20 Celebs With So Many OTT Requests That Hollywood Is Done With Them

Celebrities live in their own little world and it can be hard to imagine what their life is like. They have endless amounts of money and that would seem to be endless amounts of opportunities. We are usually a bit envious of their lives, even if we won’t admit it.

One of the perks we are sure that comes with the title is being able to get whatever you want. The bigger a star you are, the more you can request, and the more willing people are to run out and get you what you need.

However, there will always reach a point when it is just too much. When demands are so high, or so extravagant and ridiculous, that no one wants to work with them anymore. Sure, they understand they are celebrities, but they are also just another human at the end of the day.

We have found 20 celebs that have demands that are just a bit too much, and Hollywood may be showing them the door very soon.

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20 J-Lo - Everything Needs To Be White


Jennifer Lopez, or J-LO, has a lot of demands because she is one of the most in-demand divas’ out there. She has been known to request a 45-foot trailer with two doors specifically. She said she was willing to settle for 40-feet.

Also, everything has to be white. A white room, white flowers, white table, white couches and more. She has said the tables do not absolutely need to be white, but the tablecloths better be.

19 Kanye Requires Everyone To Wear 100% Cotton


This one may not come as much of a surprise, as Kanye is known for his outrageous behavior. Kanye may be more of a ‘material girl’ than his wife, Kim Kardashian.

He has one demand that is very odd and must be followed. Anyone who works with Kanye can only wear clothing that is 100% cotton. Every single piece of clothing, no exceptions.

18 Will Smith Needs 14 TVs In His Trailer


Will Smith seems like such a down-to-earth guy that it is hard to believe that he also has some pretty outrageous demands.

He insisted on having his own trailer built for him, and it cost $2.5 million. It has 22 wheels on it. However, one of the most extravagant requests was that it had to have 14 TV’s and $30, 000 worth of leather upholstery.

17 Britney Spears Needs 100 Figs And Prunes


Now, they don’t call her the ‘Princess of Pop’ for no reason, so it stands to think that she would have some crazy demands.

On one occasion, when she was performing in London, she requested some very odd food requests. She demanded a large number of bunless cheeseburgers from McDonald's. As well as 100 figs and prunes.

16 Will Ferrell Wanted A Painted Rainbow On Wheels


Will Ferrell is another actor that seems like a down-to-earth guy who just likes to make funny movies where he is dressed as an Elf.

It turns out, he is quite the DIVA himself. He has demanded many things from his teams, including an electric scooter, a fake tree and a painted rainbow on wheels. What is a painted rainbow on wheels, and why does Will need one?

15 Paula Abdul Demands Everything Of Herself (Seriously)


Paula Abdul is an older generation superstar. She was an amazing singer and dancer, but lately, she is known for her time as a judge on American Idol.

She is also known for being quite the DIVA. No one wants to work with Paula, because if you are her assistant, she is going to give you a weird job. She is going to want you to check her TiVo for any mention of her name.

14 Adele Wants All The Beer


Adele is on a roll in the music industry right now, and she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. However, she has a constant request that may seem surprising.

Adele always demands to have alcohol ready for her backstage, and this has to be the best quality European Lager available. Nothing from North America at all!

13 Christina Aguilera Loves Her Flintstone Vitamins


Christina Aguilera was right there with Britney Spears in the ’90s, but she continues to make music today. Her DIVA attitude is no secret, and she has her own list of demands.

She always demands that her dressing room be stocked with healthy foods. This doesn’t seem too odd, but that changes when you find out it includes Flintstone vitamins.

12 The Biebs Wants 10 Luxury Sedans Just In Case


Justin Bieber is an interesting artist, people either love him or they hate him. He has gotten into a bit of trouble, but finally seems to be happy and at peace.

However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his demands. Justin demands to have 10 luxury sedans, a massage table, and a private jet on standby. This is just in case he decides he wants to travel.

11 “Queen” Bey Has A Temperature Rule


We knew that Queen Bey would be on this list, but I don’t think a lot of people clued into what her demands would be.

Beyoncé demands that every area she is in needs to be set at 78 degrees at all times. Seems she likes her area to be warm, maybe it is good for her vocal cords?

10 Drake Specifically Wants 4 Dozen Incense Sticks


Drake is somewhat of a hero in Canada. He is one of the countries most successful artists to come out of the country.

It seems like Drake knows this as well as he doesn’t mind taking advantage of his status. Drake will always demand to have four dozen natural-scented incense sticks while on tour.

9 Taylor Swift Loves Her Starbucks A Little More


Taylor Swift has come a long way since she started. She started as a country star and has now exploded into the pop scene. She is killing it.

However, this all may have gone to her head judging on the types of demands she makes. Taylor always demands that her very specific Starbucks order is delivered to her before 11 a.m.

8 Selena Gomez No "Justin's" Allowed


Selena Gomez started as a Disney star but has now made a name for herself. She also had a very public relationship with Justin Bieber, which apparently did not end well.

She has demanded that no one she works with can go by the name Justin. If their names happen to be the same, they can be hired, but they need to call themselves something else.

7 Rihanna All About Rugs And Curtains


The Caribbean queen has made her way on to the list. Rihanna is still taking over the scene, and she knows her status and is not afraid to us it.

Rihanna always demands to have a large fur rug so that she can walk on in barefoot. She prefers animal print, but she is willing to let that go.

6 Justin Timberlake Needs Doorknobs Cleaned ... Now!


Justin Timberlake is one of the hottest singers on the scene right now, and yet another one who seems so down-to-earth. However, he knows his worth and is not afraid to use it.

Justin may be a bit of a germaphobe and demands that someone (he doesn’t really care who) disinfects every doorknob before he has to touch it.

5 Katy Perry Will Throw Out Your Carnations!


Katy Perry is one of the most interesting performers out there, and she is not afraid to have some pretty outrageous demands. She has a very specific demand for snacks that consists of dried fruits and vegetables.

She is also a big fan of flowers, but you will get on her bad side if she even spots a carnation. She does not want those flowers anywhere near her.

4 Mariah Carey Needs Someone Hired To Throw Away Her Gum!


Mariah Carey is probably the original DIVA and she is not afraid to ask for what she wants. She was a big hit in the ’90s and while she is still relevant today, she is not making music as much as she used to.

However, people are still willing to do her bidding. She absolutely must have someone on her payroll whose whole job is to throw away her gum.

3 Joe Jonas Wants 12 Puppies


The Jonas Brothers have recently made a comeback on to the musical scene, but big brother Joe never really left it.

He is one of the more popular brothers and he knows it. This means he can make some pretty crazy demands, and people listen. One of his craziest demands is to have 12 puppies available for him. They are good therapy we guess.

2 Lady Gaga Wants A Mannequin With Pink Hair


Lady Gaga has been stealing the show ever since she appeared in her weird costumes with her catchy songs.

She also has some pretty odd requests, which is always safe to assume. One of her demands was a mannequin with pink, puffy hair. She also has been known to demand a lot of extra long straws.

1 One Direction Needs The Softest Toilet Paper


They are not technically a boy band anymore, and there are probably a lot of people who are happy about that. That is because of their kind of insane demands.

They always demanded that their rooms be stocked with a lot of KFC and the worlds softest toilet paper. I guess they have some fancy bottoms.

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