, parenting and also talking about Botched and RHOC.

In an interview with Bustle, Terry Dubrow talked about how busy Heather had been with projects post RHOC and mentioned that she was the number one female podcaster at the time.

What Heather puts her mind to she succeeds.

11 Terry's Credentials Are Legit

Even though he is featured on numerous reality TV shows, Terry put in some serious academic work prior to becoming his famous surgeon self.

After completing medical school, Terry completed a three-year fellowship at UCLA School of Medicine and then became the chief resident of general and cosmetic surgery.

Terry received his masters from Yale University. From there, he opened his own private practice in Newport Beach, CA. The practice focuses on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow with the American College of Surgeons.

This guy is about as qualified as it gets.

10 Heather And Terry Are Worth $30 Million Each

It can definitely be argued that all of Heather and Terry's hard work has paid off in full.

Heather's net worth has been built around her numerous TV appearances, primarily from her years on The Real Housewives Of Orange County, in addition to all of her projects, such as her podcast.

Terry's net worth, on the other hand, comes primarily from his private surgery practice, but his recent success in the reality TV show industry has significantly contributed to it as well.

However, they have also made money with their cosmetic lines and their two books together. These two really know the definition of living large, having a combined net worth of $60 million.

9 Heather Has Starred In Hit TV Shows Outside Of The Reality TV Forum

Even though Heather is most known for her role as one of the housewives in The Real Housewives Of Orange County series, she did have some acting gigs on a few hit TV shows beforehand.

According to her IMDB page, Heather has had roles on a total of 18 different television shows including That's Life, Hot in Cleveland, Hawaii Five-0 and Young & Hungry.

Since leaving the reality tv show scene, one of the things that Heather has been excited to get back to is her original acting chops.

We can't wait to see what role Heather will take up next.

8 Terry And Heather Also Share A Skincare Line

It makes sense that two people who are very much in the spotlight and work in an image-oriented industry would be very aware of what they have to do to keep themselves looking good.

And because they love working together, Heather and Terry Dubrow decided to launch their own skincare line, called "Consulte Beaute". The purpose was so that others who aren't quite ready for any cosmetic procedures would be able to still take care of themselves and prevent the aging process as much as possible.

The line includes topic products likes creams but what makes the brand different is that they also have ingestable supplements that work to keep hair, nails, and skin healthy.

Lots of the products include tried and tested collagen supplements known to help with anti-aging.

7 Heather Left 'RHOC' For The Benefit Of Her Marriage

Fans were shocked when Heather decided to leave RHOC because of her likability and the down to earth vibe she brought to it.

But there were many reasons why Dubrow decided to leave the show, and one of the biggest was for the sake of her marriage.

While Heather and Terry's marriage has always been strong, their relationship changed a bit on the show and Heather didn't want to risk how it could continue to change.

In an interview with Huffington Post Heather noted that her relationship with Terry had felt a little off and that the only thing that she and Terry had fought about was the show. The first few seasons were an adjustment to their marriage because of the major difference in the work that the two did.

Regardless, the couple is great together and if having their marriage out of the spotlight for a little bit is what they need, we totally get it.

6 Terry Has Commented On How Much Influence The Kardashians Have

Considering Terry is at the crossroads between surgery and celebrity, it makes sense that he would have some thoughts on the cosmetic procedures that celebrities allegedly have.

According to Terry, Kylie Jenner's lip injections changed the game for cosmetic procedures in young people because it was something that most normal people don't get done.

Kylie normalized it to the point that now even Terry's young daughter talks about lip augmentation.

Terry also commented on the fact that Kim Kardashian has been having an impact on the world of cosmetic procedures for years with lots of his clients asking for a Kim Kardashian inspired butt augmentation. Terry even told The Daily Mail that butt lifts are the "most rapidly increasing procedure" in the world of cosmetic procedures.

I don't think any of us, including Terry Dubrow, can argue the Kardashian/Jenner influence at this point.

5 Terry Has Performed A Procedure On Heather Before

While Heather Dubrow has insisted that she has never had cosmetic surgery (does Botox even count at this point?) she has had her husband perform surgery on her — but not for what you think.

When the couple appeared on Andy Cohen's show WWHL they shared that Terry had repaired an umbilical hernia on her abdomen — a common issue that can happen after childbirth.

Heather then shared that she has had Botox and Sculptra. Terry has also experimented with CoolSculpting and lasers.

While Heather has never had cosmetic surgery, she has a "never say never" mentality about it, saying that it isn't her ideal situation but she doesn't know if she thinks she'll need in the future.

I guess we will just have to wait and see if this power couple collaborates on surgery.

4 Heather And Terry's Over The Top Mansion Is As Extra As We Thought

Considering the combined, $60 million net worth, it isn't suprising that the couple is the proud owner of an amazing over the top mansion.

Their infamous new residence was quite the work in progress due to its many amenities and top-notch materials.

However, of all the amenities it boasts, we think one of the best is probably the champagne wall and champagne bell.

The champagne wall is impressive itself but we must say it has nothing on the champagne bell that is reported to reside in Heather's closet which means that she can get champagne at a moment's notice. What a way to live!

3  Returning To 'RHOC' Isn't Completely Off The Table

Heather left RHOC on good terms, so it makes sense that she would consider going back.

One of the reasons she cited for leaving was that her kids were growing up and she had to decide whether or not she wanted them to have their lives shared on TV, so maybe some cameos on the show would be a happy compromise?

She told ET "Never say never. Real Housewives of Orange County was an incredible experience for me. Five years, made great friends, had incredible experiences, and quite honestly, it was a terrific platform for everything Terry and I have done, and for our family so I am very, very grateful. As for the future, never say never."

2 Terry's Brother Was The Lead Vocalist Of A Heavy Metal Band

Terry's brother Kevin was the lead singer of the band "Quiet Riot". Unfortunately, he passed away in 2007, at the age of 52. It was later determined that he had been struggling with a substance issue. The loss came as a surprise to his friends and family because he had seemed stable before.

However, it seems that RHOC helped to keep Kevin's memory alive for the Dubrow family and for the world.

Terry and Heather were able to shoot with Kevin's platinum records on display in the family's home.

The two were very close growing up and even shared a two bedroom apartment for a while when they were younger.

1 Terry Convinced Heather To Be On 'RHOC'

Coming from a reality TV king, it makes sense that Terry was the one to convince Heather to join the cast of RHOC, to begin with.

Surprisingly, Heather even admitted that she had never watched the show before she was given the opportunity to appear on it, joining in on the reality TV drama blindly.

Terry reportedly went so far as to sign Heather's contract with RHOC for her, but clearly, she must not have been too mad about it.

We can't complain though because otherwise, we would have missed out on the classy and sassy Heather, not to mention a couple great seasons of RHOC.

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