20 Clothes To Borrow From Our Boyfriends And Still Pull-Off

Good fashion is all about breaking the rules, and perhaps the biggest rule of all is the one that says women are not allowed to wear men's clothes. But today, this major fashion rule is being broken left right and center, with plenty of women choosing to wear clothes from their boyfriend's closet- and looking amazing in the process. Menswear is definitely a trend these days, and it's also incredibly convenient if you have a partner with a trendy wardrobe. Being able to borrow clothes from your boyfriend opens up a completely new dimension in the world of fashion, and the possibilities are endless. That being said, you can really only borrow some of your boyfriend's clothes, but there are quite a few items you can plunder.

Some of our readers might already be well-versed in the art of stealing clothes from their boyfriends. But you might be surprised how easy it really is to pull off some of these looks, and the fact that it seems effortless is definitely part of the appeal. Oversized clothing, in general, is rather in style right now, as are other trends that can be easily followed just by poking your head inside your boyfriend's closet and stealing some of his best items!

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20 His Hoodie Can Look Surprisingly Stylish


We've all seen plenty of celebrities wearing oversized hoodies at the airport or on the street, and while it might just be an attempt to hide from the paparazzi in those massive hoods, it actually ends up looking pretty amazing.

Sport-chic is definitely in right now, and the humble hoodie has the ability to really shine.

There's definitely something to be said about borrowing your boyfriend's hoodie since it can be worn many different ways. From layering to wearing it almost like a dress, a la Ariana Grande, your man's hoodie is a more versatile piece than you'd ever thought possible.

19 His Baseball Cap Can Be A Great Finishing Touch


Baseball caps, also known as "dad caps" in some fashion circles, are making a huge resurgence in recent years. This is true for both male and female fashion scenes, and it's not uncommon to see women wearing baseball caps while walking down the catwalk at major fashion shows.

It probably has something to do with modern fashion's obsession with the 90's in recent times, and the good news is that you don't have to spend money on a fancy Supreme cap to follow this trend. Just steal one from your boyfriend when he isn't looking- but choose one he doesn't wear to the gym.

18 His Jean Jacket Is Instantly Chic


Definitely one of the most understated style choices in this article, it's almost impossible to go wrong with a jean jacket in 2018 (or pretty much any other era in the past). It's timeless stuff, and jean jackets look good whether they're well-fitted or oversized.

In fact, sometimes oversized, baggy jean jackets can look more stylish and modern than fitted ones, provided you know what you're doing.

Raiding your boyfriend's closet is almost guaranteed to provide you with at least one oversized denim jacket, which will give new dimension to any outfit. Just try to avoid making every piece in your outfit an oversized one, or you'll get lost in the fabric.

17 His Shades Are Totally In Right Now


Sunglasses are an essential accessory every summer, and many women are exploring new avenues when it comes to eyewear fashion this season in 2018. Hipsters have been rocking oversized shades and frames for some time, and you can see the trend all over Instagram today.

They can be edgy rocker chic or classy and timeless, but when it comes to rocking this look, you might want to try on your boyfriend's aviators before you go out and buy a pair. You might just find that they suit you surprisingly well- and you won't have to spend anything to achieve the look.

16 His Sports Jerseys Can Make A Bold Statement


Wearing sports jerseys definitely isn't for everyone, and it takes a certain type of personality to truly rock a baseball or basketball jersey. That being said, they have the ability to look good on pretty much anyone, whether they're a guy or girl.

Sporty styles are definitely in these days, and it's not uncommon to see celebs rocking jerseys of their favorite teams while out and about- not just at sports games.

While your boyfriend's sports jersey might look massive on you, it can really tie an outfit together in a surprising way. You can always tuck one side of the jersey in as well, Gretzky style.

15 His Watch Sometimes Looks Better Than Yours 


We all know that accessories can make or break an outfit, and most women don't leave the house without accessorizing at least a little bit. Feeling like you're bored of all your jewelry and wristwear? Why not grab your boyfriend's massive wristwatch from his dresser while he's not looking?

It might look huge if you have small wrists, but it somehow works most of the time, as noted by a few adventurous fashionistas out there. Sometimes a bulky piece is just what you need to accessorize an otherwise understated outfit. There are even some women who shop exclusively for men's watches because they love the chunky style.

14 His Sweatshirt Can Really Give An Outfit Extra Flair


This isn't too different from borrowing your boyfriend's hoodie, and the end result will be pretty similar. But the absence of a hood somehow makes this look just a tad more formal, meaning you can rock this look for more than just running errands.

For those who think that hoodies are a little too "street" to wear out and about, a simple crewneck sweatshirt can be just the ticket.

We've seen tons of fashion-forward women rocking oversized sweatshirts in 2018, and matching them with a pair of skinny jeans can create an instantly hip look. The plus side is if you have a boyfriend who already owns a suitable sweatshirt, you won't need to go shopping.

13 His Leather Jacket Is Totally Timeless 


A leather jacket is another timeless fashion piece that never seems to go out of style, and it can totally tie an outfit together. It's not uncommon for leather jackets to last an entire lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment despite their expensive initial cost in many cases. Plenty of fashionistas swipe theirs at a thrift store, since buying new off the rack often has a steep price tag.

But if you're smart, you'll never have to actually make that investment- just borrow your boyfriend's! It will have that same rugged, chic, and timeless look when you're wearing it, but it'll also be very trendy in 2018 because of its oversized cut.

12 His Plaid Shirt Gives You That Hipster Edge


This might just be the holy grail of trendy items you'll find while rooting around in your boyfriend's closet.  Like many of the items we've mentioned so far,  it's something that never seems to go out of style.

The humble plaid shirt has really been an iconic fashion item during the last few decades.

Some women's clothing brands come out with plaid shirts marketed as "boyfriend shirts," but what's the point of buying one when you can get the real thing from your actual boyfriend? These shirts can be layered or worn as a light jacket and they'll always look stylish.

11 His Jeans Are Surprisingly Cool In 2018


Another item you might see sold by women's fashion designers is the "boyfriend jean." Although these jeans are marketed towards women, they were clearly inspired by the way men's jeans are cut and tailored, and they're becoming quite stylish.

We all know skinny have declined in popularity and trendiness over the last few seasons, and the boyfriend jean might just be the perfect answer. However, you don't have to actually buy boyfriend jeans- just borrow some from you know who. Depending on the fit, you might need to use a belt and roll up the ankles to achieve the not-quite-effortless look.

10 His Soccer Scarf Is The Accessory Trend No One Saw Coming


One of the most surprising and talked about fashion trends of 2017 and 2018 is the soccer scarf. This trend supposedly started in Russia and has spread through all the major catwalks and fashion shows, with tons of designers adopting it as the perfect winter accessory.

Although soccer scarves are definitely sporty and casual, there's also something undeniably classy about representing the "beautiful game" while rocking your favorite outfit.

Most women don't have to look very far to try out their look- a lot of their boyfriends already own soccer scarves that only see the light of day mid soccer season.

9 His White Button Down Is Simple And Chic 


We all know the power of a simple white button-down shirt. It goes with pretty much anything, it can be either casual or formal, and it can be worn in a multitude of different cuts and shapes.

Some women like to wear white button-down shirts that are so big it's almost like they're wearing a dress. These baggy shirts are the perfect items to plunder from your boyfriend's closet for that style, and you'll be surprised how classy you'll look wearing his dress shirt with just a regular pair of jeans. You might even look better in it than he does.

8 His Varsity Jacket Is Retro Cool 


Varsity Jackets, otherwise known as stadium jackets or bomber jackets, have been around for countless decades. They symbolize the west in the 1950s and conjure up images of college football games and retro diners.

But varsity jackets are still in style today, perhaps more than ever- and this is one trend that isn't just reserved for the guys.

Girls can rock these jackets too, and it's not just about throwing back to your high school days. This is especially the case when the jacket fits a little oversized and baggy, which makes it the perfect item to steal from your boyfriend.

7 His Blazer Is Exactly The Right Size To Be Fashionable


Don't be afraid to try on some of your boyfriend's more formal clothes either. There is a growing trend right now that involves larger than life suiting. Fashion designers are moving away from the slim-fitted suit and more towards the flowing, baggy suits of the 1950s and earlier.

This, of course, extends to women as well, and many of the blazers and suit jackets we're seeing on the runway look like they could very well be part of a men's collection. You know what that means- go try on your honey's blazer to achieve a chic yet office formal look.

6 His Trench Coat Can Look Very Stylish 


Trench coats are an interesting style choice that we see a lot on the streets of Europe, with women rocking Burberry and other brands for that high-class look.

But there's no need to spend a fortune on designer trench coats if your boyfriend has something that will work just as well in his wardrobe.

Guys tend to wear trench coats which come a little higher around the knee, whereas a longer cut tends to favor women. That means that even if your boyfriend is taller than you, it won't be much of an issue. Try it on- you might be pleasantly surprised.

5 His Graphic Tee Is Simple And Chic 


Sometimes the simplest fashion items end up being the best. Case in point? Graphic tees. You'll probably find a lot of them in your boyfriend's wardrobe, and they can be great for effortless outfits for those lazy days.

Wearing oversized shirts is a trend we see on a lot of celebrities out there today, and these simple t-shirts can be pretty iconic. Your boyfriend might have a t-shirt from his favorite rock band, which can be a very easy way to get a subtle punk vibe going on. Or, you might rock one of your man's statement t-shirts with a snarky saying for a bit more sass.

4 An Eternal Comfort Staple: His Sweatpants


Sweatpants might not be the most fashionable thing out there, and we rarely see them in high fashion or on the catwalks of major fashion shows.

That being said, sometimes you can make them work, and this is true even if the sweatpants you're wearing were designed to be worn by men.

Guys are often amazed at how easily their pants fit girls, but that's because girls tend to wear their pants differently. Girls wear their pants higher up on the waist, meaning their boyfriend's sweats will still fit even if he's way taller than her. Besides, a baggy fit can look cute, too.

3 Chic And Sassy In His Tie


Ties are a classic addition to any formal outfit, and there's no reason you can't use your boyfriend's tie collection to your advantage when planning out a formal style. There are ties specifically made for women, but sometimes a man's tie can be just as good.

Of course, we all know that a loose tie is a pretty classic punk look, but neckties can look quite charming on a woman when paired with formal wear. You'll probably have a decent selection if you look through your boyfriend's tie rack. Odds are, you won't have to start up your own collection.

2 Top It Off With A Toque Or Beanie


Toques, or beanies, as they're otherwise known, are also very in style right now, especially in the streetwear scene. Certain brands are taking note and creating more beanies to appeal to women.

But you can stay ahead of the curve by grabbing one of your boyfriend's beanies- and you're almost guaranteed to look cute and trendy.

These winter hats are inherently unisex, so there's really nothing more to it. Carhartt and other brands are also starting to market their beanies and other clothes to women as a response to growing trends- so your boyfriend might already own an unintentionally unisex style.

1 Swipe His Cardigan Or Sweater


Knitwear is another piece of clothing that looks great when worn oversized and baggy, and your boyfriend probably has at least one nice sweater in his wardrobe with your name on it. Plus, you'll be super cozy when the chill of fall hits.

Whether it's a cardigan or a more classic sweater, it's definitely worth it to try it on, and you may even come up with some surprisingly fashionable outfits by simply throwing a big sweater on over top of everything. Either way, a cardigan or sweater is definitely one of the best things you will find in your boyfriend's wardrobe.

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