20 Interesting Things About 'The Hills' Reality Star, Kristin Cavallari

Fans first met this blonde reality television star when she was just a teenager starring alongside Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach. Their frenemy dynamic was so strong, and Cavallari's on-screen persona so juicy, that producers decided to bring her on a few seasons into The Hills as well. Now, she finally has the opportunity to have her very own reality show where she's the undisputed star — Very Cavallari.

And no, the show doesn't focus on her marriage (although there are a fair bit of appearances by her hubby, Jay Cutler), her personal life, or anything to do with the entertainment industry. Instead, it's focused on her new role as CEO of her company, Uncommon James.

It's not, well, uncommon for celebrities to try their hand at the lifestyle game, but it's fascinating nonetheless — some are wildly successful and some crash and burn almost immediately. We're interested to see how Cavallari fares and love getting an inside look at her life in Nashville, her employees' personal drama, and more.

So, in honor of her new reality television venture, here are 20 things you may not have known about the reality legend Kristin Cavallari. She's a much different person now as a mom and an adult than she was during her teenage days in Laguna Beach!

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20 She Had A Crazy Accident On Her Wedding Day

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Though they have an adorable dynamic now, it wasn't always smooth sailing for Kristin Cavallari and hubby Jay Cutler — and that includes their wedding day! Apparently, Kristin had a bit of a situation on the day she was going to walk down the aisle.

She was playing with her pups on the morning of her wedding, getting geared up for the big event, and her dog Brando bit her right on the eye.

Luckily, she had a superstar make-up artist who was able to disguise it so it wouldn't ruin all her wedding pictures, but still — what a crazy thing to happen the morning of your wedding!

19 Despite Her Reality Television Years, She's Not A California Girl

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With her mannerisms, blonde locks, and years spent on California-based reality television shows, you may assume that Cavallari is a born and bred California girl. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. She was actually born in a much colder climate — Denver, Colorado — and lived there for years, then in Chicago with her mother, before finally moving to live with her father in Laguna Beach, California.

Now, her home base is in Nashville, Tennessee, which is totally different than any of the previous cities she's lived in — talk about an adventurer! She's not afraid to take a risk and move someplace new, and we love that about her.

18 A Younger Kristin Once Rejected John Mayer

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We love juicy stories about which celebrities dated, even casually, and this is a pretty good one. Apparently, back when she was a young reality television superstar on the rise, John Mayer spotted her at an industry event and liked what he saw.

However, Kristin was having none of it.

As she spilled to Ryan Seacrest, "I just feel like I don't need to be another notch on his belt. I think he's a really nice guy. One of my friends is hanging out with him." Hey, to each their own! We can't really imagine her with anyone but Jay Cutler now, so it all worked out.

17 Her Hubby First Reached Out To Her Through Her Publicist

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Where, exactly, do a reality television star and a professional athlete run into each other? Well, not many places — that's why Jay Cutler tried to orchestrate a situation. While Cavallari was a cast member on The Hills, Cutler ended up calling her publicist and asking if he'd be able to fly Kristin to Chicago to take her on a date. I mean, talk about going the extra mile!

She refused at first, but when she was visiting family in Chicago about a year afterward, she ended up relenting and agreeing to go on a date with the curious athlete who had reached out to her publicist. The rest, as they say, is history.

16 Jay Initially Wanted Her To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom — And She Was Having None Of It

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It's no secret that being the wife of a professional athlete can be really challenging. Sure, it comes with perks like a pretty incredible salary, but it also involves a lot of potential moving and the reality that your partner is on the road a lot of the time.

The nature of a pro athlete's career means many of their partners end up becoming stay-at-home moms once they have a family because, well, someone needs to be with the kids when dad is away with the team for stretches of time.

However, Cavallari was having none of that — as she spilled in her book, Cutler initially wanted her to be a stay-at-home wife, but she knew that "if I stayed at home, I wouldn't be happy and would probably end up resenting Jay for it." Luckily, they found a compromise that worked for them.

15 She Wasn't Really The Bad Girl On Laguna Beach — The Producers Often Provoked Her

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Fans of Laguna Beach know Kristin as a bit of a bad girl, someone who wasn't afraid to start conflict and stir up the drama from time to time. However, it turns out, that wasn't completely true to her personality — a lot of that was the producers trying to provoke her in some way.

As she said in her book Balancing In Heels, "I was only 17! I had some anger stored up from my parents' divorce and my new stepfamilies, which the producers saw. They put me in situations where they knew I would react. I was a fighter back then: when I felt threatened, I acted."

14 She's A Mom Of 3 — But She's Keeping Them Away From Reality Television

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Given how young she is and how incredible her physique is, it's tough to imagine Kristin Cavallari as a mom of one child, let alone three — but, it's true! She has three adorable children, Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor.

She takes her mom duties very seriously, and you can clearly tell from the glimpses we get of her family life on social media that she's totally devoted to her little ones.

And that includes protecting them from the entertainment industry — while she'll share the odd story or picture of them, she was firm that they do not appear on her reality show, because she just didn't want them exposed to all that.

13 She's A Cookbook Author And Loves To Cook Healthy Meals

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As if being a mom and entrepreneur with a lifestyle brand wasn't enough, Kristin Cavallari is also a passionate home cook who is totally into healthy meal prep. She put her recipes to the test in a recently released cookbook entitled True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen With More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar.

It's no secret that many celebrities try to eat clean and eliminate a lot of things like gluten and dairy from their diets, but not many actually take the next step and formulate recipes and put together a cookbook, so major props to her! There's no denying that she looks absolutely amazing, so sign us up for a copy!

12 She's The Owner Of A Lifestyle Brand With A New Storefront In Nashville

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As fans who have been following along with Very Cavallari know, the reason she decided to get back in the reality television game wasn't because she was eager to splash her personal life in front of an audience yet again — it was because she wanted to drum up attention for her new lifestyle brand, Uncommon James.

She initially started the business as just a jewelry line but has since expanded it to become a whole lifestyle brand, complete with a storefront in Nashville.

Hey, if Reese Witherspoon could do it with Draper James, why wouldn't Cavallari be able to tap into that southern market with Uncommon James?

11 She's A Self-Proclaimed Neat Freak

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While fans got an inside look at Cavallari during her younger years on reality television, we haven't seen her quite as much as an adult and mother — and one thing we've noticed about her home is that it always looks totally neat and organized. It turns out, that's not just for the cameras — Cavallari is a self-proclaimed neat freak who is totally obsessed with organization.

You know Khloe Kardashian's crazy pantry with everything labeled and organized just so? Yeah, it turns out, Cavallari is totally on that boat as well. It's obviously working for her — she always looks so flawless and put together.

10 She Never Travels Without Lavender And Peppermint Essential Oils

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Whether it's for her duties in the entertainment industry, to support her partner playing at away games, or simply for family vacations, Cavallari has definitely done her fair share of traveling over the years. So, it only makes sense that she'd have a few tips and tricks developed, and one of them is super easy to implement.

Apparently, according to Feeling The Vibe, she never travels without essential oils — peppermint and lavender, to be specific.

Essential oils can be a really powerful thing to help you do everything from recharge your energy stores to calm down after a stressful experience at the airport, so we totally see the appeal.

9 Her Haircare Secrets Include Klorane Dry Shampoo And Oribe Texturizing Spray

via: instagram.com

She's had a few different styles over the years, from shorter to longer, but one thing is for sure — Cavallari has totally gorgeous hair. And, she's been kind enough to share some of her secrets over the years. While she definitely works with a talented team for big events, there are a few products she swears by, including Klorane dry shampoo and Oribe texturizing spray.

Every girl knows a good dry shampoo recommendation is absolutely golden, and a spray that gives you some quick, easy texture is even better. We're absolutely going to pick up a bottle of each and try our hand at a Cavallari coif.

8 She Had Lasik Eye Surgery In 2007

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Superfans of Laguna Beach may remember that Kristin used to wear glasses from time to time on the show, and hasn't really been spotted in them in recent years.

It's not because she's become devoted to wearing her contact lenses at all times — it's actually because she had Lasik eye surgery back in 2007.

In fact, she even documented her whole surgery process for a webisode on realitylasik.com. While we've love to see her rocking some majorly fierce CEO glasses in an episode or two, we totally get the decision — it's nice to be able to just roll out of bed without having to worry about your glasses or contact lenses!

7 She's Mastered Her Personal Style Over The Years

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Whether you love or hate her personality, most people would agree that Cavallari has a pretty amazing sense of style. And, it's not all thanks to a stylist who works with her on every single look — it's her personal style that's developed over the years.

She dished about it to Elle, saying that, "it's evolved so much. I really had no style in the early days. Over the years, working with so many different stylists and being able to wear great designers, I've really figured out what my style is. I'm effortless all the way... simplicity is key with everything in my life."

6 She's Definitely Not A Helicopter Parent

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Cavallari is definitely a devoted mother, but you won't find her being a helicopter parent and hovering over her three children anytime soon.

She discussed her parenting style with Momtastic, confessing that it's "pretty calm and relaxed."

She elaborated; "We [her and Jay] have our rules and if you don't follow the rules, we count to three and if you're still misbehaving then you go to timeout or to your room. I really want my kids to be able to make their own mistakes and then pick themselves up afterward."

Sounds like a pretty solid parenting strategy to us! Those kids will definitely grow up independent.

5 She Enjoyed Her Pregnancies — But She's Glad That Phase Of Her Life Is Done Now

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Cavallari went through three pregnancies before she even hit 30, which is quite the achievement. And, she confessed that she didn't mind being pregnant the first time when she didn't have other children to look after during the pregnancy. Her second and third were a little more challenging, but overall she enjoyed them.

However, she was quick to mention that she was glad that stage of her life was over — now, she just gets to enjoy spending time with her kids and experiencing all the adventures that come along with growing up! Although, given that she has three little ones to run around after, it's probably still pretty exhausting!

4 She's A Huge Believer In Couples Therapy

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We absolutely love that more and more celebrities have been speaking out about mental health and the importance of therapy — it's no longer a taboo subject.

Celebrities praise the benefits of therapy, and Cavallari is one of them — although it's couples therapy in particular that she really believes in.

As she told Momtastic, "it's all about making time for the relationship. You have to make a conscious effort. Therapy helps greatly with communication and forces us to focus on the relationship instead of entirely on the kids." Well, it's been several years and they're still going strong, so we'd have to agree with her!

3 Her Big Fashion Secret Is Tailoring

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Thanks to her incredible physique and petite frame, Cavallari tends to favor form-fitting clothing, but even when she's wearing something with a bit flowier, she always looks put together and polished, not sloppy and drowning in fabric. And, there's a reason for that — the style trick that she swears by is tailoring.

As she told Momtastic, "it makes such a huge difference when something fits you perfectly." We totally agree. The simple act of getting a piece custom tailored to fit you is a total game changer — and it doesn't even have to be an expensive garment to start with.

2 She Loves Kate Hudson's Red Carpet Style

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We're always curious about which celebrities' style actual celebrities admire. We all check out their looks on the red carpet or when they're captured by the paparazzi, but what celeb does someone like Cavallari get her style inspiration from? In her case, it's the always fabulous boho-chic Kate Hudson.

She told Momtastic that she's absolutely in love with the actress' red carpet style.

Who knows, perhaps she'll collaborate with her on a line for Uncommon James one day — Kate Hudson has already gotten into the athleisure business, so it could totally happen! We'd love to see her guest star on an episode of Very Cavallari.

1 She Had Several Acting Roles Before Becoming A Mom And Entrepreneur

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A lot of the individuals who appear on reality shows have a secret desire to become involved in the entertainment industry — there are a lot of aspiring actors and actresses who make an appearance on reality television. It seems Cavallari was one of them.

After spending a few seasons learning the ropes and being in front of the camera in a reality television context, she started to seek out acting roles and go on auditions. She even snagged a few roles on shows like The Middle, The League, and CSI: NY over the years. She's since switched her focus, making her kids and her new business the center of her life, but who knows — perhaps she'll have an acting comeback someday!

References: Momtastic, Elle

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