20 Iconic Celebrity Feuds That Ended Friendships (+ 20 That Rebooted Them)

The unofficial "tabloid craze" of the mid-2000s will one day be immortalized in popular culture history for producing snapshots of the world, summarizing the era of tiny dogs and TMZ. Fans of pop culture flocked to flip through endless magazine pages, with good reason! Wherever the most popular celebrities were, the "can't miss" story of the moment was within reach! The answers to many burning questions, specifically, "Who's fighting with whom?" or "Are they friends again?" were answered on a weekly basis, often including brand new and juicy details satisfying the cravings of every celebrity sleuth.

During the peak era of paparazzi and Paris, many popular celebrities met, clashed, and repaired friendships faster than they could change shoes. News of feuds between the latest and greatest in Hollywood popped up at a pace even Gossip Girl would have trouble following; those celebs who were attached at the hip one week could often be "frenemies" the following week.

Understandably, the ever-changing climate of celebrity friendships and fallouts past and present can be hard to keep up with. How many of these famous faces decided to put their ferocious feuds aside for some quality time as friends? Believe it or not, many feuding "frenemies" put their trust in time's passage and good old-fashioned growth, and buried their hatchets.

Sometimes, there's no use for nostalgia. Unfortunately, there are celebrities who believe it's best just to move on and that some things aren't worth a trip down memory lane. Let's remember some friends and foes!

40 Over: Paris And Nicole

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Paris and Nicole's veteran reality show The Simple Life depicted the famous friends as they navigated through lifestyle situations which weren't so simple for these ladies of luxury. Through learning what it's like to live the server life to a misunderstanding over what items are sold at Walmart, nothing could prepare these ladies for their biggest challenge yet!

When the former friends were preparing for another season of The Simple Life, their friendship suddenly was no more. According to Pop Sugar, Paris spoke about the situation, saying, "Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm going to say about it..."

39 Rebooted: Selena and Demi

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Talk about a #Throwback memory! Selena and Demi were friends as tiny tots who spent time hanging out with a certain purple dinosaur, but their friendship really found its way into the spotlight and our YouTube subscriptions when the pals launched a YouTube channel.

Fast forward a decade later, and these ladies are powerhouses in their own right, leaving some of us to wonder why the duo split in the first place. Like many longtime lady duos, three may have been a crowd, with whispers of Taylor Swift causing a rift, as E! News reports.

Tweets show these two are thankfully back together, as reported by Elite Daily!

38 Over: Lauren And Heidi

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It produced one of the most iconic eyeliner tear stains in history. It was the reason for the famous "You know what you did" cry heard around the world; "It" being known as one of the most memorable breakups in history, otherwise known as the demise of Lauren "L.C." Conrad and Heidi Montag's friendship!

Lauren and Heidi's well-documented friendship blossomed courtesy of their roles on MTV's reality series, The Hills. The two were inseparable until an incident caused their future to be re-written. Spencer Pratt, anyone? The aftermath of their feud couldn't salvage their friendship, leaving room for the two to flourish separately, as People reports.

37 Rebooted: Drake And Josh

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One of Josh Peck's trademark catchphrases from Drake & Josh, the memorable buddy comedy he starred in alongside Drake Bell, was "Hug me, brother!" Believe it or not, there was a period in time when the besties and longtime costars weren't sharing any bro-hugs.

When it was time for Josh to tie the knot IRL, naturally we hoped Drake would be standing by his side, but our dreams were stalled when it was revealed Drake wasn't on his former best-man's guest list, as Us reports! Drake was hurt by the oversight, but the duo has since repaired their friendship. Someone alert Oprah!

36 Over: Hilary And Lindsay

Radar Online

In 2003, the world of teen queens was ruled by two ladies who seemingly had it all: fame, fortune, and fun times with Mickey. However, these Disney darlings weren't satisfied; Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan wanted a certain heartthrob singer for themselves.

Aaron Carter sang about wanting candy and beating Shaq at basketball, but he had trouble finding an "Internet Girl." According to Pop Sugar, Aaron revealed,

"I was dating [Hilary] for like a year and a half, and then I just got a little bored so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay."

35 Rebooted: Jada And Gabrielle

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Heart-to-hearts are essential to repairing a broken friendship, and there's no "right" length of time before you've healed enough to speak to your former BFF! Gabrielle Union and Jada Pinkett Smith needed to take nearly two decades for themselves before repairing their friendship, with a sit-down on Pinkett-Smith's TV show, Red Table Talk.

Sometimes, time's passage can muddle long-held memories, and Jada Pinkett-Smith told Extra, "We don't even know how it started," as per an article from People magazine. Thankfully, the two ladies repaired their friendship with a vulnerable heart-to-heart discussion. All you need is some truthful talk!

34 Over: Perez And Lady Gaga

via Huffington Post

"Perez Hilton" is as well-known as the inspiration for his namesake! His place within the worldwide web blog-o-sphere has occasionally landed him in hot water, as well as on the list of celebs who are less than big fans of the writer.

One such celeb who won't be singing the praises of Perez is Lady Gaga. The singer and actress had some thoughts concerning Perez. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gaga detailed, "He's just mad that I don't want to hang out anymore because I don't want to be around fake people."

The waters for their friendship may be "shallow!"

33 Rebooted: Chelsea And Jennifer

via Us Weekly

A certain song could summarize the friendship between Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler these days, but these ladies weren't always there for each other!

Jennifer Aniston is known for keeping mum on the details surrounding her personal life, and her preference for keeping silent and fairly out of the spotlight also applies to her falling out with Chelsea Handler, who was once a close confidant of Jen's!

However, according to New Idea, "No one but Chelsea and Jen know what happened between the two of them, but whatever is it, they have both moved past it and are friends again!"

32 Over: Katherine And Shonda

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Trouble in the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

Grey's Anatomy has been embedded in our culture for 15 seasons, so it's understandable if mention of Katherine Heigl seems like a distant memory! In case you need a refresher, Heigl was one of the show's original cast members and she played Dr. Izzie Stevens for six seasons.

Behind the scenes, the chemistry between Katherine and creator Shonda Rhimes was generating anything less than sparks. According to Vanity Fair, Heigl "wishes she had just 'shut up' about Grey's Anatomy complaints." Rhimes revealed to Oprah she "was not surprised" about Heigl's words and criticisms.

31 Rebooted: Jessica And Ken

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When you think of Jessica Simpson, it's pretty likely you also think of her ex-husband Nick Lachey or her sister Ashlee, but there's another central figure in Jessica's life who was as crucial to her story as the infamous "chicken or fish" debate!

Fans of forgotten names from yesteryear might remember Ken Paves, who served as her hairdresser and BFF, but in the early 2010s the duo drifted apart due to a problem which couldn't be fixed by some hairspray. "Ken is sick of her cycle of dumping friends when she’s with a guy," a source told Us Weekly at the time.

Ken and Jess repaired their rift as evidenced by his desire to be a godfather to Jessica's son, as Hollywood Life reports.

30 Over: Jordyn And Kylie

via Hawt Celebs

2019's biggest example of a fair-weather friendship involves a few ladies who are no strangers to the spotlight being shone on feud news!

The timeline of Kylie's fairly recent feud with her BFF Jordyn Woods is rather dense, with many twists and turns, but the root cause of the breakup between the former thick-and-thin friends was due to Jordyn's close relationship with Khloe Kardashian's ex, Tristan Thompson.

Kylie "kut" all ties with Jordyn in the aftermath of the breaking news, and Jordyn revealed her side in an interview, but now Kylie's absent from the KUWTK set, as reported by Us Weekly.

29 Rebooted: Katy And Taylor

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Taylor Swift's album 1989 was filled with '80s inspired bops fueled with nostalgia, but one particular bop was different from the rest. The track "Bad Blood" had the same catchy feel, but it's best remembered for its subject matter.

"Bad Blood" was rumored to be about Katy Perry, as evidenced by Taylor's interview with Rolling Stone in which she revealed, "For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not." Ouch!

If Katy and Taylor weren't sure if they were friends, it was sure the two had a rocky road to recovery. An olive branch sealed the peaceful deal, as The New York Times reports.

28 Over: The Legends And The Kardashian-Wests

via People

Chrissy Teigen's social media accounts are filled with hilariously relatable quips, and it's likely you'll find an occasional exchange between Teigen and Kim Kardashian-West, but the vibe between these friends hasn't always been chilled!

There are many known names in the Kardashian-West and Teigen camp. Chrissy and Kim both have extremely famous husbands and the two men once found themselves trending when they had an exchange which would understandably cause some hurt feelings, as Vogue reports.

Any awkwardness between the two families seems to have dissipated, as Teigen detailed in an interview with Vogue. Hashtag Major Relief!

27 Rebooted: Elton And Madonna

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When two of the most theatrical singers of our time find themselves in an exchange or two, there's no doubt they're going to produce a memorable feud! Madonna, one of the biggest entertainers and divas in history, and Sir Elton John, one of the most prolific songwriters and style icons of the century, once were civil in the world of entertainers until the civility was no longer.

The yellow brick road to recovery for these two may be never-ending. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Madonna has "typically remained mum" when it comes to Sir Elton, but John doesn't share the sentiment.

26 Over: Winona And Gwyneth

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Think of Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow as members of "the plastics" circa 1998. Winona and Gwyneth were both A-List actresses and they were both spoken for by two of the hottest heartthrobs of the era, but their friendship soon faded faster than the time it took to make a Reality Bites reference!

The rumors regarding the real reason for their falling out have run rampant in the past. According to Huffington Post, Gwyneth set the record straight when it came to rumors surrounding hurt feelings over a film role that she "stole" from Winona. She promises, "That's an urban myth!"

25 Rebooted: Kristin And Lauren

via Us Weekly

Pardon the true throwback reference, but Kristin Cavallari's relationship with Lauren Conrad has been repaired, so you could say the two "came clean" from their troubles!

The rift between these two blonde beauties originated way back in the days of sun-kissed highlights and Stephen Colletti, an era so hazy Lauren was still known as L.C.! Kristin and Lauren were classmates whose lives were depicted on the classic MTV series, Laguna Beach. The ladies had regular spats over guys and other drama only unique to Laguna.

Kristin and Lauren are now fully fledged grown-ups with their fighting days behind them, as Cosmopolitan confirms!

24 Over: Tyra And Naomi

via Us Weekly

We were rooting for them!

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell were some of the most iconic models of yesteryear, but their friendship wasn't really a model friendship when it came to a drama-free relationship. Their feud took a very verbose tone; Tyra alluded the two had a war of words behind the scenes, via an article from E!.

Time's passage and fresh perspectives did fall beneath Tyra and Naomi. The duo reunited on the set of Tyra's talk show, where they had a chance to speak. Tyra revealed, "I got a lot of answers and it has started my healing..."

23 Rebooted: Kelly And Beyonce

W Magazine

We know the ladies of Destiny's Child are survivors! Destiny's Child experienced several line-up changes, huge fame, and survived a bit of behind-the-scenes tension when Beyonce was perceived by the public to be the front-woman of the group. As with any sisterhood of strong friendship, there were moments in the group's history where the vibes weren't always good.

Kelly Rowland and Beyonce are as tight as they can be, but there was a moment in time when their friendship almost lost its breath. In 2013, Kelly "checked out for a minute," according to MTV, but all is well!

22 Over: Avril And Hilary

via Billboard

The landscape of girls with guitars during the 2000s made it seem like there was room for every guitar girl who wanted to play a riff; the situation didn't appear to be complicated.

If you were to ask Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff, their answers may differ a bit. At the end of the decade, their relationship appeared to be "cooled off," as Paper reports, but judging by the paper trail of exchanges between them, it's safe to say these two won't be teaming up in the recording studio.

Hilary took the upper hand in a People interview explaining, "[Adult] actors don't get tagged like we do."

21 Rebooted: Paris And Kim

via People

In this day and age, it's almost impossible to picture Kim Kardashian as someone's sidekick, but in the early days, before her family ruled the airwaves, she was exactly that. Who could be mighty enough to cast Kim to the side, you ask? Why, none other than Paris Hilton, of course!

Before the Kardashians were household names, Kim's days in the spotlight were spent living the 'simple life' on Paris's show, but their relationship soon became more complex when Paris decided to take a few swipes at her ex-bestie in the press. Nostalgic social media photos can do wonders, though!

20 Over: Paris And Lindsay

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Lindsay Lohan may be remembered for her breakout role in a fictitious film, but her real-life relationship with Paris Hilton was reminiscent of Mean Girls!

The fight between Paris and Lindsay is so iconic, the two women are still talking about it in the year of our Lohan, 2019! What gives? Last year, Paris revealed in an interview that Lindsay became "one of those people I don't really trust," according to Us Weekly. The hotel heiress also dropped a truth nugget about the legendary photo featuring the duo with Britney Spears, claiming Lohan "party crashed" their festivities. Not fetch!

19 Rebooted: Gillian And David

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The idea of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny fighting with one another seems so strange because of their seemingly endless amounts of banter in the press and love for one another, but a chapter in their 'X-File' reads a little bleak because they once feuded!

A simple oversight caused "Mulder and Scully's" bond to be put on hold for a bit. According to Uproxx, Gillian forgot to mention her co-star in her Emmy acceptance speech. Anderson quickly and very publicly attempted to retract her mistake with a full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety mentioning David's influence.

18 Over: Taylor And Karlie

via Glamour

You can't put a filter on a possible fallout!

The friendship between model Karlie Kloss and singer Taylor Swift graced our social media feeds via photos of Taylor's squad of which Karlie was a prominent member. From holiday parties to vacation photos, Karlie and Taylor seemed inseparable!

Recently though, fans of Taylor's "squad" may want to keep tabs on the "hot Kloss" surrounding the state of Karlie and Taylor's friendship. According to Elle, Karlie gave a questionable response in reference to a friendship inquiry, saying "the world needs to know?"

Uh-oh, what does this mean?

17 Rebooted: Shannen And Jennie

via Us Weekly

Back in the day when the hottest feuds were found on a TV show, the behind-the-scenes activities were as dramatic as the storylines on Beverly Hills, 90210!

Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor were the show's fickle friends who spent a lot of time in the "foe" category, mainly over men, and as fate would have it, the actresses who brought the girls to life had some trying times when the cameras stopped rolling.

Jennie Garth once provided some insight into their since-repaired relationship to E!, citing being "strong, independent women" in reference to their different personalities. Thanks, Retrograde!

16 Over: Tori And Tiffany

via Us Weekly

90210 is a busy zipcode! Not only did Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth have a tough time behind the scenes of Beverly Hills, 90210, their co-stars also found themselves involved in a frenemy feud.

Tori Spelling, who played good-girl Donna Martin, and Tiffani Theissen, who was known for playing the show's post-Brenda bad gal Valerie Malone, struggled through some miscommunication related to Tori's personal life. According to Us Weekly, Tori was asked about the rumors by Ryan Seacrest in an interview, and Spelling revealed, "She doesn't talk to me anymore."

However, the friendship forecast looks like it's sunny for "Toriffani!"

15 Rebooted: Ryan And Rachel

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Fans of romantic films, prepare to bring out your handkerchiefs and pause your repeated viewing of The Notebook! The two stars of the film, who are locked in a passionate embrace on the film's poster, had a passionate relationship behind the scenes, but not in the same sense of passion as you would think.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's portrayals of Noah and Allie were so convincing, they even dated off-screen for a while, but their story wasn't always romantic. VH1 revealed the co-stars once had a fickle moment on set. According to the director, the stars "had it out!" But luckily, that's over now and there's no beef between the stars who have both moved on since then.

14 Over: Kevin And Ben

via FanSided

Kevin Smith is known for his feel-good films including Chasing Amy, starring Ben Affleck. But Smith's off-screen relationship with Affleck is less than hilarious.

The two former friends fell out over a few choice words. According to People, Smith revealed, "If I had to guess? It’s because one of us has a big mouth and told too many candid stories that sometimes weren’t his to tell, and the other one is Ben."

Ben's side of the story seems to involve someone rather personal. According to Ranker, Kevin has hinted at Jennifer Garner playing a role in their unfortunate fallout!

13 Rebooted: Kelly And Lady Gaga

via IMDB

To borrow a line from one of her most famous songs, Lady Gaga does not have a poker face when it comes to those who have done her wrong!

Lady Gaga's presence in Hollywood is so vast, it wouldn't be a surprise to hear she's had her share of less than stellar encounters over the years. One celeb who isn't so 'Gaga' over Lady Gaga? Kelly Osbourne.

The singers were linked after Gaga's fanbase "cyberbullied" Osbourne, according to People. Gaga publicly reached out to Osbourne via an open letter of response. Kelly certainly won't be a "Little Monster!"

12 Over: Kim Cattrall And Sarah Jessica Parker

via Time Magazine

If Carrie Bradshaw were to write commentary about the falling out between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, it might contain some introspective thoughts along the lines of, "If I was so close to Samantha, why is she claiming never having been friends with me?"

The Sex In The City co-stars played inseparable friends during the show's iconic six-season run, but off-screen, the actresses were caught in a feud for the ages. According to an article by Insider, Kim "wished Sarah Jessica Parker had been nicer" while the duo was shooting the series. Cattrall was vocal about their relationship online too.

11 Rebooted: Louis And Zayn

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It can be upsetting to learn that members of our favorite boy bands weren't always close enough to mirror their bouncy pop songs and perfectly choreographed dance routines. For One Direction fans, the tiff between Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson could almost be as surprising as the time where Zayn suddenly left the group or when it was revealed Harry was dating a certain singer, as W magazine reports.

It's hard to know if the sun ever appeared over Louis and Zayn's relationship because of the seemingly never-ending shade between the two online. Recently, Zayn thankfully mended the rift after Louis experienced a family tragedy, as Girlfriend reports.

10 Over: Brandy And Monica

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In the late '90s, Brandy and Monica released the playfully feud-tinged song "The Boy Is Mine." If their performance seemed really convincing, it was due to a real-life feud between the singers.

The feud between Brandy and Monica has enough content for an episode of Behind The Music! Their relationship had become so intense, the two once found themselves in a physical altercation, news of which Monica revealed in a radio interview, according to E!What could possibly be the reason for the rift? Cosmopolitan hints to behind-the-scenes drama pertaining to the music business.

Will they duet again? Who knows?

9 Rebooted: Solange And Jay-Z

via ABC News

It was the elevator ride shared around the world. In a viral video of security camera footage, Solange Knowles and her brother-in-law Jay-Z famously took their frustrations out on each other, leaving the public to wonder what in the world was going on within the Knowles-Carter camp.

People attributed the fight's cause to be the result of a "run-in" with Rachel Roy, adding Solange was "provoked by Rachel." Maintaining positive vibes and a positive outlook after a tough encounter can be difficult for some, leaving Solange's mood to escalate later on with Jay-Z.

The two soon repaired their public spat!

8 Over: Freddie And Kiefer

via Tele Star

Actors Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr. don't need 24 reasons as to why their relationship will never be the same!

The duo both had roles on the modern classic TV show 24, and Freddie's experience working with Kiefer was less than smooth. According to ABC News, their relationship made Freddie contemplate making some pretty permanent decisions regarding his career. Freddie referred to his former co-star as "the most unprofessional dude in the world. That's not me [telling lies], I'd say it to his face. I think everyone that's worked with him has said that."

Fans shouldn't expect a reunion!

7 Rebooted: Busy And James

via Elle

Busy Philipps and James Franco once played members of the "freaks" who were also a couple on the prematurely canceled but eternally iconic show Freaks and Geeks, but their relationship behind the scenes was not romantic at all.

Busy recently revealed in her memoir that her co-star once got swept away while filming and pushed her to the ground. Understandably, the state of their relationship was hindered for years, but James Franco later apologized. According to USA Today, Busy set the record straight in an interview and stressed, "James apologized. I accepted. It's a story I've been telling for years..."

6 Over: Rihanna And Katy

via Closer

Rihanna and Katy Perry have been photographed together publicly many times, but the photo opportunities have seemed to completely cease! According to Life and Style, the exact reason for their falling-out is unknown, but fingers point to "rumors [that] started swirling that the two had beef because RiRi didn't invite Katy to her 2018 MetGala party..."

What a powerful guest list to be excluded from! There were brighter times between the two, though. The magazine went on to reveal the two "bonded over a purse" a few years earlier. Here's hoping the two will have a stylish reunion one day!

5 Rebooted: Christina And Pink

via Fuse TV

The star-studded remake of the classic show tune "Lady Marmalade" isn't only memorable for its diva-packed list of singers! Unfortunately for Pink and Christina Aguilera, the experience of recording the song won't go down in history as a classic memory. Nearly two decades after the song's release, the two singers finally seem to be showing signs of a reconciliation!

As recently as two years ago, Pink was still publicly discussing her fickle relationship with Christina. She told Watch What Happens Live as per an article in W Magazine, "We made up on The Voice. It was funny, I laughed."

4 Over: Jon And Charlie

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Two And A Half Men is one of the most long-running sitcoms in history, as is the metaphorical list of behind-the-scenes antics involving Charlie Sheen. Sheen's fall from grace has been well documented, and his co-star Jon Cryer had a front-row seat to countless incidences involving his troubled co-star.

According to The Washington Post, Cryer spoke out about their failed relationship in the contents of his memoir, while stressing he "seems to be genuinely worried about [Charlie]."

Judging by the laundry list of incidents shared between Sheen and Cryer, the two won't be planning a reunion.

3 Rebooted: Ariana And Piers

via People

Ariana Grande can finally say "thank u next" to her feud with Piers Morgan! Late last year, Morgan seemed to appear a little jealous of Ariana's dynamite year of success, as displayed in a rather critical assessment through a social media exchange with the "7 Rings" songstress.

In a surprising turn of events, the duo was photographed together, and it was revealed they had made up over dinner. According to Glamour, "Morgan tweeted that they 'bumped into' each other, which turned into a long discussion, ending their online feud."

Morgan capitalized on the public disbelief with a playful caption.

2 Over: Kanye And Drake

via NSS.com

Kanye West's success in the spotlight has recently been eclipsed by his tendency to find himself in controversial situations, many of them involving other famous faces. One of his more recent incidents involves a fellow musical peer, successful rapper Drake. Kanye hasn't been shy to reveal his opinion of the "God's Plan" singer; his social media commentary aimed at Drake is rather vast. People revealed Kanye had a lengthy online tirade about Drake in December.

Their rocky relationship dates back to earlier in the decade when People went on to reveal Drake once "dissed" Kanye's hit record, Yeezus.

1 Rebooted: Adrienne And Kim

via In Touch

The family ties are tight within the Kardashian-Jenner clan! Former 3LW member and Jenner girlfriend Adrienne Bailon knows this to be true.

Adrienne's connection with the famous family is due to her former relationship with Rob Kardashian. When the relationship later fizzled out, the tension between Adrienne and Rob's sister Kim was high, perhaps due to rumors about how the relationship finally ended. Adrienne famously got a tattoo removed on camera, which was dedicated to her former beau!

According to E!, Kim put any lingering rumors about their feud to rest when she and North watched Adrienne's iconic "Cheetah Girls" film via IG stories!

References: E! News, Elite Daily, People, Pop Sugar, The Hollywood Reporter

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