20 Kinds Of People To Unfollow From Social Media

Social media is great in a lot of ways. It connects us to other people, it allows us to share aspects of our lives that are interesting, funny, or beautiful. It facilitates the spread of ideas at a rate that has never been seen before.

Of course, there are a lot of terrible things that have happened with the rise of social media. We have become more dependent on crafting an image of ourselves that displays a well-lived life rather than actually living it. Filters and apps like Facetune have helped to develop unrealistic expectations for our own bodies and appearances. The information that is being spread so rapidly isn’t always fact-checked, and hoaxes and “fake news” abound.

This is somewhere in the middle, less global and more local, but nonetheless affecting us all. Who we follow on social media can have a drastic effect on how we perceive ourselves and how we live our lives. Hopefully, everyone we pay attention to is a positive force, but, of course, that isn’t the case, and, throughout the years of our social media usage, we’ve come in contact with people we should probably unfollow and unfriend for the sake of our own health. These are just 20 of those people. Is there anyone you’d add to the list?

20 The High School Mean Girls

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Why would you want to follow people who were ambivalent toward you in high school at best or awful to you at worst? Tracking the lives and loves of girls who weren’t even in your friendship circle seems to go against the purpose of “connection” in social media, and if you’re spending your time hate-stalking them, that’s no good either. Stalking their pages to see if they gained weight or got divorced or met some other supposedly deserved end is a toxic outlook to have, and it hurts you a lot more than it hurts them, because they have no idea you’re doing it!

19 The Hashtag Nut

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News flash, folks, Facebook no longer has hashtags as a searchable feature! Brands who are out of the loop or people who just don’t understand the platform are still tagging the crap out of too many posts, leading to a clogged feed that verges on desperate. Does every single word need a hashtag? We think not!

If it’s Instagram or Twitter we’re talking about, it’s kind of the same thing — an overabundance of hashtags looks needy and, if they’re pointless or have no ability to be searched because they’re so unused, or are incredibly long, then they’re just annoying, period. #SorryNotSorry

18 The Overzealous Meme-r

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We all love a good meme, but using memes over and over again at the sake of original content is annoying. The way Facebook’s algorithm works now already shows us what people have “liked” in terms of posts and pages, so we don’t need you to share every meme you see. Plus, it’s not like you came up with them, you’re just piggybacking on an established joke — and it doesn’t always go well! If you’ve got someone on your friends list who can’t stop themselves from sharing recycled memes and clogging your feed, just press that “unfollow” button.

17 The Humblebragger

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“Can’t go anywhere without someone asking me where I got my hair done! #Blessed”; “Got mistaken for a fitness model at the gym today – again!”

Posts like these are transparent in their desire to humblebrag. These people know exactly what they’re saying, but they’re doing the bare minimum to still appear humble and modest, despite being anything but. More often than not, these accounts will make you feel bad about yourself, and why waste your time or energy poring over their pages when it’s only negativity you’ll be feeling? Better to unfollow or unfriend and get on with it!

16 The Critic

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This person can’t seem to stop complaining about everything. Movies, music, TV shows, the news, politics, religion, work, family, the weather, money, car troubles – you name it, they’ve made some “woe is me” post about it!

In real life, this negative Nancy would be ignored and friendless but, thanks to social media, we have to see their complaints time and time again. Instead of getting bent out of shape over some random person on your friends list moaning about how unfair or unjust everything is to them (while conveniently ignoring the rest of the world), just unfollow them!

15 The Mediocre Foodie

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Most commonly found on Instagram, where foodies are a big thing and getting the perfect shot for the ‘Gram is as important as enjoying the meal itself, there are many people who choose to ignore the dim lighting in restaurants and just snap a picture – with flash – to share.

Take, for example, Martha Stewart. Her brand account is gorgeously curated, as most things related to the domestic goddess are. A few years ago, though, her personal account left a lot to be desired, with overexposed shots of unappetizing food. Don’t lose your lunch and just lose them from your following list instead.

14 The Fisher

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Tagging their photos “#nomakeup” while wearing false lashes; complaining of how they had zero time to get ready and yet they still look flawless; posting copious selfies while bemoaning how ugly they are — these are all signs of a social media fisher.

We all turn to selfies or social media if we want to raise our self-esteem, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself, but it’s obvious posts like this one that has the Fisher fishing for compliments that can just really grate on your nerves. Instead of funnelling all your annoyance at a person who has no idea how you feel, just eliminate them from your list, and be all the better for it!

13 The Avid Poster

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The person who clutters your feed with the most mundane of activities, these people should be one of the first eliminated from your friends list when you go through a much-needed purge! These folks will update you on every little thing that goes on about their day, even though it interests absolutely no one, gets no responses or reactions, and drops into the overflowing bucket that is social media. Seriously, do these people not understand that you can do other things on your phone? Play a game or something! We don’t care what you had for breakfast or that you missed the bus or whatever other inconsequential thing is happening!

12 The Attention Seeker

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We all know someone (or a few someones) who like to use social media as their own personal diary, but only under the vaguest of circumstances. For example, they’ll post about how “someone” is letting them down again, but if you dare to ask who, they’ll tell you to DM them — not that you can really be bothered.

Seeking anonymous sympathy from stranger is such juvenile behavior, no wonder it rubs you the wrong way! Rather than get any more annoyed at this user’s attention-seeking habits, just remove them form your friends list and move on with your life.

11 The Armchair Activist

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This person just loves to sit on their high horse from the comfort of their own home and deliver judgments and opinions on everything under the sun without ever actually doing anything. They’ll share spam posts that seek to guilt-trip others by asking them if they’ve shared this post about this particular issue and chastise them for choosing not to.

However, will the Armchair Activist ever do anything other than like or share a post and, oh, donate to charity, volunteer, or dedicate their free time? Probably not.

10 The Baby Photographer

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Look, we know that babies are adorable. They’re sweet-smelling, squishy bundles of delight in small doses, but you know what the Baby Photographer does? Delivers baby photos in the exact opposite of small doses. You don’t even remember the person behind the account since it became clogged with baby photos and, while we love to see them all happy and domestic, a 125-image album of their child rolling around on the floor just isn’t necessary! This is even worse if this person is barely an acquaintance, so why pretend to tolerate it longer than you have to?

9 The Perma-Vacationer

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Often found on Instagram but occasionally making the appearance on your Facebook feed, the Perma-Vacationer never seems to have a job (or at least not a conventional one) and instead spends all of their time jetting off to exotic locales where they can be photographed with their perfectly tanned legs against white sandy beaches or in glittering tropical waters. Inducing a serious case of travel envy, this person doesn’t do you any good unless they’re going to tell you how they’re managing to finance their holidays on an approximately $0/year salary. Until they dispense with that wisdom, click “unfollow”.

8 The FOMO Creators

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Like the Perma-Vacationer, the FOMO Creators live their lives through a series of carefully curated social media posts, again often on Instagram or Snapchat. They’re always in the VIP sections of the hottest clubs, take private jets, or boats with equally beautiful people, and spend their lives lolling around on beaches or dropping loads of cash in ritzy stores. When you look at their page, you feel like you don’t measure up and that you’re missing out on something (even if their something isn’t something you’d necessarily want). That toxicity isn’t needed, so cut them loose and fill your feed with better people.

7 The Selfie Queen

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We all love a good selfie, and a good selfie can work wonders if you’re feeling down about yourself or your appearance. Who hasn’t spent at least a few minutes testing out all the filters on Snapchat and Instagram to find the perfect one?

That being said, when someone’s feed is littered with selfies — all taken in their bathroom or bedroom mirror, usually from the same angle, often with the same expression — it can be weirdly annoying. It seems as though they’re looking for validation and, for whatever reason, that rubs us the wrong way. Rather than getting annoyed every time you open an app, just click unfollow.

6 The Salesperson

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From B- and C-list celebrities and reality stars who fill up their feed with sponsored posts or #sponcon to the everyday people on your social media who are always bugging you to buy what they’re selling, the Salesperson has taken the “social” out of “social media” and chosen instead to view it as solely an avenue for their professional life.

We get that a lot of people work from home, and many have opted to become “consultants” for brands that sound to us more like pyramid schemes (now dubbed “multi-level marketing”), which means they’ll hound you to get you to buy. Kindly unfollow and Unfriend these accounts and keep your sanity (and your wallet) intact.

5 The Gym Rat

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Fitness is a great thing. We love it when people get healthy, and we totally understand the impulse to track your progress in order to hold yourself accountable. With all of that being said, it can get pretty obnoxious to see people constantly posting about their diets, gains, routines, and so on, especially if you’re already someone who suffers from a poor self-image.

While these people aren’t necessarily toxic (although they can definitely rub you the wrong way), if you feel bad about yourself after seeing their endless gym selfies, do yourself a solid and stop following them.

4 The Self-Promoter

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This person always has something new to promote: a new record label, a new music endeavor, a clothing line, a store opening — whatever it is, this person is doing it. The thing is, they’re not usually that successful at it, or at least, not successful enough, which would explain why their pages all look like promos with bad splashy graphics.

Really, this account has become a form of spam – a virtual plethora of junk mail, if you will. Unfriending or unfollowing them shouldn’t make you feel bad, because their account has devolved into a product page anyway, and you don’t care if some DJ you’ve never heard of is playing in a club you’ll never go to!

3 The Oversharer

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You haven’t spoken to this person in a while, and yet, you know all the details of their life! You know their romantic situation, their career woes, their family disturbances, their health – all of it – because this person will not stop sharing everything online!

More than treating their accounts like a personal diary, this person will tell everyone intimate details that should really stay to themselves or maybe with an SO. While it might be good for some pathetic form of entertainment or popcorn drama, it really doesn’t add much to your own life, so you may as well unfollow.

2 The Ex

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It’s impressive when people are able to remain platonic, close friends with their exes, but, more often than not, it ends up messy, as you oscillate between being friends and lovers in this grey area. Rather than wallowing in your past romance and torturing yourself by staying abreast of whatever they’re doing in their day-to-day lives, delete them altogether. Seriously, it is such a weight off your shoulders and you won’t be forced to see all their updates pop up on your screen. If the ex is out of your life, they should be off your social media, too.

1 The Troll

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In 2018, trolls are everywhere, and they’re very vocal on social media. While Twitter and Instagram usually offer them anonymity (the better to hide behind their screens and spew hateful or problematic garbage), Facebook trolls can come in many forms. Maybe it’s that distant cousin you never talk to, or the former coworker who is displaying increasingly radical political views, but either way, they’ve been posting content that angers you, and it takes all your willpower not to take the bait. Lower your blood pressure and just unfollow them instead. It’s never worth it to argue with people on the Internet.

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