20 Inappropriate Pics From Adam Sandler Movies That Wouldn't Pass Today

Today Adam Sandler is best known for his brand of crude humor and body comedy, and he's enjoyed multiple box office successes including films like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore during the nineties.

But he's not known for being picky when it comes to movies and that has led to some spectacular flops. According to his IMDb profile, Sandler has received the second most Raspberry Awards and nominations in the business- only beaten out by Sylvester Stallone.

But yet, he just continues to make movies, even pulling in other quality actors and actresses like Salma Hayek and Drew Barrymore to try and up his game.

Sandler has proven that he does have the ability to pull off a dramatic role (Punch-Drunk Love) but for the most part, he seems most comfortable playing characters that don't require too much creative effort.

Many of the movies that Adam Sandler has starred in would not be considered appropriate today, especially because of their dark themes.

20 Jack And Jill: Please Don't Ever Try To Play A Woman Again

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The days of male comedians playing female characters for laughs is over. It's just not funny so we can't imagine why Adam Sandler decided to give it a try back in 2011 with Jack and Jill, where he plays a set of twins. According to imdb.com, the film received 12 Razzie nominations at the Golden Raspberry Awards - and that speaks for itself.

19 Little Nicky: Are Speech Impediments Funny? We Don't Think So

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Sandler relies heavily on body humor to fill out his performances, so for his son-of-the-devil role in Little Nicky, he spoke with a pronounced speech impediment. And it got annoying real fast. This kind of humor - intended to mock those with a genuine disability - would definitely not fly with today's audiences.

18 Billy Madison: The Worst Example Of Adult Education Ever

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Billy Madison was one of Sandler's better movies but we doubt this storyline would resonate with movie-goers the same way it did in the '90s. Today adult education is taken seriously and not mocked by others. And we're not even going to discuss the "You ain't cool unless you pee your pants" scene!

17 Anger Management: How Not To Behave On A Plane

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The inciting incident in Anger Management occurs when Adam Sandler's character completely loses his cool on an airplane. This results in him attending some very unconventional anger management classes. But we're not so sure that tantrums on planes are so funny anymore - more like just scary for everyone involved.

16 You Don't Mess With The Zohan: Sandler's Big Spy Flop

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In You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) Adam Sandler tries (and fails) to play a former Israeli spy turned New York hairdresser. There's plenty of political humor (which would probably be considered offensive today) and crude jokes but the movie still lacks any true comedy. File this one under "Fail".

15 50 First Dates: Dating A Woman Who Won't Remember You Actually Sounds Creepy

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Let's think seriously about the plot of 50 First Dates for a moment. The premise is a man who decides to date a woman even though she has a form of amnesia that means she doesn't remember him the next day. Now really, is that romantic or just downright creepy?

14 Big Daddy: Irresponsible Man Adopts Kid To Impress Ex-Girlfriend

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There are a million good reasons to adopt a child but to do it to win your ex back is not one of them. In this 1999 film, Sandler's character (a notorious slacker) looks after a child and teaches him all his crude and antisocial ways. Charming. We doubt this movie would appeal much today.

13 Blended: A "Family Movie" Packed With Crude Humor

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In Blended (2014), Adam Sandler pairs up with Drew Barrymore for a predictable boy-meets-girl rom-com. Although the movie features children don't make the mistake of thinking it's suitable for kids. This film carries a PG-13 rating for crude content and naughty language so it's definitely not one for the whole family.

12 The Wedding Singer: Sandler Seduces A Woman Who Is About To Be Wed

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When The Wedding Singer hit cinemas in 1998 Sandler was at the height of his career and so the movie was a big success. But the main character in this film seduces a woman away from her fiance right before their wedding and today we know that's a really bad way to start a relationship.

11 Click: Valuable Life Lesson Overshadowed By Toilet Humor

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In Sandler's 2006 fantasy film Click, he plays a man who discovers a remote which allows him to fast-forward and rewind parts of his life. The life lesson underscored in this film (every moment of life is precious) was brilliant but sadly overshadowed by Sandler's predictable toilet humor and fart jokes.

10 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry: This Movie Theme Would Not Pass Today

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It's glaringly obvious that a film like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry would be met with disapproval by today's audiences. Adam Sandler might have still been able to get away with this same-sex marriage mockery back in 2007 but people don't find this issue remotely funny today.

9 The Waterboy: Mommy Issues Lead To Violence (And Success?)

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What is it with Adam Sandler movies and speech impediments? In 1998 The Waterboy might have gotten laughs from moviegoers but today we'd look at the character Sandler played in a very different light. It's clear that the young man needed professional help, not just a place to vent his anger.

8 Just Go With It: Lying To Get A Relationship Going

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In this film, Sandler plays a guy who pretends to be married to avoid commitment. He then meets a woman he wants to get serious with but instead of confessing, he decides to rope in his assistant to play his soon-to-be ex-wife. Basing a relationship on lies - how romantic.

7 Bedtime Stories: Guaranteed To Put Everyone To Sleep

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A Disney movie with the title Bedtime Stories - now that just has to be a family film right? Well, it's true that this film is stripped of Sandlers' usual crude jokes and double entendres, but it's also the type of movie you'll only want to watch once because all the best scenes are in the trailer.

6 Grown Ups: Anyone Ever Heard Of Water Slide Safety?

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Are you ever too old to enjoy a trip to a waterpark? Absolutely not. But you'd think that a Grown-Up would know that it's extremely dangerous for groups to slide together, as they could unwillingly injure each other. But then again this movie was about boys who never grew up so we shouldn't be that surprised.

5 That's My Boy: Jam-packed With Inappropriate Themes

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That's My Boy is listed as a dark comedy and that's appropriate because this film carries some pretty heavy themes - including a school teacher who falls pregnant after an inappropriate relationship with an underage student. It's easy to see why Rotten Tomatoes said this Sandler flick was "easily the worst movie of 2012" (wikipedia.com).

4 Going Overboard: Low Budget And Low Laughs

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This is where it all began - with Adam Sandler's debut movie Going Overboard (1989). The film, about a struggling funnyman who takes a menial job aboard a cruise ship, was low on budget, short on laughs, and received poor reviews. It only became popular after later Sandler films like Happy Gilmore became well-known.

3 Happy Gilmore: Cursing, Tantrums, And Violent Outbursts

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Happy Gilmore was definitely one of Adam Sandler's' best films but that doesn't mean that it was flawless. When the film came out in 1996 Sandler's over the top tantrums and brutish behavior may have been amusing but there's nothing really funny about a man who can't control his temper.

2 Mr. Deeds: Too Crude To Actually Be Funny

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In this film, Adam Sandler plays a pizzeria owner who suddenly inherits a massive fortune from a long-lost relative. It's a storyline that's been overdone to the max, and the film was panned by critics, citing a lack of comedy and poor acting. It wasn't funny in 2002 and it's even less amusing today.

1 Grown Ups 2: The Sequel No-One Asked For (But We Got It Anyway)

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We understand that middle-aged comedians like Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade still need to make a living and that's why we'll continue to get movies like Grown Ups 2 whether we want them or not. According to imdb.com, the film received 9 Razzie nominations - but we don't think it will be enough to convince these guys to stop anytime soon.

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