20 Interesting Things About Caitlyn Jenner's New Partner, Sophia Hutchins

If we had to write a list of people who have truly lived an incredible life, we would definitely have to include Caitlyn Jenner in that list. The retired Olympic gold medalist has had a spectacular career and has had an even more interesting personal life, especially over the past few years. We witnessed Caitlyn tell her story on E! and she is one of the few people who could be greatly attributed to shedding some much-needed light on the transgender community in the 21st century.

At 68 years old, she has definitely not stopped making headlines. We have recently spotted her with her 21-year-old girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins. The pair has been seen literally everywhere together and it didn’t take long for people to figure out that they’re dating. We’ve even seen Kendall and Kylie posting pics on their social media accounts with Sophia, leading us to believe that she and Caitlyn definitely have a serious thing going on.

So you might be asking yourself about Caitlyn's new partner and how the pair connected. Who is she? Where is she from? What’s her story? We've compiled a list of everything you need to know about Caitlyn’s new partner, Sophia Hutchins.

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20 They Share A Similar Journey

Via Instagram

It is easier to relate to someone when you share a similar story or background, and although Sophia is not an Olympic gold medalist with six kids, we know that she is also transgender, just like Caitlyn.

And as invisible as it once was, Caitlyn's not the only member of the greater trans community.

According to HRC.com, the community has been in existence for a very long time. “Although the word ‘transgender’ and our modern definition of it only came into use in the late 20th century, people who would fit under this definition have existed in every culture throughout recorded history.”

19 Caitlyn Inspired Her To Come Out

Via HelloMagazine

It is not every day that your partner inspires you to go out of your comfort zone and reveal your true self to those around you. But it seems that Caitlyn did that for Sophia. Elle Australia explains that “Sophia used to identify as ‘Scott’ and revealed to her school newspaper back in 2016 that Caitlyn Jenner had actually inspired her to transition.

During the same interview, she credits her college for giving her the time to process her change. Since they share this journey of transitioning, we have no doubt that they have helped each other through the ups and downs of the process.

18 She Is Closer In Age To Kendall And Kylie

Via Instagram

We’ve all seen those headlines online that state how young Sophia is. Even though we do love LOVE, we have to admit that the age gap will naturally raise an eyebrow or two, especially when Sophia is so close in age to Kendall and Kylie. Sophia is 22 years old, while Kendall (Caitlyn’s second last born) is 22 years and Kylie (Caitlyn’s last born) is 21 years old.

While the rest of us may be raising our eyebrows at this age gap, the Jenners seem to be okay with it.

We’ve seen Caitlyn and her girls have dinner with Sophia and post all sorts of fun pics on their social media accounts. So hey, if they’re happy – who are we to judge?

17 She Has Been There For Caitlyn As She Struggles To Get Back In With The Kardashians

Via Newsini

Caitlyn’s relationship with the Kardashians is certainly not like it used to be. We all witnessed how close she was with the family on their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but it seems that all that has now changed.

In true Kardashian style, we’ve had front row seats to many of their disagreements.

It seemed to have begun with the iconic Vanity Fair article back in 2015, and then we also witnessed on the season 12 premiere of KUWTK how Caitlyn was upset with Khloe, who expressed herself and explained “I said, ‘You slaughtered my mother and you have the nerve to say, ‘What happened to family sticking together?’ You jumped ship as soon as you did Diane Sawyer and attacked my mum."

We do believe in families sticking together so we certainly hope that they sort out their differences. In the meantime, Sophia will be right by Caitlyn’s side.

16 Should They Wed, She Will Be Jenner's 4th Wife

Via XaniaNews

We did say that Caitlyn has had an incredible life- and this life includes getting married and divorced three times as Bruce Jenner before she transitioned.

Her first wife was actress Chrystie Jenner, whom she married in 1972 and had two children with.

After their divorce in 1981, Caitlyn then married songwriter Linda Thompson in 1981 and had Brody and Brandon Jenner (we've seen them both make a number of appearances on KUWTK). The two split in 1986. But her longest marriage was with her third wife, Kris Jenner, which lasted for over 20 years and produced Kendall and Kylie.

15 She Spends A Lot Of Time At Jenner's Malibu Bachelorette Pad

Via JustJared

As Caitlyn slowly began to transition, we saw her get herself a bachelorette pad on KUWTK. We also saw how much she enjoyed being in Malibu by herself, relishing the peace and tranquillity that comes with waking up to the ocean right by your doorstep.

Considering the fact that she has many children and has been married for many years, we expected her to stay single for a while – to have her own space - but it seems like Sophia has changed that. The two have been regularly spotted together in the area and Sophia also often posts pics of herself in Caitlyn’s home.

14 She Was A Student Leader At Pepperdine University

Via Naibuzz

In an age where living the ‘gram’ life seems to be more important to many people than anything else, we were certainly impressed to find out that Sophia is in school and is concentrating on more than just taking the hottest selfies.

She attended college and stays involved with her alma mater today.

The Famous People revealed that “She was a student leader at Pepperdine University, serving as the Freshman Class Senator in 2014, and then the Class President in the following two years…For the past two and a half years, she is serving as a Junior Analyst at the Endowment Investment Office of the Pepperdine University." A beauty with brains, we like the sound of that.

13 Her Selfie Game Is On Point

Via TheMirror

Okay, don’t get confused. We just mentioned how we are impressed about how Sophia is concentrating on her books more than taking the hottest selfies on the gram, but we just want to add that there’s nothing wrong with taking great selfies – as long as that’s not the only thing you’re good at.

It’s all about moderation, and Sophia seems to be striking the perfect balance because judging by her social media accounts, the girl can certainly take a selfie. We think that Caitlyn’s stepdaughter Kim K (who just happens to be the queen of selfies) would be very impressed.

12 She Is Feisty And Claps Back At Critics

Via StarMagazine

We love to see a little personality and someone in the public eye standing up for themselves, especially against many of the haters that are out there. Sophia definitely doesn’t disappoint in this area as she knows how to stand up for herself.

What we perhaps like most about her clapping back is how she does so with very few words, sometimes with just a simple emoji, all on her social media.

When people ask her questions she’s not crazy about, she’ll simply just respond with an eye-rolling emoji. Any girl who knows how to stand up for herself is our kind of girl.

11 She Loves Jenner's Dog

Via Instagram

This one’s for the dog lovers out there. There’s nothing that melts our hearts more than seeing those adorable eyes look up at us as we arrive home after a long day at work. Sometimes, it feels like no matter what trials we might have gone through during the course of the day, just spending some time with those adorable beings will fix it all.

It looks like Sophia seems to also have love for Jenner’s dog as she can’t stop raving about her on her social media. We witnessed their connection since the dog was just a little puppy, and Hollywood Life highlights that the dog is practically hers as well. “Sophia has essentially adopted Caitlyn’s dog Bertha, and is constantly showing her love for the pup on IG."

10 Jenner Introduced Her To Golf


To all the true KUWTK fans out there, we all know how much Caitlyn loves golf. We saw her enjoy some time out from the big family on the golf course. In one of the episodes, we also saw how she tried to get Kendall and Kylie into the relaxed sport. Yeah, we’re not sure how that one worked out as the girls weren’t too crazy to be there in the first place.

One lady who seems to not mind some time on the golf course is Sophia.

We’ve seen the pair enjoying a number of games on the course. We also love how they get all dressed up in their golf attire.

9 There's A 46-Year Age Gap Between Her And Jenner

Via LifeAndStyle

In case you missed it earlier as we haven’t really discussed the age difference that much, let’s break it down for you. Sophia is 22 years old while Caitlyn is 68 years old. That’s a 46-year gap. Relationships with large age gaps have existed for many years and will continue to be present in our society.

Although we have certainly seen many couples with large age gaps before, it seems that society has a hard time accepting or understanding them. The Conversation explains that “Romantic couples with a large age gap often raise eyebrows. Studies have found partners with more than a 10-year gap in age experience social disapproval.”

8 She's An Aspiring Model

Via Instagram

One look at her social media accounts and you would know that Sophia can certainly take a good pic, as we’ve already discussed.

But it seems, though, that she wants to make her photogenic ability into an actual career- Sophia is an aspiring model.

If you’re wondering what kind of modeling path she is taking, judging by her social media accounts, she is definitely doing a whole lot of bikini modeling. The beauty regularly posts pics of herself on shoots as she dons bikinis that leave very little to the imagination. All we have to say is - if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

7 She Hints At Their Relationship By Taking Strategic Pics

Via Instagram

Okay, so this is where we began to become a little obsessed with Sophia – While the gossip blogs were saying that she and Caitlyn were an item, it took some time for them to admit it. They actually used those famous words “We’re just really close friends." While everyone was wondering whether or not they were actually an item, Sophia began to post strategic pics of herself in Jenner’s home – almost teasing us.

She’d post pics in what is clearly Jenner’s patio and her yard. In the pic above, we see that she is resting in bed and that particular headboard has been shown on Caitlyn’s reality show a number of times, so we know that’s Jenner’s bedroom.

6 She Helped Jenner Fulfill Her Lifelong Dream

Via USWeekly

Everyone has that one dream that they wish to fulfill. Some are lucky to be able to realize their dreams while with others, it just remains a dream.

We witnessed Caitlyn’s dream come true on her birthday as she strutted on a beach in Mexico, dressed in a black bikini. She added a touching caption to the post.

As reported by Hollywood Life, she wrote “40 years ago my therapist asked me what my fantasy is. I told her walking on the beach being my authentic self." From the pics, we could see Caitlyn has fully realized that dream, with Sophia right by her side.

5 The Two Are Passionate About Raising Awareness About Their Community

Via Starcasm,

Many celebrities find causes that they are passionate about and use their celebrity statuses to help bring awareness to them.

Caitlyn has long been passionate about a number of social causes, but shortly after transitioning, she established the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which focuses on the lives of transgender people.

Sophia also seems to be on that same page. From her Instagram account, Sophia shared a pic of herself and Caitlyn and captioned it “Fantastic and amazing fundraiser for the @caitlynjennerfdn with 50 of our closest friends supporting us! Thanks to our friends and family for making it all possible #blessed.”

4 She May Be Jenner's Only Support System Right Now

Via TheSun

So we’ve already mentioned how Caitlyn and the Kardashians have been at odds over the past few years. Every family has its own issues and unfortunately, this one seems to live theirs out in the open.

Besides the Kardashian drama we have had front row seats to after Caitlyn expressed her political stances, quite a number of people openly criticized her on social media and in magazines.

She was then asked to speak in parliament about diversity and a writer from The Independent explained her disapproval. “There are so many people, transgender and cisgender, who would have been a far better choice than her.” Again, through it all, Sophia has been right by her side.

3 She Isn't Shy About Taking Risky Pics

Via Pinterest

Okay, we’ve already spoken about how Sophia is an aspiring model and regularly posts pics of herself on her various modeling gigs. As an aspiring model, she definitely posts a lot to boost her brand and her 33K followers on IG. We certainly understand that but we just had to add the fact that she’s not shy onto this list again because… well, have you seen the pics?

Sophia is definitely not shy as she hardly ever leaves anything to the imagination. She can regularly be seen in bikinis and undergarments that show us all that she practically lives at the gym - or at least looks that way.

2 The Two Are Serious About Being A Part Of The Trans Community


We’ve already mentioned how Sophia was excited to attend a gala dinner hosted by the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which focuses on the rights and awareness of the transgender community.

What we would like to add here is how open and honest they both have been about their transition processes.

As we noted, Sophia openly spoke about her transitioning to her school’s newspaper. We also know that Caitlyn had I Am Cait, where she opened up about her process and what some of the issues are that are faced by her and the community as a whole. This just shows that the two are serious about being a part of the trans community.

1 Their Relationship Is A First

Via NowToLove

The Dailydot highlights that “In the Williams Institute’s 2016 study, the UCLA law school institute reports that there’s a relatively small number of transgender Americans. Approximately 0.58 percent of Americans identify as transgender – or over 1.3 million.”

With such a small population, it is unfortunate that sometimes the feelings and rights of the people are often not heard.

Sophia and Caitlyn are therefore not just any couple with a big age gap. They are effectively representing people out there who often don’t have a platform to express themselves. One could say that this relationship is much bigger than just the two of them - they are making history.

References: HRC.com, Elle AustraliaHollywood Life, The Conversation, The Independent

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