20 Crazy Rules Contestants On Big Brother Have To Follow

Big Brother is one of the most successful reality shows of all time, and it was one of the first. It is so popular that countries all over the world have their own version.

The concept is simple and it is based on a George Orwell novel. The idea is that house guests, complete strangers, are placed in a house together. They are cut off from the outside world and have to compete in competitions to try and stay in the house. There is a head of household every week who nominates two people for eviction. The rest of the house then votes one person out each week.

The last person standing wins a whole bunch of money. The only catch is that there are microphones and cameras watching their every move. It is based on the theory that the government is always watching you.

There are a bunch of strict rules in the house that everyone has to follow, and we found out 20 of them to share with everyone.

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20 No Singing


One of the weirdest rules is that there is no singing in the Big Brother house. You would think that singing would be a great way to waste some time but it is not allowed.

That is due to Copyright laws. Since all moments are filed and aired, you can watch 24/7 online, there is concern on songs being used where the station does not have permission.

19 There Is No Whispering At All


There are a lot of 'showmances' in the Big Brother house, and that is when two people form a bit of a romantic relationship. However, there will be no whispering sweet nothings in their ear.

Whispering is not allowed, and that is due to the fact that it goes against the whole premise of the show. You are on display and every word you say needs to be heard.

18 They Are Also Strict On Language


This is related to the previous one as well. The language of the main show country needs to be spoken at all times. If you are playing the US game, you must speak English at all times.

If you know another language, you are not allowed to speak it in the house. This again goes with the idea that your every move and word needs to be watched and understood.

17 Just Ignore The Garden


The Big Brother house is not really a house but is set in a big production studio. They do have a backyard to relax in, but they are told to ignore it.

There have been numerous times when people from the outside world have flown banners over it in an attempt to communicate with the house guests. They are told to ignore every and anything that they see out there and report it to the producer to take care of it.

16 You Have To Take Part


There are a lot of competitions in Big Brother. They play for Head of Household, Veto, Food, and Luxury. If your name is chosen to play in these competitions, you have to complete.

It doesn't matter how scary or gross the competition is, you are obligated to compete if your name is selected.

15 Personal Reasons Do Not Matter


When you win head of household, you get to nominate two people for eviction from the house. This seems to be the perfect chance to get someone out who just drives you nuts.

There are rules about this as well. The head of household has to have a legitimate reason for nominating someone for eviction. They can not just nominate someone because they don't like them.

14 Don’t Try And Be Sneaky


There have been times when people have tried to be sneaky in the Big Brother house and production has been putting an end to that.

There is to be no sneaking out letters to loved ones when another house guest leaves the house. You can not send a love letter home to your partner when someone leaves the house. It is a complete cut-off from the outside world.

13 The Diary Room Has Rules


The diary room is where house guests go to share some private feelings and check-in. This room in the house also has rules.

Houseguests need to visit the diary room a certain amount of times a day, and no one is allowed in there with you. No one can wait in the hallway while you are in there either. Also, there is never to be any discussion about what you talked about in there.

12 Forget It, You Just Can’t Bring A Pen In


Due to people trying to sneak out letters like we talked about, the production team found a way to make sure this does not happen.

They do not allow pens, pencils, markers, paper or anything like that in the house at all. This means no secret messages and no games of hangman to pass the time in the house.

11 You May Be In The Game But Don’t Talk About It


You may be playing in the game, but you are not allowed to talk about it at all. You can talk about strategy and such, but there is no discussion of production.

There is a certain magic involved in Big Brother, and that is not knowing what goes on behind the scenes. Production does not want those who use live feeds to find out anything about how the game operates behind the scenes.

10 There Are No Monkey Bars For A Reason


One of the strictest rules in Big Brother is ones pertaining to protecting their property. Houseguests are not allowed to climb on anything.

You would think that would be a given and no one would even try and climb the walls. However, being trapped in a house can lead to boredom and boredom can make you do some crazy things.

9 There Is A Wardrobe Policy


Before stepping into the house, contestants are told what they can and can not bring in terms of clothing.

They are not allowed to bring in any clothing that has logo's or sayings on them for copyright reasons. They also can't wear clothes that have stripes as that can interfere with the camera.

8 No Sleeping All Day


You would think it would be easy to just sleep the day away when you are bored, but that is not the case in the Big Brother house.

Houseguests are not allowed to sleep all day and are woken up by force if they want to stay in bed all day. Alarms go off in the house at random times in the morning to wake people up.

7 Not Allowed To Know The Time


To add to the isolation in the house, houseguests are not allowed to know the date or time. Since they are not allowed to have writing materials, they can not even keep track of the dates by writing them down.

This can cause anyone to lose track of what day it is or what time it is. Thank goodness they have an outside area to tell the difference between night and day.

6 Not Even Games To Pass The Time


It seems like production really wants all the houseguests to go insane because they are not even allowed to play games to pass the time.

No snakes and ladders, no hopscotch, nothing. In recent years, they have allowed the houseguests to play chess, but that is not the most thrilling game to pass the time.

5 Supervision Starts Right Away


As soon as a person finds out that they are going into the Big Brother house, they are watched. Everything is limited in order to prepare them for entry into total isolation.

They are not followed as closely as they will be once they are in the house, but close enough that you already get the feeling that you are being spied on constantly.

4 They Only Have One Book In The House


There is only one source of reading in the house and that is the Holy Bible. The Bible is the only book that is found in the house, and guests can read it whenever they want.

We are wondering if they are going to start adding more books of faith, or at the very least, allowing house guests to bring their own.

3 Keep Those Movie Quotes To Yourself


I don't know about you, but sometimes the best thing to do is relay movie quotes. There is always one for every emotion. It is also another fun way to pass the time.

However, you can not do this in the Big Brother house. It is another copyright issue, much like with the singing. House guests can not quote movies or TV shows.

2 They Get PAID!


This is something not a lot of people know about Big Brother. The houseguests get paid for every week that they are in the house. The longer you are in the house, the more money you will go home with.

This makes senses because a lot of them are taking unpaid leave from work in order to be on the show, so they get some compensation.

1 Voted Out? You’re Not Leaving Yet!


if you make it far enough on the show, you are now a part of the jury. You are now one of the people who will vote for the winner.

When you are part of the jury, you leave the Big Brother house and enter the jury house. You're still completely isolated from everything. However, it is much more fun and a lot less stressful.

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