20 Family Stories TLC Wants Swept Under The Rug

TLC was once a very educational television channel. Most of the programs were PG rated and the network had very good ratings. Today, it seems to have taken things up a notch, the shows it airs touch on very controversial issues in society including polygamy, infidelity, disability, and bad parenting among others.

Although being unique and controversial can gather good ratings for any network, TLC seems to be playing on another level. Most of their shows spark outrage amongst viewers; some intentional, while other stories develop while a show is on air.

When such scandals occur, the network sometimes has to cancel the show or adjust a few things so that the show does not lose its ratings. However, the interesting thing is that TLC can replace one controversial show with another controversial show. Either way, the network is out to educate the public on different lifestyles.

Here are family stories the network would like to bury and hope we would forget.

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20 Josh Duggar: 19 Kids And Counting

Via: thedailybeast.com

Josh Duggar’s story is one TLC would want to sweep under the rug especially because they also aired a spin-off show Jill & Jessa: Counting On, which they want to do well. According to tvline, Josh who was part of TLC’s show 19 Kids And Counting was involved in a scandal. He confessed to having mistreated his two sisters and other young women when he was a teenager.

19 Mama June: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Via: aol.com

TLC would definitely like mama June’s saga kept under wraps. She was part of the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo that was quite popular. The network had to cancel it because Mama June was apparently dating a seedy character who had a previous conviction for an offense as revealed by cinemablend.

18 Brown Family: Sister Wives

Via: chron.com

While the Brown family on Sister Wives seems to be doing better than the Duggars and Mama June, TLC would want some of the show’s family stories kept on the down low. The show’s aim was to bring polygamy to the mainstream society as cheatsheet points out; however, there were many controversies brought to the network in airing the show.

17 Theresa Caputo: Long Island Medium

Via: monstersandcritics.com

Theresa has always tried to impress skeptical people with her alleged ability to communicate with the nonliving. According to nickiswift, the apparent medium has faced criticism but what made TCL want to suppress her story was when a famed magician and the James Randi Educational Foundation challenged her and she refused to take them up.

16 Toby Willis: The Willis Family

Via: inquisitr.com

Although this family’s scandal broke out after the cancellation of the show, we are sure TLC would have wanted to sweep this one under the rug. As stated by nickiswift, authorities arrested Toby Nathaniel Willis, the father of the family, for allegations regarding how he treated his children. He pleaded guilty for the crime that had occurred some 10 years back and now has to serve a 40-year prison sentence.

15 Jeremiah Raber: Breaking Amish

Via: starcasm.net

Many people believe that many stories on Breaking Amish were a fabrication. The show supposedly follows the lives of Amish people who have just left their faith for the first time. However, one of the cast members, Jeremiah Raber had apparently left the Amish religion long before the airing of the show, yet the show portrayed that he did so recently. Jeremiah was also married and divorced prior to the show as pointed out by nickiswift.

14 Jacob Roloff: Little People, Big World

Via: inquisitr.com

Jacob who was part of TLC’s Little People, Big World accused the show of ripping him off his earnings, which he had accumulated since he started appearing on the show as a child. According to fame10, he also said that the show was scripted and therefore not a reality. He further explained that the cast had to follow storylines and this brought controversies that TLC would have wanted to keep away from the limelight.

13 Mellie Stanley: Gypsy Sisters

Via: twitter.com

Although TLC said that they canceled Gypsy Sisters because of low ratings, many sources believe that they did so for a very different reason. We can bet they wanted the real reason to remain a secret but it still came out. According to fame10, Police found Mellie Stanley, one of the cast members, allegedly hurt by her husband, and the pet dog was harmed as well.

12 Andrea Clevenger: Cheer Perfection

Via: arkansasonline.com

The TLC show Cheer Perfection followed the families of cheerleaders until news came out that police had arrested one of the mothers on the show, Andrea Clevenger. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. TLC had to cancel the show and hold onto its re-runs after the second season as reported by nickiswift.

11 My Husband’s Not Gay

Via: youtube.com

TLC would have wanted the controversy behind My Husband’s Not Gay to die down but they were not as successful as they would have wanted. According to nickiswift, the show followed men who were at times attracted to men yet they are married to women. The couples had to work together to suppress those feelings. TLC still aired a one-hour special even after some people raised a petition to cancel it.

10 Jon And Kate: Jon & Kate Plus 8

Via: thehollywoodgossip.com

The show Jon & Kate Plus 8 followed the lives of Jon and Kate and their eight kids up until the duo decided to separate. The two were always tearing each other down in public. Kate even accused Jon of not being faithful as fame10 points out and for sure, TLC would have loved to keep all these disagreements under wraps. The network eventually canceled the show and brought a spin-off with just Kate and the kids.

9 Audrey Roloff: Little People, Big World

Via: crystalpaine.com

As if her younger brother’s scandal was not enough, Audrey Roloff who used to dish out marriage advice through her blog, Beating 50 Percent, came out and stated that her advice was only meant for heterosexual couples and not for same-gender marriages. This created many controversies and reduced the show’s ratings as noted by fame10.

8 Ali Godino: Say Yes To The Dress

Via: q102.iheart.com

Ali Godino who was a bride-to-be once went shopping for her wedding dress at Kleinfeld and because she was part of the show, the network wanted to reveal her gown to viewers. However, the bridezilla was not willing to do so; she even began processing legal suits, which were not successful as revealed by thetalko. She also refused to show up for filming.

7 Lisa Christian: Toddlers and Tiara

Via: chron.com

Toddlers and Tiara featured little girls competing as pageant queens. In one particular episode, the kids had to dress up in costumes. Pageant mom Lisa Christian saw it fit to send her 4-year-old daughter on stage with a prop no child should be holding. This created a scandal, in addition to viewers complaining that the moms were involving their kids in stuff that was not age-appropriate as narrated by thetalko.

6 Remy Gonzalez: Cake Boss

Via: nj.com

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro had hired his brother-in-law, Remy Gonzalez on the show as a cake decorator. However, Remy left the show and TLC would have loved the real reason for his exit kept on the down low but it was not. According to nickiswift, Gonzalez was arrested, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to nine years in prison for it.

5 Josh Duggar Again: 19 Kids And Counting

Via: intouchweekly.com

After admitting to his bad behavior, Josh Duggar also landed in even more heat when he was outed for not being 100% committed to his marriage to wife, Anna. He had opened two active accounts on a questionable site despite his conservative Christian role on the show. He later admitted to the allegations and asked his wife for forgiveness as revealed on AOL.

4 Tyler Perry: Too Close To Home

Via: thegrapevine.theroot.com

Actor, producer, and comedian Tyler Perry debuted his show Too Close To Home on TLC. The show faced a lot of backlash for featuring a mostly white cast, unlike his other shows that have black characters. However, according to screenrant, Perry responded to the backlash saying it was reverse racism. This created even more wrangles, which TLC would have loved to keep quiet.

3 Amish Mafia

Via: lancasteronline.com

TLC’s parent company aired another show Amish Mafia featuring Amish men whose work was to keep the peace in their community. However, the show developed many controversies because a lot of the beliefs and mannerisms portrayed on the show were not accurate with the Amish beliefs as Sceenrant reveals.

2 Bill And Jen: The Little Couple

Via: glamour.com

TLC’s show The Little Couple centers on the life of couple Bill Klein and Jen Arnold and their two kids who all have dwarfism. However, at some point, the show had to stall when the production team sued TLC’s parent company, Discovery Network as stated on variety. The couple also filed a lawsuit against their production team for the same reasons. The parties have since then settled their legal battle.

1 Matt And Amy: Little People, Big World

Via: cheatsheet.com

TLC’s Little People, Big World, centered around couple Matt and Amy Roloff and their kids who lived on a farm. The show became controversial when Matt and Amy decided to get a divorce and date other people, while still living together on the same farm. Matt even began dating a close family friend and employee, which devastated Amy.

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