20 Dr. Phil Guests Who Are Worse Than The Cash Me Outside Girl

After 17 seasons of Dr. Phil, we have pretty much seen it all. The series is great at finding the biggest oddballs out there and showcasing their unique stories. While some guests are downright lovable, some bring the word "cringy" to a whole new level. Many will remember the "cash me outside girl" or Danielle Bregoli, as the guest who has made the most out of her appearance on the show.  While she still seems to be beefing pretty hard with her mom these days, the girl is also making a ton of money off of her new music career.

Today we will be looking at 20 guests who make Danielle Bregoli look like an absolute peach. From secret lives to poor parenting decisions, it will be a long time before anyone is able to forget about these infamous guests and their chat with Dr. Phil. Who's ready to take a look?

20 Mama June's Love Life Is Questionable To Say The Least ...

When word got out that "Mama June" was dating the man who had been arrested for abusing her eldest daughter, the world's outrage was pretty merited. Dr. Phil had her on the show to ask her about the situation and while June did her best to deny it, Phil was able to poke multiple holes in her story.

19 The Mother/Daughter Sugar Baby Team

While the idea of a mother/daughter business doesn't sound to scandalous at all, the way this duo makes their money is definitely very very scandalous. Rylee, who was in her 20s at the time, went on Dr. Phil to reveal that she and her mother have a lucrative "sugar baby" business.

18 The Man Who Never Told His Wife He Was In Adult Movies (And Wanted To Get Back In The Business)

At first, Chuck seemed like a typical family man. However, once he started talking, we quickly learned he had a huge secret. The man used to be in adult films (something he never told his wife). We all have a past, so fine, but when he went on to say that he was looking to get back into the business, things got cringy.

17 The Woman Who Faked Cancer To Collect Money

Jessica brought her mother onto the show to reveal to the world that Patricia had been faking her cancer diagnoses for sympathy and attention. She also accused her mother of collecting money that was raised to help her fight her battle against the disease. Well Dr. Phil was able to confirm that Patricia did once have brain surgery, but it was not cancer related at all ...

16 The Man Who Really, REALLY Believed In Being Vegan

This man was one of Dr. Phil's most eccentric guests ever. He literally had his name changed to "sexy vegan" and even had it tattooed across his face. The man was escorted off the set during his first appearance, after cursing-up a storm and rambling on about how terrible his mother is and also about how he lives an extremely strict vegan lifestyle.

15 The Teacher Who Sued Her Student Over Their Affair

No, that was not a typo. The fact that Tanya Ramirez was sleeping with one of her 17-year-old high school students was bad enough, but after getting busted for the inappropriate affair, she went on to sue the student and his mother for “extreme and outrageous” conduct and invasion of privacy. Big shocker: she lost the case.

14 The Woman Who Believes Robin Williams Isn't Dead, But Just Shape-Shifting ...

Some may remember Shelley Duvall from the role she played in the hit film The Shining. Though these days, it's more likely that people would remember her from her unforgettable appearance on Dr. Phil. While Duvall seemed a bit off throughout the entire segment, the bomb she dropped about her belief that Robin Williams isn't really dead but instead just shape-shifting, really clinched the interview.

13 The Guest Dr. Phil Kicked Off Mid-Interview

Considering some of the stories we've seen on Dr. Phil throughout the years, it's safe to say that it would take a lot for Phil to actually kick someone off mid-interview. When Bailey appeared on the show though, she delivered just enough crazy to make this happen. After Dr. Phil caught her in many lies, he eventually just booted her from the show all together.

12 The World's Most Spoiled Teen

Nicolette Gray has officially labeled herself the "Beverly Hills Brat". The title couldn't be anymore fitting, especially after what we witnessed during her appearance on Dr. Phil. The teen was outraged by her mother cutting her monthly allowance down from $5,000 to a "meesley" $1,000. Talk about first world problems, right?

11 The Man Who Got Catfished To The Tune Of $200,000

There have been plenty of people in the world who have been catfished, but the story of Dennis and his scammer is one of the most legendary. The man dropped $200,000 to bring the woman who he thought loved him into the country. Needless to say, when Dr. Phil revealed her to be a scammer, Dennis pretty much lost it.

10 Nicholas Brendon: Alcoholism & Aggressive Behaviours

Nicholas Brendon has not had the easiest time since Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended. After several arrests tied into his drinking, sleeping pill habit and aggressive behaviours, he finally made his way on Dr. Phil's show. However, after Dr. Phil accused him of having alcohol on his breath during the interview, Brendon immediately walked off.

9 The Girl Who Thought She Was Carrying Baby Jesus

Teenager Haley was downright convinced that she wasn't just pregnant, but that she was in fact pregnant with baby jesus. Yes, you read the right. While on the show, Dr. Phil had a doctor come and prove that the teen wasn't even pregnant at all. Talk about a crushing blow!

8 Farrah Abraham Topped Herself During A Visit With Dr. Phil

Considering her track record, it's pretty impressive that Farrah Abraham's appearance on Dr. Phil was actually so cringe-worthy. Her past appearances on shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, were surely going to be hard to top. However, she managed to do so while chatting with Phil. Obviously, Dr. Phil was giving her a hard time, but all Abraham was able to retort with was eye-rolls and a pouty face.

7 The Man Who Claimed To Be The Genius Behind Taylor Swift

Riley's mother brought him onto the show, because she was greatly concerned for her son. She informed Phil that he was a master liar and manipulator. During the segment, Riley told Phil he had written almost all of Taylor Swift's hit songs. Obviously, it didn't take very long for Dr. Phil to get to the bottom of things ...

6 Dr. Phil Had Some Questions For Octomom ...

There was a time when "Octomom" was the biggest news around town. After already giving birth to Septuplets (6 babies), she went on to pursue in-vitro fertilization once again. The woman wound up being pregnant with Octuplets (8 babies) the second time around! Needless to say, there were a lot of questions that had to be answered ...

5 Dina Lohan Didn't Quite Seem Herself During Her Interview With Dr. Phil

After the mother of Lindsay Lohan appeared on Dr. Phil, many viewers were left wondering whether or not she had been intoxicated during the interview. Dina Lohan didn't seem to be all there, plus she was slurring quite a bit. After Dr. Phil accused her of being "phony" and "inauthentic", she proceeded to flip the host off. Yikes!

4 The Woman Who Divorced Her Husband Because Of A Celebrity Crush

We've all had celebrity crushes, but Jenna took hers to the extreme. After meeting her celebrity crush Kip Moore at a concert, she almost immediately went home to divorce her husband. While on the show, Dr. Phil finally got her to accept the fact that in no universe would she ever end up with the country singer.

3 We Don't Think Dr. Phil Was Buying Nick Gordon's Story

Nick Gordon's story is a tough one for most to believe. The man was around during the tragic passings of both Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Both of the incidents were just so similar, that many found to hard to believe that Gordon wasn't somehow involved. Dr. Phil allowed him on the show to give his side of the story, but still not everyone was buying it.

2 Kim Richards Refused Rehab For "Diva Reasons"

Dr. Phil gave Kim Richards a pretty sweet opportunity. After many personal and legal struggles with substance abuse, Kim Richards appeared on the show. Dr. Phil offered her a fully paid-for trip to rehab, but Richards was reluctant. Her reasons for refusing were pretty strange, so Dr. Phil obviously had to call her out.

1 The Woman Who Checked Herself Into A Mental Hospital To Get A Vacation Away From Her Family

Don't get us wrong, it's totally understandable that someone would want a break from their hectic life, though the way Amber went about it was pretty concerning. While on the show, Amber confessed that she would check herself into local mental hospitals for the sole purpose for getting a vacation away from her family.

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