20 Feminine Baby Names You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what your name would be if it wasn’t your name? Or are you currently looking for a name for a pet, child or new houseplant? Look no further. If you love feminine names but don’t want to name your future cutie pie “Anna” or “Grace”, do we ever have the list for you. These names have been chosen with tender, loving care in order to highlight the divine femininity that names can hold. They’re powerful, super sweet, and in most cases totally unheard of nowadays. Whether that’s because they’ve fallen out of fashion or because nobody’s ever heard of them before is up in the air. What’s important is that you go through and see which name would be best for your future baby (or succulent). How did we decide? We consulted the zodiacs, of course! It’s the most reliable way to figure out a name. Go ahead and see how we did!


20 Taryn & Gemini, Aries

Maybe you’ve heard this name pop up in your life before. While it’s often regarded as a new name, it’s actually quite old. It’s a traditional feminine name that has roots in several different places, as well as several meanings. One of our favorites is the English/Welsh meaning. When defined through the English/Welsh background Taryn means a ‘high, rocky cliff’. Taryn is also said to mean ‘Thunder’, which is the perfect explosive power to propel the owner of this name to the top! Taryn is a beautiful name that any person should be proud of having in their life. Because of the strength and power in this name we’ve decided that the best zodiac signs to name Taryn would be Gemini and/or Aries. Taryn is light and quirky enough that it will fit all of Gemini’s fun impulses, and strong and powerful enough that it can handle all of an Aries’ power. But watch out: Name your kid Taryn and you're in for a handful!

19 Dorian & Aquarius, Cancer


Originally a man’s name, we’re seeing a resurgence in people’s decision to name women with traditionally male names. The results are awesome and totally speak to the power of the feminine. Powerful, unique, and much more classic than some of the newer names out there. Dorian is one of those names. Of Greek origin, the name is pulled from two potential places. First, the Greek hero Doros. Strong, powerful, and absolutely in charge. The other place is from the Greek ‘Dorios’, which is said to mean ‘child of the sea’. If you expect your kid to like to go swimming, which we know Aquarius folks do, then they're probably a good match for this name. Cancer would also suit the child of this sign, as Cancers are the perfect blend between go-with-the-flow and don’t-mess-with-me! Dorian can also be an allusion to The Picture of Dorian Gray, but we won’t mention that… Even though we know everyone's looking for the secret to looking young forever.

18 Adelaide & Pisces, Virgo

A regal name fit for a total queen! You might love the color purple, or you might love french cooking, or maybe you just love the idea of your princess eventually being in power. Regardless, we’ve got your back. Your best bet for a name for your little one is something in the realm of French royalty. And luckily for you, we’ve got just what you need. The name Adelaide is French, and means ‘nobility’. For someone who’s got all the divine presence of themselves to give to the world, this nobility is a very important aspect. It’s also beautiful and feminine enough to make even the daintiest princess feel at home. Who gets to be graced with the honor of this name? The romantic Pisces might be a good fit, but we’d also focus on the strong (and never wrong) Virgo. Intelligence, grace, and presence all follow a Virgo woman wherever she goes. If you’re thinking of a name to match, try Adelaide!

17 Azalea & Sagittarius. Aquarius


Following on the A-train, check out this beautiful name from the best bush in the garden. Azalea invokes images of bursting flowers, blues and purples and pinks and whites all glowing alongside the green grass and tall trees. It’s perfect for a nature lover or someone who appreciates a little travel every now and then. Hiking? Not a problem for Azalea. To look at its origin, Hebrew is one of the main places it can be found. Can you guess what it means? That’s right: Flower. They really hit the nail on the head with this one. Who gets the honor of being picked for this flower-power name? None other than our two hippy-child zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius! Sagittarius is a quick-thinking freedom queen, while Aquarius is a little more into the beauty that blossoms in the world. Both, however, are great fits for having children with this name.

16 Imogen & Libra

This unique name is usually the one that’ll cause the most fights at the family dinner table. Some people love it, some people hate it. The name has a few different iterations, including Logen, Moren, and Morgen, but all of them mean the same: Innocence. While you might not have heard this name before, any Shakespeare buff knows that it’s the name for the heartbreaking heroine in the play "Cymbeline." The young girl loses her lover, and doesn’t know what to do. Truly innocence at its best. Who’s the one who gets to have this beautiful name? Libra. We’ve given Libra this name for their baby because innocence requires balance. Being able to recognize what’s happening, without necessarily falling into one side or the other. Not to mention how it’s such a light and flowy name. Any child born with a Libra sign as their parent will match it well.

15 Florence & Leo, Gemini


Any Florence and the Machine fans out there? We love that magical mistress of sound, which is why we’ve just had to add her name to the list. Her dramatic drum beats and haunting vocals make us think that there’s gotta be some deep and intricate meaning behind the name. Having looked it up, we’ve since discovered that that’s not exactly it. Flowering is the main definition we’ve found, which is powerful in its own right. Just not bang the drums powerful. However, it’s still a good fit for one of our strongest signs on this list, Leo! Leo is a lover of attention, and with a child they choose to name Florence they're for sure going to get some heads turning when they grow up. Because of the disparity of images associated with Florence (a powerful sound mistress vs. some cute flowers) we’ve also chosen Gemini. Gemini’s changeable personality (making it hard to find the right name for this parent) is definitely a match for this dual-image name. You can't go wrong with this beautiful name!

14 Celeste & Anyone

This name is a gorgeous, glowing name. While some people are adamant that it’s a boy’s name, we beg to differ. In France, where this name finds its origin, they believe that it’s a universal name. It can be used for both men, women, and anyone in between. Why? Because the meaning is so universal… Literally! Celeste means heavenly, which makes us think of stars, space, and all those nights spent gazing up at the constellations. What’s this name perfect for? Any of the star signs out there! You’ll find that Celeste is so universal it’ll fit any of the zodiac signs. From strong-willed Capricorn to romantic and easy Pisces, you can’t go wrong choosing Celeste. Whether you’re thinking of a name for your future kid, or you’re thinking of choosing a new name for yourself, you’ll be happier picking Celeste.


13 Briony, Taurus, Aries, Capricorn


This unique name is a practical one. Feminine while still being hardworking, this name isn’t as delicate as some other ones. Briony is not a name that relaxes or slacks off. Briony is more of a get stuff done name, with the attitude to match. Not a time waster, and definitely not someone you want to disappoint when you’re working with. Why does it come across that way? Probably because its origin is English, and references a flowering vine that used to be used in traditional medicine. This practical side means it’s a perfect match for our more practical signs, like Taurus, Aries, and Capricorn. We love them to death but know that they don’t want to be stuck with a child's name that doesn’t match their intensity. With a name like Briony, you can be sure that your kid will always be taken seriously, and always be put in charge. Just watch out... They might grow up to be a little TOO strong-willed!

12 Isadora & Virgo, Scorpio

Does this name make you think of a goddess in flowing drapery and fine silk? It should! Isadora is a beautiful name, originally from Greek. It’s an iteration of the goddess Isis. Even though that goddess is Egyptian, the Greeks thought it was pretty, powerful, and meaningful enough to take it for themselves. And it’s true! Isadora is the type of name that makes people drop to their knees. It’s a strong name, while still retaining that feminine touch that makes it irresistible. Virgos and Scorpios are the lucky two that feel at home taking on this name. Their sensitivity marries nicely with the power behind this name. It also has a lot of intelligence behind it, something Virgo and Scorpio have in spades. Not to say that the other signs aren’t intelligent; you are, but Virgo and Scorpio especially pride themselves on it. Your little girl will grow up with all the power of Isadora behind her.

11 Gabriella & Cancer


Where are our Italian women? Ladies, this one is for you. While you might think it sounds familiar, we can assure you that the name has fallen out of fashion over the last few years. Gabriel, the boy’s name it’s based on, has lasted. But for some reason Gabriella just doesn’t cut it anymore. We don’t think that’s right! Such a gorgeous name is fit for a queen. Or a God! The original definition of Gabriella means woman of God. This is drawn from the Hebrew origin of Gabriel. Regardless of whether you pick the male or female form, the name is a pretty one. The nicknames “Gabby” or “Ella” also offer lots of options for personalities to play with. Cancer is the perfect person to pick this name, as Cancers always want the option to protect their real selves (or their children). Nicknames are a way to do that, so they can choose when to reveal their gorgeous, full name choices for their child, whenever they decide.

10 Evelyn & Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Both a male and a female name, the definition changes depending on where you’re pulling it from. Evelyn in Hebrew means Life, but is also classified as a boy name. The French definition, a less romantic ‘Hazelnut’, also classifies it as a boy name. Celtic, which we’ve seen little to none of on this list so far, is one of the only ones that call it a girl’s name. They’ve given it the definition of Light, which is perfect. Evelyn isn’t necessarily an attention-grabbing name, but it’s one that will stick in people’s memories and light up their lives. Leos, Sagittarius, and Aquarius could all match with this name very well. Free spirited, outgoing, while still retaining a sense of independence, Evelyn is a name that you won’t regret giving someone… Especially if your kid is one of those signs that lights up lives already!

9 Noelle & Capricorn


As the winter seasons dawns upon us we’re definitely looking for more and more excuses to celebrate. One of those excuses? Having an awesome name that matches the winter seasons well. While a little less holiday, the basic definition is birthday. This is in relation to the religious connotation of Christmas, but can also be defined independently as simply a birthday. Many people won’t think of it as such, especially if you’re in France (where this name was coined). The winter signs are the best bet for this. Capricorn especially are the special ones who have an appropriate birthday for both the religious connotations and the simple birthday connotation. Not to mention how Noelle sounds more grounded than some of the other names on this list; a good choice for one of the most grounded signs. It's a perfect name for your perfect baby... As long as you know they'll be followed by Christmas carols wherever they go!

8 Scarlett & Leo, Aries

This beautiful name makes us see red; but not with anger! Scarlett is a passionate name, one that requires a strong-willed woman to back it up. Someone who isn’t afraid to say what’s on their mind, and who isn’t afraid to take a chance on a wild idea when the going gets bumpy. Scarlett is a beautiful color as well as name, and would be totally fitting for someone in an artistic discipline. Or a discipline where it’s all about them. Scarlett isn’t someone who’ll stand in the background. They need the spotlight! There’s no deep meaning behind this, either. What you see is what you get: RED! Leos were built for having a child with this name, though we also believe an Aries parent can have a child pull it off… Leos embody the passionate, attention-grabbing aspects, while Aries (with their focused attention) embody the more… Determined and persevering qualities of the red. Hopefully your daughter will discover that later, rather than sooner. Hotheaded teenage passion is the worst.

7 Koa & Cancer, Taurus, Virgo

This word has only recently been working itself into the American name dictionaries, but we’re happy it’s here! Koa has a couple meanings, both of which are significant. Koa comes from the Hawaiian language, and means brave. It’s also the name of a tree that’s native to the island, which was used for making a number of items. Hardy, hardworking, and always able to make the most of what they’re given, Koas come across as a little bit magic. Very sage and determined, the name Koa inspires a lot of positive energy. This is why it’s perfect for Cancer, Taurus, and Virgos. The nature of Koa means it’s able to be used for many things. It makes it an inventive and intelligent name, one that we hope to see more of in the coming years.

6 Penelope & Libra, Gemini, Pisces

Have you ever met anyone with this name? We certainly haven’t. A name that seems to be more common in classic literature than in the real world, Penelope has a quaint charm to it. We love the way it rolls off the tongue, and the way it makes us a little perkier and peppier when we say it. ‘Penelope’ is a name that comes from a few places, but we’ve chosen to go with the Greek interpretation. Penelope comes from putting together a couple Greek words that mean web and eye. Talk about intricate! Penelope is a woman who has a lot of thinking power, and is able to spin delicate things. She sees what’s going on with someone no matter how they try to hide it. That’s why Penelope is a great name for parents whose signs are Libras, Geminis, and Pisces. Intuitive, intelligent, and always ready for a deep conversation, these three have many facets to them… Just like Penelope.

5 Cassandra & Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces


If you’ve studied any sort of literature, theatre, or history you’re probably aware of Cassandra. Thought to be a prophetess, she was the daughter of the King of Priam. There are a few different variations on this name, but Cassandra is the English variation. Other versions include Lissandra and Alessandra, both of which are gorgeous in their own right. Who’s the lucky sign that best suits this mystical all-seer? We know, and we don’t have to be Cassandra to know it. Sometimes signs like to make up their own reality. Aquarius is one of those signs, as is Sagittarius (sometimes), and Pisces. These three are the best bet for naming their child Cassandra, as some people think that they are psychic! Really though, they’re just good at observing and asking themselves “what could happen next?” Can't you already see your future child with this name?

4 Delilah & Taurus, Scorpio

HEY THERE DELILAH-- Okay, okay. We know that it wasn’t exactly the best song to popularize the name Delilah. A little overplayed now, you probably remember it if you were listening to music at all during the early 2010s. Delilah is a gorgeous name though, despite it being tainted by popular music. From the Hebrew origin, Delilah means an amorous temptress, languishing and delightful. The name is in the Old Testament as Samson’s lover who tricked him and then betrayed him. Delilah knows her power and knows how to use it to her best advantage. Who gets to be blessed with such a great name? Taurus and Scorpio parents seem like good choices. Let’s just say that they’re willing to go to whatever lengths they need to to get what they want, and these ladies KNOW what they want. Just like Delilah! Just don’t teach your kids to go betraying anyone now, okay?

3 Fiona & Libra


Not the princess from Shrek, but the name is cool enough that it wouldn’t be an insult. Besides being one of the most popular princess names, it’s starting to be used more and more in everyday life. The name comes from Gaelic, which is neat; it’s rare that Gaelic-origin names hit it big over here. The definition means “fair”, which seems to be the case no matter which section of the UK you go to. Fair is fair, after all. What could be a more perfect name for the child of our Libra goddesses out there? Balanced, just, and always about making sure people are treated fairly, Libra is the picture perfect example of what it means to be living a life of moderation. Fiona is a moderate name, not too wacky, but just unique enough that your child will probably be the only one in their friend group who’s heard of it. If you’re looking for a name to ensure your kid grows up balanced, try the word Fiona on for size.

2 Emerald & Taurus, Gemini

You know what these look like, right? The precious gem that has a blindingly green hue to it. Emeralds shine, sparkle, and look good with any skin tone. The popularity of Emeralds has waned over the years, which we’re disappointed by. Green is a beautiful color, eye-catching and accenting almost any color. Outside of these practical reasons for liking Emerald, it’s also a straight up beautiful name. Who’s the lucky sign that gets to take on Emerald for their child? Taurus and Gemini get to split this one! An odd pairing for sure, but anyone who’s well versed in birthstones will know why we picked these two. Depending on when they’re born, Emerald is a great fit for someone whose birthday is in May or for a parent who likes the color or shares the birthstone color. The birthstone is a hearty one, representing love and rebirth. Perfect for two signs that need to be reminded that yes… Things can (and will) change sometimes!

1 Harmony & Anyone


Of course Harmony made the list. This beautiful name comes to us from music, which is the best part of most people’s lives. Harmonies are when you play or sing two notes that are slightly different from each other, either by a few tones or a half tone, or any two notes that sound good together. Harmony is basically creating a beautiful sound. You’d recognize it if you heard it, trust us. The other thing we should mention? Harmony doesn’t actually have a real name meaning. At least, not one that we could find. We’re not sure exactly how it became a name that people called their children. Maybe it’s because of the importance of music in so many people’s lives! Due to the fact that it’s not a real name, it means it’s up for grabs by anyone. If you have a passion for music, fulfill that by picking up the name Harmony. It just sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Who wouldn't want to bless their child with beauty like that?



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