20 Huge Beauty Mistakes All Brides Should Avoid

From the second you are first engaged your mind will be going crazy with everything you need to think about. Once you find the perfect dress you think you can ease up a bit - sadly not as now it's time to choose your hair and makeup for the big day.

You soon find yourself with a stack of bridal magazines studying every picture to find the perfect look for your day. You are full of creative ideas, have plenty of beauty inspiration and you are on the phone constantly booking in makeup trials with almost every salon in the city. You might become overwhelmed by it all but everyone knows how important it is to get right on the day.

You want to walk in the room and your guests jaws to drop on your big day but obviously for the right reasons. Everyone has their own rituals when it comes to creating a winning look but trust in us because we have all the best advice right here. Whatever look you choose make sure these following beauty blunders are avoided at all costs.

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20 Matching With Your Bridesmaids 


Remember this is your big day and you have to stand out by doing more than just putting on your beautiful big dress. Brides often try to pick their bridesmaids dresses in a similar style to their own wedding gown and the hair to match.

Take our advice - avoid looking like the woman standing by your side. If you wear your hair up then ask them to wear their hair down. Don't match lipstick either or your big day photos might end up looking a bit too school disco.

19 Using Lipgloss


Lipgloss is a no go when it comes to your big day. You really don't want to have your veil stuck to your mouth when a slight breeze pushes it across your face. Instead a long-lasting lipstick that compliments your complexion will be much better for your big day.

Your groom probably won't enjoy the transfer lip gloss tends to have and would much prefer getting through the day without a sticky face.

18 Skipping The Primer 


Primer is essential for your everyday beauty routine but even more important for your wedding day beauty regime. During the run up to your wedding day, pick a primer that suits you and is easy to apply.

In photographs you will be able to hide any redness, erase smile lines and make your pores appear smaller. Primer is also ideal in disguising any extra gleam or oily skin so you will be ready to look picture perfect.

17 Avoiding Fake Eyelashes 


False eyelashes have it all; fullness, volume, length, softness, curl and separation. Whereas mascara has only two options: volume or length. It's a no brainer when it comes to deciding which one you should choose for your big day.

Another benefit of having extensions in place on the day is that you won't have to worry when the tears start flowing. Remember this is an emotional day, there will be plenty of waterworks so be prepared.

16 Paying No Attention To The Eyebrows 

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A-List brow plucker Joey Healy told Bride magazine the best routine to get perfect brows for your big day.

He advised, "I have a 5-4-3-2-1 plan. Stop whatever you're doing five months before your wedding and let your brows grow in for four weeks. After four weeks of seeing where you have shortcomings, schedule three shapings six weeks apart. The first gets you on track and the second helps solidify the shape. By the third shaping, two days before the wedding, you'll be in a great place."

15  Forgetting To Wear Sun Protection 


Weddings are more popular during the months of summer and often brides will be spending hours in the sun. The photographer might want you outside for up to two hours to get the perfect shots of the day. Do not forget the sunscreen.

The last thing you will want is for your face and shoulders to be the colour of beetroot by the end of the evening. Keep a handbag size spray bottle with you or with your bridal party throughout the day so you keep topping up.

14 Avoiding Full Body Makeup 

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Brides spend so long focusing on the makeup for just the face that they often forget to pay attention to other parts of the body. There is nothing wrong with experimenting in the weeks running up to your day with body blushers and shimmers. Your chest and arms will most likely be exposed too.

Celebrity makeup artist Caroline Barnes told Marie Claire magazine, "Wear a white t-shirt if you're having a makeup test in a store so that you can see how the makeup looks against a pale colour and take a picture of yourself in day light (with no flash) to see how it looks before you purchase anything."

13  Applying Makeup With Your Hands 


Usually we can get away with applying makeup with our hands but on your special day you will want to avoid this completely. Your hands are often touching many different products so you might not get the perfect shade you're after.

Also the natural oil on your fingers may cause an instant breakout of blotches and that's the last thing you need when you should be looking your best. Always apply with brand new makeup brushes on the day to avoid any cross contamination.

12 Extreme Dieting 

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There are far too many horror stories of brides crash dieting before the big day. Most shockingly a new diet, which came out last year, known as the K-E Diet or the "feeding tube diet" became an instant trend. Brides place a tube down their nose to pump liquid into their stomachs so they are on a diet of 800 calories a day.

This controversial crash diet is very dangerous. There were complaints of feeling faint, terrible breath and low energy levels. Another side effect is the tubing can damage the throat which could cause the voice to disappear entirely.

11  Not Feeling Confident In Your Look 


You will most likely be playing around with quite a few looks during makeup trials before your big day but remember to pick the one which you feel most at ease with. Stick to your natural hair colour and don't follow any current trends.

You will want to look back on your pictures of yourself many years from now and not only be able to actually recognize yourself but also to see a winning smile. Self-confidence is the real key to true beauty after all.

10  Skipping The Makeup Trial


Your makeup trial should never be over looked as anything other than an integral part of planning your wedding. Present an inspiration board to each consultant exploring which look you want to go for and don't be afraid to tell them specifically what you're after.

Makeup artist Laramie Glen advised Bride Magazine, "If you're not 100 percent happy with the hair or makeup, keep asking for changes until you feel your best. It may feel uncomfortable to ask your artist to change something, but that's what trials are for! We want to make sure you feel confident and beautiful — even if we have to change the lipstick three times."

9  Having "Over-Dramatic Eyes"


Black eye liner can dramatically frame an eye, on your big day you will want to come across more softer and natural so try to avoid this dark colour. To work with the eye line try using light browns, gray, navy and even deep purple works.

Also take into consideration what your natural eye colour is as you want to compliment this quite well in photographs. Makeup artist Chelsea Hernandez told the Bridal Guide that she recommends, "Bronze for green eyes, mocha for hazel eyes, navy and dark brown for blue eyes, and purples and grays for brown eyes."

8 Waxing And Facials Before The Big Day 


Waxing and facials can redden the skin with blemishes so you should have these beauty treatments at least two weeks before your set date. Although if you are not familiar with these routines then avoid completely as you may have an unexpected reaction.

If you do have a problem with blemishes and spots before the day then whatever you do -don't pick at the skin. A pimple which is picked can scab over, concealers work well on pimples but not so much scabs. As tempting as it is, just leave red marks alone and let the makeup artist do her job.

7  Not Drinking Enough Water  


If your body isn't getting enough water then it begins to show on our body by dulling the hair and skin. A simple beauty trick is to drink eight glasses of water a day as it flushes out all the toxins in your body. If we don't drink enough then the toxins make their way out through our pores and leave us with blemished skin.

More great news is that it can also help speed up the metabolism. H2O is the cheapest and best health alternative to other trendy diet drinks.

6  Allowing Your Friends To Do Your Makeup 


Many brides choose to have their makeup applied by a close friend or family member because it costs less. Sure on nights out they have done your look before but this is not just any old day. You need a professional who has already been present at trials to be hands on for the big day.

Another problem with not choosing a pro is that whoever is doing your makeup is most likely attending the wedding with you so they might be in a rush. A bride's makeup application should take no less than 45 minutes if done properly. So demand only the best.

5  Not Using A Clinical Deodorant 

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Sweating is just a natural and healthy process the body goes through, but this is not something you want to be worrying about when you're getting ready to walk down the aisle. Your nerves will be through the roof so you will be perspiring much more than normal.

Instead of constantly respraying with a drugstore deodorant opt for a clinical one. Clinical deodorants are twice the price but the success of the product has seen people throwing their money at them. You can apply the night before and the strong ingredients naturally plug up your sweat glands for up to 24-hours.

4  Using A Bright Nail Varnish 


The most popular choice for brides on their wedding day is the classic french manicure and it just can't be beaten. You won't realize until the day how much your hands will be photographed; putting on your wedding bands, the cutting of the cake and close-up shots of your fingers linked with the grooms.

A funky, bright colour might catch your eye now but when you look back on pictures many years from now you might not be so keen. Nothing beats a classic.

3  Forgetting To Pack A Touch Up Kit 


No matter how stay-proof or waterproof your makeup claims it is going to be, you really don't want to be leaving it until the big day to find out. Packing a touch up kit is essential for your big day and also don't forget to ask your makeup artist for a tutorial on how to get the best out of it.

Items that should never be forgotten from a touch up are oil absorbing sheets, Q-tips, extra glue for lashes and an emergency nail file.

2  Not Working On Your Posture 


One of the most overlooked beauty tricks is keeping good posture. You will be photographed hundreds of times throughout the day and you can shed pounds off your overall look in pictures just by holding yourself right.

Beyonce has got a very body slimming pose nailed down. She keeps her hips at a 45 degree angle away from the camera, places all her weight on the back foot, then slightly bends the knee at the front so not to appear rigid and the toe should be pointing towards the camera. Then put one hand on your hip and the other loose by your side. Bingo - instant beauty!

1 Excessive Tanning 


Every bride wants to be glowing on her big day but this is one beauty treatment that you will want to get right. Applying too much fake tan can rub off on your dress and not applying enough will wash you out as soon as you put the big white dress on. Make sure you have a spray tan 72-hours before the big day so you can correct any mistakes.

MAC Senior Artist Rebecca Butterworth told Marie Claire magazine, "If you plan on using fake tan for the big day, have a test run before your makeup trial so that your artist can see what colour your skin becomes with the tan."

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