20 Highest Priced Fashion Items That North West Rocks On A Daily Basis

As the first child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, five-year-old North West was born into a life of luxury. Kardashian is a businesswoman, social media icon, and fashion star, while West is a rapper and the designer of his own clothing line. Forging relationship with high fashion labels and design houses has been the couple’s norm for years, and so it’s no surprise that daughter North has been seen on the streets, in the front rows of fashion shows, at major events, or on her mom’s social media feed rocking the latest fashions.

According to reports, North, beginning when she was just three years old, had a $5000-a-week glam squad to assist her in getting ready when her parents were too busy. Others say that her wardrobe is estimated to be worth around $1 million – not too shabby for a girl who hasn’t even entered first grade!

The lives of Hollywood's elite are indeed luxurious, but for the spawn of celebs, like North, luxury is all they have ever known. From Fendi handbags to Balmain blazers to half-carat diamond earrings, these are the highest-priced fashions we know are at North’s disposal.

20 Pink Fur Coat: 150 Dollars

The cheapest item on our list is still arguably pretty pricey when you consider the fact that it’s being worn by a toddler who’s going to outgrow it next season. This pink faux fur coat sold out at Bergdorf Goodman shortly after little North West was spotted wearing it (accessorized with a diamond floral choker and pink ballerina dress, naturally), but eagle-eyed fashion experts discovered that it cost $150. Just one of many fashion-forward jackets on this list, this ultra-girly outfit-making piece is a splurge for us regular people, but pocket change for a Kardashian.

19 Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Dress: 200 Dollars

While we might not have seen North rocking this leopard print dress by Roberto Cavalli, mom Kim Kardashian nevertheless showed it off on Instagram. Back in 2014, the proud mama shared tons of photos of designer duds gifted to the family from famous names, like Cavalli. The tiny leopard print dress on the left, complete with an adorable Peter Pan collar, cost a cool $200, according to insiders. Considering that the Kardashians have never been one to shy away from statement-making pieces, we imagine that little North definitely tried this on for size, even if we don’t have the photos to prove it.

18 Hermès Baby Booties: About 240 Dollars

via yournextshoes.com

Another designer find that was gifted to the famous family, these adorable pink baby booties and coordinating blanket from Hermès were sent as a Christmas present to the then-youngest member of the Kardashian family. While North’s pair of booties were custom-made – and thus one-of-a-kind and impossible to determine the actual retail price, similar baby booties from the brand have been marked at around $240. The blanket, on the other hand, is a whole lot pricier (although still available online), coming in at a $730. We have to wonder how many spit-up accidents there were on this.

17 Silk Jacket: 240 Dollars

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While this silk bomber jacket costs a pretty penny at $240, it didn’t actually cost any of the Kardashians anything, since was part of the collection of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s clothing line, Kids Supply! (However, it is worth noting that the jacket is the most expensive item in the collection.) Embroidered with the word “Calabasas” and map, the jacket is an homage to Kim’s childhood, as anyone who’s followed the Kardashian family knows that that is where their infamous reality show is filmed. Equal parts street, high-fashion, and ultra-trendy, we only wish this jacket came in adult sizes.

16 Charlotte Olympia Flats: 300 Dollars

While North looks chic as a toddler in her all-black ensemble, expertly coordinating a simple silhouette with an attention-grabbing faux-fur cape, it’s her kitten flats that really have us going crazy! Designed by Charlotte Olympia, these Kitty Flats were all the rage a couple years ago and have become one of the hallmarks of the designer’s luxury shoe line. While the adult size flats range in price from $330 to $825, depending on the style, the kids' size flats are anywhere from $125 to $295, depending on if it’s the slipper style or flat style. However, each pair of kids’ shoes comes with a coloring book and crayons, so there’s that!

15 Givenchy T-Shirt: 575 Dollars

Back in 2013, this Givenchy shirt was all the rage. Starlets rocked the Bambi shirt or sweatshirt on the red carpet, down runways, out to parties – as dresses, or as shirts, this was a must-have item. And Kim Kardashian got a tiny version for baby North for free. The custom T-shirt was gifted to the tot from close friend and Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci (or “Ricky”, as they call him). The adult size of the shirt was sold out everywhere for months, but a version this size might cost around $575 if you were paying retail price.

14 Oscar De La Renta Dress: 600-900 Dollars

Another designer dud sent to the famous family for free is this too cute Oscar de la Renta gown, featuring puffed sleeves and a full skirt – right in keeping with the late designer’s ultra-feminine style sensibilities. Shared with her followers on Instagram, we never actually saw North rocking this frock, but according to E! Online, it’s estimated to have cost anywhere from $600 to $900. Considering how messy small children are and the pale colors of this dress, while it was a beautiful gift, it wasn’t perhaps the most practical item to send to a toddler – even if it was designer.

13 Alexander Wang Leopard Print Bag: 750 Dollars

Her purse collection is enviable, and the child is just five years old! The cheapest bit of arm candy we have is still over $700, an Alexander Wang Marti Micro leopard print shoulder bag. One of the most recent additions to her collection, North was sent this from the designer himself in advance of her fifth birthday just last month, with a note that “every girl needs a lil' sparkle”. With all its zippers and tiny size, this might be just the purse for North to take when she’s jetting off to school or on a trip with her famous parents since it can hold and keep safe all the things a preschooler needs.

12 Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag: 955 Dollars

There was a time when carrying a handbag emblazoned with the iconic logos of Louis Vuitton was a status symbol, and it seems as if North West is bringing back that cache. In 2013, the then-three-year-old came ready to slay at New York Fashion Week when she walked up in a velvet camisole dress, a pair of Yeezy shoes, and a teeny, tiny, tot-sized Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag. Retail price? Oh, just under $1000! Clearly, the toddler knows the meaning of quality and is making us feel more than a little envious of her pint-sized (but big-priced) purse collection.

11 Alexander Wang Jacket: About 1200 Dollars

via mercurynews.com

In 2015, North West was spotted sitting front row at an Alexander Wang fashion show in New York, decked out in a custom creation from the designer himself. Another monochromatic black look that was perfectly suited to the event, it was the jacket that caused the most lust among the fashion set. While the exact price of custom creations is near impossible to find, a similar jacket retailed for about $1200, according to those at E! Online. The fur-lined bomber jacket likely had even the best-dressed adults in the audience seething with envy – and, really, who could blame them?

10 Lanvin Dresses: 1250 - 1432 Dollars

In October 2013, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were taking in the sites and fashion of Paris – and bringing back an incredible haul of designer duds for their newborn! Take for example these Lanvin dresses, sent to the family by the label’s creative director Alber Elbaz. The tiered black ruffle dress is $1250 while the pink dress with rosette detail was $1432. If you’re curious about the rest of the clothes in the image, it might help you (or hurt you, depending on your perspective) to know that the black ruffle skirt was $1185 and the baby tee a chill $395.

9 YSL Bag: 1450 Dollars

via thesun.co.uk

Yet another addition to North’s magnificent purse collection, we have this tiny studded YSL cross body bag worth $1450 the tot was spotted with back in 2014. While she couldn’t have been over a year old at the time, North was still accessorizing with the best of them, bringing a dose of rocker chic in toddler size, thanks to the bag’s studs, the striped pants, the baby Doc Martens, and embellished tee. We don’t think that there was anything in a purse that small, but when it looks this good, who cares? North is just taking “playing dress-up” to another level!

8 Givenchy Dress: Around 1500 Dollars

North West and Kim Kardashian definitely made a habit of coordinating their outfits when North was tiny, and this Givenchy look is no different. While Kim opted for a floor-length sheer black dress from the designer for Paris Fashion Week in 2014, North was dressed in a more kid-friendly short version, complete with black leggings underneath. Another custom creation that makes up much of the child’s wardrobe, the best estimate for a designer dress like this one is around $1500, perhaps a little less, since adult-size offerings from the designer can be about that expensive as well!

7 Goyard St. Louis Tote: 1500 Dollars

via metro.co.uk

While North has often been spotted carrying around tiny handbags that can fit her crayons and not much else, she calls in the help when she needs to haul a tote filled with her toys! Pictured here is North’s babysitter carrying North’s Goyard St. Louis tote bag full of her charge’s toys – which costs $1396 on its own, FYI. The additional cost comes from the customization of her name on the bag, which allows for up to six letters. While we doubt many people are confusing their gear for North’s, we can’t blame the Kardashians for splurging a little more when it already costs’s over $1000!

6 Balmain Blazer: Around 2000 Dollars

The Kardashians have long been fans and supporters of the designer label Balmain, rocking the brand’s trendy and curve-hugging mini dresses to multiple events. Now, it seems that little North has become a fan, too! This is just one of the many, many Balmain blazers in the child’s possession, gifted by the Paris fashion house designer and close Kardashian friend Olivier Rousteing. In addition to this custom-made sleek white number (estimated to be around $2000), North also has similar blazers in black, black with white trim, olive green, black with zippers, and an olive green bomber jacket!

5 Fendi Crossbody Bag: 2000 Dollars

For a girls’ day out with her mom at upscale New York restaurant Capri, North knew that accessorizing her outfit was key when you play with the big kids. Giving us very ‘90s style vibes in a spaghetti strap dress and velvet choker, a then-three-year-old North’s most expensive addition to her daytime outfit was the leather Fendi crossbody bag, which retails for $2000. Of course, while North might look every inch the fashion plate, she still showed us that she was still just a kid – a later snap showed her grinning while carrying a huge lollipop!

4 Fendi Handbag: 3450 Dollars

via yahoo.com

The second Fendi handbag to show up on North’s arm, it seems appropriate that the five-year-old should have just scored her very own Fendi campaign this month, along with mom Kim Kardashian and grandma Kris Jenner! Proving her love and appreciation for the finer things in life, in April 2017 North headed to a post-church lunch date with the family wearing a lilac velvet dress and carrying this sequined stunner, which cost a whopping $3450, according to Teen Vogue! Gorgeous and whimsical, we can totally understand why North was drawn to this spangled style.

3 Fur Jacket: 3500 Dollars

via mirror.co.uk

While Kim Kardashian has described her daughter as a girly girl who enjoys ruffles and pink, she also seems to have inherited some of her father’s urban style, as we can see here with this oversized dad cap, hoodie, and fur coat! There’s no way to tell is North’s coat is the real thing or a good-looking fake, but according to Entertainment Tonight, it has been estimated to cost $3500. However, in dad Kanye West’s song “Facts”, he raps “10 thousand dollar fur for Nori, I just copped it”, which, if true, means that this fur coat could actually be hitting five digits!

2 Vetements Gown: Around 11,000 Dollars

Another example of Kim dressing up her mini-me, we have this gorgeous liquid silver Vetements gown. While her mother's is more figure-hugging and fashion-forward, North is in a tasteful and equally as elegant loose-fitting gown.

While we don’t know the exact cost of the custom creation, like so many of North’s designer duds, we do know that the price tag of Kim’s was an astonishing $11,161. Considering the two were hitting up one of Dad Kanye’s concerts and not a red carpet event, that’s quite the price tag. Chances are that North’s frock – while not using as much material or time to create – was still close to the same price, being a one-of-a-kind design.

1 Lorraine Schwartz Diamond Stud Earrings: 50,000 Dollars

The Kardashians know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so of course North needed a little sparkle from an early age.

These large studs are the highest priced item that North has worn out in public. For the tiny babe’s ears, a half-carat size was chosen and gifted be the jeweler, who proudly called the then-one-year-old her youngest client. Judging from the look of these beautiful studs, we can just imagine that North will be a client for a while. We're excited to see what kind of fashion items North will wear in the future, and watch the little fashionista grow in front of our very eyes.

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