20 Details About The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Case That Were Swept Under The Rug

Thanks to documentaries and the new HULU series, ‘The Act’, the case of Dee Dee Blanchard and Gypsy Rose is one of the most talked-about crimes of the year.

It was a serious case of Munchausen by Proxy. Munchausen by Proxy is when a figure in a caring position (like a mother) intentionally makes her child ill to gain sympathy, attention or financial compensation. This was the case with Dee Dee and Gypsy.

Dee Dee was intentionally lying and telling others that her daughter was ill, and boy did she profit from it. There were multiple donations, and she even got a house from Habitat for Humanity due to her daughter’s illnesses.

Gypsy eventually caught on and in order to free herself from this prison, she took matters into her own hands and ended her mother’s life. These are the things we all know, but there are some facts that are not so commonly known, but it is time to expose them.

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20 When Did The Lies End?


It can be hard to keep track of lies, so that is why people will normally stick to one or two illnesses, but not Dee Dee.

Dee Dee told many people, including Gypsy, that she was suffering from asthma, muscular dystrophy, leukemia and that she had brain damage that made her act and think like a young child.

19 The Post That Is Still There


After the murder was done, many believed that Gypsy had been kidnapped and was taken by whoever killed Dee Dee.

People were alerted by a status update on the two’s social media page. This status was done by Gypsy herself, and it is still available online to read as well.

18 Where Did Gypsy Meet Nick? P.S It’s Not Where You Would Think!


Gypsy did not act alone; she had met Nick Godejohn online and the pair would eventually go on to concoct this plan and carry it out.

While she had met Nick online, she also happened to meet him on a Christian dating website. It would seem that their intentions were not very Christian at all.

17 Did The Time Fit The Crime?


While Gypsy was suffering through years of classified child abuse, there is never an excuse to take someone else’s life, but that is exactly what she did.

Nick received a life sentence for his part in the murder and Gypsy received just 10 years in prison. She is actually set for release very soon.

16 Crimes Against A Stepmother That Are Too Awful To Write


Gypsy was not Dee Dee’s only victim, but that is the only one that is talked about. Dee Dee had a past of hurting others.

Laura Pitre was Dee Dee’s stepmother and she has stated that she had to spend nine months in bed being seriously ill. This was because (apparently) Dee had been poisoning her food with weed killer.

15 And To Her Own Mother! There Were No Limits!


Dee Dee also was not kind to her own mother. This fact has never been proved but there are a lot of people out there who believe that Dee Dee was responsible for the death of her own mother.

Other relatives in the family believe that Dee Dee had starved her own mother to death. The show, ‘The Act’ touched on the relationship, but the accuracy is questionable.

14 There Was Even Talk Of Black Magic


The family had a lot to say about Dee Dee after it was all said and done, and Dee Dee’s nephew stated that his aunt was likely into black magic.

He stated that she was really into witchcraft and enjoyed playing the Ouija board as well. She would state that if he and his cousins didn’t play with her, that the devil was going to come and get them.

13 Gypsy Loves Prison! (Imagine That!)


Prison is not somewhere that a lot of people want to go, and they actually put in a lot of effort to not go there. However, Gypsy is apparently doing well and thriving in prison and she enjoys it (to some extent).

She was living in her own prison for so long, that she has stated that she feels freer in prison than she ever did living with her own mother.

12 It Had Been Days


When police finally found Dee Dee, it had been days. She was left lying in her bed with multiple stab wounds for days before her body was discovered.

The post on social media is what alerted the community that something may be wrong. This is what finally prompted the police department to search the residence where they made the grim discovery.

11 Absent Father? Things Aren’t Always As They Appear!


Many people had believed that Gypsy’s father was absent all of her life and that he had abandoned her. This was not true. Dee Dee had kept Gypsy from her father, possibly to make sure nothing was ever found out.

Gypsy’s father actually continued to send in child support cheques all throughout her life. Now, he is very involved in Gypsy’s life now that she is in prison.

10 Doctor’s Don’t Want To Admit That They Are Not That Smart!


What most people find most confusing about this case is how no doctor seemed to catch on that nothing was wrong with Gypsy.

They went on the word of Dee Dee when it came to describing symptoms and treated what Dee Dee said her daughter was suffering with. There was one doctor who seemed to appear to catch on, and Dee Dee stopped taking Gypsy to see him.

9 A Little Squeeze Is Very Telling


Sometimes, when we look back at something, we can pick up on things that we had missed.

If we watch Dee Dee and Gypsy in interviews, we can see that Dee Dee is always touching Gypsy. That is because if Gypsy ever started saying something that may have given her away, she would give her arm a little squeeze to get her back on track.

8 Where Was Gypsy When It Was All Happening?


Gypsy was not the actual one who committed the murder. She had orchestrated it all, but her partner Nick was the one who was wielding the knife.

So, where was Gypsy when it was all happening? Well, she locked herself in the bathroom of her home while it was being done. She stated it was hard to sit there and listen to her mother scream and call out for her.

7 Multiple Personalities Played A Part


It is always safe to assume that no one in their right mind would ever commit an act like this. This is true for this case. Nick Godejohn was said to have multiple mental health concerns.

He had stated that he had multiple personality disorder and that an alter-ego named Victor was the one who had committed the crime.

6 How Did Gypsy End Up In The Wheelchair?


It is interesting to think about how this all could have started. How did Gypsy end up in the wheelchair in the first place?

When Gypsy was around eight years old, she fell off her grandfather’s motorcycle. She was taken to the hospital and was treated for a minor scrape on her knee. Dee Dee decided to put Gypsy in a wheelchair to help her heal, and she never left it again.

5 Someone Saw Gypsy Walk, And Said Nothing!


What is surprising to learn is that there was someone who saw Gypsy walk, or at the very least, stand on her own two feet.

One night, Gypsy showed up at a neighbor’s house, standing on her own two feet. She was asking for a ride to the hospital. Dee Dee quickly intervened and was able to explain the whole thing.

4 Where Did All Her Teeth Go?


If all the fake ailments were not enough, Gypsy also ended up losing all of her teeth. That’s right, the toothy smile you see on her face now are false teeth.

Her teeth had all rotted away and had to be removed. This was due to a combination of poor oral hygiene and side effects of medication her mother was giving her.

3 Dee Dee Kept Receipts


Dee Dee was very good at what she did, and she kept every single piece of evidence she could. If she had gotten a doctor to write a letter stating that Gypsy had epilepsy, then she carried that with her to show other doctors.

This meant that doctors were not questioning anything, because they took the word of the letter written by another doctor.

2 Dee Dee Was Also Experienced


Dee Dee knew what she was doing when it came to medications and treatment because she had some experience.

Dee Dee was a medical nurse for a while and had insight into certain medications and more importantly, she knew how the medical world worked and how to manipulate it. This was a deadly combination and only helped her pull off the fraud.

1 Why The Short Sentence?


There are a lot of people out there who wonder how Gypsy got such a short sentence for such a heinous crime. Ten years does not seem like a lot for someone who had conspired and planned their own mother’s murder.

However, the judge in the case knew that this was no ordinary situation. He considered the abuse that Gypsy had suffered for years and that played a large part in the reduced sentence.

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