20 Fabulous Fashion Blogs To Follow For Ultimate Style Inspiration

Fashion is really fun, and so is getting dressed and styling outfits…until you’re stuck wearing jeans a t-shirt because you’re simply out of ideas or uninspired by your own wardrobe.

Well, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. We all reach the point where we’re tired of seeing our clothes day in and day out, so we fall into a style rut and temporarily lose the fashion flare that makes our own style unique to us. Sometimes, the only way to cure that is to train ourselves to see our clothes in a new and different light, or to purchase pieces that can inspire us to get our creative fashion juices flowing once again.

But how will this sudden spark of inspiration come to you? It’s certainly poetic and charming to say that nature and art can act as inspiration, but in reality, there isn’t a large percentage of people that rely on a tree or bed of flowers to generate inspiration for a killer outfit. In the real world, we look to celebrities and magazines. But even those aren’t always the most helpful because the clothes presented are not always wearable for the everyday person. So we turn to bloggers, a healthy compromise between a celebrity and the everyday individual.

Bloggers are in abundance these days, so you’re sure to find at least one that has a similar fashion style to you that you can look to for inspiration when it’s one of those days where you feel like crawling back into bed because you just can’t find a decent outfit. Among the hundreds of thousands of blogs, here are 20 fashion blogs you need to follow for ultimate style inspiration.

20 Canadian Fashionista


Amber Desilets is a Canadian fashion blogger who runs her very self-explanatory blog Canadian Fashionista. Though there are quite a handful of great Canadian bloggers, no one can rival Desilets' style because it’s constantly changing. She can go from retro to preppy, to grungy, and not look odd or out of place. If you’re a fashion chameleon-like Desilets, you’ll definitely be able to find some ideas on her blog.

There’s no single title or even conjunction of titles that can accurately and entirely sum up the range of Desilets’ style. It truly covers practically every spectrum on the fashion scale.

She’s worn everything from monochrome to pattern clashing, sportswear, and formalwear, and is not afraid of any colour—though she does have a preference for pink.

Desilets is a true embodiment of what fashion is: whatever you want it to be and whoever you want it to make you. If one day you feel sporty, dress sporty. If another you want to dress preppy, dress preppy! You shouldn’t feel the need to keep yourself in a fashion box, something that Desilets certainly does not do.

19 Allegra Shaw


Allegra Shaw, whose blog goes by the same name, is a Canadian blogger who’s style is one to follow if you need help mastering how to style your wardrobe staple pieces any time throughout the year.

Shaw’s style is all around incredibly chic, with injections of edgy rocker or bohemian—sometimes both—which allows every one of her outfits to have an interesting range of juxtaposition between the two styles. Shaw’s style looks effortless, with her outfits seeming as though they took two seconds to throw together. She is the ultimate effortlessly cool girl everyone secretly wishes to be.

Though she is a master of her own style, she often ventures out into other ways of dressing, in order to help her viewers with outfits to wear to specific occasions. Whether you need ideas for outfits to wear during wedding season, a summer festival, or to work Shaw is your go-to woman to help you figure out what to wear, and where you should wear it.

18 Bubbly Aquarius

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British blogger Rachael Clifton, who currently lives in London, has created her own platform with her blog Bubbly Aquarius, where she shares her love for fashion and her unique sense of style that’s a cross between vintage and typical British style. So if you’re constantly drooling over the European look, checking out Clifton’s blog will save you a flight and give you a whole lot of inspiration.

Made up of mostly neutrals like white, black, beige, brown and denim and ever-classic prints like polka dots, plaid, and stripes, Clifton’s wardrobe consists of basics, mainly in those colors and patterns.

Occasionally, Clifton does experiment with more vintage cuts of clothing, as well as vintage-looking bags and styles of shoes. Granted, she does balance that out with modern trendy items.

Clifton is a blogger whose closet is extremely practical when it comes to recreating her outfits or finding pieces that are similar to hers, as most of her pieces are classic pieces that will always be available for purchase as well as basics most people have in the closets.

17 The Boho Flow


Cristina Monti is a Canadian blogger based in Montreal, where she runs her blog The Boho Flow. Though Cristina is a blogger on the rise, she is definitely one to watch out for and look to for inspiration if you love the bohemian-chic style.

Monti’s style is largely influenced by bohemian silhouettes and patterns, which gives her outfits a laid back and beachy feeling. With the additions of modern accessories, trendy colors, cuts, as well as some classic designer pieces, Monti is able to create her own take on boho style by altering it to suit her city setting.

Monti is able to take her followers on a fashion tour of Montreal, breaking down her outfits over the course of the seasons. She gives her readers her tips for bringing the boho flow into fall, winter, and spring, and demonstrates that dressing bohemian is not exclusive to the summer.

16 Andy Heart


Ann Kim is an L.A. native whose minimalist blog Andy Heart has garnered more and more attention in the fashion community over the years. Compared to other bloggers who prefer the maximalist trends and ways of dressing, Ann is the total opposite. So, if you’re a minimalist looking for an outfit other than all black, check out Andy Heart.

Even though Kim’s style is minimal, she stays far from crossing the line between boring and minimal. Kim does wear monochrome as well as black and white looks. However, she does not adhere to the common notion that minimalists don’t wear color. Kim, in fact, does wear color and understands how to incorporate just the right amount of it so that the balance between style and minimalism is maintained.

Though Kim’s looks are generally not as expensive as other bloggers, her looks are super easy to recreate with items you may have in your closet or ones you can purchase yourself for relatively inexpensive.

So, if you’re looking to get into fashion, but you’re not sure how to style pieces or don’t know what items to pair together, look to Kim and her blog to help you out.

15 The Fashion Guitar

Charlotte Groeneveld currently resides in New York City where she runs her blog The Fashion Guitar. Groeneveld was born in the Netherlands, but eventually moved to London and now lives in New York, so naturally, the mix of different city’s styles of dressing would come together to create one unique fashion style, that can only be categorized as sophisticated vintage.

Groeneveld’s outfits have a vintage feel, especially when looking at patterns and the shapes of the clothing, as well as accessories. Though the pieces may not actually be vintage, she has a way of styling modern pieces so that her outfit looks vintage with a sophisticated and stylish twist.

Groeneveld also mixes prints on a fairly regular basis, which is not something that many people can style well enough so that it looks suitable for to wear from day-to-day. Though most people would not have the courage to wear what Groeneveld wears, she makes it look so easy, and breaks down her outfits to the point where anyone would honestly believe that they could wear that look, and rock it, too.

14 Brooklyn Blonde


Helena Glazer is a New York native who runs her blog Brooklyn Blonde. Raised by her parents who are Russian immigrants, it is clear that the Russian mentality of constantly looking presentable and polished has trickled down into Glazer’s adult mindset because she always looks put together and picture-perfect despite being a mother to her toddler son.

Glazer’s style is very chic and put together, and her wardrobe's color palette remains on the neutral side with occasional pops color from her accessories.

Her style is very 'model off duty' and she could easily be mistaken for Alessandra Ambrosio.

Though Glazer sometimes does wear flats, she often opts to wear heels instead. Though we’re not sure if it’s just for show, if she actually does run around New York in heels and takes her two-year-old son with her, more power to her.

Interestingly, Glazer’s blog is divided into seasons, with every season being allotted their own tab, as well as a tab for items she has bought, an inspiration tab, and a tab to shop her Instagram pictures. So whatever you’re looking for, it will be easily accessible with this system set in place.

13 EJ Style


Emma Hill is a British fashion blogger who currently operates her blog EJ Style where she shares with her readers her must-have trends of the season, along with the way she styles everyday pieces. Based in London, Hill has the classic British style: comfortable, smart, and sophisticated. What more could you want?

Hill’s style is very much tailored to comfort but at the same time, does not put fashion as a lesser priority. The great thing about the Brits, especially Hill, is that they know how to make comfort look fashionable. So naturally, Hill does wear more practical clothing and footwear that looks good and gives her readers pointers on how to achieve the goal: a compromise between fashion and function.

Because her typical outfits are not that over-the-top or obnoxious, this allows for her outfits to be easily recreated no matter what your budget is. So if you want to get more involved in style, but don’t know where to start, Hill’s outfits are simple yet sophisticated so just follow along with her until you get the hang of it!

12 SS Life + Style


Stephanie Sterjovski is a Toronto-based Canadian fashion blogger who is quickly rising into prominence with her blog SS Life+Style. If you gravitate towards clothes that are relaxed yet still girly and cute, definitely check out Sterjovski’s blog for inspiration

Sterjovski has a casual-preppy and girly sense of style. Her outfits are relatable and practical, never lacking the blogger style element, which has so many of her readers following along with her, and Sterjovski teaching them how she creates these looks.

Between sharing her new purchases and shining a spotlight on her most recent favorite item in her closet, Sterjovski is accumulating more buzz and attention towards her blog for her cute sense of style.

Given that Sterjovski travels a lot, she uses her experiences in other cities and countries to inform others on the best outfits to wear for the particular location’s climate and what types of outfits to wear on different occasions, as well as picking a specific item and creating an entire outfit around that one piece.

11 Aspyn Ovard


Aspyn Ovard is an American blogger based out of Utah, where she operates her self-titled blog, Aspyn Ovard. Ovard is often on the go and practically lives out of a suitcase, so her blog is perfect if you need some vacation or travel outfit inspiration. Whether you’re going to New York or Bali, Ovard has got outfits to conjure up some fashion creativity.

Ovard’s style is pretty bohemian, and her clothes mostly consist of pastel and jewel-toned colors, and prints like stripes, floral prints, and patterns, as well as flowy silhouettes like skirts and dresses. Looking at Ovard’s wardrobe is pretty much like scrolling through an Instagram feed.

She is really current with trends and what’s in style, especially because she runs her own online store Luca + Grae that essentially allows her followers to shop her closet. So, if you love Ovard and her style, just check out her blog for ways to recreate her looks or shop her online store.

10 Fashion Jackson


Texas native Amy Jackson takes smart style to another level on her blog Fashion Jackson. Her blog’s tagline is “Smart Fun Fashion”, a promise she makes to her followers in which she delivers.

Jackson’s polished and refined taste is the perfect inspiration for women who are looking to spice up their work wear without defying the guidelines of what’s appropriate in for the office. Beyond this, Jackson also dabbles in off-duty smart style and is the perfect inspiration for those looking to go from working woman to smart street style star.

Jackson’s blog is a guidebook for the everyday woman looking to take their smart style, and turn it up a couple of notches on the style dial.

Whether it’s sharing her best wardrobe staples, fabulous style finds under $50, or how to style this season’s “it” piece, Jackson’s the one to refer to.

9 Lydia Elise Millen


British blogger Lydia Millen is quickly rising to new heights of success in the blogging industry with her self-titled blog Lydia Elise Millen, not only for her sense of style but also for her profound love of designer and luxury goods. If you’re looking to lust over designer bags and clothing, Millen’s blog is one to check out. But, don’t forget to take notes on her style choices so that you can recreate her expensive looks for much less.

Millen runs her blog where she shares with her followers and readers her luxury fashion purchases and which pieces are her current favorites. Millen’s outfits, which are usually head to toe designer, are not generally in everyone’s price range.

However, the great thing about Millen is that her simple, elegant, and chic style of dressing is quite attainable and practical for the everyday woman to re-create. The pieces she wears and creates outfits out of can easily be found in high street stores in variations that suit everyone’s price range.

8 Life With Me


Marianna Hewitt is an L.A. based fashion blogger and businesswoman who knows a thing or two about fashion. Though she was raised between the United States and Europe, Hewitt has adopted the quintessential L.A. girl style but has elevated it to an upscale and blogger-appropriate level. So if you’re wondering how to turn your jeans and t-shirt into a classy ensemble, follow Hewitt's blog Life With Me.

Rather than putting together outfits for her followers to mindlessly try to recreate, Hewitt acts more like a personal shopper, sifting through trends and must have pieces of the season as well as must-have staples, to find the best of the best so that you don’t have to do the digging.

Along with that, she provides her readers with her own tips and tricks for style and what she likes to buy at her favorite stores.

Surprisingly has not lost the feeling of a digital diary, one that most blogs lose once they’ve hit success. Rather than feel like an impersonal website, Hewitt’s blog feels like a black book of fashion tips your friend has passed along to you.

7 Megan Ellaby


Manchester bred Megan Ellaby’s self-titled blog Megan Ellaby, formerly called Pages by Megan, is a true style diary that anyone who fears color should be reading and taking notes from because Ellaby is the most extreme example of over-the-top outfits and how to wear practically every color of the rainbow, sometimes all at once. So whether you’re color crazed or terrified of anything other than black and white, you’re sure to find some inspiration once you read Ellaby’s blog.

If you’re looking to experiment with color, and learn how to style in-your-face patterns and prints together, Ellaby is the blogger to teach you. Socks with sandals, oversized silhouettes, and clashing colors are some of her go-to style elements, that sound completely crazy, but because of her incredible talent for styling and endless amounts of confidence it works for her, teaching others how to make it work for them too.

Whether you’re a color crazed style-star looking for some new ideas, or a strictly neutrals kind of gal, you won’t regret checking out Ellaby’s blog.

6 Samantha Maria


English blogger Samantha Maria, who more commonly goes by Sammi, runs her self-titled blog Samantha Maria where she showcases her streamlined, chic, and Scandy-inspired style with her followers. If you enjoy dressing simply but want to make your look interesting and add a little element of fun to your wardrobe, look no further than Samantha.

Samantha’s blog is the perfect one to look to if you’re someone who dresses basic but is looking to add a dash of color and pattern into their wardrobe.

The base of her outfits usually always consist of basics that are super easy to style, but she adds her own unique and funky accessories in varying patterns and colors for trendy and stylish twists that keep her looks fresh, fashionable, and interesting rather than boring and flat.

Samantha is the prime example of great utilization of basics, and how to inject color and patterns in a subtle way for those who may love dressing in staple pieces, but are looking for a way to elevate their outfits.

5 In The Frow


Victoria Magrath is a British blogger who is quickly taking the English and American fashion blogging market by storm with the rest of her blogger friends. So, if you love all things fashion and die over the latest fashion trends, whishing your closet looked like the inside of Bloomingdales, look no further than Magrath’s blog In The Frow.

Magrath’s style is extremely trend driven, yet maintains a classic and elegant tone in her preferred silhouettes and cuts of clothing. An equal friend to brights and neutrals, and a lover of a good power suit and a killer designer heel, and a seemingly endless collection of bags, Magrath’s blog is essentially the hub of fashion. Browsing her blog’s content always makes you feel like you’re in the front row of a fashion show. It’s the place to be if you’re looking for inspiration on how to step up your fashion game and step out of your fashion comfort zone.

4 The Glam And Glitter


Tamara Kalinic was born and raised in Serbia but now resides in England is the ringleader of the London luxury fashion bloggers with her blog The Glam and Glitter. Though she has lived in London for quite some time now, Kalinic has skipped over the typical cool girl London style and has gone straight for the tailored, chic, designer fashion. If you’re also a fan of the glamorous and glittery lifestyle of a luxury fashion blogger, The Glam and Glitter is absolutely for you.

Kalinic’s style is classically feminine with hints of trendiness.

With a well-rounded color palette, endless amounts of high-end classic and trendy pieces, and a collection of designer shoes and bags enough to last two lifetimes, Kalinic’s closet is the envy of every woman.

But like any girl, she can’t resist the spot of high street shopping. If you’re looking to dress expensively on a budget, turn to Kalinic to inform you of the best pieces from fast fashion stores that will give you the look of luxury without the price.

3 Sincerely Jules


Though she was born in Mexico, Julie Sarinana lives in Los Angeles where she continues to expand her ever-growing empire that is her blog Sincerely Jules. As one of the biggest names in the blogging industry, Sarinana brings a really relaxed yet fashionable sense style to the table. So if you want to learn how to dress to effortlessly fashionable, you’ll definitely like what Sarinana has to offer on her blog.

The reason Sarinina’s style would be categorized as laid back and comfortable is not that she wears flats or even sweatpants. It’s mainly because of how effortless all her outfits look. Even when something looks effortless, you can always manage to tell if someone put a little more time into their outfit than they say they did. But with Sarinana, everything she wears truly looks like she just plucked it out of her closet and chucked it on and her outfit just so happened to look perfect.

This is because of the flowy silhouettes she often gravitates towards, and also because of the fact that nothing matches too perfectly which is refreshing and adds an interesting element to her individual style. Even when Sarinana does dress up a little more, her outfit still manages to look super effortless and easy.

2 Song Of Style


L.A. based blogger Aimee Song operates one of the biggest fashion blogs in the blogging market. Her blog Song of Style is not only a style guide for the fashion hungry and those who desire to steal her style but an inside look at the life of one of the biggest bloggers in the industry.

Song’s style is the peak of chic with a model-off-duty flare, or which she is very good at balancing. Though her outfits are typically on the girly side of the fashion spectrum, she certainly does not limit herself when it comes to dressing in a sportier or more relaxed style.

Song gives her readers her version of fashion news, giving her readers the inside scoop when it comes to the latest luxury fashion launches and events, as well as must-have pieces and the best way to style them.

Best of all, she lets her followers into her life as a blogger constantly traveling and on the go, whether it’d be fashion week, designer presentation, or the newest luxury bag launch.

1 We Wore What


New York blogger Danielle Bernstein and her blog We Wore What is your go-to place for inspiration if you’re looking to create or put together outfits inspired by that blogger style of dressing.

Bernstein basically looks like a walking magazine editorial, and always looks impossibly chic and sophisticated—literally always. She’s the poster girl for upscale New York style. And the best part is that her style is an elevated and chic version of every fashion style.  It truly is a range and mishmash of different types of clothes and accessories that just work together and become chic when she styles them. From jeans to floral dresses, to baggy overalls, blazers, lace bodysuits and combat boots Bernstein is just a wizard when it comes to fashion.

Bernstein can take any item of clothing, and make it look great. She is the perfect person to pull inspiration from because anyone can relate to her looks, no matter what fashion style you prefer.

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