20 Details Kris Jenner Shared About Her Never-Seen-Before Home (& We're Freaking Out)

Here's a kicker: the homes fans see on KUWTK aren't the Kardashian-Jenner clan's actual homes. They are just dummies.

So when we found out Kris Jenner had invited Architectural Digest into her private mansion for an exclusive never-seen-before cover story, we had to know everything!

After all, the family is extremely careful about revealing details about their homes, even if they share pretty much everything else with us about their personal lives. And for good reason too.

Because years back when the show was shot within Kris and Bruce's real Beverly Hills home, they had a bad time with naïve folks showing up outside their gate. Some had even found a way to get into the compound! And that's not even half as worrying as that recent break-in incident at Kendall Jenner's house.

But safety was not a concern when it came to the Architectural Digest shoot and scoop. Because it was just about the interiors and the momager's exquisite taste in art.

And what a beautiful scoop it was!

So here are 20 details Kris shared about her Hidden Hills home with the magazine. Believe us, the pictures are so breathtaking we are still in a superstate of ecstatic frenzy!

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20 The House Is A Zen Retreat

Architectural Digest

Managing all five daughters' high-profile lives single-handedly is no easy feat.

That's why the 63-year-old momager was very clear about what she wanted her new home to look and feel like when she set out to decorate its interiors.

“I don’t enjoy going out as much as I used to. My job is so hectic and chaotic. I’m always running a million miles an hour," Kris told Architectural Digest. "I wanted my home to feel like a sanctuary, perfectly calm and peaceful.”

And boy, is it peaceful!

"I love the way the colors make me feel so calm," she elaborated in a separate video shoot for the magazine. "So it's a really special part of the end my the day."

19 It's A Waldo Fernandez And Kathleen & Tommy Clements Creation

Architectural Digest

The beautiful interior of Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills home was a collaborative project undertaken by three of the biggest interior designers of Hollywood; Waldo Fernandez of Waldo's Designs and mother-son duo Kathleen and Tommy Clements of Kathleen Clements Design.

And the designers had no trouble working with each other.

“We all trust and respect each other’s taste, so it’s not like anyone was going to bring something [distasteful] to the table," Fernandez told the magazine. "Working together allowed us to approach the project from a fresh perspective.”

18 She Wanted A Great Fireplace

Architectural Digest

To promote the March issue of their magazine, Architectural Digest uploaded a sweet chat with of Kylie and Kris on YouTube recently. And one of the questions posed to the pair was in the form of an open-ended question: "I would never buy a house without..."

To which Kris said, "I would never buy a house without a fireplace."

"Fireplaces are really important to me. Even if it's like 80 degrees outside. At 5 o' clock, the music goes on, the candles get lit, there might be a martini somewhere, and the fireplaces are on."

Well, her new home has a fireplace too. Obviously. But what you may not know is that it actually has two of them!

17 Her Personal Taste And Aesthetic Has Evolved A Lot Over The Years

Jeff Andrews

Kris has definitely gone through some massive shifts and transformations over the years. And though she still loves flamboyant things and luxurious drippings, her taste has become more tempered and mature now.

“In the ’80s, my bedroom looked like a lavender-chintz supplier threw up all over it," she told the magazine. "Robert Kardashian was such a good sport."

Thankfully, that aesthetic gave way to a phase that was all about Old Hollywood glam and splendor. She even got her previous home redecorated to bring that vision to life.

Her new home is a marked departure from all that.

16 The Rooms Are Tranquil And Monochromatic

Architectural Digest

"I love the way [the house] feels because it's a lot of open space," Kris chimes in the video shoot as she wanders through the main space of the house dressed in luxurious silk pajamas and coat. "The staircase is fabulous. And it's very calming in this room."

She turns around and laughs then. "I keep using the word calm because I need that in my life!"

And with monochromatic furniture and fittings ranging from soft gray, mauve, and gunny-bag brown, there's no other way of describing the space.

"I love this house... It makes me feel really zen and relaxed."

15 But The Kitchen Has To Be Perfect

Architectural Digest

The kitchen in Kris' new home is really something.

With cabinets brushed with dark blue-gray coats of paint, a bronzed metal chimney disappearing seamlessly into the ceiling, and marble covering every working surface, including the center table, the space invites you to come in and prepare a hearty meal for yourself.

"We're in the kitchen all the time. We pretty much live here. It's the heart of the house," Kris says in the video.

"And [I am] loving to make cookies and snacks for all the grandkids who come by on a regular basis."

14 There's A Tracey Emin Neon Sign At The End Of A Hallway

The Art Gorgeous

It's no hidden fact that Kris loves to steep herself in artistic environs. And over the years, this love has increased her art collection considerably. Some of which travel with her to every new home she builds for herself.

One such piece is a neon sign sculpted by renowned artist Tracey Emin.

The sign, which reads "I can feel you everywhere," has been given a place of prominence in her new home too. Specifically at the end of a main hallway on the ground floor.

The sign glows softly from its place of perch all day.

13 The Great Room Is Light, Airy, And Fun

Architectural Digest

Kris Jenner loves hosting people at her house. And the room where she likes to bring them to first is the great room–a spacious area, filled with Oscar Niemeyer armchairs and an ottoman, that opens through massive sliding glass doors to the pool area on one side and to the kitchen and dining space on the other.

"I love this room because it's open to the kitchen. And you can see when you're cooking and entertaining," she explains in the video. "In this part of the house, everybody can be together."

And then she goes over to the fireplace and shows us her cute Lalanne sheep sculpture.

"[I] am very proud of [it]. But the last time I entertained here and Chrissy Teigen came over, after one little glass of wine, she was riding my sheep. So that's a no, no. Don't sit on my sheep! It makes me cranky."

12 Here's A Picture Of The Pool Area

Architectural Digest

Let's all take a moment to bask in the rich cobalt blue of the swimming pool and the pristine white lounge area around it. #richlife

Can you imagine padding barefoot on a patio like this?

Diving into the water when the temperature is too balmy and you are sweating all over? Then drying off on a lounge chair as an assistant hands you a tall glass of ice-cold punch?

Ah! Sweet, sweet dreams.

Well, we can bet that this will become the grandkids' favorite part of the house come summer.

11 And The Closet...

Architectural Digest

You can't be a Kardashian (or a Jenner) and not have an impressive glam room and a walk-in closet in your house. So no surprises here that Kris has one too.

And it's a sprawling space filled from floor to ceiling with colorful purses emblazoned with big names, rows upon rows of shoes of all kinds, and a mini collection of favored libations (of course!). It's a kaleidoscope of high-end fashion fit for a woman who never ages.

And if you can take your eyes off of the glittering display, you'll notice the furniture in the space is high-end too. Like, the brown Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret chair that was once used by High Court judges in Chandigarh, India.

10 She Gave Her Decorators Complete Freedom

Architectural Digest

Now that we have sated our appetite a bit, let's discuss the process that actually gave birth to this masterpiece of a home. It started with Kris giving her decorators complete freedom to do as they pleased.

All she cared about was walking in on the day of the grand reveal and seeing a Zen refuge she would love to come back to at the end of the day.

“She said that it’s not necessarily in her nature, but that she’d trust us completely to do what we think is right,” Kathleen Clements told the magazine.

9 Instructions: Cozy And Comfortable

Architectural Digest

"Kris is a total boss," Tommy Clements told the magazine. "That’s what makes her so successful. She doesn’t ponder and worry. She makes a decision and moves on.”

And in this case too, once she made the decision to give her decorators complete creative freedom, she got out of their hair immediately. Which allowed the trio to come up with some incredible custom pieces for the house. Like, the veined marble bar in the play lounge and the master closet in the master bedroom.

"[They] did such a great job on the house. And I am thrilled," Kris said. "Everything they have done. From the colors, the palettes, stones, textures, just everything... is divine. And I love this space!"

8 "The Art Was Waiting For This House To Happen"

Architectural Digest

The interior palette might be monochromatic, but it's interjected every now and then by a pop of color brought out by the marvelous art pieces in Kris' collection. So when asked about it, she had just one response–"the art was waiting for this house to happen."

From a playful Yoshitomo Nara work hanging in the dining room to a Sergej Jensen painting near the entrance, the place is filled with art.

We even get a glimpse of the Jeff Koons balloon dog that led to the infamous Art Vandalay prank.

And then Kris shows us her beautiful Yves Klein Blue Venus enclosed in a glass case and mounted on a pillar of its own. She says she wants to have a figure like that one day... if she works out hard enough.

7 Even The Garden Is A Work Of Art

Architectural Digest

For security reasons, Architectural Digest was not allowed to take panning shots of the exterior of her house. But we do get to see a glimpse of the sprawling garden in one picture.

Dressed in an all-white outfit of Saint Laurent shirt and Céline pants, the momager can be seen leaning casually against a tree while a sheep and a lamb stand close to her.

Like the sculpture in her great room, these animals are also a product of François-Xavier Lalanne's creativity. And they fit the serene setting beautifully.

6 She Cried When She Saw The Grand Reveal

Architectural Digest

Waldo Fernandez has a long list of esteemed clients. Like, Elizabeth Taylor and Wolfgang Puck. And so do Kathleen and Tommy Clements.

Nevertheless, it can be nerve-wracking to give complete creative control your interior decorators. Because what if something goes wrong and you end up disliking the whole thing?

That didn't happen in Kris' case.

Instead, when she walked into her home for the grand reveal, she was so stunned by the results, she ended up crying tears of joy.

"Every single space gives me pleasure. Every time you turn a corner, you find something beautiful, something delicious,” she said. “I truly can’t wait to come home every day.”

5 Only Luxurious Fabrics, Please!

Architectural Digest

We all know how much the Kardashians love their furs. And their leathers. And their whispering silks.

The decorators knew it too. And so upholstered everything in fabrics revered by the pedigreed.

From suede to silk, alpaca to sheepskin, the tranquil environment in Kris' home hides a cozy heart. Right down to the custom stools surrounding the cold marble island in the kitchen.

One image is a snapshot of the momager's home theatre space. Don't those vintage Märta Blomstedt chairs look as comforting as a cloud? Like a warm hug on a cold day? Ah! Divine.

4 The Antique Furniture Collection Is Impressive

Architectural Digest

Kris has flipped enough houses in her lifetime to know the ins and outs of the real-estate business. And the business of luxurious furnishings. That's why she also has to her name an incredible collection of vintage furniture from her favorite era: the early 20th century.

From Jean Prouvé to Aldo Tura, Oscar Niemeyer to Le Corbusier, the furnishings in her new home are both classic and timeless.

And while we do not know her favorite, she was quite enthusiastic when she showed off a 1955 mini bar in the video. The same year she was born.

"And it opens up and lights up. It's like a little party all by itself."

3 She Would Never Buy A House On Stilts


In the fun interview at Kylie's house, the mother-daughter duo are posed an interesting question: "What would stop you from buying a house?"

"I would never buy a house that was on stilts," Kris says slowly.

"Yeah, that's a good one," Kylie chirps in. "I would NEVER buy a house on stilts!"

"No. Just waiting for an earthquake."

Yup. That would definitely be a disaster. Although, to be honest, houses on stilts are only built in areas prone to flooding. And most parts of California aren't going to fall into that category. Still, we have a hunch that a house on stilts just wouldn't fit the Kardashian-Jenner aesthetic anyway.

2 A Bathroom With A View

Architectural Digest

Can you imagine taking a shower in this bathroom? Standing under the cascading waters with steam billowing into every inch of the massive space?

Can you imagine filling up that porcelain tub with warm water and sprinkling it with the essence of rose or lavender? Soaking yourself as you catch up on your reading?

Well, Kris Jenner can do all that and more.

After all, bathrooms are not meant to be dingy places where you brush and shower in under 15 minutes before you run off to work. They are supposed to be wrapped in limestone and overlooking lush green grounds so each time you bathe, you can pamper yourself like you're worth everything.

1 There's Zero Rivalry Between Kris And Her Kids When It Comes To Their Homes


The Kardashian-Jenner clan have owned enough houses with enough acreage to create a mini city. But they never compete with each other when it comes to decorating their spaces.

"There’s zero rivalry when it comes to houses,” Kris told the magazine. “We’re very fortunate to live in close proximity, and we all enjoy each other’s homes."

She elaborates in the chat at Kylie's house that she's proud of all that her kids have achieved and is proud they have discovered their individual identities and passions. All of which reflects in their individual living spaces, each home as unique as every daughter.

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