20 Female Celebs Men Find Attractive

Living in a time where Instagram and airbrushing exist, we tend to expect a lot from our celebrities. Anything less than perfection when it comes to a celebrity’s looks or even their talents, and chances are someone will fault them for it.

While celebrities in Hollywood spend every day working to improve their image and relevance in the media, the hard reality is that they have flaws. Everyone has flaws, whether they’re a celebrity or just an ordinary Joe on the street. At the end of the day, one can only do so much with what they’ve been given.

We have no intentions of being mean, but we can’t help but put together a list of the top 20 females who men believe have beautiful figures... except their facial profiles.

While it’s a very subjective list, the following are included because they have unanimously great physiques (according to men).

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20 Hilary Swank: Boys Don’t Cry

Last, but not least, we’ve arrived at the worthiest of this list: Hilary Swank. Heck, there was even a whole episode of The Office (U.S.) dedicated to this idea, of whether Hilary Swank was preferred or not. We certainly think she’s attractive, just less in the face than elsewhere.

One thing is for sure, she’s certainly got acting chops, winning Best Actress Oscars back in 2000 for Boys Don’t Cry and again in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. For both of those film roles, Swank certainly had to do some extreme dieting, even attempting to eat 60 egg whites in one day!

Regularly, when she’s not shooting extreme roles, she prefers to run a few times a week, along with Pilates. “I usually take 2 days off during the week,” she says, opting not to exercise every day.

19 Christina Ricci: The Co-star Of Monster

She’s always played the bad girl, whether it’s been as a child in The Addams Family or Black Snake Moan opposite Samuel L. Jackson. Christina Ricci keeps a fit body the way anyone can, by regularly exercising and eating a balanced diet. She admits though to eating whatever, as long as it’s in moderation.

If there was one diet that Ricci falls under most, however, it’d probably be a low-carb diet. Cardio workouts are her preference for staying lean, like running on the treadmill and doing Pilates. Like her scary roles, she spooks fat away with her commitment to working out and eating right. She’s also on the shorter side, standing just 5 feet, 1 inches tall, and fears she’s too short to be an A-list celebrity. We believe in you, Christina!

18 Anna Faris: Scary Movie Star

The House Bunny star Anna Faris has a rockin' bod, an attitude to match and a so-so face. Nevertheless, everyone loves Faris for her fun personality and being down-to-earth. There’s a reason a lot of people see a little bit of themselves in her. She and Chris Pratt were even married for 8 years before deciding to call it quits just this last year. That hasn’t kept Faris from skipping a beat.

Right now, she stars in the TV show Mom and is busy taking care of Jack, her and Pratt’s 5-year-old son. When it comes to her diet though, some people might be surprised. Her favorite foods for breakfast are bagels and eggs benedict—not the healthiest way to start your day. She also loves Italian food and cooking pasta at home. We don’t know how she manages to keep that bod in shape.

17 Anna Paquin: True Blood Star Working On Her Figure

Acting since a young age, and continuing to work today, Anna Paquin has made an impressive resume for herself. She’s been in huge blockbuster franchises like X-Men, starred in the hit TV series True Blood, and was recently in the Netflix mini-series Alias Grace. She’s also been known to do all-liquid meals—something that would sound crazy to try for some people, like having only juice for lunch.

We should also mention that Paquin has bravely and honestly admitted to there being a pressure in Hollywood to be thin. While it seems like an obvious thing to acknowledge, there are plenty of celebrities out there who would flat-out deny any such thing from existing. The next year looks to be another big one for Paquin as she wraps up some more films.

16 Emily Ratajkowski: Blurred Line

While she initially started out as a model, Emily Ratajkowski has crossed over into the mainstream playing roles in movies like Gone Girl and Entourage. She’s best known though for being in Robin Thicke’s racy “Blurred Lines” music video, where she’s topless throughout. With a background in modeling, she certainly has nothing to fear, baring it all for the cameras.

The weird thing is she confesses to eating a lot. In fact, the last things you’d expect to be on Ratajkowski’s diet are exactly what she claims to eat, including pizza, steak, cake, French fries, and wine. We can only chalk it up to good genetics—or maybe she just eats one bite. Whatever the case may be, we want to be on the Ratajkowski diet plan where anything goes.

15 Kirsten Dunst: Bring It On

The original actress to Mary Jane Watson in the popular Spider-Man movies, Kirsten Dunst is known for playing the girl next door. While she has a paler complexion, it’s not that she’s totally unattractive, just not the knockout that many of her acting roles make her out to be. As you’d expect, she’s into more intense cardio workouts, and even does Piloxing—a combination of Pilates, boxing, and dance. Sometimes these workouts last as long as 90 minutes! No wonder she’s in such great shape.

She also travels a lot so she’s always on the move and never lazing around. Most people don’t know that she also has her German citizenship. Most important of all is Dunst’s comments when asked in an interview whether she’d change anything about her looks, saying, “I'm comfortable with what I have and I know that if I work out and stay healthy, I feel my best.”

14 Lady Gaga: Born This Way

There are few forces in the world quite as fierce as Lady Gaga. She’s a powerhouse singer, songwriter, activist, icon and actress—so she pretty much does everything. One thing she’s most known for is dressing up in really extravagant outfits and bizarre clothing. Often these outfits (or lack thereof) are on the revealing side, showing off Gaga’s super fit body—though her face is just a little less appealing than her body.

Even Kelly Osbourne thinks Gaga has an unattractive face, and that has to count for something, right? Gaga is loyal to vegetables for her diet, relying on salads to keep up her glam. She’s also a fan of pasta, because who isn’t? As long as she sticks with her “5 Factor Diet,” which allows for three meals and two snacks a day, Gaga can continue to remain fit and rockin’ throughout her day.

13 Dakota Johnson: 50 Shades of No

Via: Google Images

The irony of the 50 Shades of Grey films is the fact that Dakota Johnson was cast as the lead character. She’s good looking, but we wouldn’t be ones to say she’s drop-dead gorgeous—and isn’t that the point of those movies anyway? How else are we supposed to buy those naughty scenes when the point of those is clearly not about how much the two characters really care about each other?

While we may not agree with Johnson’s casting, we still wish her all the success in her career. To get into shape for her acting roles, Johnson quit eating junk food and switched to a raw juice diet. Her ability to stick with juice for meals is worthy of praise alone—something we could never be as disciplined in sticking with.

12 Michelle Rodriguez: The Furious One

Via: Google Images

No one wants to mess with Michelle Rodriguez. Known for playing rough and tough characters, she’s best known for her role in the long-running Fast and Furious movies. She’s also lacking in her facial profile, though we’d never say it to her face (we’re afraid she might beat us up).

While her face is more on the plain side, she certainly takes care of her body and keeping it in shape. She does eat meat in her diet, though sticks to the leaner kinds like chicken and fish, supplementing with healthy vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

She’s also tried more extreme dieting methods like the famed Master Cleanse but admitted to having a tough time sticking to the plan, which prevented her from having a normal social life. While we don’t have an awesome bod like Rodriguez, we can certainly relate to struggling with diets!

11 Lea Michele: Raining On Her Parade

When it comes to natural talent, there’s no doubt Lea Michele’s got it. She can act, she can sing, she can dance—she’s even modeled for magazines like GQ. Yet, in spite of all she has going for her, let’s face it–she’s a lacking in the face. Nothing wrong with that though, and that doesn’t stop her from being a successful actress.

She’s also passionate about exercising, which explains how she got her great figure. Lea claims to work out constantly, preferring hiking and swimming as her modes of fitness. We don’t mind that her face is less than stellar because frankly she’d be perfect. Michele has been seen on recent TV shows like Mayor and Scream Queens, but she’s most popular perhaps for her breakout role on Glee.

10 Tara Reid: Sharknado

Via: Google Images

She’s an actress not in headlines as much as she used to be. Tara Reid was once a huge star, known for her roles in films like American Pie and The Big Lebowski. She also became something of a symbol, too. Now, in retrospect, we can probably all admit her face didn’t quite add up compared to everything else, right? While she broke out in the film The Big Lebowski back in 1998, the film was actually a box office flop.

Fortunately for Reid, her career didn’t end there. After that, she was in more lucrative movies, including Cruel Intentions and Urban Legend, which did a lot better at the box office. Eventually, though, she would go on to earn a dreaded Razzie Award nomination, which are awards for the worst performances of the year in movies.

9 Kat Dennings: Dollface?

Via: Google Images

She might play one of the “broke girls” on TV (actually the show was recently canceled), but what Kat Dennings may lack in capital, she certainly has in physique. But alas, this is a list of facially lacking celebrities, and she most certainly makes the list. Known for being curvy, she’s nothing short of voluptuous. She’s had success starring in popular films, including The 40-Year-Old-Virgin and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and even played a spoiled kid when she was younger on Sex and the City. She and Josh Groban, the singer, were even dating for two years until they called it quits in 2016. While we admit she has a plainer face, we can’t deny that she has some amazing, full lips. What’s on the horizon for Dennings? She’s expected to be in the upcoming pilot for the TV show Dollface.

8 Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind

Via: Google Images

She’s made a name for herself in Hollywood almost every way imaginable. Paris Hilton has been on TV, modeled, acted and even released a tape. Her body, in fact, is a major part of how she makes her living—but her face is sort of meh. We don’t mean any offense by it—she’s a successful celebrity, who may or may not work at all—and we wish her the best in all her endeavors.

She’s lacking in some areas and therefore belongs on this list. As you’d expect, she avoids fast food like burgers and fries, sticking with salads and juice drinks instead. She also looks great in a bikini. Some might be shocked to find out her approach to working out when she admits, “I have never been a gym person, it’s not me.”

7 Minnie Driver: Speechless

Via: Google Images

Acting, singing, and songwriting—what doesn’t Minnie Driver do? She’s been nominated for an academy award, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and she’s made our list! She’s also had major romances, including Matt Damon—her Good Will Hunting co-star—and was even engaged to Josh Brolin at one time.

Believe it or not, she was big on the Atkins diet for a while before switching to a low-carb diet. The only odd caveat is she won’t eat any kind of animal she likes, which includes pork and lamb. Pigs and sheep everywhere are grateful to Driver for the choice she’s made in abstaining from eating them. She’s currently on the TV show Speechless, where she plays a mother with three kids, including a son with cerebral palsy.

6 Cher: Strong Enough

Via: Google Images

A singer and actress like Cher has proven repeatedly over time that she’s perfectly comfortable with showing off her physique. We think she has good reasons for being secure in this, considering her body is amazing (even still today and she’s over 70 years old)!

To stay that incredibly fit even this late into one’s life probably isn’t done by natural means. She does admit, however, to being able to hold a plank for five whole minutes. We don’t even need to see it to believe it.

Naturally, she’s a vegetarian, avoiding meat in her diet plan. While she used to smoke, she avoids it now and admits to drinking only a few times a year. Looks like everything the doctor says about living healthy is true, and Cher is living proof of that.

5 Chloë Sevigny: American Horror Story

Via: Google Images

She’s not the most well-known actress, starring in TV shows like Big Love and American Horror Story, Chloë Sevigny has managed to take on edgy roles over the years. Over the years, she’s become synonymous with high fashion, always looking great in whatever she wears. She even babysat Topher Grace, the famous actor, when she was only in high school.

She’s a proponent for simple diets, nothing too fancy, like controlling the portions of food she eats. Supplementing this diet plan, she also does a basic routine of cardio exercises like running and walking. Instead of finding exercise a total pain, she admits to finding it “very relaxing.” Known for also attending yoga classes multiple times a week, one can easily see how she keeps her body lean and fit.

4 Tori Spelling: So Notorious

Via: Google Images

If looks could kill, the 90210 star Tori Spelling’s might just do that. Even in her forties, she’s done the impossible in shedding weight even after giving birth to her fifth child! She even works out with martial arts instructor Billy Blanks, who created the Tae Bo fitness plan.

How did she get rid of the baby fat? She’s a big fan of swimming in order to shed any unwanted weight. She’s also obsessed with avocados, claiming she eats one every day. Even more, she doesn’t like water. These last two are a bit mind-boggling for someone who manages to stay in shape (sure, avocados are nutritious, but not when someone has one every day). She’s also a sushi fan (who isn’t?), saying she “could live on sushi and be really happy!”

3 Jamie Lee Curtis: The Original Scream Queen

Via: Google Images

A famous author and actress, Jamie Lee Curtis is known for starring in John Carpenter’s Halloween movies, which helped launch her career. While people today are familiar with the hit TV show Scream Queens, Curtis is, in fact, the original “scream queen.” She’s also Hollywood royalty, being the child of actress Janet Leigh and actor Tony Curtis. “Beauty is what’s inside, how you feel about yourself, how you take care of yourself.

You get that by eating right and living healthily,” says Curtis, who’s figure certainly backs up this philosophy. She’s totally into Pilates, like most Hollywood celebs, and avoids junk foods (which doesn’t surprise us in the least bit). While she may be a butterface, she’s inspiring women and that’s something to get excited over.

2 Anne Hathway:Beautiful Princess Isn't A Hit With The Fellas

Via: Google Images

A few years ago, Anne Hathaway played Catwoman in the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, which pretty much requires a bangin’ bod to fit the part. While Hathaway fits into that role really well (she also has an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress from Les Misérables), she ended up wearing a mask for most of the film. We think this supports our opinion that Hathaway is lacking.

Still, that doesn’t stop her from being one of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood today. She’s in the new Oceans 8 film coming out with an all-female cast and is sure to continue taking on great roles for years to come. Plus, she’s a vegan herself, which makes sense considering how she fit into that leather outfit for the Batman movie. Hathaway is so committed to her diet, in fact, that she supposedly served a vegan-only menu at her wedding.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker: Hocus Pocus

Via: Google Images

While famous for her role in the Sex and the City TV show and movies, she’s also famous for being a total hit with the ladies and never with the men. She’s been married to actor Matthew Broderick since 1997 (apparently, she wore black instead of white to that wedding, citing “embarrassment”).

While she’s the only actress of the four main stars in Sex and the City not to do a nude scene, the public is familiar enough with how great of a figure she has from strolling the red carpet over the years. This is because Parker refuses to do nude scenes (having a strict clause in her contract that protects her from having to do so). While she loves to eat (who doesn’t?), she makes up for it with rigorous exercise. Of all the diets to choose from these days, she’s been known to opt for the Hamptons Diet.

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