20 Celebs Who Are So Diva Hollywood Doesn't Want To Give Them Any More Work

There are some celebs, like Keanu Reeves, who have great reputations and are considered to be some of the most considerate and hardworking people in the industry, but on the other side of the coin are stars whose professional achievements have been overshadowed by their diva-like behavior, erratic outbursts, or unrealistic demands.

Those who have worked with difficult actors and actresses often wish they could erase the memory from their minds. Katherine Heigl, for example, was once a sought-after actress with awards and critical praise, until she decided to diss the projects she’d worked on, and became known for being “exceptionally difficult.” And apparently working with Bruce Willis is “soul-crushing.” But they aren’t the only celebs to fall into this category, and below are 20 celebs who’ve earned themselves a bad rep.

20 Katherine Heigl Was Once A Sought After Actress, But Now She's Known Just For Her Diva Behavior

There was a time when Katherine Heigl was one of the most sought-after actresses, and then she went and ruined it all by dissing projects that she had previously worked on, including Knocked Up, and Grey’s Anatomy, NickiSwift notes.

She also earned herself a reputation for being hard to work with. The Hollywood Reporter notes that producers and executives felt she was overly demanding and her behavior was “exceptionally difficult.”

19 Let’s Just Say, Shannen Doherty’s Former Co-Stars Did Not Enjoy Working With Her

Shannen Doherty is well-known for her role on Beverly Hills, 90210, but it seems that her co-stars struggled to find joy when working alongside her. According to CheatSheet, onLifetime’s The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story, it was shown that Doherty’s co-workers wanted her off the show — which resulted in her character moving to London.

18 Sharon Stone Would Leave The Set Announced, And Had Way Too Many Demands For One Director

Sharon Stone may be beautiful and talented, but apparently, she is also incredibly demanding, and unrealistic. At least, that's what the comments from director Pupi Avati, who she worked with on the 2014 film, A Golden Boy, seem to suggest.

He spoke about Stone in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, noting that the negotiation between them “bordered on ridiculousness.” Despite this and her behavior, he stated he would still work with her again!

17 If You Want To Work With Lindsay Lohan, You Can Expect Melodrama

Before Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon (multiple times), she was a successful Hollywood actress and had been since childhood. But when she filmed, The Canyons, director Paul Schrader was not impressed with her work ethic.

According to News.com.au, Schrader noted that there were many on-set delays and “melodrama” because of Lohan.

16 The Crew On ‘Transformers’ Was So Over Megan Fox’s Diva Behavior They Made Their Disdain For Her Public

Megan Fox is a good-looking woman, and although she became a big star thanks to her role on Transformers and it’s sequel (before being replaced), the crew did not enjoy working with her. In fact, the experience was so unpleasant that some of the crew members decided to write an open letter about her.

According to the Daily Mail, the letter described Fox as “ungracious,” “rude,” and “unbearable” to work with.

15 Julia Roberts Has The Best Smile In The Business, But Crews Find Their Smiles Instantly Disappearing When Working With Her

Julia Roberts is thought to be one of the nicest people in Hollywood, but perhaps her million-dollar smile is deceiving?! According to the CheatSheet, when Roberts worked on the 1991 film, Hook, the crew didn’t have the best things to say about her and gave her the nickname, “Tinkerhell” — she played the role of Tinker Bell.

14 Teri Hatcher’s Former Co-Star Is Convinced She Is The Meanest Woman Alive

Teri Hatcher is best-known for her work on Desperate Housewives, but one of her co-stars was left with a particularly negative impression of her.

E! News notes that the show’s creator Marc Cherry testified that Nicollette Sheridan (whose contract with the show was terminated in Season 5) told him Hatcher was the "meanest woman in the world."

13 Val Kilmer Has Had Some Memorable Roles, But Behind The Scenes, He Is ‘Childish And Impossible’

Val Kilmer has had some memorable roles, but his acting is also plagued by reports of him being exceedingly difficult. CheatSheet notes that he was fired from the film, The Island of Dr. Moreau, after three days because he was not getting on with others.

The publication also notes that Batman Forever director, Joel Schumacher, called him, “childish and impossible.” And, bear in mind he was an adult at the time, not a child star.

12 Yikes! Kate Hudson Thought Lea Michele Was A Total ‘Nightmare’ To Work With

Lea Michele rose to fame thanks to her starring role in Glee, but her former co-star, Naya Rivera has spoken about how it was not joyous working with her, and Kate Hudson was also not impressed. According to Jezebel, an insider claims that Hudson said Michele was a “nightmare” to work with because of her behavior.

11 Maybe JLo Should Stick To Singing So That Producers Don’t Have To Meet Her Long List Of Acting Demands

When you see Jennifer Lopez on the TV you can’t help but like her because she seems so wholesome and nice. But she is also known for being incredibly demanding and a bit of a diva.

Latina listed some of her more eye-rolling demands, which are reported to include needing a body double on an advert when she was meant to drive through the Bronx, and giving a hotel a 2-page list of things she needed before her stay.

10 Russell Crowe Is Known For Having A Bit Of A Temper (Which Doesn’t Exactly Make Him Employee Of The Month)

If you’ve been wondering why Russell Crowe doesn't often make headlines now and seems to have disappeared from the limelight, well then, Looper brings our attention to the fact that he has earned himself a bad reputation. As the publication states: “he's known as much for his volatile temper as he is for his acting skills.”

9 Charlie Sheen’s Bizarre Behavior And Erratic Outbursts Left Him Without A Job

Charlie Sheen’s erratic and bizarre behavior ended up costing him his role on Two and a Half Men.

According to CheatSheet, Warner Bros. gave the actor several chances before severing ties with him, and urged him to clean up his act. But his behavior, including his missed rehearsals and attitude towards co-creator, Chuck Lorre, eventually led to his exit from the show.

8 It’s Been Said That It Is ‘Soul Crushing’ To Work With Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has enjoyed success in his chosen profession, but not everyone wants to sing his praises. Director Kevin Smith, in particular, found that working with him on the film, Cop Out, was something he wishes he could forget and described the experience as “soul-crushing,” News.com.au reports.

7 Turns Out It's Not Only Alec Baldwin’s Paparazzi Rants That Make Him Hard To Be Around

Alec Baldwin is probably not in the running for being one of the most accommodating celebrities ever, especially not with the paparazzi, whom he has had several run-ins with. But his aforementioned behavior is not the only time he has made headlines, and he also yelled at the cast and crew of 30 Rock, CheatSheet reports.

6 Sean Young’s Reputation For Being Difficult To Work With May Be More Well-Known Than Her Professional Achievements

Via Daily Mail

If you don’t remember who Sean Young is, then maybe that’s because her reputation as being difficult has overshadowed her professional achievements and made her unappealing to directors. According to ScreenRant, she clashed with director Oliver Stone on a film, and also “bothered” Tim Burton and Michael Keaton over being Catwoman on Batman Returns (a role that was given to Michelle Pfeiffer).

5 Working With Chevy Chase Is Apparently Not A Pleasant Experience And He Was Banned From ‘Saturday Night Live’

Chevy Chase is celebrated for his comedic abilities, but according to Ranker, he rose to fame thanks to Saturday Night Live. Interestingly, he was later banned from the show. He is believed to have had several run-ins with other cast members, and the publication notes that he has said several inappropriate things.

4 In-Real-Life, January Jones May Be Just As Cold As Her Character In ‘Mad Men’

January Jones appears to be likable, but one of her former co-stars has suggested otherwise. Daily Mail notes that child star, Jared Gilmore (who played the son of Jones’ character on Mad Men), told TVGuide that Jones was not as “approachable as the others.” He added, “She's really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”

According to ScreenRant, in a separate incident, Zach Galifianakis claimed she was “rude” to him.

3 'No' Is Not In Madonna's Vocabulary And She Doesn’t Like Taking Direction On Set

Most people think of Madonna as a pop star, but there was a time when she made the crossover and was also an actress. An actress, who it turns out, was a diva! She was named by Ranker on their list of “The Most Notoriously Difficult Actors to Work With,” and the publication notes that this is because she likes to be in charge, and doesn't take direction.

2 Edward Norton’s A Talented Actor, But He Is Also Serious And Controlling

Edward Norton is difficult to work with, not because he is melodramatic, throws tantrums, or arrives on set late, but rather because he is so invested in his work that he can be a bit intense and overly controlling. TVOverMind has described him as a “control freak,” who needs to have things his own way.

1 Most People Have Seen Christian Bale’s Meltdown On 'Terminator: Salvation'… Need We Say More?!

Christian Bale is a serious actor, who is celebrated for his talents, but there is no forgetting his meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation.

News.com.au offers us a recap: the director of photography accidentally interrupted Bale during a scene and he flew into a fit of rage, filled with expletives.

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