20 Hollywood Dads Who Downgraded To Less Famous Baes

Two years of marriage is like twenty in Hollywood terms. Yeah, famous people can't seem to stay in relationships, especially marriages, for very long. Although there are certainly a few exceptions to this rule, a lot of famous dads end up going for a younger woman after they've had a couple of children. This often allows us to judge whether or not they have traded up or traded down. Of course, we tend to judge beauty first. But that's not what we're doing here.

Instead, we will be seeing which famous actors, musicians, athletes, and personalities traded down is celebrity status. This means that their first baby-mama was notably more famous and perhaps even more beautiful and talented. But, hey, that's all in the eye of the beholder. We know that, but just for some fun, we think it might be enjoyable to be a tad shallow. So, without further ado, here are 20 Hollywood dads who downgraded to less famous baes.

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20 Billy Joel Is No Longer With The Most Famous Super-Model In The World

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Musicians definitely get the most attractive women. There's no doubt about it., Billy Joel was never all-that conventionally handsome, but he was utterly brilliant at his craft. That's how he landed the most famous model in the world, Christie Brinkley. Not only did he write songs about her, but he created his daughter Alexa with her. Later on in life, Joel traded down and married Alexis, a beautiful woman who is significantly younger.

19 Guy Ritchie Left The Most Famous Diva Alive

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As challenging as Madonna probably was to be in a relationship with, there's no doubt that director Guy Ritchie traded down when he married model, Jacqui Ainsley. Sure, he may love her more, and Ainsley may be a better wife and person, but Madonna is one of the greatest musical talents of all time. None the less, Ritchie and Ainsley decided to add a few more kids to the family he already created with The Material Girl.

18 Nick Lachey Ditched Jessica Simpson For A C-Lister

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We all remember when Nick Lachey was with Jessica Simpson. After all, they made news just about everywhere. But a lot has changed since those days. Since Lachey laid his eyes on TRL host Vanessa Minnillo, he knew that this was the new woman for him. He even got married to her and welcomed a few children. But there's just no way that Vanessa Minnillo is as noteworthy as the singer of "I Wanna Love You Forever".

17 Alec Baldwin Definitely Found A Less Famous Bae

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Alec Baldwin's split from Kim Basinger was anything but pleasant. Even his relationship with his first-born daughter, Ireland, was put to the test. But he seemed to feel much happier when he met and married his yoga-instructor, Hilaria. But being with a younger woman meant that he would have to deal with children again. And boy has he ever. Alec is in his 60s and has a couple of new children under the age of 5. This seems like a lot of work. Besides, Hilaria is basically a no-namer. While Kim Basinger was a mega-movie star from flicks like L.A. Confidential, Batman, and Fifty Shades Freed.

16 Kevin Federline And His New Britney

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Back in the day, Kevin Federline proved himself to be no prize but he was still able to land Britney Spears. Obviously, their relationships, as well as the creation of their two sons, was during a bad time in Britney's life. This was one of the reasons why the relationship didn't last. But sticking out the storm with Britney may have been better than getting together with a former volleyball player, Victoria Prince.

15 Coldplay Star Chris Martin Has Had His Fair Share Of Famous Baes

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How do you possibly upgrade from Gwyneth Paltrow? Seriously, she may push a ludicrously expensive product line based in pseudo-science, but she's still one of the coolest, most beautiful, and most talented actors out there. Still, Coldplay's Chris Martin decided to "consciously uncouple" from her, even after having a couple of kids. Martin has been linked to other celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, who certainly is a catch herself. But he ended up with Dakota Johnson, a woman who has the acting range of a rusted tablespoon.

14 No More Bruce Willis And Demi

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Many of us forget that Demi Moore was actually with Bruce Willis. After all, we remember the days she was with Ashton Kutcher far better. This is because she made an upgrade. She traded in for a younger model that everybody just loved. But we can't deny the talent of Bruce Willis. This talent was likely to attract a number of famous suiters to replace the mother of his children. However, he ended up going for model Emma Heming, who none of us ever heard of before.

13 Sure, Tom Cruise's Second Baby-Mama Was Famous... But She Wasn't Nicole Kidman

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We don't like to talk about Tom Cruise too much; watch the HBO documentary Going Clear to find out why. But we will acknowledge that he definitely traded down after his days with Nicole Kidman. The Big Little Lies star decided to call it quits with the couch-jumping blockbuster star even though they had adopted kids together. We all know why she did. Unfortunately, Katie Holmes didn't understand why for a few years into her marriage with the man. During Holmes' time with Cruise, we couldn't help but feel like he was forced to trade down. Of course, Holmes is popular and talented, but you just can't beat Kidman.

12 The Black Crowes' Chris Robinson Totally Downgraded, But That's Okay

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Fans of rock music certainly know all there is to know about The Black Crowes. But they may not know that the band's leading man, Chris Robinson, totally traded down after he divorced Kate Hudson, the mother of his first-born. After the amazing star that is Kate Hudson, Robinson married some woman named Allison Bridges. However, he ended up divorcing her as well. Seems like the man just can't get things right.

11 Ryan Phillipe Left One Of The Most Famous Women In The World

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Leaving Reese Witherspoon is kind of like leaving Nicole Kidman or Gwyneth Paltrow... it's a bad move... But Ryan Phillipe decided to end things with his baby-mama in 2006, citing irreconcilable differences. He ended with a couple of lesser-known actors like Abbie Cornish and Alexis Knapp, who he impregnated, but these relationships didn't last long. In fact, he hasn't seemed to keep a relationship after his days with the lovable Legally Blonde star.

10 Ethan Hawke May Be A Big Star But His Second Baby-Mama Sure Isn't

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Ethan Hawke is still a big star, at least of quality independent films. But his second baby-mama sure doesn't match the power of his first. Hawke married Pulp Fiction-star Uma Thurman in 1998. The pair had two children together, Maya and Levon. But he went his sperate way from her and eventually married the nanny who looked after his and Thurman's kids. Not only is this totally uncool, but it's also an epic downgrade.

9 Pete Wentz Left A Simpson Sister

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There was a time when Pete Wentz was pretty famous. It's when his band Fall Out Boy actually worked and he was with Ashlee Simpson. Everybody wanted to date and marry Ashlee Simpson. After all, she was the spunkier and arguably more talented Simpson sister. But eventually, Wentz decided to leave her and go for a different woman that nobody heard of. Appropriately, everybody forgot about Pete Wentz in the process.

8 Chris Pratt's New Bae's Family Name Is The Only Famous Thing About Her

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Okay, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt certainly married a woman with a very famous last name. After all, she is related to the Terminator himself. But that's pretty much the only noteworthy thing about Katherine. Pratt's first wife, and his baby mama, actor Anna Faris, was a much more desirable star. Not only that, but she was also infinitely more likable, at least in the press.

7 Channing Tatum Goes For A Singer, But She's No Jenna Dewan

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Some millennials will argue that Channing Tatum traded up when he left Jenna Dewan for musician Jessie J. But anybody with any real memory of the epic romance that existed between Tatum and Dewan knows that his first wife and baby mama was the best pick. Jessie J just feels like a massive downgrade for an actor who could probably have found some A-list talent if he wasn't going to get back together with Jenna Dewan.

6 Musician Gavin Rossdale Downgraded, There's No Doubt

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Who Bush musician Gavin Rossdale downgraded to is certainly the question. We all know that he married and had kids with No Doubt front-woman Gwen Steffani. But after their split, he went on a bit of a bender with both men and women. To be fair, this was something that he was doing throughout all of his life. Regardless of who he's with today, it's a total downgrade from the "Hollaback Girl", "Don't Speak", "It's My Life", and "Hella Good" singer.

5 Marc Anthony Leaves Jenny From The Block

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Jennifer Lopez has sure had her fair share of famous men. Therefore some were surprised that she went for singer Marc Anthony, who was decidedly less know. Clearly, she loved him for who he was and ended up marrying and having children with him. But eventually, things became too much for Anthony and he decided to call it quits. Afterward, he ended up with a random model who he married in 2014. But the pair didn't even last three years, proving that he should never have left Jenny From The Block.

4 Nick Cannon Made Some Pretty Big Shifts In His Life

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There's no way that Mariah Carrey would be an easy romantic partner. After all, she even calls herself the "biggest diva". But Nick Cannon totally downgraded after he left the woman who had his children. Cannon has been involved with a number of pretty unrecognizable women since his days with Carrey, all of whom just don't seem to carry that fire of his baby-mama.

3 Dennis Quaid Is No Longer Sleepless In Seattle

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It's easy to forget just how big of a star Meg Ryan was in the 1980s and 1990s. This is because she hasn't done nearly as much work in recent years. But still, Dennis Quaid should have stayed with her instead of calling it quits to date model Shanna Moakler. That's because his time with Moakler only lasted eight months. After that Quaid ended up with a real-estate agent who he married and had kids with. But that relationship didn't last long either. We don't know why things ended so quickly with these women, but we do know that they don't hold a candle to the When Harry Met Sally star.

2 David Arquette Left His Friend

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David Arquette and Courtney Cox's relationship was one that almost everybody looked-up to. And even though they have gone their separate ways, we still admire their friendship. After all, these two constantly put their drama aside for their daughter, Coco. In fact, they seem to have a lot of respect for one another even though they've created new lives for themselves. Still, we can't help but feel that David downgraded by getting ith ET correspondent Christina McLarty. She's just no Monica Gellar.

1 Ben Affleck Is A Prime Example Of A Downgraded Dad

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How could we do a list about Hollywood dads who downgraded after splitting from their baby mamas and not include Ben Affleck? After all, the Gone Girl and Justice League star is pretty much the poster-boy. Seriously, no woman could go up against his ex, Jennifer Garner. She's just too likable, beautiful, and talented to be upgraded from. None-the-less, Affleck chose to date producer Lindsay Shookus and maybe even his children's nanny. Yep, Ben, this is definitely a downgrade.

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