20 Celebs Who Will Never Be Beautiful Again

Normal people who aren't famous, have to deal with body image and self-esteem issues. Rarely does anyone feel pretty all the time, and some of us don't ever feel pretty. Regardless of whether it is true or not, we are hard on ourselves. Because even as 'normal' people we are judged on how we look, and a lot of our worth is tied up in how good we think we look. Our looks are tied into so much, like how people treat us and finding a significant other. And even the most beautiful people suffer from self-esteem issues. As a celebrity, judgment about looks is higher than we could ever imagine. Especially for women. Of course being an actor does require a certain amount of talent, but many talented women have been overlooked for roles because they were not beautiful enough. And many actresses know that as they get older, it does not matter how talented they are the roles will stop coming. It's a very harsh, superficial world to work in.

All the celebrities on this list obviously have had major struggles with their physical appearance. Some more than others. Some are leaning a bit too much on plastic surgery while others have a full on addiction and have totally transformed their faces for the worse. And some of them have just stopped caring and it is pretty evident. If some of the celebrities on this list would have just let themselves age naturally, they would be a lot more beautiful currently. But aging is seen as a death sentence to celebrity careers. Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are!

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20 Johnny Depp Has Turned Into A Dirty Smelly Looking Pirate Before Our Very Eyes

Johnny Depp was the definition of a Hollywood heartthrob for decades. He has been acting since he was young and making girls swoon over him for years. But in the last couple years, we have all seen Johnny publicly deteriorate. He does not seem to be taking care of himself, and then when his acrimonious marriage and divorce to Amber Heard happened we were further exposed to a man that is pretty clearly falling apart. He seems to be dealing with some substantial addiction issues which would explain why he no longer seems to take very good care of himself. All he has to do is take a shower, brush his teeth and hair and he would be so good looking again. That seems to be too much for Johnny these days. We can practically smell him through the screen when we see current photos.

19 We're Not Convinced That Renee Zellweger Has Not Been Replaced With A Poorly Done Clone

Let's be real, Renee was never one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. None the less, she was an attractive actress that had a certain charm that made audiences fall in love with her. Then, she seemed to take a back seat to public life and we did not really see much of her or hear about her. Until she showed up on a red carpet looking very, very different. To the point where people had to be told that was Renee Zellweger. We aren't talking about bad plastic surgery because even in those cases you can tell who the person is. Renee did something...weird. And it did not do her any favors. Not only did she lose her beauty with whatever she did to her face, she just doesn't look like herself at all anymore which is the saddest part.

18 Melanie Griffith Is One Of Many Who Has Ruined Themselves With Plastic Surgery

It's obvious that even the most beautiful and successful women in Hollywood still struggle with their self-esteem and their self-image. Melanie Griffith for all intents and purposes has had a successful acting career that has spanned decades in Hollywood. That is a feat in and of itself. She was talented and beautiful, and people could not get enough of her bubbly nature. She seems to be retired from acting these days and you do not see her photographed that often, and when we do she is usually looking rough. She has unfortunately fallen victim to plastic surgery like so many others and way overdid it. At least she still looks like herself, but it is a very scary version. Say no to the botox Mel you have enough in your face to last you for ages.

17 Aaron Carter Went From Teenage Heartthrob To Looking Like An Episode Of Cops 

It's sad watching someone that you grew up idolizing and even crushing on totally throw their life away and just deteriorate so publicly. Aaron Carter has not had an easy couple of years, and it definitely shows on his face and his body. If you had told the girls who loved him back in the day what he would look like today, they would laugh in your face. And then stab you for suggesting their teen idol was going to be anything less than gorgeous. And Aaron Carter is still so young! He is only 30-years-old but he looks a lot rougher than that. He has had drug issues and talked about his use of facial fillers which did nothing to help his look. If he is able to get healthy again totally maybe we will see a glimpse of the beautiful singer he used to be, but we just doubt it.

16 Kirstie Alley Has Been Hit With The Double Whammy Of Bad Plastic Surgery & Weight Gain

Clearly, Scientology does not look as good on Kirstie Alley as it does on say, Tom Cruise. Kirstie Alley was a beloved actress that had these stunning green eyes and raspy voice that made America fall in love with her. As the years progressed Kirstie publicly struggled with her weight. The public has seen her go up and down in size for years now, but in the last couple years, she's gaining more than losing. What do you do when you lose control over your body? You do whatever can to your face. At least that is what Kirstie did. We hate to say that anyone is stuck looking a certain way from now on, but she is getting up there in age. It will get harder and harder to lose the weight and the facial surgeries are just making everything worse. Self-love is important folks!

15 We're Not Sure What Pokemon Lil Kim Has Evolved Into But It's Not Cute

Lil Kim has an interesting relationship with plastic surgery. As in, she gets way too much of it. There are certain people who you only have to look at their physical self to see what is going on mentally with them. And Lil Kim seems to be a hot mess mentally. She has mostly made headlines in the last couple years if she is dissing Nicki Minaj or because people can't believe the new face that she debuts. She has clearly fallen into a deep plastic surgery hole and someone please get her out. Can we get the ghost of Biggie to come and have a talk with his girl? Because she is looking more and more like Michael Jackson and we don't mean that as a compliment. Another gorgeous woman destroyed by insecurity and Hollywood standards. We hope she stops the procedures, although she has already gone so far as to ensure she will never look like her old self again.

14 Seriously, What Happened To Brendan Fraser?

We all loved watching Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. His career has definitely slowed down in the last couple years, and we aren't sure if its because he seems to be losing his looks. When we see pictures of current Brendan Fraser he is definitely not the fit, handsome man that he used to be. An action hero that was worthy of a beautiful heroine. He has put on weight and just seems to not be taking great care of himself. He does have a couple of acting credits to his name in the last couple of years, but nothing that really warranted him a lot of attention. It seems that as his body weight goes up his clout in Hollywood goes down, which is an, unfortunately, reality too many know working in Hollywood.

13 Tara Reid Looking Anything But Sweet As American Pie

Tara Reid is like the original Lindsay Lohan. Both ladies have decent acting chops and could have probably gone a lot further in their careers than they actually did. Unfortunately, substance abuse seems to follow both of these ladies and you can see it on their face. Tara Reid is a rough looking 42. Yup! She is 42-years-old. Do you feel old now? Well, you probably look better than her. Too much sun, drugs, drinking, and other surgeries are all contributors to what Tara looks like today. She has clung on to what little fame she has left and done the reality tv show circuit that most D-listers do. Unfortunately, she will probably never be taken seriously as an actress again. As for her looks, at this point, she should be trying to do some serious damage control so things don't even go more downhill. Forget trying to get the beauty she had when she was younger.

12 Lindsay Lohan's Lifestyle Has Caught Up With Her Looks

Say what you will about LiLo, but when she was in at the peak of her wild days it was very entertaining. It felt like every day there was a new crazy headline with Lindsay's name in it. She was having public relationship drama, have very obvious substance abuse issues, and was just messy in general. She seems to have calmed down since then, but she is never going to be what she once was. Lindsay could have taken her acting career really far but she was her own worst enemy. And we feel for Lindsay, it is obvious that her chaotic home life and crazy parents have a hand in her wild behavior. Kids, don't start doing drugs while you're a teenager because you will look like a grandma about 40 years too early. Unfortunately for Lindsay, the damage is done.

11 Donatella Versace Is A Cautionary Tale About Overexposure To The Sun

No that is not the crypt keeper. It is high fashion designer Donatella Versace. She is a staple in elite fashion circles, which is presumably why no one ever tells her to just try doing something different with her look. Although we are not sure what can be done for her at this point. She is an interesting mix of plastic surgery that does not look good and also has the skin of a woman that has spent 90 years sitting in the sun every single day. You would think with how much money she has she would try and do something to look less...scary. But no, Donatella rocks her crypt keeper look and does not seem to be bothered by what anyone else has to say about it.

10 Coutney Cox One Too Many Rounds Of Botox

We know that we are repeating ourselves here, but that is only because this is a scenario that repeats itself so often. A beautiful woman can never truly see herself as the beautiful women she is, and her self-esteem suffers for years. As a woman in Hollywood, she is constantly being compared to other women and all of her worth is based on how she looks. Courtney Cox is a victim of this, and she too has gone too far with plastic surgery. Once you take plastic surgery too far, there is only so much you can do to get back to your old face. Courtney has taken it too far and we will never see the beauty she once was, except for in pictures.

9 Demi Moore's Age Is Catching Up To Her

Demi Moore was arguably the most beautiful woman in Hollywood at the peak of her career. Men wanted to marry her, women wanted to be her. She was smoking hot! And getting while in reality getting older does not mean losing your beauty, but it might as well in Hollywood. And the methods that these women take to prevent aging and maintain their beauty tends to cause the opposite of the intended result. Demi has kept a low profile in the last couple years, especially after her and Ashton Kutcher ended up breaking up and he went off and got married to much a younger woman. Well, a woman his age. When you're whole like your beauty is equated to your worth by everyone around you, it must be terrifying when that starts to slip away. We feel for her.

8 No, We Don't Think Rob Kardashian Will Go Back To His Old Self

We honestly feel for Rob Kardashian, we really do. He has not had an easy time the last couple of years. He basically became a total recluse and gained a ton of weight. He went from super cute and athletic to obese. Remember how we said sometime you just have to look at someone's physicality to see what is going on with them mentally? Well, it is very easy to see Rob K is struggling. Then he got trapped by Blac Chyna and we were thought okay maybe this is a good thing. Not so much. It's obvious that until Rob handles his issues head on he will not lose the weight. And as he pulls more and more away from society his sisters continue to grow their empire which we're sure that it weighs heavily on him. Kardashian men just seem to be cursed.

7 Janice Dickinson Was A One Time Supermodel Current Hot Mess

If you have ever watched America's Next Top Model then you know that Janice Dickinson refers to herself as the worlds first supermodel. Whether that is true or not we will leave up to you to decide. But she was definitely a supermodel and a gorgeous one at that. But even by the time that she sat on the judging panel for ANTM she was messing her face up. All the surgery she has had done, and the substance abuse that she has been open about have taken their toll on her looks. Most people would not believe you if you should them a current picture of her and told them she used to be a supermodel. Lucky for Janice, she has a very entertaining personality because she is totally crazy. Because of this, she will probably always have some kind of attention on her no matter how bad her looks get.

6 Is It A Homeless Lady? No, It's Just Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke seems to have aged into a postmenopausal woman who has had some really bad surgery. The actor was definitely handsome when he was younger, and even though he looks totally different now because of plastic surgery his acting chops are enough to keep getting him jobs. Rourke does not seem to really care what he looks like, and he will often be photographed in very strange outfits which do not do him any favors. And whatever is going on in his personal life seems to have had an effect on him as well, which is normal. While he is looking slightly better these days, he can't go back to the work he has done to his face so he will never be as handsome as he once was.

5 Madonna Isn't Looking Like She Belongs In Vogue These Days

Madonna was never a beautiful woman in the objective sense, she was beautiful because she was Madonna! She was also extremely fit, which she remains to this day. But like other women before and after her, Madonna is trying to defy the aging her body is going through and doing everything she can to maintain her youth. And it just makes her look even older. All the fillers and botox on her face do not make her look like she did when she was younger. And the outfits she puts on just come off as too thirsty, she is trying way too hard. All this just contributes to making her look even worse and older. In time, Madonna is gonna get even more plastic surgery done mark our words. In ten years she is going to be looking like someone else totally, and not in a good way.

4 Singer Pete Burns Was Dealing With Major Body Dysmorphia Issues And He Made Everything Worse

If you are unfamiliar with Pete Burns, you probably do know at least one of his songs. He was a famous English singer-songwriter, and one of his most famous songs was You Spin Me Right Round. You probably know that! He was known for his androgynous look that was always changing, and he was very open about his use of cosmetic and plastic surgery. It is obvious that he had an addiction when it came to altering his look, he could never be happy. He revealed in a 2006 interview that he had spent most of his life savings on plastic surgery. And it was not good plastic surgery. Burns died not being happy with how he looked, but we hope now that he has passed on he is able to find the peace that he couldn't find in this life.

3 Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein Has Turned Her Face Into Something Totally Unrecognizable

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a very wealthy socialite. But her true claim to fame is her plastic surgery, which is arguably straight out of a horror movie. She has been nicknamed 'Cat Woman' and 'Bride of Wildenstein' by media outlets because of her surgery. And she does not seem to be stopping it anytime soon. If you want to see her in person, you just have to go to Los Angeles where she proudly parades around. She was married to a billionaire, Alex Wildenstein and the two did not have a good divorce. Her ex made it so that she could not use any of her alimony for most plastic surgery, indicating that this is something she has been doing heavily for years. She got 2.5 billion in the settlement, and you know she probably has been living it up at the plastic surgeons' office. We think that she thinks she actually looks good too.

2 80's Beauty To Current Bad Plastic Surgery Victim

celebrity plastic surgery online

Daryl Hannah was one of the most beautiful actresses of the 80's. Known for her roles in Blade Runner, Wall Street, and Splash she has a much more quiet life these days. She has become an outspoken environmental activist, but she definitely is not in the public eye as much as she used to be and there may be a good reason for it. Like many beautiful women in Hollywood and outside of it, Daryl has gotten plastic surgery she didn't need and went overboard with it. You would be hard-pressed to find current public photos of her because she keeps a very low profile, probably because she knows her surgery does not look great. Such a shame, and a shame that this happens to so many beautiful people.

1 Michaela Romanini Is The Italian Paris Hilton - At Least Hilton Hasn't Ruined Her Face

There are so many ways to describe Michaela, blue-eyed swamp monster is definitely one that comes to mind. Michaela is like the Italian Paris Hilton, except she acts too. She also got into plastic surgery way too young, something that Paris Hilton seems to have avoided by and large. When you start with plastic surgery that young, you're probably going to be doing it for the rest of your life. Looking at you Kylie Jenner. It becomes an addiction, but also in a practical sense, it becomes about having to maintain that work. Dealing with plastic surgery for decades takes its toll on a face, as you have seen evidenced multiple times in this article alone. Michaela went from being a gorgeous young woman to this, and there is not anything she can really do about it. She is stuck with this face.

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