20 Celebs Who Stormed Out Of Interviews (& Here's Why)

Celebrities live their lives in the limelight and everyone wants a piece of them. There is little that they can do that’s not reported on, and when there is a new film or music album that’s about to be released, they are contractually obligated to promote it, and this means giving interview after interview to eager journalists. And sometimes things go wrong, which results in stars calling time on the chat mid-interview and creating a super awkward atmosphere.

Their reasons for this uncomfortable situation differ, but often it’s because an interviewer decides that rather than sticking to the topic, they would prefer to ask about the A-lister’s private life, or they simply ask questions that are totally off topic. Rihanna is one of the celebrities who has been on the receiving end of an anchor asking her questions about her romantic history, instead of the film she was promoting. Mel B, on the other hand, once got annoyed on live TV because the anchors were trying to create a narrative she disagreed with.

Celebrities aren’t perfect, but sometimes people need to think before they speak, or risk the person they are trying to interview storming off the set. And other times, celebs are just in really bad moods! Below are 20 celebrities who stormed out of interviews, and their reasons why.

20 Please, Reporters, Stop Asking Selena Gomez About Her Ex-Boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Celebrity relationships attract a lot of attention, especially when the celeb is as high profile as Selena Gomez. Her and Justin Bieber's romance was something of great interest to a lot of people because they had broken up and gotten back together more times than many people could count, but does this mean that Gomez is an authority on all things related to Bieber? It shouldn't, which is why it was odd that she was asked about Bieber's past behaviours during an interview.

Interviewer Dean Richards decided that his chat with Gomez was the perfect opportunity to ask about Bieber’s recent bad behaviour, saying, “Is there something about him that we don’t get?” According to People, Gomez declined to answer, and abruptly ended the satellite interview.

19 Rita Ora Made It Clear She Would Not Be Answering Questions About Calvin Harris

Celebrity breakups get a lot of media attention, and Rita Ora and Calvin Harris’s breakup didn’t seem to end on the best of terms because he stopped her from performing their song, “I Will Never Let You Down,” at the Teen Choice Awards, News reports.

Ora was asked about Harris and the song during a red carpet interview, when the interviewer stated, “There’s been a lot of rumours about Calvin Harris not releasing some of your stuff…” and they didn’t get to ask any further questions because Ora quickly responded with, “Thank you. Bye Bye.” She then walked away, and that was the end of the discussion.

18 Paris Hilton Didn’t Appreciate Being Told Her Moment Could Have Passed

Paris Hilton started out as a socialite, and she has been able to forge an impressive career for herself. She has been the star of a reality TV show, the darling of the fashion and beauty world, and in addition to creating a number of fragrances, she’s also partnered with big retailers, including Boohoo, for fashion collections. Her name is still very much in lights. During an ABC News interview, she was asked if she felt if her moment could have passed, after her show The World According to Paris received poor ratings, The Independent reports.

"Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?" interviewer Dan Harris asked. The question was insensitive, and Hilton’s reaction should have been anticipated. Needless to say, no more questions were asked on that day.

17 Justin Bieber Wasn't Amused By A Request To Break The Internet

Justin Bieber is a celebrity who has had a lot of media attention from a young age, and there have been times when it all got too much for him and he reacted in ways he probably shouldn't have. But he is also a star who is willing to appear on red carpet events and do interviews, well, unless the interviewer asks him to "break the internet."

According to The Independent, Bieber was chatting with Spanish radio station 40 Principales in a bid to promote his album, "Purpose." He appeared to be bored with the bizarre questions throughout the interview, but it was when he was asked if he could help them “break the internet” that it finally became too much, and he stormed out the station.

16 Robert Downey Jr. Wasn’t In An Interview To Talk About His Past Behaviour

Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor and a household name, but he has had a troubled past. However, his previous actions are behind him and he has done a great job at cleaning up his image, which is probably why he felt annoyed when he was asked about it in an interview with British journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy - instead of being asked about his latest movie.

Downey Jr. was upset by the line of questioning and cut the interview short. Later, he gave an interview to Howard Stern (via The Hollywood Reporter) explaining that his only regret from walking away was that he didn’t do it sooner.

15 Robert Pattinson Was Uncomfortable Being Asked To Address His Relationship Status

Robert Pattinson doesn’t appreciate people prying into his personal life (or maybe it’s his publicist who has a problem), and if you plan to do that, he will run for the door. This is something Ryan Seacrest found out when he had the actor on his radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

The interview took place in 2009, when the media was focused on Pattison’s relationship with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, and Seacrest wanted to ask if the reports were true. "What can you say to your fans who are are desperate to know about you and your co-star Kristen?" Seacrest asked (according to Nicki Swift). That was the last question he was able to ask because Pattinson’s publicist cut the interview short.

14 Why Would Someone Bring Up Drew Barrymore’s Past When Speaking To Her BF Cameron Diaz? Needless To Say, Diaz Cut That Interview Short

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are great friends, so it was not a smart move on the interviewer's part to say something unkind about Barrymore. According to Bustle, Diaz and Jason Segel had appeared on an Australian radio show to talk about their upcoming movie, when one of the hosts mentioned how the actress who plays their daughter in the film reminded her of a young Barrymore.

The second host then decided to bring up Barrymore’s troubled past, and Diaz was not having it. She ended the interview, and proved her loyalty to her best friend, all in a matter of seconds.

13 Russell Crowe Felt It Was Time To Go After He Was Asked About His Character's Accent

Russell Crowe got really mad when he was asked about his character, Robin Hood, in the 2010 film of the same name, and where he drew inspiration for the accent. The character is meant to be English, but BBC Radio 4's Front Row interviewer, Mark Lawson, observed that he thought the actor was putting on a more Irish accent, rather than English.

According to Nicki Swift, the dialogue went like this: "The accent you've given him, there are hints to me of Irish. But what were you thinking of in those terms?" Lawson asked. To which Crowe responded, "You've got dead ears, mate. You've seriously got dead ears if you think that's an Irish accent…”

The pair continued to discuss the accent, and eventually, Crowe got so annoyed that he walked off.

12 Don’t Ask Naomi Campbell Where Her Diamonds Come From, Unless You’re OK With Camera Equipment Being Broken

Naomi Campbell is a woman who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She has walked the runways of the world’s most revered designers and graced the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines. But she is also a woman who does not like to be questioned about her diamonds.

In an interview with ABC News, Campbell was asked about the reports that she had received a “blood diamond,” and she angrily responded by telling the reporter, "I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak about that." ABC News reports that not only did she walk out the interview, she also decided to knock a camera on her way out!

11 Chris Martin Felt His Words Had Been Twisted, And He Was Not Happy About It

In a 2008 interview with BBC to promote the latest Coldplay album, Chris Martin felt uncomfortable with the line of questioning, and he made his feelings clear even saying at one point how he was "not really enjoying” the interview.

Unlike some other interviews that celebrities have walked out of, Martin was not asked personal questions, but rather was asked about the album’s title "Viva La Vida" (full title: "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends") and a speech he made in 2005 when he said the band would be away for a long time.

But Martin wasn’t feeling the line of questioning and told the journalist he was “journalistically twisting” his words so that he would say something he didn’t mean.

10 During An Interview, Things Got A Little Too Personal For Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt So They Decided To Put An End To It

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most relatable and hilarious actresses in Hollywood and she is willing to get candid about many aspects of her life. But there are some things she doesn’t want to discuss, which she proved when Sophie Monk, an interviewer for Australian radio show KIIS Summer Fling, started asking her and co-star Chris Pratt completely inappropriate questions, totally unrelated to their movie Passengers.

According to Variety, the pair seemed to humour Monk initially, but then decided they had had enough of her questions and both walked out the room. In fact, the end of the interview was so awkward that Monk and her co-host Matty Acton were left questioning what went wrong.

9 Joan Rivers Left A Reporter Asking ‘Are We Serious?’ After She Stormed Out

Joan Rivers was not impressed when CNN reporter Fredricka Whitfield essentially called her a hypocrite for wearing fur, Variety reports. But Rivers was also annoyed with Whitfield when she described her E! show, Fashion Police, as being “mean.”

Rivers said the conversation had turned into a “defensive interview,” before telling Whitfield, “You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry.” She then ended the interview just three minutes in and abruptly stormed off. She also left her mic on, and had some very unpleasant things to say when off-camera.

8 Mel B Didn’t Enjoy The Mention Of A Possible Feud With Iggy Azalea

The media often reports feuds between two stars, and there may be truth to some of the reports, but not all of them. Mel B was tired of the media creating drama between herself and Iggy Azalea.

According to The Mirror, during a live TV appearance on Australia’s Sunrise programme, the hosts questioned Mel B about Iggy Azalea, which prompted her to tell them, "I know you’re trying to get some rivalry between me and Iggy but there isn’t any.”

When the hosts continued to press, Mel B got agitated and declared she was leaving, before storming off the set in defiance.

7 Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Thrive On Drama, And She’ll Leave Interviews If You Ask Her About It

Nicki Minaj is one of the most celebrated rap artists in the world, and although some rap songs are about dissing the competition, Minaj made it very clear she does not thrive on drama during an interview with The New York Times. She was asked, as part of her interview, to weigh in on the disagreements between Drake, Meek Mill, Lil' Wayne and Bryan Williams.

And then the interviewer dropped this line, which they later came to regret: “Is there a part of you that thrives on drama, or is it no, just pain and unpleasantness—.” Minaj found the question “disrespectful” and ended the interview very quickly, making it clear that she does not thrive on drama, nor did she care to speak to the journalist anymore.

6 Steve-O Got Mad When An Interviewer Spoke About His Then Girlfriend's Ex

No one wants to speak about their current girlfriend’s former partner during an interview, and Steve-O felt super annoyed when he was asked by the radio show, The Wease, about the connection between Kat Von D (the pair have since broken up) and Sandra Bullock. That connection is Bullock’s former husband, Jesse James, who went on to later date Von D. In fact, they were even engaged at one point before their romance came to an end.

Now, back to Steve-O, who didn’t appreciate the host pointing out the link that Von D and Bullock shared (James). According to Entertainment Tonight Canada, before storming out, he said, "I'm not going there. Just stop that.”

5 Taylor Swift Tried Hard To Redirect Questions About Her Fallout With Kanye West, But Eventually Gave Up

Taylor Swift and Kanye West divided fans when he dropped his track “Famous,” which had lyrics about Swift in it, but many people will know that the tension between the pair started much earlier. West interrupted Swift when she accepted her award at the 2009 MTV Video Awards, and according to Entertainment Tonight Canada, following the interruption, Swift had a phone interview with DJ Matt Ramone.

Ramone was eager to get her to share her thoughts on West, but Swift really didn’t want to comment and tried to redirect the questions multiple times. Eventually, she gave up trying to redirect the questions and the call ended.

4 Robert De Niro Was Fed Up With Questions That He Didn’t Think Were Very Positive

At the end of Robert De Niro and Radio Times interviewer Emma Brockes's chat, there was no love lost. De Niro didn’t enjoy the interview about his movie, The Intern, because he felt the way Brockes framed her questions was negative, The Independent reports.

The question that triggered De Niro was when Brockes asked about his methods as an actor and how he avoids going into “autopilot” on set, and then she mentioned how the New York area of Tribeca was filled with bankers. She wrote about his reaction, explaining, "He then pops up out of his chair, starts pacing madly and says he's cutting short the interview because of the ‘negative inference’ of what I just said.”

3 Cara Delevingne Had A Memorable Interview About ‘Paper Towns’ Which Saw Her Leave Long Before It Was Through

Cara Delevingne’s interview about her film, Paper Towns, with Good Day Sacramento  remains one of the most memorable celebrity interviews, but not really for the right reasons. During the interview, Delevingne was asked by one of the anchors if she had read the book by John Green, on which the film was based.

This annoyed the actress, but the anchors didn’t do anything to make the situation better, as Elle notes they started suggesting that perhaps she needed to "take a nap" or "drink a Red Bull” because her reactions did not meet their expectations and she was not enthusiastic.

And then it was all over because Delevingne thought they had gone too far.

2 There Are Better Things To Ask Rihanna Than Information About Her Romantic Life, At Least She Thinks So

Rihanna has achieved so much. She’s a talented and interesting woman, and yet, when people get her in interviews they decide to ask her about her romantic relationships.

Rihanna lost her cool in an interview with Australian morning show Sunrise after anchor Natalie Barr decided to draw attention away from her film, Battleship, and ask her about the latest reports about her connection with Ashton Kutcher. And wait, Barr also decided to ask the singer-turned-actress about her relationship with ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

According to PopCrush, Rihanna ended the interview after this.

1 An Interviewer Annoyed The Bee Gees, So They Walked Out Of His Interview

Back in 1996, Bee Gee’s star Barry Gibb made headlines because of how he chose to end an interview with Clive Anderson.

Gibb, and the rest of the band (the trio are actually brothers) were on Anderson's chat show, but things didn’t really go according to plan, as BBC notes. The reason is that Anderson made a joke, which the publication notes fell flat with Gibb. He is reported to have responded by saying, "we're getting on like a storm aren't we Clive? In fact, I might just leave."

His brothers then took this as their cue to also leave the set, and the host was left alone.

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