20 Guys & Girls Ariana Grande Has Not Ditched

Right now, there is no star that is bigger than Ariana Grande. With hit after hit that girls are singing in their cars with their besties, and GIFs of her songs circulating, she is running the music world. First, she surprised us with "Sweetener," making a huge splash with "No Tears Left to Cry," "God Is a Woman," and "Breathin' " and we thought that was all, but no, Grande had a whole sleeve full of surprises waiting to come out and shake up the world even more.

Suddenly, Grande started posting photos of the classic flicks we all love and know by heart, like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and Bring It On, and we had no clue what was going on. Was she going to remake these films or...? No, Grande threw us all the way back with her "Thank U, Next," video.

After she split with the man she was supposed to marry, Pete Davidson, and the passing of her former lover, Mac Miller, we all would've thought the star would have slowed down and taken a break, but instead, she did the complete opposite and is running the show.

Music feeds the soul, but what else helped her get through such tumultuous times? Her besties, some of whom have been around since she was a child, and others who just recently entered her life. And to thank them and show them off, she made her hits "7 Rings" and "Thank U, Next" all about them.

Ever wondered who these besties are that we always see her posing with? Read on.

20 Colleen Ballinger Has Been There Since The Early Days

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If you're a fan of the greatest music video EVER, "Thank U, Next," which is a mish-mash of cult classic chick flicks, you may have noticed a pregnant cheerleader.

The lady with the gorgeous baby bump, Colleen Ballinger, is one of Grande's closest girlies. The "God Is a Woman" singer who has the world in the palm of her hand right now has not forgotten her gal pals despite her fame, including the then-pregnant Ballinger. You may recognize her face but know her as Miranda Sings, which is her YouTube alter ego, or from the Netflix original Haters Back Off.

What you might not know is that Ballinger and the pop star go way back. Ballinger is the sister Ariana never had. Do you know mama Joan? She is a second mom to Ballinger.

19 The Dynasty Star That Has Been By Grande's Side

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What do you know about besties for life?

One bestie friendship that is so sweet is the one between the pop sensation and her longtime friend, who is a major girl boss in the drama series Dynasty, Elizabeth Gillies.

Yes, with her foxy red-orange hair, Gillies is Lindsay Lohan's doppelgänger, which is probably why many of you were fooled and thought it was the actual LL in Grande's "Thank U, Next" Mean Girls skit. Gillies really brought mean girl Cady Heron to life.

However, these two have gone through thick and thin together, as they have been close-knit friends since their time together on the Nickelodeon series Victorious. They've known each other since the mere age of 13 and we cannot get enough of their adorable #friendshipgoals.

18 Matt Bennett Came From The Victorious Days

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When the "7 Rings" singer who admitted to spoiling her girl friends rose to major pop stardom, she became known as a diva with enemies. However, her friendship history proves otherwise. All dedicated Arianators know who Matt Bennett is. Seriously how are they not an item?

Bennett has been around since Grande's bright red hair days, as they starred in Victorious together. See, Grande did keep her friends from the past in her life. We see Bennett just about everywhere with Grande, even in Disneyland together ― we're gushing. Bennett also appeared in a segment of the "Thank U, Next" video, but we know she won't be telling him that anytime soon.

17 Before The Fame There Was Alexa Luria

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Alexa Luria is like a celebrity just because she is Grande's ultimate and main bestie. Luria is the woman Grande ran to after her split with Davidson to soothe the pain ― how jealous are you of their friendship? These two put so many girl-ships to shame, as the pair have been friends since they were 10 years old. Luria was there before Grande hit the big time and became a Hollywood A-lister, so we know she is not there by Grande's side just for the fame.

The two met in elementary school, and they revisited school time in Grande's "Thank U, Next" nostalgic video.

16 Aaron Simon Gross And Grande Go Way Back

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The Florida native certainly did not forget those she grew up with, which explains why she is still best friends with Aaron Simon Gross. He may not have got one of the seven Tiffany & Co. rings, but Grande certainly values his friendship more than anything.

Having been raised together in sunny Boca Raton, Florida, the two followed a similar path in life; Gross also made his way into the entertainment industry.

The two were by each other's side in 13: The Musical on Broadway in 2008, before Grande was the pop princess she is now. The childhood best friends have remained close, which has been made obvious on Grande's IG stories.

15 Her Brother That We All Love, Frankie Grande

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Any Arianator is undoubtedly also in love with Ariana's half-brother Frankie Grande, with his loud personality. Grande may be 10 years younger than Frankie, but the two rely on each other endlessly; they are tied at the hip. We admire how Frankie is the songstress’s number one supporter; he always raves and gushes over her and we find it so A-dorable. Frankie is the type of guy that we'd all want as a boyfriend because he is so on top of his game.

Despite his busy life as an actor and TV personality, his number one priority, that he makes obvious on social media, is his beautiful sister ― is he looking for another sibling?

14 Grande's Plus One: Doug Middlebrook

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Since her split with Davidson, Grande has displayed her love for all her friends. If you were stalking her IG around that time you may have noticed her many posts with her friends having a ball of a time. If we were Grande's bestie, we would probably stay by her side as well. Arianators know very well Doug Middlebrook has been by Grande's side personally and professionally.

If you want to know more about the man that makes appearances all over Grande's page, just go check out his page. You will not be disappointed; Grande chooses her besties wisely.

13 Courtney Chipolone Is That Bestie We All Want

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Who is running the world right now? Ms. Ariana Grande. Who is another one of Grande's longtime "7 Rings" bestie? Courtney Chipolone. However, we know you already knew that because of her many appearances in Grande's life, like the girl power "Thank U, Next" music video.

We know for a fact that Chipolone has been pals with Grande since way back when; they hailed from Boca Raton together. However, though we are not sure if they are actually related, Grande refers to the dark-haired gorgeous Chipolone as her cousin on her social media. Grande certainly has infinite love for her since she has a tattoo of Courtney's name on her knee ― she kind of loves her a lot.

12 Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk Is More Than A Work Buddy

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In the world of Hollywood, people like Grande always need ride or die friends surrounding them, and Kaydence is one of the ladies she has on speed-dial. Actually, if ever you want to envy Grande's clique, Kaydence is one you'd be jealous of as she is one of the seven rings holders. Grande says in her song "I don't mean to brag," but with friends like Kaydence, who have stuck by her, we don't blame her.

Kaydence happens to be the genius, with Grande, behind the "Sweetener" album, and since then has not let go of her. The two hit it off and we cannot wait to see their friendship continue to grow.

11 Kiyan Ghahreman Is Grande's Go-To

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Every woman in this world needs a right-hand friend, especially when you have reached superstardom like Grande has, right?

In the case of Grande, the one who accompanies her all over, whether it be to a night out or some backstage shenanigans, is this low-key fellow, Kiyan Ghahreman. Grande cannot stop gushing over him and neither can we.

We love how her closest pals are not people vying for attention; Ghahreman has 45 IG followers, mainly because of his friendship with Grande. However, he remains quite the mysterious one, as he does not disclose much of his private life. The duo is extremely close though, as we always see him gallivanting with her.

10 We Adore Seeing The Darling Victoria Monét And Ari Perform Together

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Who else is glued to Ariana Grande's side? The talented Victoria Monét. Grande has a tight squad, and wherever she goes, Victoria follows, even on tour. Monét is a talented musician, one who helped Grande make "Thank U, Next" the hit that it is since she co-wrote it.

Monét is basically the lemon that is needed in the lemonade. Grande is so grateful for her friend that she includes her in just about everything; the two must be tied together at the hip. Friends since 2013, when they started working together, the duo are irreplaceable and we love the amount of girl power they bring to the table. They're always encouraging each other and putting each other on pedestals.

9 Miley Cyrus Has Always Been By The Side Of The "Thank U, Next" Singer

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It has been a while since we've seen Miley Cyrus, the now Mrs. Hemsworth, but you may recall seeing her recently onstage, supporting Grande after the Manchester tragedy.

When Miley Cyrus joined Ariana Grande for an emotional duet, the entire world was moved, but we also got to see the reality of their friendship. It's one that is strong and all about support. Their friendship is magical, and sparks ignited between the two talented singers after their "One Love Manchester" performance.

According to ET Canada, Miley Cyrus wants a fonder and deeper friendship with the songstress who has had years full of ups and downs.

8 Daniella Monet Is Still Rooting For The "Sweetener" Star

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We cannot help but gush over the fact that Grande has kept a tight friendship with her Victorious co-stars; it shows us how down-to-earth the "God Is a Woman" singer truly is.

If you never caught a glimpse of Grande's acting stunt with the full-of-life Daniella Monet in Victorious, then you certainly have seen the two on screen together in "Thank U, Next." It was like a reunion as Grande made sure she included all her Victorious buddies like Monet, Gillies and Bennett.

It warms our hearts to see that Grande keeps her old friends as close to her as her new friends. Monet and Grande have always gotten along extremely well and share constant love for each other on social media.

7 Tommy Brown Certainly Hasn't Let Grande's Career Down

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Producer Tommy Brown, who is also known as TB Hits, is one of Grande's longtime friends, and a work partner that she has complete admiration for. Arianators and the world stopped the other week when Grande posted a photo of the two alone looking all cute and cozy, but the two are nothing but support systems for one another. The two are enamored by one another because of their dedication to work and life, but they're nothing but great buddies.

As a matter of fact, Brown, who produced all the chart-topping Grande hits we love, is the ex-boyfriend of Grande's BFF Victoria Monét.

6 Brother Scott Nicholson And His Twin Brian Nicholson

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A performer ends up spending the biggest part of their days in the studio and on the stage, evidently being surrounded by those who are a part of the process, like producers and dancers.

You may have found a new love for Grande after going through these facts, as you recognize how humble she is, and how important her friends are to her. Arianators are familiar with the twins Brian and Scott Nicholson, who basically have their own spot on Grande's IG page. You might not be able to tell them apart yet, especially when the two are showing off dance moves next to Grande onstage, but they'll be around forever, so do not fret. The two men have been by her side for seven years now, and Grande, who loves them deeply, got ink back in 2015 of a small moon that Brian also got.

5 Zach Sang Interviews Her, But They're Friends

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Grande has a bunch of male friends, and Zach Sang is one who has been lingering around for quite some time. Grande knows she has made it this far because of her support system and Sang makes up part of that group.

Though he may not be on the road with her like a few of her other pals because he is a radio host, the two, according to Fandom, make a point of texting each other regularly. Their interviews together are undeniably the most intriguing as Grande is a lot more comfortable to open up and be herself.

The two even hosted a slumber party for "Sweetener" that was thrown for 18 lucky fans, so they certainly have each other's back.

4 Hannah Lux Davis Makes The Magic Come Alive With Grande

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As we mentioned, performers often become extremely close to those they create magic with, and another girl friend that Grande cannot do without is Hannah Lux Davis. Grande is so grateful for Davis and she is not shy to admit that she did not reach stardom on her own.

The similarities between the two are undeniable; we sometimes quickly mistake Davis for Grande when we scroll through our feed because of their identical look and style.

If ever you wondered who the mastermind is behind the epic and nostalgic "Thank U, Next" video and the creative "7 Rings" video, it is the one and only Hannah Lux Davis who is a music video director. Just to assure you all how close the two are, Grande gifted Davis with one of the Tiffany & Co. rings.

3 Did You Catch Troye Sivan And Ariana Grande?

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While Grande is roaming through life singing "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," Troye Sivan is bowing down and praising her. The two musicians have not known each other since they were crawling, but from the day they met, it was love at first voice.

Troye Sivan is a singer, songwriter, actor, and a man who Grande splashes all over her page. The two make a foxy duo with a whole lot of personality. While Grande was featured on Sivan's song "Dance To This," Sivan was featured in Grande's "Thank U, Next" video. Since the two met in 2016, they have been inseparable; their firm friendship was confirmed when she decided to put him in her video.

2 Ariana Grande Stole The Biebs's Bestie, Alfredo Flores

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You may not know it, but if you follow Grande's page and you love her photos and scratch your head over how she gets such awesome looking photos, then you already have a thing for Grande's pal Alfredo Flores.

He is the man responsible for creating a page that is so aesthetically pleasing; seriously, can we borrow him for a day?

It is hard to say no to a face as captivating as Grande's, which is probably why Flores bounced on the offer to work with Grande and give Bieber time a break. A man with impeccable videography and photography skills, he has been the camera guy for the songstress since "Honeymoon," and Grande trusts her pal so much that she hired him to create the visually appealing "Thank U, Next" album cover.

1 Tayla Parx Is Like Grande's Other Half

"You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it," is probably a line that Grande wrote for one of her six besties, Tayla Parx, a singer and songwriter who is so intriguing to watch as she regularly changes her appearance like a chameleon. Grande surely loves this girl who is all about lashes and hair.

Parx has worked with many Hollywood heavyweights, but her most notable work has been with Grande, especially since we've seen her face a lot lately with her bestie. Yes, Parx, who is one of Grande's longtime collaborators, is also one of the pop star's best friends as Grande only called in her closest best friends to work on her project that is now the"7 Rings" masterpiece.

Sources: Ariana Grande Fandom, ET Canada

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