20 Crazy Demands Kelly Clarkson Made Behind The Scenes

Many will remember Kelly Clarkson as the first ever winner of the popular reality show American Idol. While she did dabble in acting for a brief period, that branch of her career never took off quite like her music did. However, the talented singer now has her very own talk show and is doing spectacularly well compared to other past American Idol winners. Whether a fan of her music or not, it would be tough for anyone to deny that the woman's got pipes. That being said, it has been rumored that's she's got a bit of a diva in her as well.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at a few of the demandas Kelly has made behind the scenes. Every performer out there has created a rider list for their venues, though some of Kelly's requests are a bit specific compared to other's. Let's take a look!

20 Kelly Needs 18 Bottles Of Dasani (Room Temperature) At All Times

19 Of Course, 24 Bottles Of Fiji Water Are Also Essential ...

18 Her 6 Bath Towels And Single Hand Towel Must Be "Nice"

17 4 Bags Of Leafy Greens Are A Must!

16 Don't Forget Her 6 Organic Avocados!

15 There Better Be Exactly 4 "Real" Coffee Mugs Around ...

14 2 Packets Of Sugar Free Gum Should Always Be Available

13 More Honey, Please!

12 Gotta Have Some Hot Water (But Forget The Tea And Coffee)

11 Spoons And Napkins Are Always Handy, But There Shouldn't Be Any Styrofoam Cups In The Room

10 4 Lemons - No More, No Less

9 One Large Basket Of Fresh Fruits (Washed And Uncut, Of Course!)

8 Kelly Loves Her Almonds And Cashews, But They Gotta Be Raw

7 Kelly Needs Her Olive Oil To Be Cold Pressed

6 Who Doesn't Love Fresh Bakery Baguette Bread?

5 1 Bag Of Raw Sunflower Seeds For A Little Light Munching

4 4 Bottles Of Good Red Wine - Oh Wait, Scratch That!

3 We Need Some Raisins Over Here, Please!

2 Pine Nuts & Pistachios - But Make Sure There's No Salt

1 How Important Are Parsley & Cilantro? Very!

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