20 Disturbing Things That Actually Happen During Labor

Labor can be filled with bewildering things that only women who have been through it multiple times can expect. Seriously, so many moms-to-be are completely in the dark about the oddest things that can occur during the act of labor. One of the results of all the intensity is the runs. Yes, actually, toilet paper is needed.

Having to go to the bathroom on the spot while delivering a beautiful baby does seem out of place especially given the beauty of the moment. But it's one of the things that can really happen. This list will go into detail about this specific occurrence as well as 19 others that moms should expect. Without further ado, here are 20 unpleasant things that really happen during labor.

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20 Bye, Bye To That Mucus Plug... AKA "The Dangler"

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Women going through labor should expect "the dangler". More often than not, the mucus plug will come out before labor, but it can also happen during labor. This means that a bit of dangling material can come out of you or be extracted by the nurse or doctor. These plugs come in all shapes and sizes but it's typically not very pleasant looking. But it's a must if the baby is going to come out happily.

19 And... In Comes The Nausea

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You should expect to feel pretty nauseated during the act of labor. This is just a stimulus-response to feeling the baby moving quickly through your birth canal. Feeling nauseated can also be a result of your BP fluctuating, which is a natural result of delivery. There's nothing to worry about here, but you should definitely keep your doctors in the loop.

18 A Sudden Dislike For The Spouse

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Look, emotions run high during labor. Therefore, you shouldn't be taken back by the feeling of dislike or major frustration with your partner. Your hormones are through the roof and your body is going through a lot. This makes every minor agitation feel like the end of the world. Don't worry, these feelings will pass. That is unless you actually have deep-seated anger for your spouse. if that's the case, see a couple's counselor.

17 There's A Particular Possibility Of Episiotomy / Natural Tearing

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Natural tearing of the tissue is something that can happen thanks to the intense pressure that your nether regions are experiencing during labor. This something that needs to occur for the baby to pass through the birth canal safely. Some women even choose to have an episiotomy, which is when a doctor will take a scalpel and do it in order to avoid the baby doing it themselves. Don't worry; eventually, it will heal.

16 Yep, The Runs Are Absolutely Possible And Maybe Even To Be Expected

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So, thanks to all that pressure going on down there, your body could feel the need to release anything that's in your bowels. That means that you're likely to have some runs pour out of you and onto the delivery table or the floor. This may be embarrassing, but the nurses are more than used to it and have to clean it up while the baby is coming out.

15 A Visit From The "Number 1" Fan

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A visit from your "number 1" fan is also very possible during childbirth. This is because the contractions put a crazy amount of pressure on your bladder during the event. Additionally, the process of childbirth will make the pelvic floor muscles stretch, making it likely that the bedding will soak up a bit of that urine during the event. There's really no need to feel unhappy about this. It's part of the process.

14 Crying Is Inevitable... It's like Watching The End Of Titanic

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Whether you cried at the end of Titanic or not, you will be crying during childbirth. This is because women in labor have a surge of hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone. The levels of these hormones go haywire and can contribute to major mood swings, most of which are emotional meaning... yes... you will be crying your eyes out. Honestly, childbirth is just so intense that it may feel good to cry a bit.

13 If It Ain't Comin' Out The Bottom, It'll Come Out The Top

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Okay, so we've talked about the very strong possibility of going number 1 and number 2 during the act of childbirth, but it coming out the top is very likely as well. No one likes having an upset stomach or re-tasting the food they ate hours before, but due to the fluctuating hormone levels in a woman's body, it's possible that upchucking can happen during labor. Additionally, this tends to be a side-effect of having an epidural.

12 Flatulence Isn't Flattering But It Is Common

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It's true, flatulence isn't flattering. But moms going through labor for the very first time will be surprised that a lot of it is a distinct possibility. Passing gas during labor occurs because it gets stuck inside the lower half of a woman's body when the baby begins to descend into the bottom of the womb. Epidurals can exacerbate the flatulence problem immensely. So, yeah, all the doctors and nurses are going to hear it.

11 The Baby Isn't The Only Thing That Comes Out

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Believe it or not, many new moms-to-be have no clue that the baby isn't the only thing that comes out of them during labor. There's one more thing that comes out of a woman's nether regions, and that's the placenta. Sometimes a simple massage is enough to get the placenta to leave the body, but most of the time contractions and active labor are what is going to expel it from the body.

10 The Pain Meds May Not Work Like They're Supposed To

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Medication not working is something that actually can happen during labor. This is because every woman's body is different. Some respond to things like the epidural much more effectively than others. Sometimes the epidural only works on one side of the body, which is better than nothing but certainly not what it's supposed to do. This is something that you can only wait and see what your reaction will be.

9 Endorphins Kick In Just Like A Great Workout

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Some women are concerned about not being up to the task of giving birth, but the truth is that the female body always kicks things into gear. A woman's body is built for this task and will increase the steady flow of endorphins. This makes sure that every mom feels like they are powerful enough to give birth to their child. It's similar to the feeling experienced during a great workout.

8 Those Legs May Just Go Numb

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If you have an epidural, it's almost guaranteed that you won't be able to feel their legs. But even without an epidural, those legs can feel numb. This is because it's a side-effect of the hyperventilation experienced during childbirth. This phenomenon doesn't shake experienced moms, but it does awe some women who haven't experience childbirth before.

7 If There's An Epidural, A Catheter Is Needed

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Oh yeah, you will need a catheter inserted if you have an epidural. This is merely a tiny injection that a nurse has to make and isn't all that uncomfortable. Because an epidural relaxes and numbs the lower half of the body, you will be unable to get up to go to the bathroom, meaning that those number 1's have to go somewhere. And since going number 1 is highly likely during labor, a catheter is the best bet.

6 Talking Stops And Groaning Never Ends

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First-time mothers are often totally unaware that they will be pretty incoherent during childbirth. Beforehand, they probably could talk up a storm, especially while making sure the nurses are tending to them. But when they go into labor, they will be groaning instead. This is a normal occurrence as a lot of pressure is put on the body that makes talking far more challenging than before.

5 A Need For A Pillow From Home

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Hospitals tend to have a shortage of pillows which can cause some issues for moms-to-be who want some cushion for every part of their body. Additionally, hospital pillows never tend to be all that comfortable. This is why many women start wanting their own pillows from home during labor. They want something that can make their head and back feel comfortable while the rest of them is actively doing a ton of work. A pro-tip is to bring a couple from home that you don't mind getting sweaty.

4 It's No Earthquake, It's Just The Shakes

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Don't worry about getting the shakes or experience your teeth chattering during labor. This is an uncontrollable and very common occurrence. While the cause of the shaking isn't known, it may be a result of the surging hormones in your body. Regardless, doctors don't feel there's any need to be concerned with it. It's just something that tends to happen during labor.

3 There'll Be Some Pressure In The Rear

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Moms are often unprepared for the sensation in their back half or lower body during labor. They definitely expect their lower-fronts to feel pressure, but don't expect to feel it in their lower back or their rear-end. The reason for this is that the baby is creating pressure all over your lower body, not just the front. It's nothing to worry about, it's just another reason why some women go for the epidural.

2 The Spouse Will Feel Some Things That They Don't Want To Feel

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Your spouse is going to be experiencing some discomfort during labor as well. This can be slightly surprising for first-timers, but it's the truth. Chances are your spouse's hand will be squeezed a bit too tightly during labor. This can result in them having some pretty notable bruises all over their hands and arms. But it's nothing in comparison to what the mom-to-be will experience.

1 The Throat Will Sound Raspier Than Nick Nolte

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Actor Nick Nolte is notorious for having a really hoarse and gravely voice. it's one of the things that's made him famous. Moms during delivery should expect to sound a little bit like him. This is because mom moms screech during labor and this can leave them feeling quite sore in the throat and even cause them to lose their voice just like they would at a loud concert.

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