20 Celebs Without Makeup On

When celebrities decide to skip the glam and go out in public or post pictures and videos to their social media, fans are left shocked. We are so used to seeing them all dolled up with fancy clothes, flawless hairstyles, and iconic makeup looks, that seeing them without it all almost seems unreal.

They really are human after all.

In fact, fans loved when the whole, “#NoMakeup and #WokeUpLikeThis” started a while back. Celebrities were quick to jump on the trend and we got to see a lot of our idols completely stripped of all the glitz and glitter. Some of them were completely unrecognizable without makeup.

Here are 20 celebrities who were not afraid to get real with us and show what they look under all the glam.

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20 AnnaLynne McCord

thelist.com & The Jeans Blog

This picture right here proves that celebrities are human and not immune to bad skin and acne.

According to thelist.com, AnnaLynne proved she is just like the rest of us when she posted this picture online of herself makeup-free and even a few spots of acne on her face. Acne or not, she still looked absolutely gorgeous.

19 Katie Holmes

thelist.com & extratv.com

Katie Holmes is one celebrity mamma who always seems so put together, with or without makeup.

According to thelist.com, the picture on the left was taken in 2013, shortly after her breakup with actor Tom Cruise, and fans were left shocked over her appearance. Between the large bags under her and the disheveled appearance, it was quite obvious that the breakup was taking a toll on her.

18 Marilyn Manson

EOnline.com & TV Tropes

When fans saw this picture of Marilyn Manson without his usual makeup, they were in shock.

According to thelist.com, Marilyn himself actually never posted it, a fan page on Twitter posted the startling snapshot of the rocker, makeup-less, as he was on set for a cameo appearance in Eastbound & Down.

17 Sharon Stone

thelist.com & Fashion Style Gossip-man - 티스토리

Sharon Stone is another celebrity that is beautiful with or without makeup.

According to thelist.com, Sharon posted this picture of herself to her Instagram showing the world her natural beauty with no makeup on, her hair swept back and just looking completely comfortable as she relaxes at home. It almost looks like she was getting ready or just finished cleaning her house.

16 Tyra Banks

Styles At Life & E! News

Tyra Banks loves to play around and take selfies featuring her crazy eyes, derp-y faced and with a crazy ex-girlfriend kind of luck.

According to thelist.com though, most of the time we get to see Tyra all dolled up with tons of makeup, fancy hairstyles, and nice long painted nails, under it all though she has a natural beauty that makes her just gorgeous.

15 Sofia Vergara

thelist.com & El Universal

There is no denying that Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara is a bombshell.

According to thelisten.com, when Sofia shared this picture of herself sick with a 102-degree fever, fans were left shocked. A Goddess like herself should be immune to sickness, right?

Sofia captioned the picture, “I just realized that 102 fever gives you the perfect shades of pink.”

14 Kim Kardashian

Reddit & Hollywood Life

The Kardashian/Jenner family are professionals when it comes to makeup. Between their smoky eyes, contouring, and blending, they really have it all down pat.

According to thelist.com, Kim is one Kardashian that fans rarely see bare-faced and so natural. When we do though, it’s a refreshing change. She looks so young and natural and natural beauty is the best kind of beauty.

13 Lady Gaga

Entertainment Tonight & Love & PR

Lady Gaga is known for crazy looks. Remember when she went to the 2010 MTV Music Awards in a dress made of raw meat?

According to thelist.com, after all the insane looks she has pulled off over the years, it’s hard to recognize her stripped down with natural hair, pale skin, and no makeup.

Are we sure this is even the real Gaga?

12 Demi Lovato


It seems that when it comes to selfies, Demi Lovato is the queen of them, especially when it comes to wearing no makeup.

According to thelist.com, Demi is constantly posting pictures of herself without any makeup. In fact, she even did a photoshoot with Vanity Fair that featured her completely natural, no makeup and no retouching to promote a positive body image for other women.

11 Katy Perry

Styles At Life & Pedestrian.TV

On December 31, 2010, Katy Perry’s husband at the time, Russell Brand, posted an unflattering picture of her to Twitter.

According to thelist.com, the picture was of her just waking up, groggy-eyed and out of it. Normally, she always looks like a knockout, makeup or not, but we can see why she deleted the picture right away, no one wants a picture like that splattered online.

10 Kylie Jenner

thelist.com & Cosmopolitan

When it comes to no makeup selfies, Kylie Jenner seems to be the one getting the most criticism due to how different she looks.

According to thelist.com, it’s a rare treat when fans get to see Kyle bare faced and natural. Without makeup, her lips and nose all look different and she has adorable little freckles. It’s almost like we are staring at two different people here.

9 Taylor Swift

thelist.com & E! News

We can’t tell who’s cuter in this picture, Taylor all-natural or her cat who seems to be in kitty dreamland.

According to thelist.com, in March 2015, Taylor posted a picture with her cat, Dr. Meredith Grey, and captioned it, “I woke up lie thissss (With a cat on me).” The picture was actually a nod toward one of Beyoncé’s famous selfies.

8 RuPaul

thelist.com & Bravo TV

Emmy-winner RuPaul is a vision with makeup, but most of us would agree that it can get tiring trying to look amazing all the time.

According to thelist.com, back in 2016, RuPaul and his partner George were visiting San Francisco and decided to capture the moment. By the looks of it, RuPaul was enjoying a carefree day out and enjoying being able to take a break from the glam.

7 Eva Longoria

thelist.com & CELEBSFIRST

Eva Longoria is another gorgeous celebrity who is unafraid of showing her natural beauty to the world via social media and sometimes in public.

According to thelist.com, there is denying that she rocked the natural look in the picture to the left as she enjoyed a safari trip in India that included a gorgeous tiger in the background.

6 Carrie Underwood

thelist.com & Just Jared

According to thelist.com, Carrie Underwood took this picture after what looked like a very intense workout and she captioned it, “a sweaty mess.”

She was sparkling with such inner confidence when she took this picture of herself tired, sweaty, and makeup-free. Many would probably agree that it made her a lot more attractive.

5 Boy George

thelist.com & femalefirst.co.uk

It seems that the older Boy George gets, the more attractive he gets.

According to thelist.com, George celebrated his 55th birthday in Japan, while on tour with the Culture Club. To mark the occasion, he decided to go live on Instagram and fans were gifted with a rare show. George was completely makeup-free and looking super-hot.

4 Miley Cyrus

thelist.com & Coolspotters

Ever since staring in her how show on the Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus has gone through some drastic transformations.

According to thelist.com, after chopping her hair off, denouncing her Hannah Montana character, twerking on stage, and dancing provocatively with Robin Thicke, she has finally settled down and landed in her happy hippie phase. Nowadays, fans get to view her on Instagram looking natural and makeup-free, she also seems a lot happier too.

3 Bella Hadid

thelist.com & gotceleb.com

The Hadid sisters really hit the genetic lottery. Both are gorgeous and just all around blessed with natural beauty.

According to thelist.com, even models aren’t immune to getting sick now and then, and Bella proved that by posting a picture to her Instagram. In the picture, Bella is makeup-less as she captions it, “Sick Day.”

2 Cara Delevingne

thelist.com & 29Secrets

Before Cara Delevingne became known as Enchantress in the comic book film Suicide Squad, she was known on the runway for her beauty and her amazing eyebrows.

According to thelist.com, Cara is the type of person that loves to be silly and just have fun. She is constantly sharing funny photos and videos of herself online and isn’t afraid to show her natural beauty off.

1 Amy Schumer

thelist.com & womenshealthmag.com

Amy Schumer is a comedian and she is used to having people laugh at her.

According to thelist.com, a meme was posted online a while back that compared Amy to WWE superstar Chris Jericho. Amy then posted the picture on the left online to her social media account in response to the meme.

Many will probably agree; young Chris does kind of resemble her.

Sources: thelist.com

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