20 Habits To Stop Immediately After He Makes You His GF

We all have bad habits in a relationship, and we might not notice them until it’s too late. There are some habits that are not deal-breakers, but there definitely are some that can sabotage a relationship. You’re interested in a guy, so you act a certain way to get his attention. You also don’t want to do anything to upset him or make him lose interest in you. All is fun and games when you’re casually dating him, but you probably have to change some of your ways when you get into a relationship with him. He might’ve tolerated you playing hard to get when he was chasing you, but it’s time to drop that habit when he officially labels you as his girlfriend because he might find it annoying now.

Take a look at the list of 20 habits below to see if you’ve been guilty of any of these. You should keep these bad habits on your radar when you’re dating someone new because they could screw up a good thing you and your new beau have. Put the brakes on these habits immediately after he makes you his girlfriend so that you can have a happy relationship.

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20 Playing Hard-To-Get By Ignoring His Texts


Some of you probably play hard-to-get when you want a guy to like you, and that’s fine. You show him that he needs to work hard to lock you down, and some guys like the chase. You should stop playing the game once you’re officially his girlfriend though. It might’ve been cute before, but he might find it annoying if you continue to ignore his texts or calls throughout the relationship by responding really late or not at all. Try not to constantly tell him that you’re busy when he wants to do things with you just because you don’t want to come off too available. He’s your boyfriend now. It’s time to put the brakes on playing hard-to-get and instead put in some effort yourself.

19 Changing Your Style And Personality To Please Him


We get it — you want to look your prettiest so that he always finds you attractive. You try to be more outgoing than you truly are when you're at events because he is. You think he’d be more interested in you if you enjoy talking about everything he likes and doing everything he does. Remember: it’s normal to not share every hobby or interest with him. Having common ground is great, but being a bit different can be exciting, too. Basically, you should stop trying to change your style and personality solely to please him. You should put your hair down and be comfortable with who you are when you're in a relationship with him. Remove this perfect girlfriend image out of your head because nobody’s perfect, including him.

18 Asking Him How He Feels About You


Guys tend to have a hard time expressing their feelings, and that can be quite frustrating. After going on a few dates, you like him, but you're not sure if the feelings mutual. You want to know where you stand with him, so you directly ask him how he feels about you. It's okay to ask when you guys are casually dating without labels, but it’s crystal clear that he likes you when he makes you his girlfriend. Isn’t it? It's best not to constantly question his feelings for you after he makes the relationship official because that can be annoying. Also, you pressure him to tell you that he likes you whenever you need confirmation. You should let him tell you how he feels about you in his own ways.

17 Dropping Your Plans By Making Him Your Ultimate Priority


Obviously, you want to spend a lot of time with a guy you like. There’s nothing wrong with that, but making him your ultimate priority by dropping everything to be with him is a bad habit that needs to be ditched as soon as he makes you his girlfriend. Relationships are built on compromise. You shouldn’t always be willing to drop whatever you’re doing or even cancel your plans because he wants to see you (and you want to see him). It seems like you’ve got nothing to do with your own time when you make yourself too available. You should go out and have fun with your friends. Do not be at his beck and call! Spending some time apart will make spending time together more valuable.

16 Apologizing Even When You've Done Nothing Wrong


Some people never apologize because they don’t like to admit that they’re wrong, and some people say sorry too much even when they’ve done nothing wrong. Do you make a habit of constantly saying “I'm sorry” because you don’t want to upset him? You want to leave a good impression on him because you like him, so you feel bad when there’s a long wait at a restaurant that you chose. It’s not your fault that the staffs are slow or the restaurant’s busy that hour. However, it makes sense to apologize when you’re running late to meet up with him, or you need to take a raincheck. When you’re in a relationship with him, you should stop saying sorry for things you don’t need to be sorry for.

15 Snooping In His Phone Or Social Media To See What He's Doing


When you’re interested in a guy, you snoop on his social media out of curiosity. You want to know more about him and know what he’s doing but also to see if he’s flirting with anyone else. Social media makes it easier to check up on him, but you need to put that habit to a full stop the second he makes you his girlfriend. It might be hard to resist the temptation when you see him smiling at his phone. You want to go through his messages, but you shouldn’t because it’s a terrible idea! Every relationship is built on trust, and when you don't respect his privacy, it shows that you don't trust him. So, why would you want to be with a guy you feel the need to snoop?

14 Stalking His Ex's Social Media Because You're Obsessed With Her


Every girl can’t resist but take a closer look at her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s social media when she stumbles upon it. Curiosity is natural, so we don’t blame you for spending some time checking her out. Let’s be honest — most of us probably have done it at least once. It’s not a problem as long as you don’t get obsessed with your boyfriend’s ex and stalk her social media like it’s your job. Now, that’s a bad habit you must drop when you’re in a relationship with him. It could sabotage your relationship when you become too invested in his failed relationship wondering what went wrong and constantly comparing yourself to her. You should focus on your current relationship rather than on his ex. Look — he’s moved on. You’re his girl now.

13 Bringing Up Your Past Relationships


Past relationships often come up in a conversation when you’re getting to know the guy you’re seeing on a deeper level. Some of you probably have a habit of bringing up your past relationships with friends or co-workers without knowing that you’re doing it. You should get rid of that habit immediately after he makes you his girlfriend though because you’ll only upset your new beau and make him uncomfortable when you constantly talk about your exes whenever you’re with him. The relationship should be all about the two of you. He doesn’t want to hear every little detail of what happened between you and another guy. You probably wouldn’t want to hear about the things he did with his exes, either. Leave your past relationships behind.

12 Comparing Him To Your Ex Or Anyone Else


You might still think about your ex-boyfriend when it hasn’t been that long since the breakup, or if the breakup ended badly. It’s understandable, but it doesn’t mean you should bring him up every time your new guy does something that reminds you of your ex. Many people tend to compare their current partner to their former one. It’s unfair. He’s not your ex. He might’ve not taken it seriously when the relationship wasn’t official, but he definitely won’t be pleased when you consistently compare him to your ex or anyone else when he’s in a relationship with you. You wouldn’t want to be compared to some other girl, either. Throw away this bad habit immediately and give the new guy a chance. There’s a reason your ex is in the past.

11 Telling Little White Lies


White lies are common. We’ve all told them. You want the guy you like to be interested in you, so you tell a few lies here and there. Some lies are not a big deal like when he’s enthusiastic about one of his favorite shows that you’ve never heard of, and you tell him that it sounds very interesting even if you don’t. It’s totally harmless. But, you shouldn’t lie that you don’t keep in touch with your ex-boyfriend because you don’t want to upset your guy. There’s a chance that he might find out about the lie and wonder what else you might've lied about. These kinds of lies could ruin a relationship, so you should be more honest with him. Not all white lies are okay.

10 Getting Jealous When He's Doing Things With Another Person


Jealousy is toxic in a relationship. Everybody gets jealous at one point or another, but don’t let jealousy get the best of you. You might get jealous when the guy you’re seeing is being friendly with an attractive woman because it makes you feel insecure and doubt his feelings for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about that when he makes the relationship official because it means he’s committed to you. You might get jealous when he goes out with his friends because he’s not spending time with you, or you think some girl will hit on him, and he’ll be down with that. You have to stop this habit immediately after he makes you his girlfriend because that kind of jealousy can be unattractive, and it might even ruin your relationship.

9 Spending Way Too Much Time On Your Phone


We’re all guilty of it. You're on a date with a guy, and when you hear your phone buzz a couple of times, you can't help but excuse yourself to see what's up. You might not even notice that you're reaching for your phone while having a conversation with him. It's not okay! It shows that you're not interested in what he has to say, and you're more into what everyone else is doing on social media. It's a bad habit that you must drop the second he makes you his girlfriend. Spending way too much time on your phone whenever he's around can damage your relationship. He might've tolerated that before, but now that you're in a relationship, he wouldn't want to feel like the third wheel between you and your phone.

8 Being Passive-Aggressive By Not Talking About The Problem


Maybe you act passive-aggressive with a guy you like because you want to avoid any conflicts. You don’t tell him that you disagree with him because you don’t want him to lose interest in you. When he asks if everything’s okay because you seem to be giving him the cold shoulder, you tell him, “Yes,” even if that’s not true. You shouldn’t sweep the problems under the rug and act like everything’s fine. Disagreements are bound to happen in every relationship; it’s inevitable. Do not expect him to read your mind like he’s a mind reader when you make snide comments. If something’s wrong, you should be open about it with him. Withholding your feelings can sabotage your relationship, so you should drop this habit when you become his girlfriend.

7 Finding Faults With His Friends


You like a guy, but you don’t like all of his friends. We’ve all been there. There’s at least one friend you can’t stand because he’s a total jerk, or he’s just extremely annoying. Maybe you don’t like his friend because that friend's a girl, and she’s always flirting with him. It would mean a lot to your guy if you were to get along with his friends though. When you're officially included in the group as his girlfriend, it's best that you throw away the habit of constantly finding faults with his friends. When you’re in a relationship with your boyfriend, you’re in a relationship with his friends, too. You're going to see them more often than you'd like, so you have to learn to just deal with it.

6 Saying "Yes" To Everything To Make Him Happy


You want to say “yes” to everything to make your guy happy. You don’t want to disagree with his opinions because you don’t want to upset him, and you care what he thinks of you. You can be considerate of his feelings, but you should still be vocal about your opinions. That way, he can get to know you. When he asks if you want to watch a movie that starts in a few minutes, and you’re already out with your friends, you shouldn’t always let him have his way. Do not bend too much to please him. It can lead to resentment if you continue to be too nice, so you should drop that habit when he makes you his girlfriend. Being overly accommodating can ruin your relationship.

5 Expecting The Perfect Relationship Like In Rom-Com Movies


We often get caught up in our fantasy of a perfect relationship, and it’s all thanks to rom-com movies. Maybe some of you live vicariously through celebrities’ love lives, and their relationships are your relationship goals — filled with romantic gestures and getaways. You probably already have an image of the type of guy you want to date and the kind of relationship you want. Having high expectations can cause problems in a relationship. You might get disappointed when your fantasy is not fulfilled, and it’s likely that your boyfriend will know about it and even get tired of trying to meet your every need. You must lose that habit immediately if you want to continue being his girlfriend because that’s one of the reasons for an unhappy relationship.

4 Playing Mind Games To Get Back At Him Or Make Him Jealous


It's understandable that you would get upset when he doesn’t respond to your text in hours or forget to give you a call like he promised because he was too busy having fun with his friends. You want to get back at him, so you turn off your phone when you’re out with your friends so that he can't reach you. Maybe it bothers you when he's friendly with another girl, so you openly flirt with other men in front of him to make him jealous. This kind of mind games might've been okay if you weren't his girlfriend, but if you continue to play this game when you're in a relationship with him, it could end badly. Throw that habit away and talk to him about the things that bother you instead.

3 Waiting For Him To Initiate Everything


Waiting for a guy to make the first move to ask you out on a date is something that many of us do. You want him to show interest in you, and that’s fine, but you shouldn’t wait for him to initiate on literally everything like texting, calling, and making plans all the time. You need to stop this habit as soon as you become his girlfriend. Text him to see how he’s doing or ask him to the movies instead of waiting for him to contact you first. He might even be waiting for you to initiate because he’s done it so many times. When you don’t make any efforts, you’re sending him the wrong message — “I’m not into you.” Don't let him do all the work because you might lose him.

2 Over-Sharing Your Relationship With Your Friends


Let’s be honest — we love to talk about everything with our friends. You want to tell them about a guy you’re seeing, but things have to change when the relationship becomes official. There are limits when it comes to sharing your relationship with others. Not everybody needs to know the intimate details of your relationship or every argument you had with your boyfriend. He might sense that something’s wrong from the way your friends act towards him, and when he finds out that you’ve been telling them everything — the good and the bad — he probably won’t like it. The same goes for sharing on social media. Some things should be kept between the two of you. Stop this oversharing habit because it could sabotage your relationship in the blink of an eye.

1 Breaking The Promises You Made To Him


You make a promise to have dinner with him, but you back out last minute because something came up. It happens. Plans fall through. But, making and breaking promises on a regular basis is a bad habit that needs to be thrown out the window the second he makes you his girlfriend. You keep letting him down, and it makes you unreliable. You shouldn’t promise that you’ll stop talking with your ex when you still do. It’s not only breaking a promise but also his trust. If you can’t be a hundred percent sure that you can’t make it to his friend’s wedding, then you have to tell him even if it means disappointing him. It’s better than saying you’ll be there and then flaking. Be honest because broken promises could damage a relationship.

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