20 Jean Jacket Outfits That Give Us Life

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple and a favorite item of fashion lovers everywhere. Since jean jackets are usually casual they may seem a touch juvenile, but when done right, they're actually amazing for women of all ages. As versatile as jean pants, jean jackets come in endless varieties and styles and can be dressed up or down. Cool when layered, colored, painted or embroidered, jean jackets are a great canvas for creativity, whether you buy it that way or DIY. The way that a denim jacket is styled can also make all the difference. Stylists, celebrities, and influencers are always coming up with unique ways to reinvent and wear the jean jacket, creating the outfits that our denim dreams are made of. Whether you find inspiration or simply admire the creativity, these looks are seriously drool-worthy. Here are 20 jean jacket outfits that will inspire you to look at your own denim duds in a new way, and maybe even start a DIY or two!

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20 Doubling Up With Denim And Leather Layers


Bella Hadid is not afraid to do double-denim, but this layered look has to be one of our favorites. She has a matching set of light-wash fine grain denim pants and jacket, but she layers it, breaking up the blue.

Alternating black layers keep this look from being too washed out, and make it more appropriate (and warm!) for the night.

She tucks a black cropped turtleneck underneath the jacket top and leaves the jean jacket unbuttoned. A glossy black leather blazer lends polish to the ensemble, while black studded pointy-toe heels and wide black sunnies keep things sleek. Perfect for an evening on the town.

19 Patchwork And Pink, Pink, Pink


The only thing better than a classic denim jacket is a classic denim jacket with a twist. We love this patchwork pink number! A boxy cut is broken up by an alternating color block of rosy hues all within the same palette. Another great point of interest in this look is her matching pink eyeshadow, complimenting the jacket by just peeking out from behind her cat-eye shades. The jacket gets to take almost all of the attention in this casual-cool outfit, but the patent leather pants certainly catch the eye as well. The finishing subtle detail is the stack of delicate gold necklaces resting atop her white turtleneck, adding just a bit of detail to what's underneath that dope denim.

18 A Vintage Longline, Dressed Down


In a collected and casual look, Gigi Hadid goes full denim for a day. Her longline denim overcoat seems like a vintage score, with a faded light wash, de-structured fit and shearling accents.

Under the coat, she goes very relaxed, with 3/4 length quilted denim joggers on the bottom and a slouchy, light wash denim shirt embroidered with dinosaurs on top.

Besides the dinos, Gigi channels our childhood again with her chocolate Nesquik milk. Although the model sports wet hair in a messy bun, she keeps the look from being too undone by adding crisp white sneakers and a polished leather handbag. Cute!

17 A Modern Longline, Tailored, And Crisp


In another take on a longline denim jacket, the overcoat is decidedly more modern and minimal. The jacket takes center stage in a look that is based in all black, featuring ankle boots, slim pants, a long sleeve top, sunnies, a beanie and lipstick all in the moody hue. Rather than feature a typical denim jacket collar small and close to the neck, this coat has wide lapels that end just below the bust, more typical on a trench coat. The rolled-up sleeves keep this jacket from drowning its wearer in what is a difficult silhouette to pull off. The slouchy shoulder bag in black completes this artistic cool-girl look.

16 Structurally Sound, But Slightly Askew


It might look like Kendall Jenner made a mistake getting dressed with this one. Her asymmetrical denim at first looks like she got twisted up and stuck putting her coat on, but structural details reveal that this jacket is intentionally off.

Both of the sleeves are on regularly, but the right side is purposefully long enough to reach around and close near the left shoulder. 

Kendall's base is a glen plaid trouser with a slicked-back bun. The unconventionally cool denim is then even more on trend when worn with Kendall's tiny shades and Prada belt bag, which perfectly covers just the right amount of skin.

15 Always Get The Last Word


Sometimes, you get the last word just by walking away. We're not sure if this jacket is quoting Hamlet (To Be... or Not To Be?) but we love it either way! This mid-length jean overcoat is totally cool, and we're not just talking about that hyper-saturated blue denim. The cow print lettering feels fresh and modern with its bright red outline, and those oversized pockets coupled with the free, loose silhouette are giving us Art Class Smock vibes in a totally good way. Thrown over the shoulders, this coat seems casual and breezy, and we're also really into those mirrored sunnies. The loose-fit khakis again bring us to our middle school art class but coupled with the velour sack bag, we know it's intentional. Super cool!

14 Black On Black, Baby

Selena Gomez looks beyond amazing in this casual yet arresting outfit. She has on grey sweatpants pulled up to the waist, with a black ribbed turtleneck casually cut into a crop. A bit of her tanned, toned tummy peeks out from underneath her super cool black denim jacket.

Her jean jacket has an oversized cut, draping large across her shoulders and fitting very loosely through the arm.

The raw cut bottom hem and frayed shoulders add to the jacket's casual cool allure. Gomez tops the look off with an artfully finished messy bun, leaving her bangs to hang down next to her red lensed sunnies.

13 Dressing Down The Glam

A then-19-year-old Kylie Jenner gave everyone a lesson in the extreme high-low dressing on a trip to New York. In town for fashion week, of course, she had to put her best foot forward, and this look was definitely memorable! Kylie paired a sheer, bedazzled micromini dress with a pair of clear Yeezy heels. Her platinum blonde hair was slicked into a tight, high bun, and her makeup was fully done (as can be expected from a makeup mogul like Ky). What kept this look from being too evening and too over-the-top glam was her trusty denim jacket. Casually slung over the sparkling bodycon, the light wash denim looked just right for the afternoon outing.

12 Classic Cropped With Dual-Toned Double Denim


We can't get enough of vintage denim, and this light-wash look is exactly what we've been daydreaming about. Blogger Alyssa Bossio of Effortlyss goes full-on old school with this look and we're loving it!

Her two-tone high rise jeans would be too baggy with a full-length denim jacket, but the cropped bottom of this version works perfectly!

Instead of looking unfinished, the fraying at the bottom hem adds to the vintage vibe. Athletic tube socks paired with bright white "dad sneakers" play off of the hints of the sunny yellow top we see peeking through at her sleeves. This look is like our 90s kid outfits, but all grown up!

11 Keeping A Tailored Look Chill


Kendall's look could easily be too prissy and prim, with a matching cream set featuring pleated high waisted pants and a coordinated crop top. She reins it in with a cropped denim jacket, featuring a frayed bottom hem and brown leather collar. She caps off the look with a white and gold captain's hat, a small white clutch and bold gold cross earrings. Her mirrored oval glasses add an element of retro-glam, the statement earrings and offbeat cap move towards edginess, and the bag and co-ords are ladylike, but the jean jacket brings it all down to earth.

10 Belted Cargo Coordination


In a look that is simultaneously more tailored and more rugged than a standard jean jacket, blogger Dani Song does double denim in one of the most unique ways we've seen yet. Her long sleeve jacket hits just below the hip, which, coupled with the lack of a collar and sash-belt, nearly gives it the silhouette of a robe.

However, the four pockets add in a serious structural element, which with their brass buttons take things to a military-style cargo look.

The coupled skirt, done in matching mid-wash denim, is close to a classic pencil but features two frontal high-slit zippers. Because this look definitely has a lot going on, Dani's confidence is what makes it work!

9 Furry-Sleeved And Foxy


Kendall Jenner is never someone to stay in her comfort zone for too long, and this look is definitely pushing the envelope. However, the supermodel can pull off anything, including, well... this. She has on high-waisted black trousers featuring a mock-corset tie front, a really cool cropped denim jacket, with two-toned pockets, a brown corduroy collar and trim, and full length fluffy brown fur sleeves. Even her feet are in on the party, with fishnet socks and sheer, satin tied pumps. Somehow, the most casual part of her dramatic fit is her black velvet Gucci bag and her square gold glasses. Maybe a little much for anyone besides Kendall to pull off, we'd settle for just the jacket, thanks.

8 A Spot Of Shearling


Model Elsa Holsk looks retro-glam outside of a show at New York Fashion Week. Wearing a super light wash mom jean with a tucked in greige sweater, Elsa's look is mostly memorable due to its vintage feel. The denim jacket she threw overtop is a faded, thick old Levi's brand creation, featuring shearling lining to keep her toasty and comfy.

She continues to play with the retro vibes by adding oversized flat Chanel gold hoops, a pair of 70s aviators, and a Fendi logo-print handbag.

Although the newest part of her look is probably her iPhone, Elsa looks modern and put together, totally pulling off this vintage denim with ease.

7 Quilted And Chic


Quilted fabric has long been a signifier of wealth and luxury. Think quilted Chanel bags, expensive equestrian jackets, and luxe satin bedspreads. That's what makes a quilted denim jacket so great: it does something unexpected that signifies wealth and luxury with a fabric that traditionally means hard work and sturdiness. This medium wash, medium length quilted denim number is perfect, and we love how it's paired with a torn jean leg and a soft light-wash denim top. It's extra cool how the rolled cuff of the shirtsleeve shows out of the 3/4 length jacket sleeve, and how she balances out all of the denim with a quality black leather bag.

6 Keep A Hoodie On Hand


A denim jacket may be your go-to for the rest of the summer, but what about when the nights get colder and the days get shorter?

A good jean jacket can be worn well into Autumn, but sometimes you need a little bit more warmth.

If you're not keen on layering a leather jacket overtop like Bella did above, you can always simply add a hoodie underneath! We love how Kendall's bright red hoodie pops from underneath her denim and is mimicked by the slice of red on her heels. Our one styling suggestion is to pay attention to fit: the hood sits overtop of the denim collar, the hems are roughly the same length. If Kendall's red sleeves were popping out at her cuff, this look could turn sloppy quickly!

5 Top It All Off


Bloggers and sisters Chiara and Valentina Ferragni prove a sure-fire way to take any denim up a notch is to add a felt hat. Valentina keeps things casual with a classic jean jacket, featuring a gold and pearl drop-brooch. Aside from that, her 'fit is all black, including jeans, top, purse, and a wide-brimmed hat. Chiara goes more daring with a longer indigo denim coat, featuring contrasting shearling trim and white buttons. Her more tailored jacket is paired with a more casual outfit, with plain blue jeans and a t-shirt, but her wide-brimmed white hat equals her sister's in drama. We love it!

4 Go Full-On Fringe


This supercool fringe jacket is maybe one of the hardest things on our list to pull off, but this model does it with ease! The acid-washed denim is both cropped and oversized, with a western-accented yoke shaped the bottom hem.

The wide, round lapels are also unusual but are barely noticeable next to the lengthy fringe trim, which extends across the chest, around the arm, and across the back.

Paired here with baggy, torn jeans, white sneakers, and a black tee, this model also added drama with round sunnies and a woven-leather navy bag. This super cool jacket would wear a little easier if the rest of the outfit was toned down, but she looks totally comfortable!

3 Embroidered All Over

A classic way to wear a denim jacket is to throw it on over a summer sundress. We love how they took this outfit up a notch by going double Gucci on accessories. A plain white sundress could come off as boring and casual, but not when it's styled this well! Firstly, the dress isn't entirely plain, it has a lace turtleneck and sleeves, which look extra good peeking out of her amazing Gucci jean jacket. Gucci has the best-embroidered denim out there right now and is great for patch inspiration. The ankle boots with gumball pearl embellishments are super cool and tie in beautifully with that M2Malletier bag and her black sunnies.

2 Military-Inspired And Olive Green

One thing we love about denim is the entirely new life it takes on when dyed any color besides blue. This olive green jacket is military-inspired, featuring multiple pockets and brass hardware. It's extra cool when paired with preppy staples, like that accordion-pleated navy skirt, but this outfit definitely has a lot of edge.

The military-denim pairs quite well with those black studded leather booties, which lend a near-western vibe to the look with their artfully placed silver accents, low heels, and pointed toes.

One look with three distinct styles doesn't always blend well, but the darker toned color palette of navy, olive, and black ties it all together perfectly!

1 Printed With A Puff Sleeve


This super cozy denim number from Free People is what our granny jean dreams are made of. The baggy fit looks even more comfortable in that quilted central fabric, and the elastic sweatshirt bottom hem is a nice athleisure touch. Things are kept classic with a blue denim collar and cuff. The blue antique floral print on the white background ties in with the denim accents while making this jacket totally unique. Although it looks cool worn casually over leggings like this, it also could be the centerpiece of a number of great outfits! Try it with a corduroy mini and a crop top or a turtleneck tucked into a pair of leather pants. Now that's a look.

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