20 Cringy Celeb Makeup Fails (And 5 Who Are Annoyingly Perfect)

Makeup is a pretty personal thing. Some of us purchase similar products every few months, choosing that perfect red lipstick or mascara that doesn't flake. Or maybe we like to experiment and are always reading up on the latest and coolest trends.

No matter where we fall when it comes to our beauty decisions, we can probably agree that we like looking to our favorite celebrities to see how they apply their own fave products. These stars feel like friends (although maybe distant pals that we never see anymore...) and we trust them. Sometimes, though, these famous faces don't always seem to apply the right products to their faces... and we're left wondering what they were thinking. This happens whether these celebs are running errands or heading out to a big event or to walk the red carpet.

Here are 20 cringy celeb makeup fails, along with 5 who are annoyingly perfect.

25 Fail: Blair Waldorf Wouldn't Approve

via Wow Amazing

Leighton Meester always looked perfect when she played Blair on the fashion-forward Gossip Girl. But that's not the case in this photo, which we'd have to say is a cringy fail.

While rules are meant to be broken, breaking the "no eye makeup plus lipstick" rule feels a little risky when this is what happens.

24 Fail: Posh Spice Looks Kind Of Spooky Here

via Lamodespot

Normally, when seeing a photo of Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham), the only possible response is, "Wow!" Known for her little black dresses and sense of style, she always looks incredible.

Here, the only response is "Yikes!" because her eye makeup (and the rest of her makeup) is so severe-looking.

23 Fail: Lindsay Lohan Definitely Didn't Blend That In

via Wow Amazing

There's one rule of foundation, blush, and concealer: we have to blend these beauty products in. There's really no way around it. It's just part of getting ready in the morning.

Well, it looks like Lindsay Lohan didn't exactly blend her own makeup in, as we can see from this fail that is definitely cringeworthy.

22 Perfect: But Hilary Duff Looks Amazing

via Celebrity Style Guide

And then there are times when a celebrity looks so perfect that all we can say is, "Ugh, that's just so annoying." This is one of those times.

We love Hilary Duff's perfectly applied lip gloss, blush, and mascara. She totally gets the "less is more" thing and we couldn't be more impressed.

21 Fail: Demi Lovato Wasn't 'Cool For The Summer' Here

via Swish Today

From the foundation that looks caked on to the intense blush to the heavy mascara, everything about Demi Lovato's makeup look feels like a fail. Her eyebrows also look painted on, which is never a good look.

She usually looks so cool, but unfortunately, her makeup took a strange turn here.

20 Fail: Here's A Super Pale Mischa Barton

via Lolwot

Mischa Barton disappeared for a while after starring on The O.C. as wealthy Marissa Cooper, but every once in a while we see some pictures of her.

And this photo of her is also a makeup fail. Her skin looks much paler than it usually does, and with her pale lips and intense eyeliner, the look just washes her out completely.

19 Fail: Even Kim Kardashian Isn't Perfect 24/7

via Pinterest

We would honestly never expect to see a makeup fail from Kim Kardashian. But... well... then we saw this photo.

It would have been a lot better to choose either lip gloss or eye makeup, but the star went for both, along with a ton of foundation and blush. It looks like she applied the products a bit too heavily.

18 Fail: This Tyra Banks Eye Makeup Is Intense

via Pinterest

A smokey eye is super cool. A smokey eye that seems to be taking over someone's entire face... well... not quite so cool.

When Tyra Banks went super heavy on the eyeshadow, she also applied a bright pink lip, and didn't fully blend in her foundation. It doesn't seem like it was the right call.

17 Perfect: We're Always Envious Of Kylie Jenner's Look

via PopSugar

Whenever we see a picture of Kylie Jenner, we're immediately envious of her annoyingly perfect makeup. She just knows what she's doing.

With her peach-colored eyeshadow and soft lipstick and blush, everything works really well together. The light shades mean that the look isn't overpowering, and the result is super pretty.

16 Fail: Angelina Jolie Had A Powder Product Problem

via Pinterest

What's with all that white stuff?! It seems like even movie stars sometimes forget to blend in the powder that they're applying...

But if Angelina Jolie was heading to an important red carpet event, wouldn't she have makeup artists help her get ready? And wouldn't they double check that a fail like this didn't happen? It's very confusing.

15 Fail: Lisa Turtle Would Apply Much Better Beauty Products

via Ranker

Lark Voorhies has been said to have a tough time since her days playing Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell ended. Remembering her iconic character, who is a fashion maven, we would have to say that she wouldn't love this makeup fail.

There's just way too much going on, and by "too much going on," we mean way too many beauty products. She doesn't look like herself at all.

14 Perfect: Selena Gomez Always Has Great Lipstick

via Refinery29

It's time for Selena Gomez to start doing some makeup tutorials so she can show her fans how to apply the perfect lipstick. It's clear that she knows exactly what she's doing, and we want all of the tips.

Now that it's the fall season, we're going to get inspired by Selena and go for a berry red lip.

13 Fail: Maybe Drew Barrymore Went A Bit Overboard With The Yellow Eyeshadow...

via Pinterest

Let's just get it out of the way: can anyone wear yellow eyeshadow and look awesome? It seems like a pretty hard thing to pull off.

Everyone loves Drew Barrymore and she's definitely one of the coolest stars around. Unfortunately, though, the yellow eyeshadow is just too much, and it's competing with her beautiful red lipstick in this photo.

12 Fail: Sorry, Christina, This Is Way Too Much Pink

via Radar Online

Dark pink eyeshadow would be tricky enough to make look pretty... but then Christina Aguilera went ahead and applied tons of pink lip gloss and pink blush. Something weird is going on with her blush here and it even seems to be creeping up toward her eyes.

Sorry... but this is a makeup fail, for sure.

11 Fail: Even Kristen Stewart Makes Some Makeup Mistakes

via SheKnows

Kristen Stewart is totally resembling her Twilight character, Bella Swan, here because she's looking a bit like a vampire thanks to how pale her makeup is.

Oh, and we can't forget her pink eyeshadow. It would be bad enough if it was only applied to her upper eyelids, but it's below her eyes, too.

10 Fail: Purple Lips Don't Flatter Most People...

via Daily Mail

There are certain lipstick shades that not a lot of people would go for. Yellow, green, blue, and purple seem to rank high on that list. After all, they're not as easy to wear as red or pink or peach.

Kelly Osbourne took a beauty risk with her mauve-colored lipstick. Did it pay off? Not sure... It definitely makes her look kind of washed out.

9 Fail: Eva Longoria Left The House Without Blending Her Makeup In

via Wow Amazing

There's forgetting to blend in a tiny patch of concealer, which is totally understandable. That happens to most people sometimes, especially when they're trying to rush out the door to get to work.

And then... there's this makeup fail. Eva Longoria has some white streaks under her eyes, and combined with her bright peach blush and heavy eyeshadow, it's a lot.

8 Fail: Is That Really You, Brit?

via Pinterest

It would be tough to say that this was Britney Spears if we didn't know it was. The dark blush and intense eye makeup isn't a great look.

Then there's the fact that her skin seems to be super shiny, so something weird is going on with her makeup. Oh, and it also looks like she put on both lipstick and lip gloss.

7 Fail: Here's Miley Cyrus And Her Two-Toned Fail

via Daily Mail

At first glance, this isn't the worst makeup look for Miley Cyrus, right? Her red lipsticks look awesome and she has nicely applied mascara.

Oh wait... The bottom of her face is a much lighter shade than the rest of it. That's not so cool, and that definitely makes this a celeb makeup fail.

6 Fail: We Would Expect Better Makeup From J.Lo


This is not only a makeup fail but also not the most flattering photo of Jennifer Lopez. It's a surprise because the celeb is always so fashionable and her hair, fashion, and beauty products are always perfection.

Well, that wasn't the case here. From her caked-on foundation to her light lipstick to her strangely colored eyeshadow, none of it works.

5 Perfect: Rachel McAdams Is Super Stunning Here

via Yahoo

Rachel McAdams has really got some impressive lipstick here. We love her wavy hair, pretty earrings, and of course, her absolutely perfect makeup.

We've seen a few celebs on this list wear a dark berry lip color, so we're going to have to learn from them and buy a few shades ourselves.

4 Fail: Giuliana Rancic Had This Eye-Makeup Mistake

via Celebrity Images

As a host for E!, Giuliana Rancic has spent a lot of time on red carpets, talking to famous faces. And since she's become a famous person herself, she usually has really nice makeup.

Not so in this particular photo. Her eyeliner is too dark, making her face look pale, and her foundation seems to make her cheeks look super sunken, too.

3 Fail: Why Is Kesha Wearing Blue Lipstick?!

via The Skincare Edit

Kesha is a beloved pop singer, but it's safe to say that the blue lipstick that she's wearing in this photo isn't that popular.

When someone wears blue lipstick, it literally looks like they're really cold or have just come out of freezing water. Not the most amazing makeup look... even for a famous singer.

2 Fail: Mariah Carey Didn't Go Easy On The Blush

via Bulletin Daily News

Blush can be a tough beauty product to apply, so we really have to follow the golden rule: not too much.

There's never a time when a ton of blush is a good idea. Mariah Carey really piled it on here, and her cheeks look so intensely pink that it has to be a makeup fail.

1 Perfect: Anne Hathaway Knows How To Rock A Red Lip

via StyleBistro

Of all the celebs who really pull off red lipstick, actress Anne Hathaway is totally at the top of the list.

She looks annoyingly perfect here. We're going to have to take a page out of her book and wear red lipstick a lot more often. It's just so sophisticated.

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