20 Disney Characters And Their Real Life Twins

We love Disney; who doesn’t, right? Disney’s reach is so completely and fully integrated into our society that it’s not hard for us to name at least one Disney character, even if we wouldn’t call ourselves superfans.

This kind of cultural impact that Disney has is incredible and is something that we believe will last into many future generations.

Disney as a company seems to work mostly in animation. The women and men of old Disney are pulled straight from classic fairytales and other made-up stories. This results in a magical, over-the-top style that’s relatable, accessible, and imagination-sparking.

We love them for nostalgic reasons but really have come to enjoy the new Disney era even more. Movies like Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, and Tangled are all giving us major creative vibes.

From different art styles to different story inspirations, the new Disney is impacting the world in a whole new way. Could this mean more live action movies are coming? We sure hope so.

In order to prepare for that new wave, we decided to find the stars who totally twin with Disney characters. Some of them are more surprising than we’d think!

20 Tinker Bell Might Be A Different Height, But Michelle Williams Has The Look


We all remember the fun and magical movie Peter Pan, right? While it’s been both a cartoon and a stage play, the characters themselves have always remained quintessentially the same. This is especially true for our favorite fairy in the Disney canon, Tinker Bell.

The tiny, sassy sprite follows Peter Pan and helps him share his magic with the kids he meets. Who better than Michelle Williams for sharing magic? Not only does she have that mischievous smile, but she also has the look. She might be taller than the two-inch Tinker Bell, but she’s just as magical! Plus her beautiful blonde hair is almost spot on.

19 And Peter Pan Is Totally Twinned By Justin Bieber


We couldn’t look at Tinker Bell without giving her a Peter Pan to play off of! While Justin Bieber is a little older (and a little more hip) than the Peter Pan of yore, facially his features are almost exactly what the character of Peter Pan calls for. Justin Bieber seems to be growing up fast, which is something that Peter Pan always avoided.

However, he’s still got that playfulness that Peter Pan needs. Not to mention the boyish looks and easy going smile. His delight is palpable, which is exactly what Peter Pan shows as well. In this photo, his hair color is also incredibly close to Pan’s!

18 Sonequa Martin-Green Is Tiana's Twin


Not sure who Sonequa Martin-Green is? It’s time to get to know her, as she’s a legit Disney princess. However, that’s not what IMDb lists as her professional position of choice. In fact, her bio identifies her as a producer and an actor, most notably playing on The Walking Dead.

While zombies aren’t very Disney-esque, she’s definitely the perfect fit for Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. An infectious smile, a great laugh, and absolutely gorgeous as well. That’s enough for us to start calling her Tiana, though we hope that she hasn’t been going around kissing any frogs lately!

17 We Would Love To See A Real Life Little Mermaid By Renee Olstead


Real talk, the first person that came to our mind was Isla Fisher. However, Ariel is, in the movies at least, portrayed as being very, very young. That’s when Renee Olstead came to mind and she is arguably even better.

While she might not have the same comedic timing (or appropriate last name) as Fisher, Olstead has something better: an incredible voice. This singer/actor is definitely a great twin for Ariel from The Little Mermaid. With that fiery red hair and her well-kept voice, this is a woman who’s only really missing the tail in order to be Ariel’s true twin.

16 Along With Her Prince Eric, Ian Somerhalder


It would be a lost opportunity to talk about Ariel without mentioning her prince, Eric. Sure, the message in this movie isn’t great as far Disney movies go. After all, haven’t we been working for a long time to break down this idea that women should give up parts of themselves in order to be with someone? Or is the message more “love conquers all, even octo-witches”?

However we want to slice it, The Little Mermaid wouldn’t be the movie it is without Eric. What better person to portray him than Ian Somerhalder, who has that princely jawline already? All he needs to do is brush his hair!

15 Amanda Seyfried Would Look Like Rapunzel (If She Got Some Extensions)


Tangled is a Disney movie that features a bit of a different artistic style. While the other movies we’ve looked at so far have been firmly in that old-style, hand-drawn cartoon kind of animation, Tangled is a newer Disney movie which features a much more rounded, computer-y animation style. Admittedly, we’re not sure what it’s called. However, it’s definitely adorable.

With big eyes, long lashes, and beautiful blonde hair, Rapunzel is totally twinned by Amanda Seyfried. All she needs is a couple of extensions to take her locks from long to Rapunzel length! She’s even got the accessories to match that Disney princess vibe.

14 Dev Patel Totally Twins With Aladdin

time.com (Photo by Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic)/nerdist.com

Not sure who Dev Patel is? Maybe you’d know him by his character name. We feel that more people should know him as an actor, as he’s a wonderful performer. His IMDb reminds us that he played the lead in Slumdog Millionaire, which is where the world first heard Patel’s name. While he hasn’t had many large roles thrown his way since, everything he has done has been a great performance.

We would have loved to see him play the fiery Aladdin, but alas, that live-action opportunity went to another deserving actor. Oh well! At least he has bragging rights regarding his twinning with Aladdin.

13 While Naomi Scott Was Truly The Top Choice For Jasmine


Performing in the new live action Aladdin isn’t the only large part that Naomi Scott has booked lately, as Hollywood Reporter reminds us that she’s also going to be in the new Charlie’s Angels reboot. This kind of action movie training is the perfect lead up for a character like Jasmine, who’s a total boss in the cartoon and deserves a kick-you-know-what lady to play her!

Naomi Scott has the fine features of Jasmine, as well as the intelligence and poise to pull off being the princess who keeps a tiger as a pet. While her hair might not be as big as the cartoon’s, we’re willing to overlook it.

12 Lily Collins Is Always Our Fantasy Belle


Many people disagree with us on this one, but we’re sticking by our beliefs. Lily Collins would be an amazing Belle, and looks so incredibly similar to the beauty from Beauty and the Beast. She’s young enough that we believe she could totally pass for the intelligent princess.

Not only that, but her IMDb list is full of roles that are intelligent, strong, and a little bit quirky. She’s got the hair, the eyebrows, and the eyes to perfectly match Belle as well. Plus, we’re pretty sure she would look amazing in that big, yellow dress. We made our case; who else agrees with us now? It’s hard to unsee her Belle-ness!

11 And Taylor Kitsch Is The Perfect Beast


Okay, okay; Taylor Kitsch is a little older now than in this picture, but there’s no denying the fact that he looks just so much like the human form of the Beast. Just look at those luscious lips! The long hair also helps add to our assertion, considering the fact that the Beast is pretty much covered in hair.

While the blonde isn’t exactly spot on, that romantic look in his eyes is definitely perfect. The Beast ends up being a surprisingly romantic gentleman, which is part of the reason we chose Kitsch in the the first place. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s certainly the cup for us!

10 Lorde Has The Hair To Play Merida


Merida is a difficult character to twin with, namely because of her signature hair. You know what we’re talking about: that huge, fluffy, curly hair the color of a delicious apple. We personally really love this boss lady from Brave, and we’re surprised that more people aren’t as passionate about her as a character.

Maybe it’s because she’s so unique, it’s hard to find common ground. Very few of us are archers, after all, and even fewer of us have the hair! Lorde, however, always makes us think of Merida. As a fighter, a strong woman, and with the curly hair that could easily pass for Merida's, Lorde is a total twin.

9 Q'orianka Kilcher Has Already Played Pocahontas


Here’s a twin who’s actually played the character that she resembles! While the movie Pocahontas has a lot of problems, in our opinion, one of the things we’ll always appreciate is seeing first nations representation on the screen. We’re sure that Disney would do it better today, now that there’s more of an understanding about the need for accuracy in those representations.

But Q'orianka Kilcher, according to her IMDb, has already played Pocahontas, as seen in this picture. While it wasn’t the Disney movie, we believe that she and her outspoken spirit were always meant to twin with Pocahontas, historically and representationally.

8 We'd Totally Believe Chris Hemsworth As John Smith


The blonde hair, bright eyes, and scruffy beard scream John Smith, don’t they? Chris Hemsworth seems to be a very nice guy. Often portraying the superhero roles and the strong guy roles, his IMDb is full of credits. From Thor to the pre-production Hulk Hogan biopic, Hemsworth has over forty credits on his IMDb alone. This is incredibly impressive, and is part of the reason that he was likely going to be on this list somewhere.

He’s a physically a fit for the cartoon John Smith, although emotionally and personality-wise he’s definitely very much the opposite; just watch his Thor portrayal!

7 Lili Reinhart Is A Total Elsa


Look at that smile! Lili Reinhart has truly ascended to super stardom thanks in part to her role as Betty on the popular CW show Riverdale. While she had a smattering of credits in the years before booking Riverdale, this character has really put her on the map; and for good reason!

Reinhart is a sweetheart, and is someone that we would love to sit down and have coffee with. From her stunning smile to her blonde hair to her we-can-do-anything attitude, Lili is definitely the perfect match to twin with Elsa. We wouldn’t even be surprised to learn that she has magic powers!

6 Along With Emma Stone Being A True Anna


See? Right down to the side braid! Emma Stone was meant to play Anna, if they ever decide to turn the animated feature Frozen into a full, live action movie. But the red hair is only the beginning of similarities between Anna and Emma Stone.

Not only does her gritty side pair well with Anna’s attitude, but both of them also have similar facial structures and eye colors. They’re truly a great pair, and one that we didn’t even realize before stumbling across this picture of her with that quintessentially Anna side-braid. Someone call Disney; we have to get this live action remake in the works!

5 Chris Pratt's Got The Comedy Skills For Hercules


Hercules is a tricky one to twin with, but we believe that Chris Pratt could (and should) be Hercules’s twin. Let’s look at the facts, here: if Pratt grew out his hair he’d have a similar kind of flowing swoop that Hercules has. Not to mention the fact that his facial features are incredibly similar.

His size is another factor, which looks incredibly similar to the strong man’s when he’s bulked up. Not to mention the humor! This has to be the biggest reason as to why we picked Pratt over anyone else. He’s got the comedic timing and the can-do attitude that perfectly aligns with Hercules.

4 Meg Has Always Reminded Us Of Elizabeth Gillies


Who could be Hercules without a Meg by their side? In the movie, Meg is a sassy and sweet character who ends up standing with Hercules. We really love the relationship they have, and not to mention Meg’s attitude. While we can’t be sure if Pratt and Gillies would have this same kind of rapport, we do think that they would look like the perfect, herculean couple.

While Meg might have a bigger, more cartoon-y hairstyle, Elizabeth Gillies is someone who could easily pull it off with a little help from hairspray. Her intelligence and her hair color both scream Meg like nobody else.

3 Shailene Woodley Gives Off The Aura Of Aurora


Maybe it’s her I-wish-I-was-in-bed look that seems to be coming through in this picture, or maybe it’s her long, beautiful hair. Whatever the reason, Shailene Woodley is totally giving off an Aurora aura. The sleeping beauty in Sleeping Beauty, this is a character that’s from the very early Disney canon. Due to that, she doesn’t have a whole lot of unique characteristics or superpowers like some of the other contemporary women.

That being said, we believe Woodley could do a lot with the character, and think that she passes for the perfect twin at first glance. We hope she doesn’t do much sewing!

2 And Freddie Stroma HAS To Be Philip


For those that aren’t up on the Disney classics, Philip is the prince’s name in Sleeping Beauty. When it comes to the really old animations, it can be difficult to figure out a twin for the characters. They’re just so perfectly drawn that it’s a challenge to figure out how to translate them off of the animation cell and into the real world.

Thankfully we stumbled across Freddie Stroma, who’s a surprisingly accurate double for Philip from Sleeping Beauty. That manicured hair, the blonde color, and his incredibly strong jawline. All of these are definitely shouting Disney dude. Imagine if he was paired with Woodley!

1 Who Could Deny Howard Stern As Captain Hook?


The last name on our list is none other than Howard Stern. Not only does he have the acting chops to be able to pull off Captain Hook, but he’s got the hair for it too! While we have seen people comparing him to Hook before, it’s still hilarious every time we read about it. We just had to include him on this list.

It’s not just the hair that makes them #twinning either. It’s the nose, the jaw, and his powerful eyes. We would totally believe that this dude is a pirate; wouldn’t you? Captain Hook might not be as flattering a comparison as Tinker Bell, but boy, is it accurate in this case!

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