20 Celebs Who Put Their Kids On Ridiculously Strict Diets

Let's talk about strict eating stuff, shall we? Without a doubt, this is one of the most divisive health issues around. Should one do it? Should they not? If so, which one is the most effective? It's not unusual for celebrities to be at the forefront of this debate. After all, they are typically the trendsetters, despite not always knowing what is actually best for themselves or the rest of the world.

That's not to say that they aren't correct a lot of the time. But this list focuses on some of the most utterly ridiculous restrictions that celebrities have chosen. However, they haven't chosen these plans for themselves. Oh, no. That would be too easy. They chose these plans for their children. Without further ado, here are 20 celebs who put their kids on ridiculously strict diets.

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20 Only Macrobiotics And Blessed Water For Madonna's Kids

Baby Gaga

Surely, Madonna had one of the most ludicrous plans for her children. She had them adhere to a very strict meal plan that only included macrobiotic foods. This means that they weren't allowed to eat any preservatives, of sweets, salt, or chocolate. Additionally, dairy products were totally off the menu. And when it came to water, they were only allowed to drink Kabbalah water which was blessed by religious leaders.

19 Crickets Instead Of Doritos For The Jolie-Pitt Kids

Baby Gaga

Although the vast majority of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's menu for their children was normal, it did include insects. That's right, instead of eating thing like chips, Angelina Jolie wanted her children to eat crickets. These bugs actually come in a variety of flavors such as sour cream and onion as salt and vinegar. But they actually have more nutritional value than potato chips. Still, the idea of it is pretty odd.

18 Absolutely No Bad Food For Jennifer Garner's Kids... Except For Birthdays

Baby Gaga

Jennifer Garner may be a really great mother, but she is definitely tough on sweets. She doesn't let her children have any sweets, as well as other junk foods like fries, on any day of the year that's not their birthday or a holiday such as Halloween or Christmas. To be that restrictive about eating could result in her children sneaking Snickers bars at night.

17 Alicia Silverstone And Her Vegan Baby Bird Feedings

Baby Gaga

Veganism isn't ridiculous. But Alicia Silverstone is totally strict about this, not only for herself but for her son, Bear. However, what makes this truly ridiculous is the fact that Bear was mostly bird-fed when he was younger. This means that Alicia would chew up his food herself and feed it to him as a bird would. This made a lot of news for obvious reasons... it's totally nuts... Not to mention a health issue according to doctors.

16 A Hilariously Strict Menu For Jenny McCarthy's Son

Baby Gaga

There aren't many parenting choices Jenny McCarthy has made that hasn't received some negative backlash. After all, she is an anti-vaxxer which is just science-denying. But since her son, Evan struggles with some legitimate issues she made sure that he doesn't eat any gluten as well as casein products, which is basically every dairy product around.

15 Gwyneth Paltrow's Gluten-Free, Low-Carb Menu

Baby Gaga

Gwyneth Paltrow is another celebrity who often gets a lot of criticism for the lifestyle choices she makes for herself and her children. When it comes to the eating plans of her kids, she is totally gluten-free and is very particular in keeping things low-carb. This is probably why all of her kids are so thin and fit. Well, that and the fact that both of their parents have amazing genetics. Although, it should be noted that her son Moses has a ton of food allergies making the menu he eats pretty narrow.

14 Strawberries And Other Random Foods Go "Bye-Bye" At Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen's House

Baby Gaga

Yep, Tom Brady, Gisele, and their kids don't eat strawberries. They are too high in sugars for them. They also don't eat any white sugar, white flour, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplants for the same reason. This means that they are stuck with whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, millet, and beans, as well as lean meats and tons of vegetables that aren't in the nightshade family.

13 Jennifer Lopez Only Allows Treats On The Weekend

Baby Gaga

Absolutely no treats are allowed during the week. At least, this is the rule that Jenny From The Block, AKA Jennifer Lopez has for her twins, Emme and Max. They have to follow this rigid routine or else they won't be allowed the minimal treats they get on the weekend. Maybe this is a good idea to limit their intake of sugar, but we think it's pretty full-on.

12 Mindy Kaling Makes All Her Baby Food At Home... And That's It

Baby Gaga

We still don't know who the father of Mindy Kaling's daughter is. But we do know that Kaling only feeds her daughter Katherine food that was made at home. She will not let her young one eat anything that was prepared outside of her own home as she wants to make sure she knows precisely what her daughter is taking in. This isn't too absurd but it is kinda unrealistic and funny.

11 Jessica Biel Puts Vegetables In Almost Everything

Baby Gaga

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake know that vegetables are important for any individual, especially a growing child. This is why they make sure they make their son eat all the vegetables he can. But it gets a tad ridiculous when they start putting vegetables in EVERY dish their son eats. Seriously, Biel says that she hides vegetables in pretty much every dish she serves him.

10 Holly Robinson Peete Says "Goodbye" To Wheat

Baby Gaga

"Goodbye, wheat! Peace out! We hardly knew ye!" We imagine this is what actor Holly Robinson Peete makes her children say every day. This is because she doesn't let any of her children eat wheat products since one of her sons has serious health issues including a gluten sensitivity. But the fact that she told her other three children that they couldn't ever have wheat as well is a tad odd.

9 It's The Vegetarian-Life For Bethenny Frankel's Kid

Baby Gaga

Bethenny Frankel has tried out a couple of different plans on her child, Bryn. She's tried the raw plan, vegetarian and vegan. Ultimately, she stuck with vegetarian as she found out that her daughter needed some healthy proteins that are found in milk and cheese products, especially since beans and nuts can be challenging to feed a youngster. This isn't ridiculous, but when she was trying to make her baby vegan, it was quite limiting and even slightly silly.

8 Sarah Michelle Gellar Demands That Her Kids Eat Everything

Baby Gaga

Sarah Michelle Gellar absolutely demands that her children eat everything. No, we don't mean that she wants them to try every food out there to see what they like, after all, that wouldn't be so ridiculous at all. We mean that if her kids ask her for a cup of milk, she makes them finish the entire thing. The fact is, a lot of children know how much their bodies can take. Feeding them more than they need is not only ridiculous but also kind of bad.

7 Kosher Vegan Cooking At Mayim Bialik's House

Baby Gaga

If veganism wasn't challenging enough, Blossom and Big Bang Theory actor Mayim Bialik only allows her children to eat Kosher food. This is because she's raising them to be vegan, Kosher, Jewish youngsters. Bialik does have a Ph.D. in neuroscience, so she's no slouch. But we have to admit that this plan is pretty ridiculous due to the fact that there's not a whole lot they can eat, especially if they go out.

6 Alanis Morisette Breastfed Until Her Kid Could Say "No"

Baby Gaga

Milk from a woman's "girls" is certainly not a ridiculous eating plan for babies to be on. After all, it's perhaps the most natural. But saying that a kid should be breastfed until they are old enough to say that they don't want to be is quite ridiculous. Well, this is exactly what musician Alanis Morisette said she did with her kid.

5 Spice Girl Emma Bunton Makes Her Kids Eat Like A Grown-Up

Baby Gaga

Remember, Baby Spice Emma Bunton? Well, if you don't, you certainly will after you find out that she makes her children only eat grown-up foods. This means they are not allowed to eat the foods that are designed for kids. Instead, they eat wild salmon, couscous and caviar. Sure, these are all beautiful foods, but sometimes a kid just wants some gushers, Dunkaroos, and carrots sticks and Ranch dressing.

4 No Meat And More Veggies At Kristen Bell's Place

Baby Gaga

The Good Place, House of Lies, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Kristen Bell, as well as her comedian husband Dax Shepard, are another example of parents who make their children only eat vegetarian. Sure, there are some health benefits to this. But there are also health benefits to eat a little bit of meat, especially when young. None the less, Bell is keen on making sure her kids only eat vegetarian with an emphasis on veggies.

3 Hormone-Free Protein Powder Instead Of Empty Carbs For Elle Macpherson's Kids

Baby Gaga

Famous model Elle Macpherson has spoken about how she's gotten her son, Cy, to stop eating junk food after school. Although this is an important issue, the way that Macpherson did this is a tad ridiculous. Instead of junk food, she makes her son eat a plant-based, hormone-free protein powder every day. So, if he wants to share a bag of chips with some pals, he's stuck with a smelly shake instead.

2 Microwaved Foods Are A No-No With Kourtney Kardashian

Baby Gaga

Everyone knows the benefits of having a microwave in the house. The warm things up so swiftly. Although one should try not to eat a ton of food warmed up in them, as well as stand far away from it while it's on. However, Kourtney Kardashian has taken this to a ridiculous level. She makes sure that her kids never eat any foods that were ever in a microwave. Seriously, she's just that strict about it.

1 Julia Roberts Makes Sure Unhealthy Food Gets The Shaft

Baby Gaga

Jennifer Garner may allow her kids to eat the odd candy bar or a slice of cake on birthdays or holidays, but Julia Roberts doesn't let her children have any unless they are really good and it's a very, very, very special occasion. She is one of the most adamant about making sure her kids eat as healthily as possible.

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