20 Foundations That Cause Patchiness And Discoloration (According To Sephora Reviews)

When your foundation oxidizes and turns you into an Oompa Loompa or a sad pumpkin, no one is happy. Not only will a cakey product that causes discoloration or patchiness ruin your day, but it will leave you feeling frustrated - why is it so hard to find a foundation that works? Sephora workers do their best to help you find the perfect concealer to work for your skin type, but whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, you are bound to buy some foundations that end up being a serious flop.

Well, thank goodness for reviews, right? While sometimes they can be more confusing than they are useful, reviews from loyal Sephora customers have helped us compile a list of foundations with confirmed tendencies to cause creasing and shininess. If you are searching for a new purchase to add to your morning makeup routine, you might want to avoid these twenty products. The price point often reflects the quality of the product, but it might startle you to discover which expensive brands have left their customers seeing red - or should I say orange? Here are 20 foundations that cause patchiness and discoloration according to Sephora reviews. Now you'll know which products to avoid at all costs unless you want to cry along with your mirror.

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20 The Patchiness Caused By The Cover FX Cover Click Concealer + Foundation Is Not Its Only Problem


"It creased immediately and even after I re-blended and applied powder it didn't stay put. For me, I loved it as a concealer for acne scars, however, it was a total miss on the under eye area. Not likely to purchase the full size." - Sephora customer fjsk

It's always disappointing when a concealer you had high hopes for misses the mark. Along with mixed reviews for the patchiness and creases this Cover FX product causes, a handful of reviewers have complained that the packaging falls apart after a couple uses. It sounds like it is best to avoid this foundation unless you want to be frustrated.

19 The Sephora Collection Bright Future Skin Tint Might Make You Shine A Little Too Much If You Have Oily Skin


"This product is a bit too orange for my liking. I bought the lightest shade to suit my skin tone but still found it super orange. Runny consistency and very light coverage. I have to set it with powder after as it's really oily and my skin feels wet after. Okay to use, just not for me!" - Sephora customer HHug14

No one wants to walk out of their house in the morning looking like a carrot. The orange discoloration may have to do with this users skin undertones, but it gives us reason enough to be hesitant when spending money on this product.

18 Discoloration Sets In Fast With The Sephora Collection Make No Mistake Foundation


"It looks great for the first hour or 2 but after that, it becomes cracked and spotty all over my face. By the end of a 5 hour time period, I have almost no foundation on. I set it with setting powder and spray every time and nothing fixes it." - Sephora customer Xxemmax

For a product with a name that implies no mistakes will be made, it sounds like it has a couple flaws. Foundation is meant to last longer than five hours, and certainly longer than two. If setting powder and spray doesn't fix the problem, this product isn't looking too hot.

17 Sephora's 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation Might Not Be Perfect For Everyone


"This stuff was a disaster. I have very oily skin and am always on the lookout for a long-wearing foundation. I used this with a matte primer and used oil blotting papers multiple times and my face was just a hot mess. The oil completely pushed through the foundation, the foundation moved around, looked separated. I found the coverage lacking as well. It looked great for an hour or two, but by lunch, I was wishing I had brought my regular makeup to fix it! I was mortified." - Sephora customer annetossy

Makeup should never make you feel mortified... yikes! This is the exact opposite way make up should make you feel!

16 The 8HR Mattifying Compact Won't Be Your Best Bet For A Good Matte Finish


"The Sephora worker talked me into this saying it would minimize pores and stay on all day. So far I have seen it goes on smooth and stays looking like that for all of 15 minutes. Also, it makes my face feel so dry like I am wearing chalk powder." - Sephora customer beckers84

Not every foundation is going to work for everyone - it can depend entirely on if you have dry, oily, or combination skin. However, if it isn't clear who the product is made for, unhappy customers are bound to happy. If it feels like she's wearing chalk powder, that sounds like a patchy mess!

15 The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Could Turn You Orange


"Wanted something that I could add after my regular moisturizer before my face dries. Found this to have less coverage than I like and shade suggested by Sephora staff was a bit orange." - Sephora customer Kekedee

Considering the Sephora staff is there to assist you in finding the right color, it's frustrating when they fail and giving you what you need. YOU HAD ONE JOB. Before you purchase this product, keep it in your mind that its turned other people orange; true makeup gurus try to stay away from products with shady reviews that suggest discoloration might be a possibility.

14 Clinique's Product Has A Cute Name But The Reviews Are Not Raving


"I found the foundation basically unusable. I have pretty tame smooth skin, but where I did have a few dry patches, the formula clung to them right away. For some reason, it also made the pores around my nose a ton more noticeable. I tried it with a multitude of primers, and even with no primer, just hoping to find a redeeming quality in it somewhere. But in the end, the application was always ungraceful and patchy." - Sephora customer lindsaydonc

Many reviewers have said this product is amazing for travel because it won't count against your liquid carry on limits, but it doesn't sound like this is meant to be your new go-to foundation...

13 Stick Foundations Aren't Always The Best, But Could The One From Anastasia Beverly Hills Be The Worst?


"I have oily skin so I didn't think the dryness would be a problem but it made my skin feel like a desert. It looked absolutely awful because it's so hard to blend since it's so dry. When I first tried it I tried using a beauty blender and it didn't work at all and then I used a brush and it was hard to even move the product around my face. Because it's so dry and hard to move it looks patchy and gross I really do not recommend this at all." - Sephora customer Heatherg415

If a foundation makes your forehead look like a desert, that is not a cute look... send it back ASAP!

12 This Tinted Blur Stick Has Been Said To Be Patchy


"Makes dry patches stand out horribly. Very little product for $30. Can easily come detached and fall out of the tube. The same effect can come from any pore filling primer." - Sephora customer camzhao

Stick foundations are notorious for falling apart fast, so are we really that shocked? Maybe because it costs $30 it should be a little more durable. Many other reviewers also complained about the lack of product for the cost. Throw in a little patchiness to top it off, and this sounds like a foundation you want to avoid at all costs unless you are into wasting your money.

11 Clinique's Superbalanced Silk Makeup Sounds Pretty, But...


"I changed to this foundation after hearing reviews that it gives you a natural finish look, but when I first used it, it looked patchy a little and didn't sit right on me. After a while of wearing it, my face began to break out and itch. I use Clinique 2-in-1 before and I regret changing my foundation." - Sephora customer CarrieGabriel

Nope, nope, NOPE. A foundation that makes you itch instead of giving an airbrushed, glamorous look is a crime. While Clinique is generally a solid brand we can all trust, every brand has their cheap products we all need to learn to avoid.

10 This Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation Looks Good On This Pretty Lady, But The Reviewers Say Otherwise


"Very disappointed by the coverage here. Just a tiny tint to your skin. At least it doesn't cause breakouts." - Sephora customer NCBeautyQueen

Poor coverage is bound to lead to patchiness and discoloration. On a high note, it sounds like this would be a nice setting product if it is so sheer... and as this reviewer pointed out, no breakouts! However, when you buy a product from Sephora, you don't want to have to rationalize your purchase by looking on the bright side of things... if the product is really that bad that its highlight is not causing acne, you should probably return it.

9 'Not For Me' Has Been Used To Describe The Baremineral Pure Brightening Serum Foundation


"I have combination skin and its dry more in winter I used moisturizer before applying it left my skin looking yellow, dry, and flaky. It's not worth the asking price." - Sephora customer dellamc

Nobody wants their foundation turning them orange, but yellow? I can't tell which is worse. For $37.00, this product hardly sounds like it's worth the cash, which is exactly what this reviewer is thinking. It's lovely that this product offers light SPF protection, but it isn't worth it when you're going to end up scrubbing the foundation off your face anyway, because no one wants to look yellow.

8 The POREfessional: Pore Minimizing Makeup Might Make Your Pores Look Even More Apparent


"This did absolutely nothing. Zero coverage, streaky, and if anything it made my pores look worse. Super disappointed." - Sephora customer dea0526

This product has a plethora of problems. Not only is it cheesy and ironic that it is called the 'porefessional' yet it enlarges pores, there is nothing inclusive about this product at all. It comes in one pale shade that will allegedly turn fair skinned people orange and is unusable for anyone with a darker skin pigment. It sounds like buying this shady product will offer you nothing but disappointment and frustration, so you might not want to waste your money on it.

7 Is The Stellar Limitless Foundation The Holy Grail Or A Discoloration Disaster?


"Fairly sticky finish. Didn't get color matched so I think this is a little too dark for me. It does darken on the skin as you wear it. A little too sticky for my tastes so pairing it with a finishing powder might be good. Unsure whether I want to return or not." - Sephora customer kimn1985

While this reviewer is unsure if she wants to return it or not, Sephora is confused if this is the holy grail of foundations or a sticky mess. Not only does it reportedly oxidize fairly quickly, but many people don't love the heavy feel of a sticky foundation.

6 Say Hello To Orange With The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream


"If you are looking for a product that neutralizes redness, this is totally it. But if you have pale skin (like myself) don't even try. It is very orange and very warm. It looks about 3 shades too dark for myself. IT has such a poor shade range and this totally exploits that flaw." - Sephora customer bambinakar

Replacing red with orange defeats the purpose of this product. Not only is it too orange for this reviewer, but it only comes in three shades, all of which are reportedly too orange and with very little variation between skin pigments. No diversity and too much discoloration.

5 This Is An Unusually Disappointing Review For The Typically Reliable Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

"I used this foundation religiously for years! Every since they recently changed the formula, it's terrible. Went from my favorite to least favorite formula really. So cakey and blotchy now and doesn't even last three hours on my face without looking terrible. And trust me I use good primers and setting powders. Even tried using nothing but Kat Von D products for my face and still, the end result was terrible. Why mess with perfection yet again and ruin such a good product?" - Sephora customer leanna8

Yikes! Is Kat Von D becoming less reliable? Tsk tsk...

4 A Foundation That Oxidizes Too Fast Is Not What You Want, So Avoid The Cover FX Matte Setting Powder


"This product kept me relatively shine free for several hours, but around the 4-hour mark, I looked in the mirror, and my makeup had oxidized horribly! I am fair skinned and a little oily, but somehow turned into a shiny Oompa Loompa within hours. I have never had a product turn me orange like this before, which was especially concerning given that I purchased the lightest shade." - Sephora customer JenniferHallie

We have all experienced an accidental Oompa Loompa disaster, and we all want to avoid them in the future. Unless you want to look like a pumpkin, it's best to say no to this product!

3 It Cosmetics 'Your Skin But Better' Is A Little Bit Questionable

"Cake face. I used one pump and a foundation brush -- I then pressed the product in with a damp beauty blender I did not powder -- it looked OK on initial application but when I checked my make-up a few hours later at work my face looked so cakey and it made me look old and creepy." - Sephora customer Nicken

So it has a caked-on finish and leads to discoloration, but do we want to talk about the name? Sure, it is trying to imply it has a natural finish, but it is also subtly implying your skin isn't good enough the way it is, so you need to buy something to fix it. Um, no thanks.

2 The Urban Decay Ultra Definition Powder Foundation Is 'Fun To Apply' But Will Turn You Orange


"You know, I initially loved this foundation. It's smooth, fun to apply, super soft, and there's somewhat of a decent variety of shades. And the casing is adorable. However, I started to notice how much it rubs off during the day and causes some orangey-ness depending. So, back to the foundation drawing board." - Sephora customer BeeLeigh10

On your journey to the perfect foundation, you might want to stop and try this one since it is allegedly so fun to apply. However, if it does turn you orange, you might be left wishing you never spent your money on it. Why is finding the perfect foundation so hard?

1 The Reviews Are In: Don't Buy The Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick


"I got a sample of this, thankfully, from a department store. The makeup sinks into the pores, creases under the eyes and does not settle on the skin. My face felt sticky all day and I couldn't wait to get it off. I doubt the cushion stick would redeem the actual make of the foundation itself." - Sephora customer Elfranev

Stick foundations are a convenient invention, but their durability is infamously horrendous, and it doesn't sound like this one is an exception. Not only that, but this customer entitled her review 'the worst', which doesn't bode well for anyone considering this product. Patchiness is a serious crime when it comes to foundations, so this is another product to add to the 'avoid' list.

References: Sephora

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