20 Household Rules Mayim Bialik Actually Makes Her Kids Follow

Mayim Bialik has always been on the scene, even she wasn’t. She started her career in acting as Blossom. She more recently has gained notoriety through The Big Bang Theory where she played Amy Farrah Fowler. This show has recently come to its end, but Mayim is nowhere near done.

She continues to vlog and post videos that are interesting, educational and exciting. A lot of them spend a lot of time focusing on her life as a mom and how she raises her children. Mayim has two sons, and she has worked hard to make sure they are kept out of the public eye as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean that the world has not caught on to her unique parenting techniques. She has been seen as a strict and unconventional mom when it comes to the rules she has for her children. We have found 20 household rules that Mayim makes her children follow.

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20 Potty Rules As A Baby


One of the most interesting rules she had for her children is that they didn’t wear diapers. Well, they did but not a lot of them. Mayim practices something that is called ‘Elimination Communication’ and it is the premise that young babies can be potty-trained.

It is about learning about your baby’s cues right before they are about to go to the bathroom and holding them above the toilet to do their business.

19 No School! (She’s A Scientist Too!)


What a lot of people have figured out about Mayim is that she is very smart. She is actually a Neurobiologist and that is what made her character of Amy so believable.

This means that her children never went to school. Now, they did receive education, but at home with her. She homeschooled both of her children and we think she is more than qualified.

18 Meds Are Not Allowed


When our children get sick, we want to do everything we can to help them feel better. Most people will take them to the doctor and if the case is serious enough, they have no qualms in giving their child meds.

Mayim has never given her son’s any type of painkiller, fever-reducer or antibiotic in their lives. They have been sick, but Mayim has treated it all naturally and feels that is the right thing to do.

17 They DON’T Have To Use Manners?


Manners are a big topic with parents, and a lot of parents insist that their children use their manners and say please and thank you.

Not Mayim, there is no rule in her house about her children using their manners. Mayim believes that children will express their gratitude in their own way, and we don’t need to push them to use these specific words.

16 Sorry Is An Iffy Word Too


If please and thank-you are off the table, then you better bet that the word sorry is also a word that is not encouraged to say.

Mayim believes that forcing your child to say sorry may not be teaching them to express themselves. That they may just say it because they have been taught too, and not because they actually mean the words they are saying.

15 They MUST Be Vegan


Children need proper nourishment to grow and thrive, and parents are always worried that their children are not getting enough to keep them going.

Mayim is a strict vegan and avoids anything that could have any animal or animal by-product in it. She also makes her children follow these eating rules as well.

14 Strict On The Screen


Even though Mayim is a big TV and movie star, she is very strict on the amount of time her children are allowed to watch TV.

She wants to protect her children from the dangers that media can have on their developing personalities. She doesn’t want what they watch to shape who they are as a person as they grow up.

13 No Toys At Christmas??


Christmas is a lot of kids favorite time of year, because of all the presents they get under the tree. Mayim is Jewish and does not celebrate Christmas, but her kids receive no presents at any holiday.

She doesn’t believe in the commercialism of these holidays and feels like the last thing that her children need is more stuff that they are going to get bored with one day.

12 Internet Is Not For Teaching


The internet is such a tricky thing. It can be an evil world, filled with misinformation, but it can also be very useful when trying to learn new things.

Mayim has made it very clear to her children that the internet is not the place you go to when you want to learn something. It is unreliable and can sometimes give you very inaccurate information. Books are the best place to go to learn.

11 Not Allowed In A Play Room


There are not many houses out there that do not have a playroom, especially if there are young children in the house. A room where the children can go and play with their toys and explore their imaginations and creativity.

Mayim’s house has never had a playroom. She doesn’t approve of her children having expensive toys and a lot of them. She feels they only need a few items that will help them grow developmentally.

10 Nursing Is A Must


Mayim is a large advocate for breastfeeding and has never considered giving her children formula. Breast vs. Bottle is a large debate in the mommy world.

Not only does Mayim believe fully in breastfeeding, she believes in extended breastfeeding and letting a child self-wean when they are ready. She breastfed her youngest son until he was 4 years old.

9 Everything Is On Demand


Another one of the things that Mayim believes in fully is that everything should be on-demand, when the child wants it. This especially includes feeding. Feeding is always done on demand, and when the child wants it.

Some parents create a schedule for their children to follow, but not Mayim. Whenever her children showed signs of being hungry, she fed them.

8 No Discipline?


Discipline is another hot topic in the parenting world, and everyone has their own way of doing it. This includes Mayim, but her way of doing it may be that she doesn’t do it all.

Mayim does not follow any mainstream forms of discipline like spanking, time-outs, and grounding. She believes these do not work and the better option is to have a conversation with your child about what happened and why it was not OK.

7 Read, Read, Read


Mayim has written a couple of parenting books, so it is easy to say that reading is very important to her. Mayim forces her children to spend some time with her reading books.

She values books that hold great lessons and instill good moral values. She also understands that reading can help develop their language and communication skills.

6 You Must Be Kind To The Earth


Mayim cares very strongly for the environment and knows that it is everyone’s job to make sure that it is taken care of so that it can last for years to come.

She makes sure that her children follow these environmental rules as well. She has a green style of parenting that teaches her children all they need to know about caring for Mother Earth.

5 She’ll Probably Push Their Future Wives Into A Homebirth


Now, Mayim has two boys, so she won’t really have to have a childbirth talk with them. However, she may have one with her future daughters-in-law one day.

Mayim is a big fan and believer of having a home birth with all of your children. Mayim says you should be in a relaxed state of mind when you are delivering a baby, and no one feels more comfortable and relaxed than when they are in their own home.

4 It’s A Rule To Sleep In The Same Bed


Safe sleep is an important topic and one that is always being talked about. If you ask Mayim for her thoughts on the topic, her answer will be simple: you sleep in the same bed with your babies.

Mayim believes that sharing a bed with your children helps to build the bond. This also means that any form of sleep training was never in the cards for this family.

3 Call For Mom Only, Not Dad!


Mayim is now divorced, but she was married at one point. However, when dad lived at home, the rule was that the children go to mom.

Now, this is not as bad as it sounds, and it was only for some things. If the children needed something that only mom could provide, then they needed to go to her. There was no dad-distracting so that mom could get a little break.

2 They Must Be Attached!


Attachment parenting is one of the many ways a parent can raise their children. Mayim is a strict follower of Attachment Parenting.

The basis of this theory is that you are always as close to your children as possible. That you are constantly there should they need something. This is said to help the bond grow and help your child know that they can come to you if they need something.

1 Yelling Is OK, But It’s A Mistake!


With all the rules Mayim has, we have to assume she is the calmest mother who never raises her voice. This is not true. Mayim has said that she is still human, and she gets angry and yells.

However, while she lets her children know that yelling happens, it is not OK. That it is a mistake that they have to learn from when it happens.

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