20 Celebs Who Absolutely Do Not Look Like They Did In Their Prime

Every day, we see so many photos of celebrities, and we can't help but compare the way that they look today to the way that they used to look. Since stars have so much money and spend so much time so they can look good, it makes sense that they're always changing things up.

Sometimes, our favorite celebs dye their hair or start wearing different types of clothing and seem to adopt a totally new personal style. But other times... we look at photos of stars and wonder what happened. They just look so different and we might not even be able to recognize them. It's truly wild.

Read on to find out about 20 celebs who absolutely don't look like they did in their prime.

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20 Amanda Bynes: Portrait Of A Fallen Star

via Complex and Page Six

Poor Amanda Bynes. The former actress who we all loved to watch when we were pre-teens and teenagers has gone through some tough personal stuff over the past few years. Back in her prime, like the photo on the left, she had shiny hair and nice makeup and a glowing face.

These days, she's got hair that is way too long and looks totally miserable. She just doesn't look like herself.

19 Aaron Carter: He's Unrecognizable From His Pop Star Past

via Entertainmentwise and Self.com

Sometimes we don't see photos of celebrities for a long time... and then we do and we can't believe it. That's the case with Aaron Carter.

Aaron Carter used to be a super cute pop singer. Now he's got a huge tattoo on his neck, which we're not big fans of, and his hair looks strange too.

18 Farrah Abraham: She's No Longer A 'Teen Mom'

via The Hollywood Gossip and IG

Farrah Abraham had a very public ending with the MTV reality series Teen Mom. She's not a teenage mother anymore since she's in her 20s... and she's not looking the way that she did back then, either.

Some people love wearing a lot of makeup... but many of us think that it's too much. We'd love to see her looking fresh-faced once again.

17 Tara Reid: The 'American Pie' Actress Was So Cute

via Celeb Young Pics and NJ.com

We don't hear a lot about Tara Reid anymore. Back in her prime, she was a star because of the American Pie movies and she looked really cute. Now, she looks different than she did back then. Would we think these are photos of two different people? Yup, we totally would.

16 Britney Spears: We're All Worried About The Pop Star These Days

via Glamour UK and Tealisted

There have been a lot of "Free Britney" posts on social media lately, and fans are super worried about the pop singer. We all grew up listening to her songs and it's tough to watch the trouble that she has been through over the years. We feel for her and hope that she's doing okay.

15 Goldie Hawn: From Golden Girl To Zero Makeup

via aminoapps.com and Pinterest

Goldie Hawn was definitely a Golden Girl and she was such a famous actress. Back in her prime, she starred in funny movies like Overboard and had wavy blonde hair that looks fit for a princess.

Today, when we see this photo of her without makeup, we can't even believe it's the same actress.

14 Matthew Perry: Chandler's Not Looking Too Great These Days

via Elite Daily and Variety

Matthew Perry will always be the hilarious Chandler Bing to us. His Friends character lives on with reruns and Netflix.

But... what happened?! He's not looking super great these days, and we're not sure why. Even if his hair seems like it's going in a million directions and it doesn't know what to do.

13 Kirstie Alley: 'Look Who's Talking' About These Two Very Different Photos

both images are via Pinterest

We don't even have words for how different Kirstie Alley looks today than she did in her prime. The actress is best known for movies like Look Who's Talking.

We do love this old photo of her with long brown hair and a cute denim outfit. Many of us probably remember the actress this way.

12 Macaulay Culkin: What Happened To His Hair?!

via WSYX and TV Guide

The holiday season isn't the same without watching Home Alone. That's why it was so surprising for those of us who grew up with this film to see what Macaulay Culkin looks like today.

Sure, in his prime he was a kid, so we expect him to look different now... but he looks so different that it's a bit strange. We have to wonder what happened to his hair since it's so long and stringy.

11 Meg Ryan: From 'You've Got Mail' To You've Got A New Face

via Modern Grace and National Enquirer

The '90s film You've Got Mail is a sweet tale of star-crossed lovers who don't realize that they're online messaging one another. Meg Ryan was in her prime during that decade and was on the A list.

These days, she looks like the photo on the right, and we're wondering what happened to her face. We have some questions.

10 Kristen Stewart: Bella Would Definitely Never Do This To Her Look

via POPSUGAR Australia and Elle

Like many It Girls, Kristen Stewart isn't talked about all that much anymore. She was the focus of much more media attention when she starred in the Twilight film franchise as Bella Swan.

We wonder if Bella would have cut her hair so short and dyed it a white blonde?!

9 Janice Dickinson: Tale Of Two Supermodels... Wait, That's The Same Person

via Tinseltown Mom and Variety

Janice Dickinson is a famous supermodel and she's been in the media for a long time. Comparing these two photos definitely makes us wonder if this is even the same person at all. She looks like a new person compared to how she did back in her prime (aka her modeling days).

8 Lindsay Lohan: From 'Mean Girls' Superstar To 'Beach Club' Confusion

via Mean Girls Wiki - Fandom and IMDb

We've all been waiting for The Lindsay Lohan Comeback That Has Never Happened. First, she was going to have a reality series on Oprah's network (that didn't go so well). Then she was going to be in more movies. Her latest thing is an MTV reality show about her beach club.

Lindsay definitely doesn't look like she used to, and her skin doesn't look so good these days.

7 Pamela Anderson: The Baywatch Babe Looks Different Now

via Pinterest and YouTube

Everyone knows Pamela Anderson for starring on Baywatch. Yes, it's been a few decades since then, but it's crazy to compare the two photos of the celebrity. Would we even know that it was her if we saw the photo on the right? Even her long blonde hair seems to have changed.

6 Steven Tyler: Sorry But He's Just Not Rocking This Messy Look Like He Used To

via Pinterest and Taste of Country

Steven Tyler has always had long hair and his own sense of style. That's cool and that's why we look up to rock stars so much.

But today, he looks so different than he did in his prime. While his messy hair and chic clothing was fit for his musician lifestyle, it's just not working all that well these days.

5 Heidi Montag: 'The Hills' Are Alive With... Whatever She Has Done To Her Looks

via SuperiorPics.com and theimproper.com

These days, Heidi is back on The Hills thanks to the MTV revival, and it's safe to say that she looks different than she did when the show was first on the air.

Her 2000s look was fresh-faced, but now, she's got a completely new face. She doesn't look like the same girl.

4 Madonna: Not A 'Material Girl' Anymore

via Flickr and StyleCraze

Madonna has a reputation for changing up her look all the time, or at least she used to during her prime. She would pick a new look for each single/album/music video and it was always awesome.

In the photo on the left, we see her rocking an adorable and fun look. If we saw the photo on the right without being told it was the famous singer, we might not know that it was actually Madonna.

3 Heather Locklear: From 'Melrose Place' To Mug Shot

via Pinterest and Yahoo

Heather Locklear has, unfortunately, had some trouble in the past few years, and she's no longer talked about for her acting but for those problems.

It's pretty wild to see the differences between these two pictures. We see a young woman with glowy skin and beautiful hair and she seems so happy. And then we see her photo on the right and wonder what's going on.

2 Brigitte Bardot: She's Still A Legend But Doesn't Look The Same

via vintage everyday and Daily Express

Brigitte Bardot has always been a legend. Born in the 1930s, she's now in her 80s and hasn't actually acted since the '70s.

When we compare these two photos of the star, we can see a huge difference. Of course, we still love her... but she really doesn't look the same.

1 Geena Davis: The Actress Looks Like Another Person

via Trend Hunter Nicki Swift

It's safe to say that when we look at these two pictures of actress Geena Davis, we can't help but say that she looks like a totally different person. Sure, she still has the same pose (that head tilt), but she's got blonde hair now and many of us probably agree that we loved her as a brunette.

These celebs all look so different from the way that they looked in their prime, we definitely have to do some double-takes.

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