20 Grey's Anatomy Actors And The 1 Thing They Try To Keep Private (But Can't)

Since 2005, Grey's Anatomy has been slaying the medical-drama game. Actually scratch that, the show has been slaying the television game all together. At this point in time, the series has reached its 16th season, and we still see no sign of it coming to a halt. It has also collected numerous awards, both for it's actors and for its writing. All of that good stuff being said, it would be impossible for a show with so many cast members to not have a little behind the scenes drama. Yes, it looks as though Meredith and her surgeon pals go through ups and downs on set just like they do in their beloved hospital. Of course, nobody's lives are on the line while on set ...

Today we will be looking at 20 actors for the series and getting into the 1 thing they would probably prefer we didn't. From salaries, to firings and everything in between, this is one every Grey's fan is going to want to check out!

20 Ellen Pompeo Holds All The Power When It Comes The Show's Series Finale

While it is true that Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey has always been the leading lady of the series, it wouldn't be all that surprising if Shonda and her writers found a way o keep the show running without her. However, Shonda confessed that "The show will go on as long as Ellen wants to do it.". Looks like we're sticking with Meredith till the end!

19 Grey's Anatomy Almost Cost Patrick Dempsey His Marriage

There was a lot of speculation around why Patrick Dempsey left the show back in 2015. People were quick to point fingers, but he has stated that he was just looking to spend more time with his family. Well, right before he wrapped his final season, his wife filed for divorce. Considering they called off the divorce the year after he quit, it does definitely seem like the show was the issue ...

18 Chandra Wilson's Daughter Had A Grey's Anatomy-Like Health Scare

In an episode of Good Morning America, Chandra Wilson revealed that her teenage daughter came down with a mysterious illness. While this kind of incident is just the kind of thing we would see on Grey's Anatomy, it isn't anything we would want to see in real life. While doctors were finally able to diagnose Wilson's daughter, it wasn't until about 10 months after the symptoms started.

17 Were Justin Chambers And Camilla Luddington A Thing In Real Life?

It's not that fans wouldn't be excited to see Alex Karev and Jo Wilson get together in real life, it's just that Justin Chambers has been married for over 20 years and has 5 children with his wife. So, when rumors started to spread of the two Grey's actors having an affair, it was big news. However, Chambers has always denied the rumors.

16 Money Caused A Lot Of Issues Between Meredith And McDreamy

Not everything between Pompeo and Dempsey was how it seemed on television. Pompeo has talked about her struggles to get equal pay on the series.  She is the star of the show, so rightfully she thought she should be the highest-paid. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Pompeo said about trying to get Dempsey's support  "There were many times where I reached out about joining together to negotiate, but he was never interested in that.".

15 Kevin McKidd Released An Album Of Scottish Folk Music

Fans of the show will no doubt remember the "musical episode". While it was clear that not all of the characters were comfortable singing for the show, Kevin McKidd did seem like a natural. He actually released an album of Scottish folk music a while back, but it was all for charity, so don't get your hopes up for a musical career ...

14 Eric Dane: Painkillers & Adult Videos

While Eric Dane was portraying our beloved McSteamy, he was actually going through quite a lot of drama in his real life. In 2009, he and his wife were revealed in a leaked adult videotape. They were quick to press charges of course, but once something like that is out, it's out. Fast forward a couple years, Eric Dane found himself in a rehabilitation facility after developing a painkiller habit due to a sports injury.

13 T.R Knight Wasn't Happy About The Amount Of Screen Time George O'Malley Was Getting

T.R. Knight had one of the most memorable and emotional send-offs out of all 16 seasons of the show. Since he had been with the series since its very first episode, many were surprised to see him cut. However, in the years since he left, he has confessed that he wasn't thrilled about the direction his character was going and the amount of screentime he was getting.

12 James Pickens Jr. Is A Rodeo Star

Not everyone is the biggest fan of rodeos. Animal activists have been after certain rodeo sporting events for years. However, James Pickens Jr. is not one of these activists. In fact, he is a champion "roper". When he's not playing Richard Webber, Pickens travels the country to compete in roping events.

11 Katherine Heigl Bit The Hand That Fed Her

Who could ever forget this bit of gossip? Katherine Heigl is now well known for her bad attitude, but back when she was Izzie Stevens, this was all news. After winning an Emmy for her performance on the show back in 2007, Heigle refused to put her name in for the following year's award show. She stated that she didn't feel like she was given Emmy-worth material that year. Ouch!

10 Isaiah Washington Offended More Than Just His Co-Stars

Isaiah Washington really only has himself to blame for his character getting cut from the series. He was a huge part of the show at the beginning, so it's safe to say he could have stuck around for a while had he not slung homophobic slurs at his co-star. After the incident transpired on set, Isaiah doubled down by using the word again while at the Golden Globes.

9 The Three Toughest Scenes For Sandra Oh ...

After Sandra Oh left the series, fans were devastated. However, it was obvious during an interview she did with The Hollywood Reporter that it was just as hard for her to leave as it was for us to watch her go. In the interview, she confessed which three scenes had been the hardest, 1: When Cristina talked to Owen about Burke. 2: Burke's return to the show, and finally, 3: Her final scene with Meredith.

8 Did Jesse Williams Betray The Woman Who Supported Him?

Up until Jesse Williams landed his role on Grey's Anatomy, he was pretty much a struggling actor. During that time, his wife was the main earner for their family. While many rumors have spread as to why the couple has split after 13 years of marriage, it's hard to ignore the fact that it all seemed to go downhill after he finally found fame ...

7 Caterina Scorsone Used To Binge-Watch Grey's Anatomy Before She Was On It

Back before Caterina Scorsone was Amelia Shepherd, she was just as obsessed with the series as we were. In an interview with Sharp Magazine, Scorsone confessed that while she was a student, watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy was her favorite way to relax. The series even made her consider going into the medical field, until she realized she really just wanted to part of the show!

6 Camilla Luddington Would Make A Terrible Housewife

Camilla Luddington has admitted that she wouldn't be a great housewife, since she isn't the tidiest person. She had confessed that she does not think twice about cooking up a bite to eat and leaving the dishes and remainder of the meal anywhere and everywhere. To be fair, we all know a person or two like that, right?

5 Sara Ramirez Suffered From Depression While Filming Grey's Anatomy

In an interview with Latina Magazine, Sara Ramirez confessed that she once suffered from a deep depression back in her Grey's Anatomy days. She said that her body issues were to blame, but also the loss of a close personal friend took its toll. We feel for you Sara!

4 Kate Walsh Needed A Real Life Addison Montgomery To Save Her Life

Back in 2015, Kate Walsh had a very real Grey's Anatomy moment. The famous actress was diagnosed with a brain tumor. During an episode of ACB Radio's "No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis" Walsh confessed that she had found her real life Addison Montgomery. She praised her doctor and thankfully, she seems to be doing just fine.

3 Chyler Leigh Has A Rather Large Lower-Back Tattoo

As hard as it may be to imagine, our little Lexie Grey actually has a huge lower-back tattoo. While this kind of tattoo isn't really uncommon, thinking that the sweet and innocent Lexie would have one is a bit commercial. The actress has a galaxy-like piece on her back, and has shown it off on of red-carpets before.

2 Jessica Capshaw Was Fired Due To Downsizing

When fans found out Arizona Robbins would be leaving the series, it wasn't long before the rumor started. However, the show's writers have said the decision was simply made because they felt as though her storyline (along with a few others) had run its course. It's not the most dramatic firing ever, but we gotta think it still stung a bit.

1 Sarah Drew's Firing Was As Big A Surprise To Her As It Was To Us

Sarah Drew had been with the series since season 6, so her character was certainly a main one by the time she was written off. While we later found out she was written off for downsizing reasons, the actress has confessed that she wasn't given any warning. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for her comeback!

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