20 Celebs Who Went Blonde (& Never Looked Back)

There are many celebrities who have an absolute blast experimenting with their looks. After all, they have access to the best hairstylists, the best make-up artists, the best glam squad—they can basically transform themselves any way they want.

However, because of their jobs, sometimes there are certain restrictions. For example, an actress or actor playing a character with a certain haircut or color can't just go for a completely different look on a whim—if it hasn't been approved by the studio, basically, it isn't happening. That's why so many actors and actresses go for a dramatic transformation once they wrap up a long role.

Of all the hair transformations, it seems like going blonde is one of the most dramatic, whether it's going from dark brunette to blonde or simply from dark blonde to a vibrant platinum blonde.

Sure, everyone's heard the adage that blondes have more fun, but there's something more than that. Even though the process of going blonde can often be painful because of all the bleach involved, for many, it's too fun a transformation opportunity to pass up.

Here are 20 celebs that threw caution to the wind and decided to switch up their looks and go blonde—and loved it so much they haven't looked back.

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20 Kate Mara: From Boring Brunette To Edgy Blonde

via: pinterest.com

With her dark locks and pale skin, Kate Mara definitely had a strong look—however, we have to admit, we're thrilled that she decided to mix it up and change her look entirely by going blonde.

Her features and choice of haircuts already give her a bit of an edgy quality, but the blonde just accentuates all that and makes her look like a straight-up rock star.

Obviously, she's willing to change her look for a role, but we love that she also did it just for herself. Sometimes you just need the kind of change that a physical transformation inspires!

19 Emma Stone: Trading In Her Trademark Red For Platinum Blonde

via: youtube.com

For many years, Emma Stone was known for her fiery red locks. They became her trademark, her signature—then, for her role in the Spiderman franchise, she dyed her hair blonde. She's played around with her hair color since, but interestingly enough, she's admitted to actually being a natural blonde. The fiery red hair looks amazing with her skin tone, but she also looks phenomenal as a blonde. Only time will tell whether she decides to keep the blonde hair full time or whether it'll just be a temporary thing she plays around with every now and then. Either way, we love it!

18 Orlando Bloom: Giving Us Legolas Vibes With His Blonde Locks

via: justjared.com

For years and years, Orlando Bloom pretty much just kept his natural dark, curly locks, and women absolutely loved the look. It was a little messy, it was a little artistic, and it was majorly cute.

However, there was one other look he rocked that many women liked—his long blonde hair as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

So, you can only imagine the delight of fans when he debuted his new platinum blonde 'do. It's definitely a lot shorter than Legolas', but we have to admit, blonde looks good on him. Although, let's be honest—just about any hair style or color would look good on him.

17 Zayn Malik: King Of Hair Transformations

via: huffingtonpost.com

Zayn Malik had a sense of style when he was a member of One Direction, but it's really been since leaving the band and starting his solo run as an artist that he's become edgier with his style choices. While his clothing is part of it, a huge part of his style transformation involves the different hair looks he's rocked. First, he traded in his brunette locks for pale pink. Then, he went blonde. Then, he took his blonde locks and shaved them off in a buzz cut. The buzz cut is probably his most masculine look yet, and it really suits him. We kind of can't wait to see what hairstyle he rocks next, but we also kind of want him to keep the platinum buzz cut!

16 Zoe Kravitz: Looks Chic No Matter What

via: vogue.com

Zoe Kravitz is one of those women who would literally look good with any hair cut or color. From a super cropped pixie cut to long braids, from jet black to platinum blonde, everything looks great on her.

However, we have to admit, platinum blonde definitely suits her personality.

It's fun and artsy while still being super edgy and fashion forward, which is exactly how we'd describe her. We're hoping she keeps this look for a the long term—although, admittedly, it's probably a ton of work to maintain. Platinum blonde is stylish, but it certainly isn't easy to keep up.

15 Solange: She Went Full On Platinum Natural And We Love It

via: refinery29.com

If you thought Beyonce was the queen of style transformations, you obviously haven't paid close enough attention to her little sister, Solange. Solange has carved a path for herself in the music industry, and is known for her edgy and personal fashion choices. We absolutely loved when she started embracing her natural hair, and loved it even more when she decided to go platinum blonde. Something about the combination between the color and the texture is just so outside the box and edgy, we're obsessed. It's the perfect fit for someone as bold and fearless as she is—she looks gorgeous!

14 Emilia Clarke: Finally Dyed Her Hair To Match Khaleesi's

via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

For years and years, Emilia Clarke pulled a platinum blonde wig over her short brown hair to play Daenerys Targaryen a.k.a. Khaleesi on the hit show Game of Thrones.

She just wasn't ready to commit to the platinum look in real life—plus, it probably gave her a bit more anonymity to look totally different than her massively popular character in real life.

However, she eventually decided that she wanted to figure out what it was like to rock platinum blonde hair full time—so she made the switch from brunette to blonde! Her own hair isn't nearly as long as Daenerys', but she looks totally stunning with the lighter locks.

13 Allison Williams: Traded In Marnie's Brown Hair For A More Exciting Look

via: today.com

For quite a few years, Allison Williams played Marnie on the HBO hit Girls, a character who was known—at least initially — for being somewhat boring and predictable. So, it only made sense that Marnie would have typical brunette hair—not too light, not too dark, just average. So, when the show finally wrapped, Williams decided to make a massive change and swap out her brunette locks for a blonder look. She's made several jokes on the talk show circuit about how differently men respond to her now that she's a blonde, and it just goes to show what an impact something as simple as hair color has.

12 Khloe Kardashian: Leaving The Signature Kardashian Brunette Behind

via: usweekly.com

To be honest, it's tough to remember a time when Khloe was a bit curvier and had brown hair. It seems like she's been rocking her gym-toned physique and blonde locks forever— and she looks absolutely amazing.

She's obviously landed on the winning combination that makes her feel confident, and we don't blame her—the blonde locks totally suit her.

As far as the Kardashians go, she's somewhere in the middle—she changes up her hair a lot more than Kourtney does, but definitely isn't a chameleon of Kylie's caliber. If we had her blonde locks, though, we wouldn't change them either!

11 Gwen Stefani: Making Platinum Blonde Her Signature Look For Decades

via: bravotv.com

It's hard to remember that there was once a time where Gwen Stefani had blue and pink hair. She opted to dye her hair platinum blonde way back in her younger years, and there was something about that with the combination of her signature red look that just worked for her. It was strong yet feminine, edgy yet vintage, and she's stuck with that look ever since. She's played around with the length of her hair, and has added a few different twists like black ombre on the bottom, but she's kept the platinum blonde forever, and we don't blame her—we hope she never gets rid of it.

10 Julia Roberts: Trading In Her Signature Red For Beachy Blonde Waves

via: etonline.com

There was a time when Julia Roberts' hair was almost as well-known as her super-sized smile. Her reddish auburn, curly mane was larger than life in the best possible way. However, she's recently been changing it up a little, experimenting with different hair textures, opting for a beachy wave instead of her tighter curls.

And, she's even lightened her locks up a little, swapping the rich auburn shade for a lighter blonde.

She could rock just about any look, but we kind of love that she went for the casual, beachy vibe of the blonde waves. They definitely suit her effortless style.

9 Kristen Stewart: Ditched Twilight By Ditching Her Long Brunette Locks

via: vogue.it

Whether you love her or not, you have to admit that Kristen Stewart's style evolution over the years has been pretty incredible. She went from a fairly standard brunette style when playing the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise to a shorter cut, then she swapped out her standard red carpet attire for edgier selections. She's been really figuring out what style means to her, and we love that. While the shorter 'do was a refreshing change, we particularly loved when she dyed her brunette hair a platinum blonde—it just made her look even edgier, and totally worked for her.

8 Kylie Jenner: The Queen Of Hair Transformations Is Loving Blonde Life

via: instagram.com

There's no doubt about it—Kylie Jenner is without question the queen of Hollywood hair transformations. It seems like she has a different style or color every single week! And yes, a lot of that is thanks to high quality wigs—her hair would be majorly damaged if she did a legitimate dye job for every color change.

However, she has actually switched up her hair quite a bit over the years, including trying platinum blonde out for a while.

We have to admit, we kind of prefer her more over the top colors, like rose gold or seafoam green, but there's something about the platinum blonde that is so chic and simple.

7 Natalia Dyer: The Stranger Things Star Wanted A New Look — And We Love It

via: refinery29.com

Actress Natalia Dyer earned fans around the world thanks to her role on the Netflix hit Stranger Things, and on the show, she had a pretty standard cut with brunette locks. In real life, she felt like changing it up a little bit, so she did, cutting bangs and coloring her hair full on platinum blonde. It's definitely a little too glam for Stranger Things, so she may have to dye it back for the show at some point, but we kind of hope she keeps it as long as possible because she looks amazing. It just works so well with her features and skin tone.

6 Katy Perry: Traded In Her Colorful Locks For Platinum Blonde

via: instagram.com

On stage, Katy Perry has rocked just about every hair color under the sun, courtesy of some fun wigs.

However, in real life, she's always been true to her brunette roots—that is, until she decided to go completely platinum blonde.

It was definitely a huge change from her almost jet black locks, but it definitely works for her. Many women with dark hair look washed out when they switch to blonde, but somehow she just looks even more glowing. And, she doubled down on the transformation, cutting off some major length in addition to switching up the shade—we love it!

5 Carly Rae Jepsen: Showing Off Her New Platinum Pixie Cut In A Target Commercial

via: wp.com

If the last time you saw Carly Rae Jepsen was when you were binge-watching the "Call Me Maybe" video on repeat, you may not even recognize her with her hair transformation. Not only did she chop off her long bob-length locks into a pixie cut, but she also dyed it from a deep chestnut brown to platinum blonde. She looks like an entirely different person! It just goes to show what a major impact hair has on your look—you may think it's just one component, but it definitely affects your overall appearance in a major way. We absolutely love her new 'do.

4 Leighton Meester: Putting Blair Waldorf Behind Her With A Hair Transformation

via: allure.com

For years and years, Leighton Meester couldn't really make any drastic hair changes. After all, she could only change her hair as much Blair Waldorf would change her hair—and Blair Waldorf was the kind of woman who knew her look and didn't mess around with it too much.

So, it's no surprise that in the years that followed Gossip Girl, Meester has played around with her hair quite a bit, including going full on platinum blonde at one point.

And, we have to admit, it totally works on her—it gives her an instantly edgy, cool girl quality, and she looks amazing.

3 Justin Bieber: From Bowl Cut To Blonde

via: gq.com

Most people can still remember the signature haircut Justin Bieber had when he made his debut on the music scene—a bit of a bowl cut, plenty of volume, in an unassuming shade of brown. Since then, he's changed up his look quite a bit over the years, and his latest hair evolution is the most dramatic yet. In addition to having a fairly edgy cut, he's traded in his brunette locks for platinum blonde, which makes just as much of a style statement on a guy as it does on a woman. We have to admit, we don't love it on him, but hey—if he's happy with it, why not?

2 Jennifer Lawrence: She's Been Every Shade Of Blonde Under The Sun

via: popsugar.com

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her effortless style, however, she's certainly had her fair share of hair looks over the years. From dark brunette locks to blonde locks, from long hair to a pixie cut, she really has done it all.

And, we have to admit, we love her shorter (but not pixie short) platinum locks the best.

There's just something about the tousled style that suits her so well, and the platinum shade looks amazing on her. Hopefully she'll keep it for a while yet and not return to her brunette days—although she'd look amazing with any color.

1 Charlie Puth: Stunned Fans With His Blonde Transformation

via: wp.com

Many fans are way more surprised when a male celebrity has a major hair transformation than when a female celebrity does. After all, on average, women play around with their appearance a whole lot more than men do—however, that doesn't mean men don't like to experiment with their look! Charlie Puth is the perfect example. The rising musical superstar had enough and decided he wanted to mix up his look in a major way, so he dyed his hair platinum blonde. It's definitely a strong look, but hey—you don't truly know if you'll love it until you try it!

Sources: Elle, Allure, Ranker

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