20 Hollywood Celebrities Who Actually Look Better Now

We see all these crazy reality TV shows like Botched where people go way too far with being plastic and end up looking like cartoon characters. There is a legitimate obsession one can have with these procedures where they keep doing it until they no longer even look human. Those are the more extreme cases. Real professional surgeons are trained to make their patient's transformation appear as natural as possible without anyone ever noticing that they even had a procedure done. Only the best of the best surgeons get to perform on celebrities and they build their entire professional reputations on the outcome of the results.

When plastic surgery is done right, it looks like a more improved version of how you envision your appearance to be. There is a fine line between fixing a little flaw here and there to straight up looking like a melted candle. Plastic surgery often has negative connotations to it and these celebrities shatter that. Real respectable plastic surgeons actually know when to tell their patients that they will not operate on them anymore. As long as you can keep your plastic surgery in moderation, then you won't have to worry about looking botched. Here are the 20 celebrities that prove that you can look even prettier after plastic surgery.

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20 Kim Kardashian: We Are Forever Reminded of Her Transformation

Radar Online

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian looks drastically different now than she did when KUWTK first premiered in 2007. Other than having a different makeup routine, she seems to have undergone some serious physical changes. While she claims that it is "just contouring" that has given her nose a smaller appearance, who is she trying to fool? As she revealed to Wonderland magazine in 2016: " People think I've had my nose done. I haven't. I used to hate this bump on my nose. Hated it. Now I love that it makes me look more ethnic." We're not too sure about this one, Kim. It looks like she had some rhinoplasty. One procedure that she was open about was her vampire facial which involves taking plasma from your blood and injecting it back into your face. No wonder her skin glows.

Daily Mirror

19 Heidi Montag: Took It Too Far


Before you go saying, "wait, Heidi Montag looks way worse after her changes!" Back it up for just one second. Yes, as of right now she has undergone way too many procedures, and we do miss the way she looked while on The Hills. If she had kept it simple, people would have admired her changes. However, she did improve on her appearance circa 2009 when all she did was get a nose job and lighten up her hair. That got upgraded and people thought that her appearance drastically improved on The Hills. That is until she went overboard and underwent 10 major procedures in one day. Plastic surgery can indeed become excessive and some people just don't know when to stop and pull the plug on it.

Life & Style

18 Ashlee Simpson: Who Is The Perfect Sister Now?

Celeb Surgery

When Ashlee Simpson first came on the scene in 2005, it seemed like she was riding off the coattails of her older sister, Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson was every high school boy's crush and Ashlee has openly admitted (and even wrote a song about) having to live in her shadow her entire life. She tried to differentiate herself by dying her hair black and going for that early '00s pop-punk look. For one hot minute, she got her time in the spotlight. After that quasi-goth phase faded out, she softened up her look by going blonde and trimming down the size of her nose. She doesn't really look like she got anything else done on her face, so the rhinoplasty might have been the only procedure she's had. The mother of two now looks cuter with that dainty nose.

Pop Sugar

17 Ashley Tisdale: Trimmed The Schnoz Down

Wet Paint

There must be something about girls named Ashley getting their noses done. Ashley Tisdale appeared on the scene for the first time in High School Musical where she was sort of the sidekick to Vanessa Hudgens' character. She has always had that girl-next-door quality going for her because she looks like everybody's best friend in high school. Her features always look a little too big for her face and seemed to clash with her soft features. After she took the nose down a size, she still had that girl-next-door thing going for her, but more like the upgraded version. However, she had a legit reason to do the procedure. She told People: "Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing."

Beauty Editor

16 Beyoncé: Her Nose Looked Wider Before

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Beyonce has always been a natural beauty who doesn't really have to try to hard to stun, but there seems to be a noticeable difference between her nose now, and the one she had in the early '00s. When she was younger, her nose seemed just a little bit wider. It wasn't really the biggest nose that you have ever seen, it just had a tad more width to it than average. Her style has definitely changed over the years, from trendy to more elegant, but no matter how many times people will come to her defense, her face just looks slightly different. Good for Queen Bey for touting the horn for independent women all over the world, but that doesn't mean that some of them will still get plastic surgery at the end of the day.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

15 Blake Lively: Yet Another Change To The Face

In Touch Weekly

The pic of Blake Lively on the left was taken during the 2004 Teen Choice Awards. Here, one distinct facial feature is a little bit bigger. It doesn't help that she was 17 and rocking the early '00s fashion of pastel colors, mermaid hair and over-tweezed eyebrows (we all looked that way). Even though she has always embraced that natural, Cali-girl look...her nose has clearly gotten smaller since the early '00s. It was around 2009, a few years after Gossip Girl first premiered that her nose went from larger than average to more an average size. When she has been questioned by interviewers whether or not she has had a rhinoplasty, the mother of two has neither answered yes or no to that question. In Hollywood terms, that is usually a yes.

In Touch Weekly

14 Gwyneth Paltrow: Managed to Reverse Her Looks

Rebel Circus

Gwenyth Paltrow has been one of those stars that has prided herself on going green and staying "all natural." She even started her own website called Goop which is a brand that pushes advice and products about wellness and all other areas of health. She has even published a few books about vegan cooking and self-help for living a cleaner, more natural life. Even for being the green goddess that she is...she still admitted to getting Botox injections. Even though she did it once, she said that she would never do it again. Whatever she is doing now is working because it is doing wonders for her skin. There are many non-invasive procedures that can be done that don't involve injections or plastic surgery procedures. We would like to assume that this is what she is doing to retain that youthful look.

In Touch Weekly

13 Megan Fox: Got Even Foxier


In the 2005 film, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Megan Fox got her big break by being Lindsay Lohan's sworn enemy but a stunning brunette beauty nonetheless. She then went on to star in Transformers where she played Shia LaBeouf's love interest. Then, she pretty much got pigeon-holed into "hot girl" roles and has made a career out of it. We can't help but notice that her nose used to be a bit bigger and her lips were a tad thinner. There is also something about her cheeks that just was not there before. The procedures that she had done made her face more striking and you could never miss her if you were walking around in a crowd. She looks like the even hotter, younger version of Angelina Jolie now.


12 Jennifer Aniston: Talk About Aging Like Fine Wine


Jennifer Aniston is well into her late 40s and barely looks any different than the day that she walked off the set of Friends. It is no wonder that she is the face of Aveeno and she is featured in various ads such as SmartWater. When asked about her great genes, she told InStyle magazine "I just take care of my skin, eat well, exercise. And I love lasers and [other noninvasive treatments like] Thermage [radio frequency] and Ultherapy [ultrasound]. I also like a good microcurrent facial." Though we don't doubt that she avoids Botox injections, you have to admit that her nose looks significantly smaller now than it did back in the early '90s. The bridge of her nose seems to be the part that changed most, but the rest of her still looks like it did when she was in her 20s.

Famous Plastic Surgery

11 Scarlett Johansson: From Awkward Teen to Bombshell

Rebel Circus

Though Scarlett Johansson has adamantly denied that she has ever had plastic surgery of any kind, the pictures seem to tell a different tale. The only thing that looks drastically different about her now compared to back when she was a child star is...yes you guessed it. Her nose. Unless contouring has manifested into something more permanent, it is hard to believe that there wasn't some work done here. Her lips have always been super plump, so it is pretty doubtful that she got any changes a la Kylie Jenner. She was an awkward teen at the start of her career and blossomed into one of the highest-paid actresses to date. So really...who cares if she got a nose job? There is no shame in admitting that you got a little rhinoplasty.


10 Lady Gaga: Became More Ladylike

Beauty Editor

Indeed, Lady Gaga was not "born this way." We can respect Lady Gaga for coming clean and telling the truth about the plastic surgery that she has had. Many celebrities would rather brush it under the rug or pretend that their faces are naturally like that when they aren't. She even ventured far enough to admit on The Howard Stern Show that she went through a phase where she was "really obsessed with getting facial injections." To be fair, her choice of outfits are so outrageous that you couldn't even notice that her face has changed throughout the years. She has allegedly had work done on her nose, but other sources claim that it doesn't stop there. Some online magazines claim that she has had less invasive procedures done to soften her features. You could even say that she looks more feminine now.

9 Selena Gomez: From Baby Face to Instagram Model Worthy

Plastic Surgery People

Selena Gomez was a baby face and looked like a typical tween girl when she first became famous. She was idolized by twelve-year-old girls everywhere. In more recent years, she has revamped her image by trying to be more of a vixen which is apparent in her style choices and song lyrics. Her plastic surgery rumors include chest implants, lip injections, and a nose job. Many critics say that at red carpet events, she looks significantly curvier on top than she did before. Her in the left and right photo, it looks like she got herself some Kylie Jenner lips and her nose looks slightly smaller. She might not want to admit it to her fans, or maybe these changes are just due to growing up and filling out?

8 Demi Moore: Doesn't Look Any Different Than in the Early '90s

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore looks like she found some magic potion that made her eternally youthful because her body and face barely look any different now than in the early '90s. Her skin does not have one wrinkle and her face looks flawless. There is no human way that this is natural. No matter how much you take care of yourself and get more noninvasive procedures, signs of aging are inevitable. That is unless you have the help of plastic surgery on your side. Demi Moore has consistently pulled off not going too overboard with the plastic surgery procedures and making them look as natural as possible, so we will give her credit for that. She is said to have had chest implants, lipo, Botox, and skin treatments such as chemical peels, throughout the years.

7 Holly Madison: Of Course. She's A Bunny After All


How can you not have had surgery after being the girlfriend of Hugh Hefner? That is just like saying that you work at an ice cream shop but you are lactose intolerant. For Holly Madison, this meant conforming to a certain standard. The first order of business, of course, was to lighten her hair to a blonde shade even though she is a natural brunette. The second was to enhance the bust. In other words, you must transform into a living human Barbie doll in order to get that man's affections. To be fair, her face doesn't really look any different. She had the typical Hollywood sort of transformation that people stereotype about. Either way, Holly Madison speaks candidly in her memoir about all the rules that she had to follow while living in the Playboy mansion.

6 Olivia Munn: Skin Like Porcelain

Beauty Editor

This one here could be debatable as to whether or not Olivia Munn actually has had any work done on her face. One thing we know for certain is that her freckles are gone and that her skin glows like luminescent porcelain. We wonder how she has minimized the appearance of her freckles. Rumor has it that there is some speculation of face fillers or other non-invasive procedures that she has done for her skin. Even if she has had any procedures, hers are relatively minor compared to everyone else's on this list. This woman is in her late '30s but she still looks like she is in her early '20s. Some people just have that magical genetics that make them look ageless no matter what actual age they really are.

5 Julia Roberts: Can You Believe She's 50?

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Julia Roberts has dodged any signs of worry lines, crows feet or bunny frowns on her face. She is shockingly 50 years old now but she looks like she is still in her '30s. Again, signs of aging are inevitable to happen no matter how good your genetics are or how well you take care of yourself. If Julia Roberts had never gotten any plastic surgery, there would simply be no way that she looks the way that she does now. She is speculated to have had cheek fillers, Botox and maybe a facelift here and there. Whatever she has done, we would love to know her secret because she is holding up pretty well for someone that is middle-aged. She even looks better than a lot of women who are half her age.

4 Tyra Banks: Looks Like a Human Barbie Doll


Though Tyra Banks has never fessed up to having any plastic surgery procedures, she isn't really against the whole idea in general. She has publicly stated that she doesn't blame people for getting plastic surgery and wanting something different. In any case, she has clearly gotten a rhinoplasty (aka nose job) sometime down the line between now and back when she was a teenager. Her nose was significantly wider and now it looks tiny. It is kinda sad to see women who have ethnic features try to get rid of what makes them different rather than embracing what they have. Ironically, that is another value that Tyra has advocated on her TV show and as a public figure. It is not likely that she has gotten any other major plastic surgery procedures other than that.

3 Victoria Beckham: Perpetually Posh

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Victoria Beckham was a more natural beauty back in her Spice Girls days. Over the years, she has turned into a fashion icon and also someone who is shameless to making herself appear her best. Even if that means having procedures to alter her appearance. She has admitted to having breast implants and has also admitted even further that she regretted ever doing it. She may or may not have had some work done to her face, although she has never admitted it. Chances are likely that she has because her face has not really aged since the '90s. If anything, she's been improving. It is a good thing that she denounced having her procedure done on her chest because her frame is so thin and frail that it just didn't look right on her.

2 Kate Winslet: Her Face Became More Refined


Kate Winslet looked like she had some more meat on her bones when she first attended her award show for Titanic back in 1998. Her face has since then gotten a little slimmer. That could very well be baby fat in the face and her face getting narrower is just a result of her getting older. Her nose, however also looks like it has been shaved down. The change was subtle but you can still see the difference if you look close enough. In fact, it looks like her entire face looks much more refined since her Titanic days. Once, she stated that she was against cosmetic surgery. Then, she commented that she was actually “curious” about some types of plastic surgery but that her husband would be very angry if she even considered it. You be the judge.

1 Nicole Richie: Got Herself Some Lovely Lady Lumps


Nicole Richie has changed drastically in appearance since she came out in 2003 as Paris Hilton's sidekick on The Simple Life. She was funny and almost always shocked us with what came out of her mouth. The show was partially so popular due to her strong personality. She was a young rich kid who knew what she wanted and never shied away from expressing herself. Soon after becoming famous, she slimmed down to an almost too-frail frame. Media outlets were all over it, posting snaps of the star, and commenting on her slim-down. Shortly after that, she stepped away from the public, started a family and was seen looking a little fuller- everywhere. More recent photos have shown her still slim but looking healthy and happy. The difference is evident in the left and right photos.

Source: Mirror UK, People, E! Online, InStyle, Beauty Editor

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