20 Female Celebs Whose Looks Are Super Underrated

It's no secret that tons of famous women are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. A lot of them  are natural beauties and we know that they literally wake up in the morning looking amazing AF. That being said, of course everyone can benefit from professional hair and makeup and fancy designer clothing, and celebs definitely do.

We often assume that stars have it all: fame, beauty, money, power, success, and everything under the sun that they could possibly want. We know that their lives aren't anything even close to perfect, since we read sad stories all the time, but we find that hard to believe at the same time. We just always think that if someone is famous, their life is perfect, and oh yeah, they're also super beautiful. That just goes without saying.

There are a lot of female celebrities who are recognized for so much more than their beauty (like their talent, for one thing). And then there are other female celebs who honestly are never called beautiful at all... or if it happens, it's rare. And that's a really unfortunate thing. We rounded up 20 famous females whose looks are super underrated! Which is a shame since they are all super gorgeous!

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20 Natalie Dormer

The Game of Thrones star is known for her role as Margaery Tyrell, along with some other parts, and she's a super smart, strong, feminist actress. Back in 2016, she was interviewed by Elle magazine and said this about feminism: "There's 130 million people in crisis in this world at the moment, in humanitarian crisis, and most of them are women, more than half of them are women. So can we all stop slinging mud at each other about definition?... So I just think that if we stopped playing on the superficial level and concentrated on women in real crises throughout the world, it would be a better thing if we all stood together about the important stuff and stopped getting distracted by superficial things." Perfectly said.

The truth is that Natalie is also super beautiful. Like crazy beautiful. Like so beautiful that we can't even.

19 Lorde

Lorde is one talented singer. We're obsessed with her songs Royals and Green Light and think that she can honestly do no wrong. There's no cooler singer out there as far as we're concerned. She really seems like that girl at our high school who we all thought was amazing and literally too cool for school. We all wanted to be best friends with her... or we wanted to be her. Yeah, we totally did. We should all just admit it.

Lorde is also really beautiful. She doesn't make the Best Dressed lists or anything like that since she's mostly out of the spotlight and honestly flies under the radar most of the time. And that's probably the way that she wants it since she seems like a private person. But she's got some serious good looks.

18 Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is a real blast from the past. We all loved her album The Spirit Room and her singles like "Everywhere" and "Goodbye to You." We probably grew up listening to her awesome pop music, and now that she's had a comeback with her recently released album Hopeless Romantic, we can listen to her beautiful voice once again.

People don't talk about how beautiful Michelle Branch is and they honestly should. Because just look at her. She's another super cool musician who is just so stylish and awesome. We love that she's paired a white lacy dress with a black leather jacket. See? She's just so cool. We're such big fans. And we also think that we should steal this look and wear it all the time. Or, um, get inspired by her. Yeah. That.

17 Lea Michele

The star of Glee and Scream Queens and the new sitcom The Mayor is one of the most talented women in Hollywood. She's not only a great actress who can play both dark and dramatic or light and hilarious but she's an amazing singer, too. She got her start on Broadway in the musical Spring Awakening before Ryan Murphy cast her in the role that brought her tons of fame and success, Rachel Berry.

Lea Michele is also super beautiful, and although her beauty seems kind of underrated since we don't hear people talking about how pretty she is all the time, we think that they definitely should. We think that she's flawless. Just look at this photo. She's got a gorgeous curvy figure and perfect hair and just looks awesome.

16 Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley is super awesome and we all love her. How could we not?! She's Rey in Star Wars and that's a really big deal. Like a really big deal. Like a totally massive deal.

Of course fans are going to focus on her iconic character and talk about that. They have so many theories and opinions and that's going to be the focus of the conversation. Fans of huge movie franchises aren't exactly going to focus on how pretty the star is. They want to talk about the character development and plot and everything else. We think that Daisy is also really beautiful and that her looks shouldn't be as underrated as they are. She's stunning in this particular photo, right? So stunning. There aren't even any words to describe it. Just total and utter perfection.

15 Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts was awesome as Chanel Oberlin on Scream Queens and Jill Prescott in Scream 4, and before that, we loved her in movies like Aquamarine and Nancy Drew. She's 26 years old now and is therefore transiting to older, more mature roles, but back in the day, she was in really adorable movies. And we've always thought that she was a great talent.

Emma Roberts is also so, so beautiful. Just look at this photo of her. She usually has light brown hair but she's rocking the blonde here and we love it. It's rare that someone can look great with both blonde and brown hair, but of course Emma does. She's that beautiful. She also looks good whether she has bangs or not, which is another thing that's pretty rare.

14 Anna Faris

When we think about Anna Faris, we think about how hilarious she is. We think about the great part that she plays on the sitcom Mom and how amazing she was in Scary Movie. And, of course, we think about how super sad it is that she and Chris Pratt are no longer a thing. Okay, now we're incredibly miserable, so let's stop thinking about this.

Anna Faris is a totally underrated beauty and we think that more people should talk about how great she looks all the time. She's not showy and that's why we love her so much. She seems like the cool girl next door who honestly doesn't know how pretty she is. And that's more attractive than when someone thinks that they look awesome.

13 Elizabeth Moss

When we hear someone talk about Elizabeth Moss or we read about her, people focus on how talented she is. They talk about her awesome role as Peggy Olson on Mad Men or her recent turn in The Handmaid's Tale. They don't talk about how pretty she is. Sure, the focus should always be on someone's talent, especially if they're female, but come on. Everyone should talk about how gorgeous she is.

We definitely want to talk about that because we think that Elizabeth Moss couldn't possibly be more beautiful. She really looks awesome here in this adorable green striped shirt and jean shorts. She has such a sweet smile on her face and that makes her look even better. It's just so awful when a pretty girl won't smile. She instantly looks super ugly. It's just a thing that happens.

12 Camilla Mendes

Camilla Mendes is absolutely gorgeous. We've had so much fun watching her as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, we can't even describe it. She's the perfect combination of sweet and strong, and she really brings that popular comic book character to life. We don't have enough nice things to say about that.

We don't see people talking about how gorgeous Camilla Mendes is, though. People are more focused on whether her character is going to stay in love forever and ever with Archie Andrews, and whether she and Betty Cooper are going to reprise that infamous love triangle with Archie. We think that more people should focus on her beauty because, come on, just look at her. We get that her character's love life is very important, too, but she's just got such a cool look. It's all her own and we love it.

11 Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra is another really cool girl. The 31-year-old actress recently found fame for starring in the movie version of Baywatch. Other credits include Percy JacksonAmerican Horror Story, and Hall Pass.

We don't hear much about her because she's not super famous, so we would say that she's underrated in general, and that more people should talk about what a great actress she is. And more people should talk about how beautiful she is, too. She's got beautiful eyes, a perfect face, the best hair ever, and a flawless curly body. She's honestly so good-looking, we can't even say enough nice things about her. We love that she has curves and isn't a total stick figure. That's rare and something that should be celebrated for sure.

10 Brie Larson

Brie Larson is super, super talented. We loved her as the daughter on the dark dramedy United States Of Tara and more recently in Room and The Glass Castle. She's had great roles on both TV shows and in movies, and can effortlessly be both funny and dramatic. We're fans and think that she's also a very cool girl.

Brie Larson also looks amazing. This photo that was taken for The Hollywood Reporter really proves that. She's got a really sweet face and just looks like such a nice person, and that honestly contributes to her beauty even more. We're so over and done with people who think that being mean is okay if they're pretty. That's not the case at all. Brie is just really awesome and has both good looks and talent.

9 Elizabeth Olsen

The sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley is totally a star in her own right. Elizabeth Olsen has enjoyed an amazing acting career so far. She has been in horror movies like Silent House, indie films like Liberal Arts, and comedies like Ingrid Goes West. She's starred in both Hollywood and independent movies and can honestly do no wrong.

She's also incredibly good-looking, which is something that people don't seem to really talk about. She's not fake looking like some others in Hollywood and definitely has nothing plastic about her, so maybe she doesn't have the kind of beauty that people chat about all the time. But we think that she's amazing. She's a real natural beauty and we just know that she doesn't need gobs of beauty products to look good.

8 Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd was totally awesome when she starred in Scream Queens and she's been in the news a lot in the past year since losing her mom, Carrie Fisher, and her grandma, Debbie Reynolds, within a few days of each other. It was a super sad time and everyone talked about Billie.

Billie is also really, really pretty, and we can see that for sure in this photo. We absolutely love her outfit. Like love. We might even be kind of obsessed with it. Yeah, we probably are. She looks great in this white turtleneck, brown jacket, and tall black boots. It's the perfect fall/winter outfit. Okay, maybe it's not the perfect winter outfit. But we could add some leggings or tights to the mix and be good to go.

7 Lake Bell

Lake Bell isn't an actress that we hear about very often. She's an underrated talent and that's a shame. She really is a great actress. She's been in movies like It's Complicated and Home Again, and she found a lot of success after starring on the HBO show How To Make It In America.

Why don't people talk about how gorgeous Lake Bell is?! We're not sure... especially after seeing this incredible photo of her. Our jaws are seriously dropping as we stare at this photo. Her stomach looks amazing and her whole body is just #goals. We also love the super fierce look on her face. We just love it all, and if we haven't seen more of her movies, we should go do that ASAP.

6  Nasim Pedrad

Nasim is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous actress who has been on shows like New Girl and Scream Queens. She was also on SNL from 2009 until 2014, which is super awesome and no small feat. She's also just really funny no matter what part she's playing, and we think that she has it all: good looks and a crazy amount of talent.

She may not be a household name, which is a shame since she's really awesome, and it's also a shame since look at how attractive she is. She should make The Most Beautiful list anytime there is a list like that. Yup. We really think that should be happening. Just look at this adorable photo of her looking so great. How do more people not talk about her?!

5 Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner got super famous after starring on the Disney show The Suite Life of Zach & Cody and she's both an actress and a dancer. She's, therefore, super cool and inspiring. You can't really get more inspiring than her. She looks beautiful all the time but especially when she's dancing.

She also looks really beautiful in this photo which shows off some bare skin. She has a striking kind of beauty that really startles us when we see her at first. She's just so good-looking. We also love her first name, we have to say. The "y" is just so cool. Yup, we're fangirling, but we're okay with it, so we're just going to go ahead and embrace it. We definitely have a girl crush on her.

4 Dianna Agron

Lea Michele may have gotten all of the accolades for starring on Glee, but Dianna Agron was on the show too, and we think that she did an amazing job.

And we definitely think that she's someone whose looks are way too underrated. Just look at her. She's so pretty. She's like a blonde angel. Too much?! Nope, we don't think so. She really is that beautiful. She also had roles on Veronica Mars and Heroes, so she's had a successful acting career and truly has both good looks and talent, like everyone else on this list. Which is a great place to be, right? Everyone wants to have both of those things. Who wouldn't?! It wouldn't really make sense to argue with that at all...

3 Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is a really cool singer (like, really, really cool) and she's not talked about nearly enough. She sings really interesting songs that are technically pop but always seem so much cooler and edgier than your typical Top 40 stuff.

She's also incredibly beautiful, as we can see from this photo. We love that she's got some curves because there's nothing more off-putting than someone who is super skinny. That just makes us feel bad and like we can't achieve that body type because, let's face it, most of us like to eat normally and we know that it's unhealthy to starve ourselves. Not Ellie. She's got curves and we think that she looks totally awesome. And if any of us haven't  heard her music, what are we waiting for?!

2 Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris is best known for starring in the 2016 movie Moonlight. You know, the movie that really did win the Best Picture Oscar.

So of course people focus on how important that movie is and its social and cultural and historical significance. And people talk about how talented she is. And that's all true. It's all super true. But Naomie Harris is also a really beautiful woman and that's something that should be part of the conversation, too. She's yet another underrated actress in terms of her beauty. And we don't think that should be the case at all. There really aren't actresses who are more beautiful than she is. That's a crazy thought. And she seems like such a good person, too, so we're big fans.

1 Susan Kelechi Watson

We all know Susan, right?! We have to. There's no way that we couldn't know her. She's none other than Beth on This Is Us, aka Randall's better half, aka one half of the cutest television couple ever. Yes, ever. We're calling it. We even think that they're cuter than Rebecca and Jack (especially since they don't have as many fights and problems).

Susan is also really beautiful and we think that more people need to realize that. We're just really big fans of her in general and we're so glad that we get to see her every week on our TV screens. The second half of season two of this family drama can't possibly come back on the air soon enough. Nope. We're not patient at all.


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