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"It's the only culture my mom knows from life, and my father as well. They made the decision to raise their children within the context they had been raised in, so we speak Spanish in my parents' house and my mom cooks amazing Mexican food."

Considering her pale skin and vividly blue eyes, it comes as a surprise to many that Alexis is actually Latina! However, the young star actually has a Mexican mother and an Argentinian father according to Entity Mag. Not only is the star fluent in Spanish, it's actually her primary language! It turns

out she didn't actually learn English until she started school. It's no wonder Alexis was so good at playing a brainiac! She went into detail about her unexpected heritage in an interview with Latina magazine, saying,

Clearly, Alexis is full of surprises! It's too bad she hasn't gotten to play any roles that have really allowed her to use her Spanish skills, though it's probably because many people don't think of her as Latina. Hopefully, we'll get to see Alexis planning a Latina in a project soon, but until then we'll simply applaud her for staying true to her heritage and discussing her upbringing.

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