20 Celebs Who Turned Their Friends In For Somebody New

If there is one thing that the internet and tabloid magazines have made abundantly clear it is this: people care more about the personal lives of celebrities today than they ever have in the past. Due to that fact, stars tend to be dogged by the paparazzi at every turn and they have to worry about the true intentions of everyone new in their life. With all of that in mind, it makes all the sense in the world that many stars surround themselves with other famous people.

Just like friendships that everyday people have, just because a pair of famous people become pals today it doesn’t mean that they are going to remain that way for very long. In fact, sometimes all it takes to put an end to a budding famous friendship is a third party coming between them. With that in mind, it is time to look at this list of 20 celebrities who turned their friends in for somebody new.

In order for a pair of friends to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, they first and foremost need to be famous for one reason or another. On top of that, it has to appear like they are no longer close due to a new person in one of their lives.

20 Alissa Violet And Tessa Brooks

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For those of you that aren’t familiar with the world of YouTube celebrity, Alissa Violet and Tessa Brooks have both amassed large followings on the video streaming service. Both members of Jake Paul’s crew known as Team 10, when Alissa left the group due to tension with the man that created it there was collateral damage.

The perfect example of that is how Tessa allowed her close relationship with Jake to ruin her friendship with Alissa. Thankfully for anyone who wanted to see Alissa and Tessa make peace, in late 2018 they reunited for the first time in years but it was still clear that Tessa’s relationship with Jake came first.

19 Drake And Meek Mill

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Two immensely successful rappers, there is no doubt that Meek Mill and Drake have both earned their place in the music industry. Formerly close enough that they collaborated with one another, all of that changed when Meek tweeted a pretty egregious statement against Drake: “he don’t write his own raps.”

From there, both of them threw words at one another in their music, during interviews and on social media. Perhaps all of the drama that Drake has had with Meek taught him to appreciate the friendship he went on to have with 21 Savage. Either way, clearly 21 Savage enjoys having Drake in his life since he said their friendship is “deeper than rap,” as DJ Booth reports.

18 Eva Longoria And Jennifer Lopez

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It's the kind of thing that unfortunately happens far too often. Over the years many close-knit friendships have been ruined by matters of the heart. For example, during the 2000s, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria were two friends who seemed to be leading very charmed lives. For her part, Eva found fame on the show Desperate Housewives. Lopez starred in a long list of beloved movies, recorded many hit songs and was a fantastic dancer.

No matter how great things seemed to be going between them, however, when Lopez came to believe that Longoria was interested in Marc Anthony it brought their friendship to an end. After all, Lopez was married to Anthony at the time.

17 Heather Locklear And Denise Richards

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Two women who have made it in the highly competitive world of Hollywood, Heather Locklear has starred in so many beloved shows that she has become a legend and Denise Richards is a Bond girl. Due to the fact that both women have success in common, it makes sense that they would be good friends. Unfortunately, maybe that also is why both were attracted to the same man, Richie Sambora.

Married for more than a decade, when Sambora and Locklear broke up it always would have been hard. However, it must have made it so much worse when Locklear also lost a friend out of the deal since Richards went on to date her ex.

16 Kim Kardashian And Paris Hilton

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Two women with very similar life stories, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian first found themselves in the spotlight because of their family connections and the paparazzi chronicling them letting loose at night. What some people may not realize, however, is that it is no coincidence that both women had similar lifestyles, since they grew up together and prior to attaining fame herself, Kim was Paris’s personal assistant.

Their long relationship hit the skids, however, after Kim became famous and Paris said something very rude about her former pal in public. Obviously, a strong-willed woman, losing Paris as a friend simply seems to have freed up Kim to become close friends with Jessica Alba.

15 Jamie Foxx And Tom Cruise

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When looking at Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx’s complicated relationship, it appears like it all started when they co-starred in the fantastic film Collateral together. Not exactly best friends after filming finished, there still is ample evidence that the pair viewed one another as pals and they got along quite well. Of course, since then Foxx and Katie Holmes have chosen to go public with the fact that they are romantically involved.

While Collateral was being filmed, Holmes was married to Cruise. To Foxx and Holmes’s credit, they let Cruise know about their relationship from the beginning, but Hollywood Life claims Tom felt “betrayed” by the news.

14 Madonna And Gwyneth Paltrow

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For anyone that grew up during the 80s or 90s, it seems safe to say that they grew up viewing Madonna as an icon due to her ability to constantly reinvent herself and release hit music. For that reason, we can only imagine how excited Gwyneth Paltrow must have been when she actually became friends with Madonna.

Any glee Paltrow might have felt about that at the time was later soured since her friendship with Madonna ended and both women insulted each other in personal ways in public.

Still, Paltrow had an open slot for another music icon in her life, which may be why she obviously loves being friends with Beyoncé Knowles.

13 Jennifer Aniston And Chelsea Handler

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When it comes to celebrities, they usually seem to surround themselves with people that they have loads in common with. On the other end of the spectrum, virtually everyone who learned that Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler had become close was baffled by the news. No matter what the reasons for their bond, the fact remains that for a time it seemed like Aniston and Handler were BFFs in Hollywood. Then, as mysteriously as their relationship came to be, it ended seemingly out of nowhere.

On the bright side of things for Handler, if she feared that no longer being friends with Aniston would empty out her social calendar, she had Leah Remini around to keep her company.

12 Jennifer Garner And Mark Ruffalo

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One of the most fascinating aspects of the celebrity world, it really can be amazing to learn about how co-stars interact after filming ends. An example of what we mean, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo starred in 13 Going on 30 together, a movie that some now view as a romantic comedy classic.

Able to share a huge amount of onscreen chemistry in that film, it clearly wasn’t all fake since they became friends during their time on set. Sadly for fans of the film, when Ruffalo was on Watch What Happens Live, he was asked if they were still friends and his answer was disappointing. “We had a great time together, and I think we would, but then Ben [Affleck] came on the scene and that was the end of that,” Wet Paint reports.

11 Elton John And George Michael

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In this day and age, it often feels like new music collaborations featuring major artists are released daily. However, back when Elton John and George Michael dueted on a live version of the song “Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me” it was quite rare and therefore a lot more remarkable.

Sadly, the spirit of respect and friendship that Elton and George shared at the time would dry up. In fact, the two of them openly disliked one another for many years after that. During that time, George built an impactful relationship with Robbie Williams.

When George passed away, Robbie said it made him rethink his entire life and that George no longer living was “[such a bad] thing to happen and I miss him,” as People reports.

10 Kiefer Sutherland And Jason Patric

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For those of you who don’t remember it, during the early 90s two of the biggest movie stars in the world were engaged to be married. However, Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts never walked down the aisle together because she called off the nuptials only three days prior to their planned wedding! Obviously heartbroken at the time, Kiefer attempted to track down his would-be wife only to learn she had run off with Jason Patric, his friend and former co-star in The Lost Boys.

Speaking about how Jason’s time with Julia made him feel, Kiefer said he thought at the time, "When I get hold of Jason I am going to [hurt him]. That snake pretended to be my best friend and all the time he was really after my girl," as Now To Love reports.

9 Jennifer Lopez And Victoria Beckham

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The only person to appear on this list twice, unfortunately Jennifer Lopez has lost more than one famous friend. Lopez was really good friends with Victoria Beckham but that came to an end for a pretty interesting reason. Two people who managed to become superstars, Lopez would have had a lot in common with Beckham who earned her fame as a member of one of the biggest pop groups of all time, the Spice Girls.

That doesn’t mean that their friendship was meant to last, evidently, as Lopez told Marie Claire that the pair stopped hanging out once Beckham had her daughter Harper.

8 Kanye West And JAY-Z

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One of the most remarkable entries on this list, not too long ago it seemed like Kanye West and Jay-Z were meant to be lifelong friends. Known to collaborate on several songs over the years, the pair was also involved in major business ventures together. Of course, human relationships can be pretty fragile at times and at least for now, their friendship has fractured.

While there were several incidents that seemed to come between them, some think that Jay-Z not reaching out to West after Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris started their spilt. Either way, now that these two no longer interact the way they once did, that has left Jay-Z with the time to become close with Meek Mill.

7 Lindsay Lohan And Nicole Richie

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Someone who has been close friends with several celebrities over the years, many people remember that Nicole Richie used to spend a lot of time with Paris Hilton. However, during that same time period, there is another star who was close to both Nicole and Paris: Lindsay Lohan. However, Lohan no longer seems to associate with either of them.

Asked about her former pals during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Richie revealed that she and Hilton didn’t hang out but she still saw her as a friend. On the other hand, when it came to Lohan, Richie simply said, “Haven't spoken to her in a while,” as Us magazine reports.

Thankfully for Lohan, that leaves her with the time to be buddies with Kourtney Kardashian instead.

6 Lauren Conrad And Heidi Montag

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When it comes to this relationship, it is hard to figure out what was real since we saw their friendship play out on The Hills, a “reality” show that hinted at scripting and faking scenes. However, we do have faith in the broad details of their friendship falling apart since they never rekindled their relationship once that show came to an end.

Shown to be very close friends at one time, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag even lived together for a while. All of that changed, however, when Montag began dating and eventually married Spencer Pratt, a man that Conrad wanted nothing to do with.

5 Katy Perry And Taylor Swift

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It may be hard to remember it now, but at one time Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seemed destined to be a major part of each other's lives. After all, both were hugely successful pop stars who tweeted out how much each of them respected and appreciated the other. Then Perry began dating one of Swift’s exes, John Mayer, and three dancers Katy had worked with became unavailable due to touring the world with Taylor.

Since then, both women have thrown words at each other, in their lyrics and on social media. At least Perry has been able to build a new friendship in her life with famed actor Allison Williams.

4 Dr. Dre And Eazy E

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Two members in a group that had a huge impact on rap music, Dr. Dre and Eazy E made up the N.W.A. alongside several other people. Even though members came and went, the group couldn’t survive certain key people departing so it was a really big deal when Dr. Dre and Eazy E had a falling out that broke the group.

Fortunately, they were able to make peace with one another just before Eazy E passed away but their musical partnership and friendship was never the same. Of course, Dre was able to move on and he became very close friends with Snoop Dogg, a man he has performed loads of music with ever since.

3 Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez

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An experience that clearly is unlike any other, being a child star puts youngsters under a lot of pressure. Fortunately for some people who go through that process, they are able to make friends with other people who’ve experienced the same thing. For example, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez became very close after they both starred in Barney & Friends and the Disney Channel movie Princess Protection Program.

However, by the time 2010 came around, Gomez and Lovato were no longer close due to Selena becoming friends with Taylor Swift. In fact, when Demi was walking through a crowd of fans, she was asked, “How’s Selena?” and responded, “Ask Taylor.”

2 Sylvester Stallone And Bruce Willis

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Considering there are so few action movie stars, it makes perfect sense that Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis were very good friends for a long time. Although they were even close enough to invest in a business together, Planet Hollywood, their relationship broke down when Stallone asked Willis to appear in The Expendables 3.

Instead of saying no or asking for a reasonable fee from his friend, Willis reportedly demanded four million dollars for four days of work, which inspired Stallone to call him “greedy and lazy” in a tweet. Although they have made up since then, Willis’s absence allowed Stallone to become closer to Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom he even spent Christmas 2017.

1 Kevin Smith And Ben Affleck

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Someone with a pretty amazing career in Hollywood, after making it big Kevin Smith wrote and directed several movies and he worked with some actors regularly. For instance, Ben Affleck appeared in five of Smith’s movies and some of those roles had a pivotal part in making him a star. Clearly much more than co-workers for several years, Smith and Affleck were both open about being very good friends.

Sadly for anyone that loved the films they made together and cared about their friendship, Affleck’s former wife Jennifer Garner didn’t like him so their bond came to an end.

Sources: People. Us, Marie-Claire, Wet Paint

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