20 Fascinating Facts About Victoria Beckham That Reveal Why She Is The Way She Is

Victoria Beckham has certainly had quite the career! When she first got her start in the industry, most people just knew her as one-fifth of the super popular girl group, Spice Girls. She was Posh Spice, the super fashionable one, and it just seemed like a bit of a persona at the time — little did fans know how she'd really end up becoming her pop star character!

Back when she was still primarily involved in the music industry, she met football superstar David Beckham, and the two got married and she took his name, becoming Victoria Beckham. Then, in addition to nurturing her marriage and having four adorable and insanely talented kids, she started to dabble in fashion, working on a few collaborations here and there. Then, she got serious about it, launching her own line. Now, while people still remember her pop star days, the first thing most people associate with her is her role as a fashion designer. The pieces she designs are totally gorgeous, and we have a feeling she has a long career ahead of her in the industry.

Here are 20 things you may not have known about the gorgeous, glamorous, dare we say posh, Victoria Beckham.

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20 She Lives Next Door To Valentino — Talk About A Fashionable Address!

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Given that both she and hubby David are super successful in their respective industries, it only makes sense that they'd have a pretty ritzy address. Plus, with four kids, you need quite a few bedrooms and quite a bit of space to make everyone happy! So, we kind of always assumed that her neighbors would be pretty impressive, but it turns out she doesn't live next to a celebrity in the entertainment industry — she lives next to a famous fashion designer. That's right — fashionista Victoria Beckham lives right next door to none other than Italian fashion icon Valentino. Talk about an intimidating neighbor!

19 She Auditioned For The Spice Girls With A Broadway Song

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You might assume that everyone would audition to become a member of a pop girls' group with their favorite pop song, right? After all, you want to show the team deciding who makes the cut that you can belt out those classic pop hits. However, Victoria took a bit of a different approach to her audition. As she told Vogue, "Everyone was there singing pop songs and I sang 'Mein Herr' from Cabaret. All I'd ever really done was musical theatre, that was my training." Something about the unconventional audition — and the talented girl in front of them — impressed them, because she snagged a spot in the group!

18 She Still Gets Nervous Before Her Runway Shows, Even After So Many Years

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Given that she's been at the helm of her brand for a decade now, you might assume that runway shows are totally mundane to Victoria Beckham at this point. Sure, she might get a little nervous, but nothing major, right? Not exactly. As she told Elle, she still gets totally nervous before each and every show, saying "before the show you are constantly questioning yourself. An enormous amount of work goes into it — more than most people would think...there's that element of excitement as well, and adrenaline. You throw all those emotions into the pot." Crazy! We never would have guessed she wasn't calm, cool and collected 24/7.

17 She Works Out For Two Hours A Day

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Victoria Beckham isn't one of those celebrities who lies to the public and claims to get the body she has naturally, with no exercise. She's honest about the fact that exercise is a major part of her day — and it's as much for her mental health as her physical health. As she admitted to Elle, she wakes up, does an hour of a workout, takes care of the kids and takes them to school and all that, then returns home and works out for another hour, before finally heading into the office for the day. She says her time at the gym is really her 'me time,' to think and brainstorm and unwind.

16 Despite What People May Think, She Actually Likes To Have Fun

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Over the years, Beckham has crafted a bit of a serious persona in the eyes of the average person, because of her reluctance to smile in every single paparazzi photo (we totally don't blame her!). However, it turns out that couldn't be further from her actual personality. As she told Elle, "I'm not one of those antisocial, awkward sorts. I'm really good value at a dinner party — I want to relax and have a laugh. I like to have fun, and I think that often surprises people." We'd love nothing more than to see what she's like at a dinner party!

15 She Loves To Collect Art

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Given her involvement in the fashion industry, it's no surprise that Victoria Beckham would have a few creative hobbies, and it turns out that collecting art is one of them. She spoke about her and hubby David's collection with Elle, saying that "we like a lot of contemporary Japanese artists, such as Yoshimoto Nara — art with a certain 'learning' to it. I also love Ed Ruscha, Cyprien Gaillard, and Oscar Murillo. We don't have any Murillo artworks, but we've looked into it." Art is always a great investment for creative types, but we were slightly surprised to see just how passionate Beckham is on the subject.

14 Her Dad Used To Drop Her Off At School In A Rolls Royce

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Nowadays, between her fashion empire and hubby David's many years as a professional athlete, Beckham is probably living a lot larger than she did as a child. However, she's not one of those celebrities who came from modest means. She was considered posh from quite a young age, and actually vividly remembers being embarrassed that her father would want to drop her off at school in his Rolls-Royce. However, she had no issues with carrying a designer shopping bag instead of her regular backpack, so maybe it was just that she only had an affinity for high-quality fashion, not cars.

13 Her First Fashion Purchase With Her Spice Girls Money Was A Pair Of Shoes

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It's always fascinating to learn what kind of purchases celebrities make when they get their first big entertainment industry paycheques. And, while Beckham likely bought quite a few things with her Spice Girls earnings, she clearly remembers her first fashion purchase made with that dough — a pair of shoes. To be more specific, a pair of Patrick Cox shoes. "They were white slingback Wannabes. I queued up outside Patrick Cox on a Saturday afternoon with my sister," Beckham admitted to Fame 10. Hey, given that her persona was to be the fashionable one, it only made sense to invest in some great shoes!

12 She Used To Have Acne As A Child

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Nowadays, one of the words we'd use to describe Victoria Beckham is definitely flawless. There's just something about her that is always so elegant and put together, and she always looks super chic. However, she hasn't always had an easy time of it when it comes to her looks. As she's previously confessed, one of the reasons she used to wear a fair bit of make-up when she was growing up was because she had acne and a lot of issues with her skin, which she was trying to cover up. We can definitely understand how those kinds of issues can make a teenage girl feel majorly insecure!

11 She Has A Bulldog Named Coco Chanel

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We can't really imagine Victoria Beckham with pets. After all, she already has four children to care for on a daily basis — throwing a few energetic pups into the mix seems like way too much! However, in reality, there is one beloved animal in the Beckham family — a bulldog by the name of Coco Chanel. The family mostly refers to her as a Coco, but we have to admit, we totally love that Victoria went with an haute couture name for her bulldog. We wonder if Coco has an admirable wardrobe like her namesake, or if the name is just a tribute to the fashion legend.

10 Her Spirit Animal Is A Swan — So Elegant!

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During her fabulous 73 Questions interview, Victoria admitted that her spirit animal was a swan — and we have to confess, it definitely seems appropriate. She just has an air of elegance and sophistication about her, which is one of the reasons her fashion line is so successful. She translates those elements into her pieces, which means you can channel that swan-like elegance when you don one of her coats or dresses. She's fierce in business, but not in an overpowering way — a swan is definitely what we'd pick as her spirit animal as well! Perhaps she'll even incorporate some bird-like elements into future collections.

9 She May Wear Neutrals A Lot, But Her Favorite Color Is Sunset Orange

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When it comes to her wardrobe, Victoria Beckham is known for rocking a lot of gorgeous neutrals. She's not really the type to show up in an over-the-top print. Now, her taste has definitely changed dramatically over the years and gotten a lot more neutral and minimalist as she's grown older, but it turns out her favorite shade doesn't fall on the neutral end of the spectrum at all. Apparently, she's a huge fan of sunset orange, and we have to admit, it looks gorgeous on her — we wish she would choose to rock the shade a little bit more!

8 She Used To Be Able To Juggle

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Victoria Beckham is definitely a woman of many talents, but did you know that she used to be able to juggle? Given that she loved musical theatre as a child, we can kind of get why she'd be inclined to learn the trick — after all, who knows when you're going to have to bust out a particular skill on stage? You've got to keep your options open! She's apparently forgotten the skill over the years, but who knows — perhaps she'll brush up on her juggling and surprise everyone by strutting down the runway, juggling, as a particularly noteworthy runway entrance one year.

7 The Most Important Fashion Secret She's Learned Is That Less Is More

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Since she's been famous for over two decades now, Victoria Beckham's fashion choices through the years have all been documented — and she definitely made some interesting choices. She's been a fashionista forever, which means she was always on the cutting edge of fashion — and many of those trends didn't age the best. However, there's one fashion secret that she learned over the years and definitely incorporates into her style today — less is more! She always looks chic and has accessories and interesting details in her outfits, but it's never too over the top, which can be tough to pull off.

6 Her Favorite Vacation Spot Is The Napa Valley

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Given that she spends so much of her time in London, you might assume that Victoria's favorite vacation spot is somewhere in Europe, or even somewhere that fashion is a huge deal, like in Paris. However, it turns out, Victoria's absolute favorite vacation spot just might have been discovered while she and David were living in Los Angeles — the Napa Valley! We're not sure if it's because she loves vineyards, or there's just something about that California air that's so special, but that's her go-to pick for a truly relaxing vacation. So, if you ever embark on a Napa Valley vineyard tour, who knows — you may spot a certain fashion icon.

5 Her Favorite Cuisine Is Japanese

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We always kind of guessed that Victoria's food of choice would be something elegant and sophisticated, so we're not all that surprised that her cuisine of choice is Japanese. After all, can you really picture her chowing down on a huge double cheeseburger? We certainly can't! From sushi to sashimi, wasabi to ginger, Japanese food is Victoria's absolute favorite. Her hands are pretty full with her fashion empire at the moment, but who knows, perhaps one day she'll collaborate with a Japanese chef to launch a restaurant. Stranger things have certainly happened over the years, and you know that the restaurant's decor would be absolutely breathtaking!

4 She Absolutely Cannot Live Without Her Velcro Rollers

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Victoria has collaborated with major beauty brands on collections before, but when it comes to her own beauty tips and tricks, she has a particular secret — and it's not the latest, trendiest product. While she may mix up her makeup choices and experiment with certain aspects of her routine, there's one thing that will never change — her use of velcro rollers. Apparently, she absolutely cannot live without the tool and considers them essential to getting the kind of sleek, shiny, voluminous hair she wants. Be right back, going out to purchase a set of velcro rollers ASAP if it means we get hair like Victoria Beckham's!

3 She And David Will Celebrate Their 20th Wedding Anniversary Next Year

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Marriage can be really tough when you're with a celebrity, or are a celebrity yourself — you're under constant scrutiny, and the paparazzi are always capturing shots of your date night and splashing it across the tabloids with wild speculations. Many couples find that it's just too much pressure and can't make it work. Relationships lasting over a decade are a definite rarity in that world. That's one of the reasons it's so surprising that David and Victoria Beckham have now been married for nearly 20 years. That's major! There's just something about them that seems so perfect, though, and we love that they've kept their relationship strong throughout the years.

2 She Owns Over 100 Birkin Bags

via: purseblog.com

It makes sense that Victoria Beckham would have some kind of fashion-related collection. After all, that's one of her biggest passions — of course, she's going to have a certain brand or category that really captures her attention. And, it's just about as exclusive as the fashion world gets. Victoria has a total obsession with handbags, and she's particularly fond of the super sought-after Birkin bags, which you might have seen on the arms of celebrities like the Kardashians. She apparently has over 100 Birkin bags, which is truly insane — she certainly doesn't flaunt them as much as other celebrities constantly do!

1 Family Is Super Important To Her

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Victoria Beckham definitely has a packed schedule with all her work at her fashion label, but that doesn't mean she's about to abandon her children to a nanny and only check in periodically. Her family is super important to her, as you can tell on her social media accounts. While she shares her work life and pieces from her new collection every year, she also is constantly posting pictures of her family hanging out together and spending quality time with one another. She supports their own dreams and passions and is always in the front row, cheering them on in their ventures.

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