20 Household Rules Kylie Jenner Forces Everyone To Follow

When it comes to the fashion and makeup industry Kylie Jenner is one of the most powerful players, even though she's just 22 years old. According to Forbes magazine, Kylie is worth a whopping $1 billion making her the youngest billionaire in the world. Is it any wonder that her fans hang on the edge of their seats, waiting for her next social media post? Who wouldn't what a piece of what Kylie has?

Kylie has shown the world a different side of herself since becoming a mom and stepping out of the Kardashian family's shadow. Her adorable baby daughter Stormi was born in February last year and since then Kylie has been showing off her new parenting skills - and a protective streak. She just wants what is best for Stormi, so her safety has become Kylie's top priority.

Now that she's in charge of her own household, these are rules Kylie Jenner expects everyone around her to follow:

20 No Negative Energy Allowed

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Living a life in the public eye can leave celebrities feeling vulnerable, and Kylie is no exception. But she chooses to distance herself from the haters and cyberbullies who are constantly harassing her, and live in a home where only positive vibes are allowed. That sounds pretty good to us!

19 Healthy Food Only

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Kylie disappeared off the radar for most of her pregnancy but fans were still shocked when she slimmed back down in almost no time. She achieved this by following a strict healthy eating plan (inspired by her sister Kourtney) and we have to say she's looking amazing. But we do miss those selfies of her munching on snack foods!

18 Everyone Must Wash Their Hands

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If you're visiting Kylie and her family for the day, you better make sure that you wash your hands. According to okmagazine.com, the billionaire mom was so concerned about germs after giving birth to Stormi that she made everyone wear surgical masks when they visited her and the baby. Over the top? Maybe just a little.

17 Nannies Take Care Of The Dirty Work

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Kylie may be young but she's one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. Being a busy mom she has a small team of nannies that help her care for Stormi. They take care of all the dirty work so that Kylie can just spend quality time with her baby.

16 Staff Are Not Allowed To Wear Any Jewelry

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Kylie's nannies are not allowed to wear any type of jewelry when they report for their shifts. This might seem a little bizarre (especially considering the bling we've seen Kylie and her famous family sporting) but apparently, it's a security measure to ensure they don't become targets for thieves.

15 Outdoor Activities Are Limited

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Kylie tried to have a small private baby shower while she was pregnant with Stormi but she couldn't keep the helicopters, desperate for any pics of the soon-to-be mom, out of the sky above her home. That's why Stormi's outside time, especially during the first few months of her life, was very limited.

14 Only Visitors On The List Are Permitted

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If you should ever arrive at Kylie's house you better make sure that your name is on the guest list or there's no way you're getting inside. Kylie even joked on Snapchat about an incident where one of the security guards wouldn't let her in because he didn't recognize her. Poor guy, he must have been embarrassed!

13 Kylie Makes The Big Decisions

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Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows that Kylie is a woman who likes to get her own way. And when it came to naming her baby, she was also determined to have the last say. According to people.com, she decided on the name Stormi, without consulting her baby daddy Travis Scott.

12 Visitors Are Required To Sign A Strict Non-Disclosure Agreement

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We know that the Jenners/Kardashians are very picky about what information about them is given to the media, so it didn't surprise us to learn that visitors are asked to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before they are permitted to enter the household. According to the dailymail.co.uk, Kris Jenner even made her daughter's boyfriends sign NDAs to avoid public breakup dramas.

11 Visitors Must Pass Through A Metal Detector

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According to okmagazine.com, security at Kylie's home is as you would imagine it to be - super tight. Only visitors on the strict guestlist are permitted access to the home, and that's only after they go through a full security check (including a pat-down search) and pass through a metal detector.

10 No Phones Allowed Inside

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To make sure no-one is secretly trying to take snaps of her and Stormi (which are of course worth huge money), Kylie bans staff and visitors from bringing phones into the house. According to okmagazine.com, this began after Kylie caught a staff member trying to catch a picture of her pregnant belly.

9 Clothes And Toys Must Be Approved By Kylie

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Kylie has the last say on all Stormi's clothes and toys because, just like any other mom, she wants only the best for her daughter. According to teenvogue.com, the billionaire mom took Stormi out in a $12,500 Fendi stroller when she was just a few weeks old. Just another example of how this mom likes to roll!

8 No Photos And Videos Without Approval

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If you do want to have your picture taken with Kylie or Stormi, you'd better make sure that you have her permission to share the image. Kylie wants to shield herself from cyber-bullying and that's completely understandable given the way that celeb moms are often attacked on social media for their child-rearing practices.

7 Kylie Always Has The Final Say

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Kylie might be a young mom but her daughter's needs are always her first priority. And when it comes to Stormi she always has the final say. From choosing her name to selecting her toys, Kylie wants to make sure that her daughter has the best life has to offer.

6 No Group Photos Allowed

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Since the birth of Stormi, Kylie Jenner has shown her protective side by limiting her public appearances and social media interaction. She was also absent from the traditional Christmas family photo last year, as she has also been avoiding any type of group pictures. Maybe she'll be back this year!

5 Privacy Is Everything

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Fans were surprised when Kylie dropped off social media during her pregnancy as they were expecting to see plenty of posts from the makeup mogul during this time. But she decided that she needed privacy during her pregnancy - something we can completely understand. After all, a happy mom is a healthy mom!

4 Staff Must Be Dog Lovers

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Before Kylie gave birth to Stormi, fans were used to seeing her playing with and talking about her beloved dogs. So it didn't surprise us to learn that anyone applying for a job in Kylie's home must also be a dog lover and must get along with her spoilt pooches.

3 Splashy Gifts Only

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Kylie Jenner lives a lavish lifestyle that most of us mere mortals cannot even imagine. When her daughter Stormi turned one, there was a massive carnival-themed party for her - complete with a gift shop! And although she couldn't even walk yet she received designer gifts like a Chanel bag and Louboutin shoes.

2 Minimal Screen Time Allowed

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Kylie may be the selfie queen but when it comes to her daughter she's not keen on too much screen time. That means that Stormi is only allowed to watch a minimal amount of TV - which we don't think is a bad choice on Kylie's part.

1 Only Kylie Can Take Stormi Outside

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As you can imagine leaving the household can be quite a procedure, especially considering the amount of security needed. And after Kim was attacked in Paris, everyone in the family has had to step up their game. That's why Stormi doesn't leave the house without Kylie - and a full team of nannies and guards of course.

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