20 Eyebrow-Raising Details About Kaley Cuoco (+ ALL Of Her Relationships)

Actress Kaley Cuoco has spent the last decade and a half establishing herself as the funny girl in Hollywood. She first came on the scene after landing a life-changing part in the television sitcom 8 Simple Rules. The success she later found starring as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, catapulted her to fame and stardom that she probably never imagined reaching.

These days, Kaley is one of the highest paid television actresses in all of Hollywood. She is reportedly worth an astounding 55 million dollars, and at 33 years old she has her entire professional and personal life still in front of her. She is living her best life.

Kaley indeed has achieved every hope and dream in regards to her work, but she hasn't always been as successful in the romance department. Cuoco has had her fair share of flops when it comes to relationships. She has dated a wide array of men, found herself engaged, then married, then divorced, and now remarried.

Hopefully, for Kaley's sake, her current husband will be the one who sticks around forever. Let's take a look back at all of the men who have tried to land the famous funny gal but let her slip away.

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20 She Refers To Her Current Man As "Her Horse Guy"

Cuoco loves all things horsey, so it only makes sense that her prince charming would share that passion for animals with her. Her current love and second hubby, Karl Cook, might even enjoy the majestic beasts more than his wife, considering he is an accomplished equestrian.

Of her husband, Cuoco told The Talk that she, "finally found my horse guy. It was meant to be. He’s an amazing rider, amazing equestrian, and a great human. We shared a passion for horses and dogs." She loves her miniature horse Shmooshy so much that she made her furry friend her own social media account.

19 Work With The Ex

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Cuoco's recent relationships and breakups have been high profile in nature, but one of her longer unions was kept on the down low. Perhaps that is because the guy that Kaley was crazy about once upon a time was her Big Bang co-star Johnny Galecki.

According to Nicki Swift, the sitcom stars were together for two years before deciding to be good friends instead. The breakup came as a surprise to many fans of the actors considering not many people even knew that the onscreen pair was a thing in real life. While many fans and colleagues speculated that Johnny and Kaley were a pair, the two always denied it.

18 Galecki Is Still A Huge Part Of Her Life

So much so that her new husband and her former boyfriend have a bit of a bromance going on. Cuoco has even posted pics of her ex and her hubby messing around with each other on the Big Bang set. Galecki was also in attendance when she and her hubby said their "I Dos."

Come to think of it; he was at BOTH of her weddings! There isn't much that these two don't do to support each other. While some couples split and have nothing nice to say about their ex, these two remain supporting and loving towards one another, never speaking an unkind word about their former partner. They are serious ex goals.

17 Her Relationship With Superman Was Super Short

Back in the summer of July 2013, Kaley was spotted out and about with Superman himself. She and actor Henry Cavill looked like they made a perfect couple. Pairs don't get much prettier than these two. As good looking as they appeared to be, their romance only lasted for a quick summer second.

They split only ten days after news broke that the pair were dating. Many people started speculating that their love was a mere publicity stunt and nothing more. According to Bustle, they do share a publicist, after all, so one has to wonder. Whatever the case, Cuoco and Superman parted ways quicker than Clark Kent changes into his superhero costume.

16 She Can Be Needy

Kaley Cuoco will be the first to tell you that when it comes to relationships, she is a pretty needy lady. Of her recent union with her husband Karl Cook, Cuoco revealed to The New York Post that she is, "one of those crazies where I want to talk to my guy a hundred times a day, and he wants to, too!"

Well, at least they are on the same page when it comes to their needy tendencies. It seems like Cuoco requires a special man willing to give her all of his attention for the relationship to work out.

15 Another Co-Star On And Off Screen

It seems that Kaley Cuoco prefers to date actors. Many of her former boyfriends were actors that she worked on set with on various television shows and films. Kaley first met actor Josh Henderson in 2007 when he guest starred on her hit sitcom 8 Simple Rules.

The two didn't become a couple right off the bat but instead tried their hand at being a couple five years after that first meeting. Their romance didn't last for very long, and while they were photographed leaving restaurants together, they never walked the red carpet hand in hand or made any significant appearances side by side.

14 Country Gal

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Kaley is a country girl at heart. She loves animals, adores horses, and once dated a country music pop star. She and Jaron Lowenstein walked plenty of red carpets hand in hand for the year that they were an item. You might remember Jaron from his pop music duo Evan and Jaron. We wonder how many of his songs she served as an inspiration for!

The relationship was fun while it lasted, but the age difference might have played a part in their split. Kaley was only nineteen when she fell for the singer, and he was thirty. That's a pretty noticeable age gap in regards to life experience and maturity.

13 She Kind Of Knew Her Ex Ryan Sweeting For Her Whole Life

At least she felt as if she knew him for her whole life. This connection that Kaley felt with her ex-husband made the concept of a whirlwind romance much easier for her to digest (the two met through a mutual friend and were engaged only three months later).

Cuoco revealed to Entertainment Tonight that while the two didn't actually know each other from childhood, they both grew up around the same people. The marriage between these two didn't last for very long, and the breakup was a bit messy. And, considering recent interviews that Kaley has given, there might still be some resentment lingering on her part.

12 Personality Change

The courtship and engagement of Kaley Cuoco and tennis star Ryan Sweeting were undoubtedly speedy, and so was the marriage. They were hitched for a little over two years before filing for divorce. The Sweetings had barely opened up their wedding gifts and sent their thank you cards out before the whole thing came tumbling down around them.

Kaley claimed that once the couple said their "I Dos," his personality shifted immensely and she found herself wed to someone that she didn't know. Kaley felt blindsided and confused at her husband's rapid change. This change ultimately led the pair to call it quits and move on.

11 She Has A Song With An Ex

Following Kaley's split with her Big Bang costar Johnny Galecki, she began dating musician Christopher French. While she and Galecki made it their life's work to keep their relationship under wraps, by all appearances, Cuoco and French did the opposite. They were often seen walking hand in hand at events or sitting courtside at sporting events smooching on one another.

They even created a duet together to benefit the Humane Society charity organization, which is near and dear to Kaley's heart. We had no idea that Kaley Cuoco could even sing! Of course, these days, Christopher French is the adoring husband to former Disney star Ashley Tisdale.

10 Engagement Halt

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We know Cuoco has now been a Mrs. two times. She was married to tennis star Ryan Sweeting and is currently a married woman thanks to her equestrian hunk Karl Cook. Before she ever made it down the aisle though, she was engaged to addiction specialist Josh Resnick.

The two did intend to get down the aisle, but they never made it to the chapel. Their love story ended back in March of 2012. Resnick doesn't fit the typical mold of men that Kaley tends to fall for, though. We usually see her arm in arm with fellow actors, and both of her husbands have been a part of the sports scene.

9 Rebound Guy

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A canceled engagement is a big thing, but Cuoco licked her wounds for only a few months before jumping back into the dating pool. While she and former fiance Josh Resnick parted ways in March of 2012, it was May of that same year when she fell for Pepper singer Bret Bollinger.

Kaley wastes no time being single and brooding. She seems happiest when she has a partner to share her life with. The romance between Cuoco and Bollinger fizzled out after about six months, and by the beginning of 2013, Kaley was single again and perhaps looking for love.

8 Twinning With Thad

Right after Kaley Cuoco landed her big break out role on 8 Simple Rules, she found herself in a  whirlwind relationship with a good looking, young guy who could have passed for her twin brother back in the day.

Thad Luckinbill was doing his thing on The Young and the Restless when the two met, and the pair essentially represented Barbie and Ken for the short period that they were a pair. The cuteness of these two tanned, toned blondes didn't last for very long though. The relationship was over almost as soon as it began. So goes young love we suppose.

7 Break Up With A Bad Tipper

Kaley interviewed with Vogue Magazine where the star revealed that she once let a guy go because he was a notoriously bad tipper! He repeatedly stiffed the staff when they would go out on a date. How awkward! So who was it?

The actress has stayed mum about which one of her flings was the cheapskate, but we can rule out Galecki in the least. They kept their relationship so quiet, they never really went out anywhere. Besides that, she has cleared him from blame on social media. At least Kaley had the grace to keep the guy's name out of her interview.

6 No Matter Who The Man Is, She Makes The First Move

Cuoco is no wallflower, that much is for sure. She revealed in one interview for a men's magazine that she is usually the first to make a move on a guy. She has no problem walking up to someone she finds attractive and suggesting that they get to know each other a little bit better.

We do love a bold woman who isn't afraid to lay it all on the line. In this way, Kaley parallels her brazen character Penny on her hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Kaley might have had to kiss a whole lot of frogs before finally landing her prince, but at least she knows what she wants, and she goes for it.

5 She Takes Care Of Her Men

Not like that guys, get your heads out of the gutter! Kaley was raised with reasonably traditional values, and her parents stuck to typical gender roles. She has said that her mother was a traditional housewife, so that has rubbed off on her a bit.

Despite being one of the highest paid actresses on television and a real go-getting when it comes to landing a man, Cuoco still likes the idea of coming home and tending to her man's needs. No wonder she never has trouble finding a boyfriend, fiance, or husband! This actress proves that she really can play any part.

4 She Once Dated A Much Older Man

Kaley has been linked to several older men over the years. Johnny Galecki is ten years her senior and her ex, Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne, is seventeen years older than Cuoco. Perhaps she has an old soul behind that young and vibrant personality of hers? Her ex-boyfriend Thad Luckinbill is a decade older than her too.

As for her current husband? He is actually a younger man. Cuoco's hubby is 28 years old, while the actress is 33 now. Perhaps a younger fellow will end up being her forever match? We certainly hope so because we love seeing Kaley in love.

3 She Almost Landed A Bachelor

Kaley is a big fan of the hit reality television show The Bachelor, and one particular single guy looking for love caught her eye. Bachelor Ben Higgens got her blood flowing, so she just had to call into Bachelor Live and let him know that she thought he was the cutest, sweetest thing she had ever seen.

Imagine his surprise when the caller at the other end of the hotline ended up being one of the most talented, beautiful actresses in all of Hollywood. We bet that Ben will never forget that moment. The flirtation ended when the call did, though, and these two never took their admiration to the next level.

2 She Moves Fast

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When we look at Kaley Cuoco's past relationships, one commonality stands out: she moves fast, like at warp speed. It doesn't matter who she has set her sights on, Kaley doesn't believe in taking things slowly and letting the union grow organically. She knows what she likes, and she makes the guy hers, even if he is not an excellent match for her.

Considering the vast amount of past relationships under Cuoco's belt, it might be high time to switch things up and slow it down, especially if marriage number two goes south. Let's hope for the actress's sake, however, that she never has to dip back into the dating pool.

1 Her New Marriage Is Full Of Playfulness

Maybe that is what was missing with all of those flopped relationships. Kaley's current marriage is full of playful teasing and banter. According to Nicki Swift, the new Mr. and Mrs. Cook like to take to social media, posting less than flattering images of each other to get a laugh.

They certainly seem to have both the physical chemistry and the friendship parts down, making this relationship solid and stable. Their teasing is always in jest, and never hurtful, so what is the harm? A couple who jokes together really has a chance at going the distance, so fingers (and toes) crossed for Kaley that this marriage lasts forever.

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