20 Every Day Household Items That Can Be Turned Into Makeup

With all of our responsibilities – work, school, family, relationships, extra-curricular activities, pets, whatever – it can be hard to remember to hit up a drugstore, department store, or beauty supply store to get a replacement for whatever’s near empty in our makeup bag. We’re constantly reminded of our forgetfulness the very next morning, when we’re scraping what little is left in a tube of mascara, handling the nub of an eye pencil, or heading to the office looking totally washed out because our blush compact is entirely pan!

Fortunately, thanks to the good people who provide content for YouTube and the Internet, we’re here to give you all the must-have hacks, tips, and tricks for looking amazing when your makeup bag is in shambles and you only have what’s lying around your house.

From food products to stuff you find on your desk kicking around in your junk drawer, there are tons of ways to repurpose everyday household objects and items into beauty supplies. Plus, since most of the stuff on this list is totally natural, you can feel good about going chemical-free when it comes to your face! Which of these are you dying to try – and which have you tested out already?

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20 Sharpies For The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

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In addition to using your trusty black Sharpie to fill in for eyeliner in a pinch – just check out Lauren Prepon’s character in Orange is the New Black – this handy permanent marker can do double duty when your manicure is a few days past its prime!

According to stylecaster.com, thanks to the range of colors and neutrals now available from the brand, a Sharpie can color in any chipped polish in order to keep your look pulled together. We don’t recommend it for larger jobs, but a few nicks on your nails can easily be camouflaged by wielding this multitool!

19 Pencil Crayons For A Colorful Look

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Obviously, it’s preferable to use eyeliner pencils around your eyes, but, if you’re really stuck, you can thank Crayola for allowing you to test drive a couple crazy colorful looks for only a few bucks!

As exhibited by YouTuber SaraBeautyCorner, it’s of paramount importance that you soften up your pencils before using them, by submerging the leads in water for a few minutes. Then, you can use them to create a temporary vibrant look that gets you outside your comfort zone! (For what it’s worth, Crayola has said that they don’t recommend using their products as makeup, but they’re non-toxic, and, in a pinch, can help you out!)

18 Deodorant Doubles As Primer

Not only is this an everyday product and DIY makeup tip, it’s actually a favorite among celebrity makeup artists! Fragrance-free antiperspirants in stick-form rather than a spray or gel are used on oily skin to help makeup stick! YouTuber Nikkia Joy gave it her seal of approval after testing it out under a full face!

Considering that makeup primers can cost a pretty hefty price, shelling out a few dollars for something you can pick up at a drugstore seems like a no-brainer to us! Just be sure that the one you’re using on your underarms isn’t the same one you’re slathering all over your face!

17 Crayons Create A Vibrant Lippie

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Blushes and lip products often have some sort of wax in them, so it kind of makes sense that you could use crayons – which are made of wax – to cook up some vibrant shades at home, if you’re so Pinterest-inclined.

YouTuber SaraBeautyCorner took on making lipstick from crayons, thanks to the addition of coconut oil (which you can see here), while another YouTuber named Wengie decided to try her hand at making blush! Again, Crayola is the recommend brand, thanks to its non-toxic formulation, and, while it can be a bit time-consuming, it offers a great way to customize shades you might not see otherwise!

16 Lollipops For Edible Lipstick

“Lollipop lips” was a trend a year or so ago that had models on the runway and makeup artists mimicking the look you get after sucking on a lollipop, but how about making lipstick out of lollipops from the candy you already have lying around the house?

A few YouTubers have discussed how to do this, but the premise seems to always be the same: Crushing up a lollipop (or two) and allowing the sugar to dissolve into water before adding it to some melted Vaseline. After freezing it before mixing it again to blend the two textures, you pour the mixture into a lipstick container (or pot, if you’d rather a tinted balm), freeze it again, and voila!

15 Coconut Oil As A Makeup Multi-Tasker

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Coconut oil has been lauded as a miracle product, helping to remove eye makeup, condition hair, moisturize skin, clean teeth, and add a natural glowiness to your complexion, but have you thought about using it to actually help create makeup?

Bloggers like The Coconut Mama have enlisted coconut oil to help make all-natural eyeliner using just two other ingredients (which are less like to be found in your home): aloe vera and activated charcoal, which can usually be found online or at a health food store. With an angled brush, you can use your homemade eyeliner to draw the perfect cat eye!

14 Lotion To DIY Foundation

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If we haven’t said it before, we’ll say it again: Makeup is expensive! Plus, when you consider all the unpronounceable ingredients and the shady possibility of animal testing, it makes sense why so many women have turned to natural and DIY solutions to their favorite products, like liquid foundation.

The woman behind the website cocoswell.com used her own homemade lotion (or whatever you have around the house) mixed with some powdered mineral makeup to create her own liquid foundation, if you’d like something with more coverage or less dryness, which can be a risk with powder makeup.

13 Peppermint Oil To Plump Lips

You don’t need lip injections or to suck on a shot glass to get a Kylie Jenner-worthy pout with this natural alternative! While the plumpness of your pucker might not be quite as amped up, it’ll smell good, taste good, and can be reapplied pretty much whenever you want!

The activating ingredient in most major lip plumpers, peppermint oil can be found at any health food or bulk food store. Dab just a little on your lips to get them to swell up just a little as a mild irritant, or, if it’s too intense for you, simply cut it with a little coconut oil or your favorite lip balm!

12 Cornstarch For Powder Foundation

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If oiliness is a problem for your skin, powder foundation is usually the way to go, since it’ll stick to skin rather than slide off, but, with a little cornstarch, some spices, and some finely ground oats, you can save yourself some cash by making your own!

With cornstarch as the base and the spices (like cinnamon or nutmeg) to adjust the color to fit your shade, plus a couple other ingredients such as grapeseed or almond oil, it’s easy to whip up a loose powder foundation, which not only allows for easier application, but saves you the trouble of having to press it into a compact!

11 Cocoa Powder Becomes Natural Bronzer

via madeinmarcelle.com

Our old friend cornstarch comes out to play again, but this time, it uses cocoa powder to help create a bronzer that you can adjust to fit your skin tone and undertones!

Website wellnessmama.com also offers a natural blush recipe (this time with arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch) that adds hibiscus powder to make a rosy blush that isn’t too pink, too purple, or too brown, depending on how you mix it! With all of these recipes that involve color changing, you get to play mad scientist and artist at once, while still keeping everything natural and knowing exactly what’s going on your face.

10 Chocolate Bars Transform Into Tasty Lipstick

Lollipops might have sounded tasty as a lip product with a little added color, but how about a chocolate-flavored lippie that just so happens to be edible?!

In a small bowl set over a larger bowl of hot water, melt a chocolate bar of your choice (probably one with no chunks) with a little bit of beeswax and cacao butter. Mix it until it’s combined before pouring it into an empty lipstick container, freeze it, and there you have it – a super trendy lip color that looks as good as it tastes! (For a step-by-step guide, check out the video of this quick DIY here.)

9 Petroleum Jelly Adds A Dewy Glow

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If you’ve ever been in love with an eyeshadow but can’t seem to find a lip color that matches it, this hack will help you turn two things you already have lying around into something brand new!

With a little bit of petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) and some scrapings from your fave eye shade, blend the two together on a surface, like a spoon or a small dish, and, using a lip brush, paint the color onto your pout! We can’t guarantee the longevity of your new DIY-d look, but it works in a pinch when you need a little bit of color! Petroleum jelly can also create that high fashion wet look on your eyelids (seen here) or transform a powder highlight into something dewier!

8 Rubbing Alcohol Rescues Shattered Shadows

via beautynerdbynight.com

After spending tons of cash at Sephora or MAC, you bring your haul home, only to accidentally drop a shadow or blush and watch it shatter on the counter! It’s a heart-stopping moment for the makeup fanatic but, if you have some rubbing alcohol kicking around your bathroom, you can fix it no problem!

Once you’ve piled together the remains of your makeup from the pan, add it to a small container with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Mix the two together before pouring it back into your pan, tap the base so everything lays smooth without any air bubbles, and press it down with a bit of fabric and something flat of the same size. This will soak up any excess alcohol and leave your shadow looking (almost) as good as new!

7 White Glue Makes Manicures Easy

via today.com

You might not be in the habit of keeping white glue around your home unless you’re particularly crafty or have kids running around, but we might be able to convince you to keep a bottle or two in stock for whenever you’re doing your nails!

Painting a little bit of glue around the edge of your nails will help you instantly remove any screw-ups when you’re giving yourself a mani, but the best trick for the stuff is when you want to get glitzy with some glitter polish. Notoriously difficult to take off, glitter nail polish can wreck your nails – unless you replace your base coat with a thin coat of white glue! Then, with a little nail spatula, you can easily peel off the whole thing once you’re bored of it!

6 Rubber Bands Are A French Manicure Must-Have

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Another hack that’ll have your nails looking in tip top shape – all you need is a rubber band!

Rather than spend your hard-earned cash at a salon to get as classic and sophisticated French manicure, some white polish and a rubber band are all that’s required of you to perfect your tips. Simply wrap the rubber band (a thicker one is best) around the part of the nail you want to paint, being sure to keep it straight, and there you have it!

And why stop at plain old white French manicures? Get creative and dip your tips in a bright color that’s perfect for summer!

5 Contact Lens Solution Saves Dry Mascara

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Imagine you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning, finishing up your makeup for the day, only to realize that your mascara is pretty much a goner, dried up beyond any usability because you’re been too slammed to buy a new tube! Fortunately, if you wear contact lenses, there’s a easy way to rescue your lashes from the brink.

A few drops of a solution like the one pictures here, pumped in and out of the tube will save you for one more day until you have time to hit the drugstore or Sephora. (Although be warned, pumping your mascara wand can actually dry out your mascara faster!)

4 Beeswax Bulks Up Blush

via themakeupdummy.com

Maybe not something you have lying around at all times, beeswax is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to get into the natural makeup movement. Along with coconut oil, beeswax is the usual suggestion if you’re looking to concoct your own lipstick, blush, or even eyeliner! Thanks to its formulation, it allows certain cosmetics to stick to your skin better, rather than just sliding off. Plus, it helps hold pigment, which is super important if you’re spending time making your own color collection! You can pick some up at a health food store or online if you want to get crafting!

3 Baby Oil Makes Foundation Flawless

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Look, if Beyoncé is a fan of this trick, then you know it’s good!

To help get the superstar’s signature glow on-stage and off, her makeup artist Francesca Tolot uses baby oil underneath her makeup, much in the same way a pricey beauty oil would work! Working to moisturize the skin without breaking the bank? Sign us up!

If you’re not too keen on covering your face in oil (or worried about breaking out), mixing in a couple drops with a powder bronzer or blush can give you just that little extra dewiness that’ll have you channeling Queen Bey.

2 Baby Powder For Thicker Lashes

via glamour.com

While all our boyfriends seem to have been blessed with naturally thick, luscious lashes, you may have found yourself reaching for the falsies in an attempt to amp up your look. The thing is, applying false lashes can be time consuming and expensive, which is why some of the best in the business opt for baby powder instead!

In addition to having the same effect as dry shampoo for sopping up hair grease, baby powder can create the illusion of fuller lashes. Simply curl your lashes, apply one coat of mascara, dust a little baby powder on your lashes using a Q-tip, and add more mascara. Then, bat those babies wherever you go!

1 Pomegranate Seeds For A Fruity Flush

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A superfood and a superhero when it comes to saving us in the beauty department, we have pomegranate seeds!

These tiny red gems aren’t just for smoothie bowls or taking pretty pictures for Instagram – they can actually provide you with a naturally flirty flush on your cheeks and lips. Crushing up a few of the seeds and mixing the juice together with a plain lip balm will tint the apples of your face or your pout, and the added bonus of the pomegranate oil – which contains high levels of fatty punicic acid – can even help to moisturize your skin! Pucker up!

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