20 Jaw-Dropping Baby Names Your Friends Will Want To Steal

We might not always want to admit it, but when we hang out with our best friends, we sometimes can't help but feel jealous around them. Whether they are the one person who is able to pull off bangs, they started dating a great (and romantic) new guy, or they are just really effortlessly cool, we do get green with envy.

When the time comes for us to have a baby, we might not want to share the baby name that we've picked out with our closest friends. The truth is that if they're starting a family soon as well, they might want to pick the one that we're so excited to give to our baby boy or baby girl.

Here are 20 jaw-dropping baby names that your friends will want to steal.

20 Your Friends Will Definitely Steal Scarlett

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If you're pregnant with a girl and want to use the baby name Scarlett, there's definitely a good chance that your friends will want to steal it.

Of all the old-fashioned names, this one is actually really nice (because let's be real, some names do seem like they should be left in the past). Hold this one super close to your chest and don't tell anyone until your little one has arrived.

19 They'll Be Envious Of Emerson

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Emily isn't the most used baby name out there, but if you're coming up with a list of girl names and they start with the letter "E" it would be safe to say that it's not the least used, either.

But there's a special vibe to Emerson, and it's a beautiful name. There's no reason why you can't claim it for your own little girl. Just be sure not to share it with anyone.

18 They're Going To Love The Name Chance

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Mentioned on a baby name list on Msn.com, Chance couldn't be a cuter name... or a more jaw-dropping, steal-worthy one.

The best part about being able to find a unique name for your baby? You can choose whether to use it as a boy or girl name, since no one can really argue with you otherwise. Chance fits into that category.

17 Kyle Is A Cool Name For A Girl

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While of course Kyle is a boy name, it's honestly even more amazing as a girl name. Just think about Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her name works so well for her and gives her a chic vibe.

If you want a jaw-dropping baby name, definitely go for Kyle.

16 The Name Quinn Will Totally Get Stolen

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There's no way that your pregnant BFF wouldn't want to call her own baby girl Quinn. This name was mentioned on a baby name list by Southernliving.com.

According to Nameberry, this is a popular TV character name: "there have been female Quinns on the animated MTV show Daria, on Zoey 101, and--most prominently-- on Glee, featuring cute blond cheerleader character Quinn Fabray."

15 Alessia Will Be A Favorite, Too

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Msn.com put Alessia on a baby name list. While everyone has heard of the name Alexandra, Alessia is the kind of name that is off the beaten path, and that is so great.

Alessia is the type of jaw-dropping baby name that your BFFs will definitely want to steal. They're going to be pretty upset that they didn't think of it before you did.

14 And Your BFFs Will Copy Juliet

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Southernliving.com put Juliet on a list of baby names and it's a great reminder of this classic and Shakespearean name.

If you're a bookworm, why not go with this baby girl name? Instead of telling your best friends that you want to call your little girl Juliet and having them steal it from you, just shrug when they ask what names you've thought of.

13 Hold The Name Grey Close To Your Chest

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Southernliving.com mentions Grey on a list of baby names, and it's not only one of the coolest baby names, but it's one that you should keep super secret.

A boy or girl named Grey would be such a cool person. They would just have to be. Once you have the baby and spill the name with everyone that you know, they're going to be green (or grey) with envy, that's for sure.

12 Fayre Is A Fabulous Name

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Have you ever met a Fayre? Probably not... but thanks to Mom Junction, you know that it's a name, and a jaw-dropping baby name at that. It sounds like "Fayrn" but it's even more unique than that moniker, which is already unique.

This baby girl name sounds like "fairy" and that's so cool. Talk about a beautiful name.

11 Orabelle Is Too Pretty For Words

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According to Mom Junction, the name Orabelle means "beautiful seacoast." Who wouldn't want to give their baby girl that kind of name?!

Orabelle is the type of baby name that will make people wish they had thought of it, smile, and tell you that you're so brilliant. You can bask in the glow of picking a great name... after your baby gets here.

10 Elodie Is An Interesting Choice

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Motherandbaby.co.uk mentions the name Elodie on a list of baby names, and it's definitely an interesting choice.

When you want to call your baby boy or girl something that is classic but used all the time, keeping the name a secret isn't that big a deal. But when you're choosing an offbeat and jaw-dropping name, you want to keep it a secret, that's for sure. That's the case with Elodie, too.

9 Effie Will Get Tons Of Envy

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Southernliving.com also put the name Effie on a baby name list... and it doesn't seem like there is a more adorable or sweeter baby name in existence.

Okay, so that might be a little bit dramatic, but the truth is that if you tell people that this is the baby name that you've chosen, they're not going to be able to stop themselves from taking it for their own little ones.

8 Other Moms Will Go Crazy For Caterina

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According to Nameberry, Caterina is a name from Italy that is also Katherine.

Caterina is also a name that other moms will totally go crazy over. It's cute and you can also call your little girl "Cat" for short which is pretty adorable. It'll also be fun to tell people that this is the name of your new baby and hear them compliment you.

7 Your Friends Will Wish They Picked Out Demi

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Demi is a baby girl name mentioned in a list on The Bump. It's so pretty. And definitely jaw-dropping.

Just picture yourself welcoming your little girl into the world and giving her the name Demi. Isn't it the best name?! Your friends (and family if you tell them, too) will want to steal it, so keep this one private, too.

6 And Bloom, Too

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A flower that blooms is just about the prettiest thing out there... and a baby girl named Bloom couldn't be sweeter or cuter. Thanks to The Friendly Fig, you know that this is actually a name, and it's such a cool one.

Just don't let your friends know that you heard about this amazing name.

5 Sunday Is Another Jaw-Dropping Pick

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Sunday is a truly beautiful baby girl name. The Friendly Fig put Sunday on a baby name list. Did you even know that this could be a name?!

You might have heard of the name Wednesday, which is cool, but there's a chic feeling to Sunday that really can't be beat. It's safe to say that everyone will want to copy this name.

4 Jett Is Such A Cool Boy Name

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Mom Junction put the name Jett on a baby name list. It's one of the most amazing baby boy names that you could possibly think of.

Sorry, James and Julian and all other boy names that start with the letter "J." Jett is the new trendy baby boy name, or at least that's what your pals will say once they learn that your little bundle of joy has this great name.

3 Hide River From Your Pregnant Best Friend

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The Friendly Fig also put the name River on their list. River is a truly awesome pick. It's also the kind of jaw-dropping baby name that your friends will want to steal... so if you know any other mamas-to-be, you might want to casually forget to mention that you've picked out your baby's name.

2 Porter Is A Cool And Jaw-Dropping Baby Boy Name

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Thanks to The Bump, you know about the baby boy name Porter. If your best friend was pregnant with a baby boy and she told you that this was the name that she was leaning toward, would you be envious? Would you want to steal it?

Chances are, you're nodding yes, right?

1 Your Friends Will Want To Steal Sailor

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Southernliving.com added the name Sailor to a list of baby names. It has a nautical vibe, of course, and it's a truly jaw-dropping and show-shopping name.

When you want to pick such a great baby name that you're the envy of all your friends, go with these 20 names... but shhh, don't talk about them just yet.

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