20 Dark Secrets The Full House Cast Tried To Hide From Superfans

Growing up in the '90s was a wonderful time, and so many parts of it were so good and successful that they are still relevant today. Full House was one of the best wholesome family TV shows of the '90s. Everyone tuned in to watch the Tanner family get into mischief and learn some valuable family life lessons.

Full House is still enjoying being binge-watched on Netflix, and there is the new spin-off, Fuller House, that is a hit. Despite it being a wholesome, PG-friendly show, there are a bunch of dark secrets hidden within the cast that they have tried to keep on the DL.

There is, of course, worry that if fans knew these secrets, their view of the show may change and they may see it in a whole new light. Here are 20 of the darkest secrets that they have tried to bury and bury deep.

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20 Bad, Bad Uncle Jesse!


Uncle Jesse was one of the most-loved characters of the show, and he was played by the very handsome and charming John Stamos. He may have been a bit of a wild-uncle, but he would never do what the real John did.

In 2015, John was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He received three years of probation as a punishment.

19 Her Last Name May Be Sweetin, But That’s About It!


Jodie Sweetin played middle daughter Stephanie Tanner. She was often seen getting into trouble on the show, but that was nothing compared to her real life struggles.

Like a lot of child actors, Sweetin unfortunately developed an addiction problem. This started at the age of 13 when the show went off the air.

18 Someone Has Been Married More Than Once!


Sweetin has also had her problems in the relationship sector, seeing as she seems to find it hard to stay in one. Sweetin has been married and divorced three separate times.

This is all by the time she was the age of 33. Sweetin has two children from two of the men she was married to.

17 There Are More Cast Members, We Swear!


OK, this is our last entry on Jodi Sweetin, we are just getting it all out of the way. Her three divorces was not the end of her relationship status. She became engaged to Justin Hodak but that relationship would not end in happy ever after.

She ended up filing a restraining order against Hodak. This was after he threatened self-harm if she ever were to leave him.

16 Views Are A Little Too Conservative


Candace Cameron-Bure played older sister DJ Tanner on the show. Being the oldest sibling holds a certain responsibility to it. DJ always stood up for herself, but Candace has a much more conservative view in her real life.

She has described her role in her marriage as very submissive and that her husband holds all the control in the relationship.

15 Did Mary-Kate Help End A Life?


This one is a little odd and it involves Mary-Kate Olsen and Heath Ledger. When Heath Ledger was found in his hotel room, the maid called Mary-Kate before she called police.

When she was questioned about this, Mary-Kate refused to talk unless she was granted immunity. The case was dropped eventually but that hasn't stopped people from questioning what really happened.

14 One Of The Twins Did Not Like To Eat


The Olsen twins were constantly being watched, and this led a lot of people to notice that Mary-Kate (pictured left) was looking very skinny. Many fans were worried about her health.

In 2004, Mary-Kate checked herself into a rehab facility to deal with an eating disorder. She opened up about her journey saying that it takes a strong person to reach out and admit that they need help. We agree.

13 This Wholesome Family Had Their Spats


They may have seemed like a loving and happy family on the TV show, but any family is sure to have their disagreements and fights.

When they were getting together for the remake, Fuller House, fans were shocked to learn that the Olsen twins would not be returning to the show. John Stamos uploaded a tweet saying "I call bull&*^%" that many think was aimed at the Olsen twins excuse for not being on the show. The excuse being that they hadn't acted in a long time.

12 Joey Ended Up In A Rock Song? It’s Not Always An Honour


Dave Coulier played Joey Gladstone, and he was the fun "uncle" on the show. He was always cracking jokes and catch phrases, and his impressions were spot on. However, he had a sordid relationship that may have landed him in a very popular rock song.

Coulier dated Alanis Morissette and apparently he is the inspiration for her song, "you Oughta Know." If you listen to the lyrics, this definitely does not sound like an honour one would want to have.

11 Don’t Expect A Danny Tanner In Real Life


Bob Saget played the family patriarch, Danny Tanner. He seemed like a wholesome dad with very high ethics and values. However, Bob Saget started his career as a comedian. If you don't want your view of Danny Tanner to change, don't watch any of his routines.

His routines contained a lot of crude and vulgar content that is definitely not appropriate for young children.

10 A Weird Bromance


When the show first started, the producers had a great idea to send all three leading men on a little trip to help them bond. The hope is that it would make their on-screen chemistry even better.

It didn't really work as planned, John and Dave got along great and ended up leaving Bob out of a lot of things.

9 The Olsen Twins Almost Left


It is hard to imagine what the show would be like if it weren't for the Olsen twins. That was almost a reality. There was a point when the Olsen girl's mom wanted to pull them from the show. She was worried they would not have a normal childhood.

This idea quickly ended when the mother was offered a salary increase to keep the girls on the show.

8 Bob Saget Did Not Approve …


Just as it is hard to imagine Full House without the Olsen twins it is also hard to imagine it without Bob Saget as Danny Tanner. Well, that almost happened.

He may not want to admit it now, but there was a time when Bob Saget almost left the show. He felt that the plot was "too cheesy" and he didn't want to be associated with what he thought was a "low-quality TV show."

7 … He Also Couldn’t Keep it Clean!


There was another problem with Bob Saget and it caused him to clash with producers a lot. Since he was a not-so-clean comedian before his time as Danny Tanner, he had difficulty keeping it PG on set.

He was constantly in talks with production because he could not stop swearing and saying vulgar things while on the set. There were (obviously) a lot of children around who were exposed to the filthy language.

6 Ashley Was Almost Fired!


The two Olsen girls were hired to play Michelle Tanner, one child. This is something that is often done when casting young babies and children. However, as the girls grew older it became clearer that the girls were not actually identical.

Production was worried about this and actually contemplated firing Ashley at one point, and just keeping Mary-Kate. John Stamos is the one who saved the day and insisted that they keep both girls.

5 Getting ‘High’ On Set


The three gentlemen also got into a bit of trouble when they decided to have some "fun" with empty containers of whip cream.

They all went into a dressing room and locked the doors and inhaled the air left in the containers. This is not advised and lead to them having some funny feelings for a bit after. This is not something that is considered safe and no one should partake in it.

4 Inappropriate Business With A Doll


There was an incident involving Bob Saget and a doll that everyone would like forgotten. They had a wax doll that was meant to be a stand-in for Michelle. Bob Saget was caught smacking the doll around and making some very inappropriate comments.

He didn't realize the cameras were on, and the production crew saw everything he had done. Needless to say, he was called into a meeting shortly after to talk about his constant inappropriate behaviour.

3 Uncle Jesse Was Mean!


It has always seemed that, like in the show, John Stamos and the Olsen twins were very close. However, that was not always the case.

There was a time when Stamos demanded that the twins be fired immediately and be replaced. At the time, the twins were very young and during one on-set tantrum, he was fed-up and wanted them to be replaced.

2 Questionable Drawings


Every show has script readings, where the cast would read through the script before the actual show was recorded.

It turns out that the guys couldn't even keep it appropriate at this point either. They were often caught drawing very inappropriate things on the script. This would cause another meeting of inappropriate behaviour.

1 Couldn’t Keep Their Pants On


While the show seemed fun and carefree, there was one moment in particular that the three male leads were having a hard time filming.

In order to get through it, Dave Coulier decided they should all take their pants off to lighten the mood. They all agreed and in that moment moms of some of the cast walked in and saw the male leads without anything on their bottom half.

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