20 Celebs Who Were Once Respected But Are Now Pure Evil

The world of celebrities is one which is filled with glamour and sparkle, but it can also be a hotbed for scandalous stories and gross misconduct. We tend to look to celebrities for entertainment and inspiration, but many famous people sadly use their notoriety to get away with crimes and inappropriate behavior. This past year has been particularly rife with news stories about celebrities gone bad, and even over just the last few months, countless celebs have had their dirty secrets spilled out into the open.

Here we take a look at some of the celebrities who once had a stellar reputation but have disgraced themselves through their own wrong-doings. Most on the list are guilty of heinous crimes which have earned them an “evil” status. The scandal revolving around Harvey Weinstein this year was very much a catalyst for other celebrities to be outed for their crimes and many of those named and shamed in the media find themselves on this list too. Others on this list though might not be so obvious and their crimes may have passed you by. So get comfy, because we’re about to drag some of the biggest names in the glitterati world.


20 Stacey Dash - Totally Clueless When It Comes To What’s Right And Wrong

We all know and love the teen cult classic film Clueless, but it might be more difficult to watch this rom-com fave when you know what a terrible person Stacey Dash is in real life. Once known for her role as Dion in the hit 90s flick Clueless, the only fame Dash has since gotten is for her controversial opinions. The former actress made headlines for slamming Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, and transgender people and after a short gig on Fox News, she was fired for being even too outrageous for the notorious news channel. Dash has been called “the most hated woman in America” and it’s boggling to see an actress go so off the rails in the way she has. If there’s one things that can be said of Stacey Dash, it’s that she is utterly 100% clueless.

19 Chris Brown - Violent and Unapologetic


It’s still boggling to think that anyone could dare be violent towards the beautiful queen of R&B that is Rihanna, but Chris Brown was indeed the monster who assaulted her, his then girlfriend. The attack on Rihanna occurred back in 2009, but since then, assault and battery charges have peppered the the last few years of Brown’s public image. Even just last year, Chris Brown was detained by the LAPD following a stand-off at his home over accusations that the singer threatened a woman with a gun. It’s such a shame that someone who had so much talent and potential and who once made such good music would turn out to be a violent monster with no respect for women. His dangerous history always looms over his career, and despite trying to make comebacks with new music, the public still sees him for the abusive man he really is.

18 John Mayer - Racist And Misogynist

John Mayer is a notorious womanizer and has been guilty of breaking the hearts of quite a number of our fave female celebrities over the years. And while his ego-mania and lothario attitude is more than just a little grating, he’s actually done things a whole lot worse than just serial dating. There have been a number of interviews in which Mayer has expressed problematic attitudes, and he has been quoted saying some pretty horrific racist, sexist, and homophobic things. When asked in an interview with Playboy magazine if he would be with a women of a different race, John Mayer went on record to say that he only dates white women. This is just one example of the horrific things this singer has said, so don’t be fooled by his voice or his catchy tunes - John Mayer is definitely pure evil.

17 R Kelly - Far From Being The World’s Greatest


One of the most disturbing scandals involving a celebrity is the ongoing deviousness that R&B singer R Kelly seems to have been getting away with since the early 1990s. It is truly shocking that the singer, famed for his songs I Believe I Can Fly and The World’s Greatest, has managed to dodge every single one of his convictions and has continued to have fame and success despite his disgusting, illegal crimes. Known for having a thing for underage girls, R Kelly has been accused over the years for having relationships with minors and for being abusive towards women. Stories of women being treated like slaves and being submitted to grotesque acts by R Kelly have surfaced over the years, as has proof that he married now-deceased singer Aaliyah illegally when she was 15 years old by faking her date of birth. It makes you wonder - how much longer will he be allowed to get away with all of this?

16 Christian Slater - Regrets Nothing About His Abusive Past

You might have only started to know Christian Slater recently from his role on Mr. Robot or you might be an avid fan of the 80s cult classic teen film Heathers, but did you know that Christian Slater has had a past littered with arrests and allegations against him? Slater’s career is another perfect example of famous people getting away with gross misconducts and still being welcomed back into the public’s good books. Slater has been in and out of jail since as early as the 1970s, and has served time for assault against women and for weapon possession. What makes all this worse, is that when asked in an interview with The Daily Beast if he regretted his abusive past, Slater firmly said “no.” This lack of remorse firmly puts Slater in the “pure evil” category. Sorry, not sorry Christian.

15 Louis C K - His Abuse Allegations Are Anything but Funny


Another celebrity to get his comeuppance this year is comedian Louis CK who has been found guilty of misconduct against multiple women. Within hours of the allegations coming to light this November, HBO cancelled all of his shows on their on-demand service, and the New York premiere of his latest film I Love You, Daddy was scrapped too. Stories involving the comic behaving inappropriately in hotel rooms while in the company of women have abounded in the news, and Louis CK has admitted to the charges set against him. Fellow comedians and colleagues have come out in condemnation of his behaviour, and his name has now joined the likes of Harvey Weinstein and other notorious Hollywood figures who have recently been outed for their abusive misconduct.

14 Harvey Weinstein - The Movie Mogul Who Menaced Women

It’s no surprise that Harvey Weinstein is on this list, as his despicable behaviour towards women made headlines worldwide recently. The movie mogul was outed for his devious harassment towards countless women in Hollywood, and triggered an enormous movement by women to speak out against sexism and abuse. While Weinstein’s name used to be associated with huge blockbuster hits and award-winning cinema, his infamous name will forevermore be linked to the shocking allegations that have seen him fall from glitterati grace. Actresses including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lupita Nyong'o have all bravely come forward as victims of Harvey Weinstein’s abuse and after years of getting away with such unspeakable behaviour, Weinstein is finally paying the price for mistreating women over the course of his career.


13 Bill Cosby - A Beloved Icon Turned Super Indecent


The world was aghast when in 2015 it came to light that the formerly-adored star of 80s sitcom The Cosby Show was actually a predator. Once known for his love of pudding pops and colourful sweaters, Cosby swiftly lost his image of the loveable father figure and is now firmly seen as one of the most loathed celebrities in the world. What started off as an accusation from one woman, spiralled into a revelatory case concerning dozens of women who came forward as victims of abuse at the hands of Cosby. Apparently the former television star has been carrying out nefarious acts on women since the 1960s, and has used force, drugs, and other means to carry out his evil deeds. The news about Bill Cosby threw open the gates for other women to come forward and tell their truths, and could be said to have been a catalyst for the Harvey Weinstein news soon after.

12 Naya Rivera - Glee Star Turned Husband Beater

The former Glee star Naya Rivera, known for playing Santana Lopez, wasn’t very gleeful when she was arrested for assault and battery towards her husband Ryan Dorsey last month. Dorsey was forced to call the police after his wife had too much to drink and started getting physically violent with him. A fight arose between the married couple over their son Josey, and Rivera ended up hitting Dorsey over the head and splitting his lip. Dorsey called 911, completely out of breath and sounding terrified, according to the police report. Apparently this isn’t the first time the relationship has turned violent and many of those close to the couple have said that their relationship is toxic. Seeing as though this wasn’t a one-off incident, it remains to be seen if there will be more drama from this heated couple.

11 Andy Dick - The Actor Who Completely Lost Control


Actor Andy Dick is no stranger to scandalous behaviour, and over the years he has dealt with drug addiction and substance abuse with around twenty instances of having to go to rehab. Andy Dick has also been named and shamed as being abusive towards women, and has had allegations of  harassment put against him. Recent stories have come to light of Andy’s repeated groping and offensive behaviour towards others on and off set. The actor has since been dropped from the independent feature film Raising Buchanan he was meant to star in, after accusations of misconduct on set. Andy Dick has always been known for his controversial and eccentric brand of comedy, but his recent harassments are definitely a step too far. Not funny Andy, not funny at all.

10 Ian Watkins - The Singer Did Some Dark Things

Who is Ian Watkins you ask? Well, he’s by far the most revolting human to ever have been famous. Formerly the founder and lead singer of the band the 'Lostprophets', Watkins was charged in 2013 for the abuse of underage people, and possession of a whole host of inappropriate photos. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison and won’t be eligible for parole until he’s served two-thirds of his sentences. The 'Lostprophets' were a hugely successful band, and it came as a huge shock to music fans to hear of Watkins' disgusting acts. His actions has made him one of the most hated 'stars' (if you can even call him that) in Hollywood. Also. even behind bars, Watkins has been grooming young mothers, which makes him all the more vile for not even being sorry for his crimes.

9 Jeremy Piven - He Lost More Than Just His Entourage After His Despicable Behavior


Claims against Jeremy Piven, star of Entourage and Mr. Selfridge, have been added to the long list of allegations that have rocked Hollywood in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall. Jeremy Piven has denied the accusations, yet that hasn’t stopped several women speaking out against him, insisting that he touched them inappropriately and made them witness some unspeakable acts. It has been reported that Piven has been under a lot of mental stress since the allegations have come out, and he even broke down in tears when an interviewer questioned him about the accusations. Well, even though he might deny the claims, all we know is there’s no smoke without fire and if the last month has shown us anything, it’s that women’s claims need to be treated seriously and with respect.

8 Kevin Spacey - His House of Cards Has Come Tumbling Down After Abuse Allegations

Kevin Spacey has ,until recently, been one of Hollywood’s most treasured and respected actors but is now facing a wave of criticism and backlash after being accused of inappropriate misconduct and his unapologetic attitude towards the claims. The first accusation Spacey was confronted with was from actor Anthony Rapp who alleged that Kevin Spacey made advances towards him at a party when he was only 14 years old. Numerous other actors have also come forward with claims that the House of Cards cards actor acted inappropriately with them and made unwanted moves on them. Since the allegations, spacey has come out as being openly gay, and has treated the allegations with little respect towards his victims. Netflix has since decided to end the award-winning series House of Cards and Spacey has been stripped of his role, as well as his role in the upcoming Ridley Scott film All the Money in the World.

7 LeAnn Rimes - No One Loves A Homewrecker


LeAnn Rimes topped the lists of Most Hated Celebrities a few years ago when it was revealed she was cheating on her husband and having an affair with Eddie Cibrian. The affair made world headlines and resulted in the breakup of the marriage between Eddie Cibrian and his then wife Brandi Glanville. A lot of controversy circled the story as Cibrian had already been branded a “serial cheater” and the whole affair wreaked havoc on the couple’s lives. Rimes has been outspoken and unapologetic about her actions on social media, and didn’t give herself much room for anyone to feel sorry for her. Glanville has also been very outspoken when it comes to Rimes’ parenting style and has criticized the country singer for being a harmful influence on her children.

6 Michelle Duggar - TLC Is Ashamed Of Unhealthy Family Ties

Michelle Duggar, of 19 Kids and Counting fame, is quite possibly one of the worst parents in America and is very rightly a celebrity who can be categorized as being pure evil. Not only did Michelle Duggar send out homophobic emails to the whole town she lives in, she and her husband have also stood by and defended their son Josh’s horrific abuse towards their very own daughters. Josh Duggar was found guilty of molesting his underage sisters, but his parents have told the media that they think his behaviour is normal. Stories have come about of the Duggars using mind control against their children, and using religion as an excuse to voice controversial and hurtful opinions, especially on LGBTQ issues which they have published inflammatory propaganda about.

5 Matt Lauer - Scandalous News Anchor Needs To Invest In Lawyers


Journalist and now former news anchor of The Today Show Matt Lauer has also been hit recently with allegations of inappropriate misconduct and is now one of the most reviled men in television. Multiple women have come forward confirming stories of harassment, which has resulted in Lauer being fired from his job at NBC. Matt Lauer has not denied the claims and has said that he feels “ashamed” and “embarrassed” for his behaviour. As a news anchor, Lauer had a position of trust among viewers of his show, but it just goes to show that even those whose job it is to relate the truth can themselves be hiding dirty secrets of their own. Once again, a man in a position of power has been seen to abuse his privileged place in the world, and Lauer is one more man who won’t get away with the vile crimes he has committed.

4 Lena Dunham - Defending Against Evil People

Few celebrities are as reviled as Girls star and creator Lena Dunham. Dunham has made headlines for speaking out controversially about issues such as abortion and diversity, but only last month Dunham may have made her most problematic statement when she came to the defence of Murray Miller, a writer on Girls who has been accused of rape. Not only is this shameful and disgusting behaviour on Dunham’s part, but it’s also extremely hypocritical. Lena Dunham has stated in the past that all women should be listened to and believed when they claim to have been a victim of abuse, yet in this instance, the actress is completely dismissing the victim’s story. Lena Dunham is self-righteous and narcissistic and believes that her smug celebrity status gives her the authority to speak out on anything and everything. This time though, her outspokenness has gone too far, and has shown her to be the hypocritical, shallow, entitled person she really is.

3 Iggy Azalea - The Racist Rapper


In Iggy Azalea's short career, the Australian rapper has definitely been no stranger to controversy, particularly when it comes to racial-appropriation. The singer has notoriously used the N-word in her songs and has eluded to being a “master” amongst “slaves” in the lyrics of one of her songs. Singer Halsey has come out saying that Iggy is racist and has a complete disregard for black culture. Azalea has been known to blast controversial tweets, and has come under fire for being racist, homophobic and xenophobic. She stirred up even more controversy when she accused Beyonce of being racist, stating that she thought the Lemonade singer shouldn’t have included the lyrics “Becky with the good hair” as she thought it was racist against white women. Oh Iggy, how misguided you truly are.

2 Azealia Banks - Her Homophobia Went Viral

Back in 2016, Azealia Banks disgraced herself forever by targeting former One Direction singer Zayn Malik with a series of defamatory tweets. She lashed out at the singer, pummelling racist and homophobic insults at him online and embroiled herself in a Twitter feud that has since become infamous. The singer is known for her outspoken views and her anti-gay opinions, but still denies that she is homophobic because she has claimed she is bisexual. After her tirade went viral, Azealia Banks’ Twitter account was suspended and many gigs and performances she was meant to attend and perform at cancelled on her. Since the feud occurred, Banks has very much been under the radar and has been shunned by the music community and the world as a whole.

1 Tyrese Gibson - Major Breakdown


The Fast and Furious star has been going through a rough time lately, not only over his ongoing custody battle for his daughter, but also because of a feud that has sparked up between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and himself. Gibson lashed out on social media in an emotional Instagram story where we can see him in tears over the drama surrounding the custody of his daughter Shayla. Things have gone from bad to worse between Gibson and his ex-wife Norma, who has apparently been keeping their daughter away from the actor due to accusations that he beat Shayla up in a rage-filled fit. Tyrese has blamed his medication for his erratic behaviour and has since said he has stopped taking those particular meds. Do we believe that though? Or is Tyrese just a maniac on the loose?

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