20 Celebs Who Called Off Their Engagements Super-Fast (And Why)

Days after Lady Gaga broke off her engagement to Christian Carino, she was calling her sister her "soulmate," Us Weekly reports. Everyone was still getting over that fist of a ring when the news broke– Gaga is just another lady who seems to have gone "Thank U, Next."

It's all about the marriage these days. Justin Bieber's new wife, Hailey Baldwin, wasted no time changing her IG handle to Hailey Bieber. "My wife is awesome" was the caption from Justin, and these two are the lovebirds of 2019.

Ariana Grande might be a world away from her Pete Davidson days, but let's not forget that without him, there would be no "Thank U, Next." Come to think of it, that split gave the world a lot. Ari bought those "7 Rings" for her besties. Weeks later, she also introduced a new phrase: "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored."

Celeb marriages are one thing. Celeb engagements? Well, in theory, they should lead to marriage, but with so many celebs breaking their engagements off, something's going on.

This isn't just about Ari and Pete (or Gaga and Carino). Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have all done it. Britney Spears' 55-hour marriage might clock in as one of the shortest on record, but this girl has gotten cold feet, too.

It's time for a closer look. As Lady Gaga joins the Ariana bandwagon, it seems she isn't the first. She also won't be the last. Here are 20 celebs who just couldn't take their engagements to the altar.

20 Ariana & Pete: In Case 'Thank U, Next' Isn't In Your Autofill

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Back in September 2018, Ariana Grande was walking around with a $93,000 engagement ring. With a whirlwind engagement that saw Ariana say "yes" to Pete Davidson after just 24 days of dating, it all fell apart in October 2018. Ariana fell for Pete hard.

"I jokingly said to my tour manager—I was like, 'I'm marrying him 100 percent. I was like: I'm literally marrying him."

As Bustle reports, Ariana knew she'd marry Pete two years before the engagement happened. The result? "Thank U, Next." Ari never specified the reason for the split, although The Daily Mail called the relationship "hollow," saying there were no wedding plans.

19 Lady Gaga & Christian Carino: A 'Bad Romance?'

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Lady Gaga was still blinding us with her $400,000 diamond engagement ring when news broke that she had ended her engagement to Christian Carino. "Desperately trying to get back together" was E!'s report of Carino's side of things, but it doesn't look like Gaga is having it.

"She just wasn't wearing her ring due to performing," an insider told E!. "They have put all their wedding plans on hold until after Gaga's busy season, but still plan to get married this year."

Delayed and canceled are different things. While that was the reason for Gaga appearing not to wear the ring, the engagement is officially off, as The Daily Mail reports. We're so curious to know why.

18 Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka: She Says The $2 Million Ring Is 'Mine'

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Paris Hilton is pretty high-maintenance. The Simple Life star might have ditched her luxury lifestyle for a reality show, but she's still a glam girl. At the age of 37, we really thought Paris was finally going to settle as 2018 saw her announce her engagement to Chris Zylka.

"When I fall in love, I fall in love fast and hard, and it was this whirlwind romance." Still, Paris maintains that the $2 million engagement ring is "mine."

As E! reports, Paris was open about the relationship. At least, the reality of it. Paris has now split from Chris Zylka, but she straight-up told TMZ that she's keeping the ring. Ouch.

17 Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Canceled Way Back (Clearly Changed Their Minds)

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With those wedding pics, you can be forgiven for not remembering that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's history comes with more "on-offs" than Ross and Rachel in Friends. Miley and Liam tied the knot over Christmas, and the "previously unseen" pics on her IG are beyond goals.

Miley and Liam first got together 10 years ago. The first engagement came in 2012. “I’m so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam,” Miley told People.

It got called off, though. In 2013, Miley said: "It was so fun wearing a fat rock for a few years." All's well that ends well with these two, though.

16 Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian: Show Got Canceled, She "Sued" The Kardashians

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Never an easy ride with Blac Chyna. This girl's statements are as in-your-face as her eye-popping outfits, although when your name is Blac Chyna, that's to be expected. Chyna dates high-profile guys. She has a son with Tyga and a daughter with Rob Kardashian.

"For over a year, Blac Chyna has been fighting to get her day in court against Robert Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner."

As Chyna's engagement to Rob collapsed and Rob & Chyna was canceled, Bravo TV reported that Chyna was suing the Kardashians as a result. “Poor little rich boy," Chyna said about Rob. Looks like we have an insight into her thoughts.

15 Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Pitt: 'He Was Too Good For Me'

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Gwyneth Paltrow mostly makes headlines for her GOOP lifestyle brand. It's pricey, it's weird, but somehow, we can't stop reading about it. Back in the day, Gwyneth was making headlines for dating Brad Pitt. Yes, a while ago.

"I wasn't ready, and he was too good for me. Oh my God. I've [messed] up so many relationships, so many".

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar about her failed engagement to Brad Pitt, Gwyneth said something we tend not to hear from female celebs. For some reason, Gwyneth didn't think she was good enough for Brad. The actor went on to marry both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

14 John Cena & Nikki Bella: 'I've Ruined Everyone's Fairy Tale'

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"Everyone’s fairy tale was John and I getting married, Superman and Wonder Woman finally found each other." When Nikki Bella opened up about ending her engagement to John Cena, it looked like she felt super-guilty.

"I've ruined everyone's fairy tale. My heart hurts so bad. Even though I was going through depression, I think when you have a relationship in the public eye, it’s like you don’t want to let your fans down."

As People reports, Nikki was battling depression. While this may not have been the sole reason for the split, depression can take its toll. Nikki, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

13 Jennifer Aniston & Tate Donovan: Still Had To Film This After Calling It Off

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Remember Joshua on Friends? Rachel was still working at Bloomingdales when this handsome looker turned up. Rach fell for him, but not many fans knew that a real-life relationship was also going on.

Jennifer Aniston dated and was engaged to Tate Donovan prior to their 1998 split, Zimbio reports. The awkward part? The former couple actually had to film an on-screen dating storyline after they'd split up.

"It was... so tough. It was so tough, man. I remember just getting back to my dressing room and just weeping," MSN quotes Donovan saying. No reason for the split is known, although we'll assume they just weren't fully compatible.

12 Mariah Carey & James Packer: She Burned The $250,000 Dress In A Fire Pit

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This one didn't come with the girl ending it. In 2018, Mariah Carey's engagement to her billionaire fiancé James Packer ended. The Daily Mail reports that Packer "dumped" Carey on account of her "extortionate spending," as The Richest confirms.

Case in point. Mariah took her $250,000 custom-made Valentino wedding dress and burned it in a fire pit for a music video. The same newspaper reported that Mariah was resentful over not spending enough time with her man.

Quite in what order those claims come don't really matter. When a guy seems to be ending it because his lady spends too much money (and she then burns a quarter of a million dollars), we kind of get the point.

11 JLO & Ben Affleck: 'Bennifer' Weren't Meant To Be

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JLO now comes with a #RelationshipGoals thanks to A-Rod. The "Bennifer" era of Ben Affleck being Jen's man is kind of forgotten. Still, there was an engagement (and it got broken off).

"We just happened to be together at the birth of the tabloids, and it was like: Oh my God. It was just a lot of pressure. I think different time, different thing, who knows what could've happened? But there was a genuine love there."

Reflecting on her relationship in 2016, Nicki Swift reports that Jen said the "excessive media" was one of the reasons why the marriage didn't happen. Much like Brangelina, Bennifer collapsed.

10 Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards: Engaged For Two Years, Zayn Was 'In A Bad Place'

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Zayn Malik is now a total A-lister with Gigi Hadid as his girlfriend. Before Gigi, though, there was Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, to whom Zayn was engaged.

"I had been in a bad place for a while and I didn't see myself getting out of it unless I made a change. My relationship with my fiancée, Perrie, was breaking down. To make matters worse, there were so many crazy stories flying around in the newspapers about us."

As Inquisitr reports, Zayn was feeling the strain in every aspect of his life. The engagement had a good, two-year run, but ultimately, these two parted ways.

9 Charlize Theron & Sean Penn: He Had A 'Lack Of Fun' (What?)

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Take one look at this picture of Sean Penn, and you'll be scratching your head at what you're about to read. "To be involved with Sean is a full-time job. He is a spectacular human being but he can be tiring in his seriousness and lack of having fun.''

The Hollywood Life source that reported this may not have been Charlize Theron herself, although the media outlet did report this formerly-engaged couple to be on "different wavelengths."

2015 was the year this engagement fell apart. While this grocery store pic suggests that Sean is the coolest guy ever, it looks like Charlize didn't think he was a perfect match.

8 Katie Holmes & Chris Klein: Not Her Slice Of 'Pie'

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Katie Holmes's relationship history feels like it's 99% Tom Cruise. With one of the highest-profile marriages ever, TomKat nonetheless called it quits in 2012. There were other guys before, though. Chris Klein is a face we all know.

Katie and Chris were engaged for five years before calling time on their relationship in 2005. “We certainly don’t see each other as much as we’d like, but we try to use the time that we have to the best of our advantage,” Katie told People.

The media outlet couldn't provide a specific reason for the split, but we'll assume youth was an issue here. After all, the pic does have a throwback feel.

7 Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush: He Doesn't 'Keep In Touch' With Her

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Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of marriages– three, to be precise. Then again, with KimYe being #RockSolid since 2012 (and tying the knot in 2014), Kim's old flames feel like history. In 2018, Reggie told Us:

"We don’t keep in touch," If you're wondering, this engagement takes us back to 2010. "She’s doing a great job creating a brand for herself, her and her family. I’m happy for ’em … she’s very smart," Reggie added.

Nice to see there's no beef. The Metro reports that this athlete couldn't handle the strain of being in the "spotlight." Well, that's kind of to be expected when you're dating a Kardashian.

6 Gaga & Taylor Kinney: Nope, Not Her First Time, 'Fighting' Caused The Split

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Lady Gaga is making way too many headlines for her Christian Carino split for anyone to remember the last time around. Gaga was, however, once engaged to Taylor Kinney. She opened up about it, as Elle reports:

"Me and Taylor are fighting, so that sucks. My threshold for [...] with men is just — I don't have one anymore. In relationships, you have to move together."

Gaga and Kinney got engaged in 2015. In 2016, Gaga took to IG to announce that it was over. While we see this girl as solid, we can't help but notice that's quite a few "calling it offs." Honestly, we just want to see her happy.

5 Paris Hilton & Paris Latsis: Same Deal, It Was 'Like A Bad Scene From Meet The Parents'

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Paris Hilton never came with an #EasyGoing. The hotel heiress and reality star had a show where people "auditioned" to be her BFF. While Paris's split from Chris Zylka is fresher in our minds, there was one before him. Paris was engaged to the wealthy Greek heir, Paris Latsis.

"It was like a bad scene out of Meet The Parents," Female First reported as the couple called it quits. "Friends say Latsis will have to do a lot of "groveling" if he wants Hilton back."

2005 was the year of this split. People reported Paris was "consumed with her busy schedule and became wary of marriage." Looks like she's still wary...

4 Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green: Engaged, Split, Married, Split (Still Together)

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This has to be one of the most unconventional relationships we've ever seen. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are officially divorced, but nothing about their lifestyle fits that. The "ups and downs" of Megan and Brian's relationship made E!'s headlines in 2016– the couple divorced in 2015.

"Love will be revealed," Megan told People in 2018 as the couple seemed to be back on. Why they're on this list? Back in 2009, the couple did call off their engagement.

CNN reported that Megan actually lost her engagement ring! With three kids, we're hoping these two find some steady ground.

3 Derek Peth & Taylor Nolan: More 'Bachelor' Than 'Paradise'

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Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan are two faces we know well from Bachelor Nation. In 2018, the couple broke off their engagement with a joint statement, as E! reports.

"It is with much sadness that we have decided to end our engagement. We put everything we could into our relationship and are heartbroken to go forward separately, but we know this is the best decision for the both of us."

Us Magazine reports that Derek was in therapy following the split. While the former couple has kept the reasons for their breakup under wraps, we'll assume that not all reality shows are quite "Bachelor in Paradise."

2 Julia Roberts & Kiefer Sutherland: She Was Too 'Famous'

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Yup, that's 1991 you're looking at. Julia Roberts is now the female equivalent of Brad Pitt in Hollywood. Way back in the day, she was engaged to Keifer Sutherland, but it all ended in a pretty rushed way. As AOL reports, Kiefer opened up:

"She was arguably the most famous woman in the world, and this wedding that was supposed to be something between the two of us became something so big."

The engagement ended unexpectedly, although Kiefer's above quote also came with a reassuring amount of love. "We were young and we were both very much in love," he said. Perhaps too young?

1 Britney Spears & Jason Trawick: #Quits, But She Married Someone Else For 55 Hours

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At the age of 37, Britney Spears is arguably more stable now than she ever was. With Kevin Federline and her 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander, this girl doesn't come without a history, though. Britney also comes with an engagement she called off.

Britney was 31 when she broke off her engagement to Jason Trawick, who was 41. Do the math, and you'll realise this was back in 2013. “There was no third party involved,” Business Standard reported, adding that they both wanted "different things."

Britney will forever be an icon. Still, she joins the 19 other celebs on this list who were, in some way, "Thank U, Next" with their soon-to-be husbands or wives.

Sources: Us, E! News, Harper’s Bazaar, Business Standard, Daily Mail, Bustle, Us Magazine, People

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