20 Details TLC Left Out On "Little People, Big World"

Little People, Big World premiered its 14th season in April 2019. The show, which has been on air since 2006, focuses on the lives of the Roloff family. Mom and Dad, Amy and Matthew Roloff both have dwarfism. Together, they have four kids but only one of them has dwarfism.

Fans have walked with this family as they deal with living with dwarfism, they have witnessed the parents' divorce and are currently enjoying the weddings and pregnancies. However, like any other family, the Roloffs also have their scandals. Although there are cameras following them every other moment of the day, many scenes do not make it to air.

From family wrangles, controversial statements to getting on the wrong side of the law, the Roloffs would probably not want some of these secrets coming out in the open. Here are some details that did not make it to the show.

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20 Molly Is Noticeably Absent

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Molly has been noticeably absent on the show over the years. According to goodhousekeeping, Molly is now an accountant, married and lives in Spokane, Washington. Her home is a long drive from the Roloff farm and therefore she cannot always be there for filming. However, she does visit her family every opportunity she gets.

19 Jeremy And Audrey Have Other Interests

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After Molly left the show, Jeremy and his wife Audrey also announced that they would no longer appear on the show. As stated on tvshowsace, the couple wanted to step away from the spotlight and focus on other personal projects. They have a new book out, A Love Letter Life and a clothing company.

18 Matt Roloffs Was Arrested For DUI

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Matt Roloff’s DUI arrest is another detail that the producers on Little People Big World (LPBW) left out. Matt has had two DUI arrests. The first one happened in 2003 but the charges were dropped because he took an alcohol diversion program. The other occurrence was in 2007; he could not keep his van within the lane and therefore police arrested him as nickiswift points out.

17 Jacob Roloff’s Estrangement After Leaving


When Jacob, the youngest Roloff decided to leave the show, he became estranged from his family. According to Screenrant, the departure caused a major rift because Jacob blamed his parents for forcing him to be on the show. To top it all, he received compensation for his appearance. The family members have since then made amends.

16 Camerino Gonzalez Departure Story

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Camerino Gonzalez was the Roloff family’s farmhand and he left the show because authorities decided to deport him to Mexico. According to the inquisitr, Gonzalez was not just an immigrant, he had a previous conviction of reckless driving, driving under the influence, and cocaine possession. The family’s petition to have his deportation overturned was not successful.

15 Caryn’s Son's Trouble With The Law

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The show usually glossed over many unappealing aspects of the cast’s lives. Caryn, Matt’s new girlfriend recently introduced her son Connor and daughter Brittany on the show. However, her son’s troubles with the law did not make it on screen. As disclosed by cheatsheet, authorities have arrested Connor twice for theft and criminal mischief and he has struggled with substance addiction for a while. However, he has gone to rehab and seems to be doing well.

14 Jeremy’s Comments On MySpace

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People have celebrated Jeremy for condoning the use of the word “Midget” to refer to little people. However, LPBW has left out his usage of derogatory language on his MySpace page. According to Screenrant, Jeremy and his friends have uttered racial and homophobic words online. However, he did all this when he was a teenager. He has now grown out of the behavior.

13 A Farm Visitor Sued The Roloffs

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The details of the farm visitor who sued the family did not make it on LPBW. A woman called Linda Farrall sued the Roloffs for negligence. She was injured while on their farm because the Roloffs had not provided safety measures that would have prevented the accident as noted by Screenrant.

12 Their Unsuccessful Attempt To Sue A Guy

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Amy and Matt tried to sue a  building inspector but it did not work out in their favor. According to RadarOnline, Amy had to endure a terrifying encounter at the hands of a building service inspector, who attacked her after she questioned his motives after allegedly sneaking onto their farm. The couple would have made $160,000, but unfortunately, a judge dismissed the case.

11 Amy’s Regret On How She Handled Her Divorce

Via: goodhousekeeping.com

Amy’s feelings about her divorce did not make it on LPBW but she did capture them on her new book, A Little Me. According to goodhousekeeping, Amy had so many regrets about how she handled her divorce. She admitted to being on defense mode always and confessed that she had built a wall around her to protect herself emotionally.

10 Jeremy And Audrey's First Meeting

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Jeremy and Audrey were one of the show’s favorite couple, that is before they left. However, their first meeting did not make it on LPBW but it featured in their new book. According to goodhousekeeping, the two met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. Jeremy had to spend a considerable amount of time pursuing Audrey before she agreed to date him.

9 Jacob Does Not Have The Same Religious Beliefs As The Family

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Viewers have always seen the Roloffs to be a conservative religious family on air. However, Jacob’s religious views did not feature on the show. As stated by thelist, Jacob has been a loose cannon especially after leaving the show. He does not consider himself a Christian especially after having analyzed its practices.

8 Audrey And Jacob Do Not See Eye To Eye

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The feud between Audrey and Jacob did not make it on LPBW; however, it is clear from social media posts. Nickiswift notes that their issues greatly stem from having different views about Christianity. Audrey does not agree with Jacob’s dating style. She also posted a not so nice comment on her Instagram allegedly attacking Jacob’s proposal.

7 Audrey Is An Avid Runner

Via: thelist.com

Before Audrey graced our screens, she was an avid runner and apparently still is. She does not just jog in the neighborhood, she runs for sports and has been keen on this interest. This is probably why she was quickly able to snap back to her pre-pregnancy body after giving birth to baby Ember as revealed by thelist.

6 The Roloffs Neighbors Probably Do Not Like Living Next To The Family

Via: wikimedia.org

The Roloff’s neighbors are at times not big fans of the family and this detail has never made it on the show. The squabbles arise mostly during pumpkin season when visitors flock the farm. The activities disturb the neighborhood’s peace and quiet. According to Screenrant, a few neighbors have even expressed that they are not too happy with the commotion.

5 Audrey Had Another Job Before

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People probably think Audrey has been a reality star for the most part. However, before she decided to be a full-time blogger and a cast member on the LPBW show, she was an accounts manager at Gallo Wine Company in Los Angeles. She would commute every day from West Hollywood and had to work crazy hours as stated on thelist.

4 Audrey And Jeremy Are Not Pro LGBTQ

Via: news.yahoo.com

Audrey and Jeremy are firm believers in their faith, which made the duo come under fire for not supporting the LGBTQ community. According to radaronline, Audrey once stated that the marriage advice she dishes out on her blog was for opposite-gender marriages and not same-gender ones. This response triggered a backlash.

3 Tori Was Employed At The Farm

Via: news.google.com

Details of how Tori came to meet Zach Roloff has not been detailed on LPBW. According to nickiswift, Tori worked at the Roloff farms during one of the annual pumpkin seasons and this is where she met Zach. Their first date lasted five hours. The pair is now married with one child and they have another one on the way.

2 Zach Is Worried About Tori’s Spending Habits

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Zach and Tori rely on the LPBW show for income and because TLC can cancel the show at any time, Zach feels Tori should cut down on her spending habits. The details of this matter did not make it on the show but viewers found some details out when Zach confided in his father about the issue before their wedding. Tori’s spending is still a concern as nickiswift reveals.

1 Online Feuds

Via: inquisitr.com

The things that Tori and Zach post about on social media did not make it on LPBW. Tori once shared a photo of their son sited on a lawn tractor and as expected, the mom-shammers were not having it as stated on nickiswift. Tori responded to the negative comments and explained that the mower was not on but the internet trolls reined even more fire on her.

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