20 Celebs So Beautiful, They Must Be Robots

Through the miracle of Hollywood magic, a healthy diet, and intense workout routines, these celebs have managed to look simply spectacular. It’s like their beauty knows no limits! But some of these celebs didn’t grow into their looks until their careers took off. Don’t get us wrong! These babes were positively beautiful before they became famous, but as time went by, it seems like getting the red carpet treatment really helped them grow into their looks.

Maybe they owe it all to a great skincare routine, fillers, or even great genes. Some have been naturally blessed with perfect proportions and skin as smooth as fine china. While others, like Kim Kardashian, are pretty open about the gazillion beauty treatments they get in order to stay looking fab. Who knows? But whatever they’re doing is obviously working for them and we seriously want the recipe. We know, we know! Having tons of money probably helps a lot! But you've got to admit! Some of these beauties are so fabulously flawless, that we feel like checking their pulse to make sure they’re not robots because the only way they could look this perfect is if they came off an assembly line.

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20 Kim Kardashian Is Out-Of-This-World Gorgeous, With Or Without Makeup


It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian looks like a flawless alien. She is the ultimate beauty mogul after all. And you can’t run a million-dollar beauty company unless your skin looks like it's been Photoshopped in real life, (and it does!)

Kim's pretty much an open book and has shared tons of tips on how to contour and highlight your face.

She’s even shared videos on her KKW app to show fans how they can achieve her perfectly sculpted face. But she also looks just as amazing when she’s not wearing a drop of makeup, and there’s a reason for that. She uses a hefty skincare routine that includes retinoids to combat wrinkles! Kim also undergoes microdermabrasion in the summer to exfoliate and get rid of any skin discoloration to reveal a brighter and smoother skin. No wonder her skin looks out-of-this-world healthy and radiant!

19 Dove Cameron Seems To Be Photoshopped In Real Life, No Matter Who's Taking The Photo


You might do a double take when you look at Dove Cameron, but not because she plays a dual role in the Disney Channel’s teen sitcom “Liv and Maddie”. It’s because her beauty regimen and makeup routine are so spot on that she looks like a Snapchat filter in real life. Her cheekbones are popping and her skin is seriously out of this world. But her personality and humor are what really makes her the whole package. All you have to do is check out some of her tweets and you’ll see what we mean, like the time when she wrote, “Spraying hairspray directly in your eye is one way to wake up the ol' senses. write that down.” Seriously, Dove, you can't be flawlessly beautiful AND funny at the same time!

18 Emily Ratajkowski, Who Gave You Permission To Blow Our Minds?


The "deer caught in headlights" look totally works for the sensationally beautiful Emily! You’d swear you were looking at a mannequin at Macy’s. Her skin is positively glowing, and those pouty lips could definitely give Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner a run for their money.

But there’s nothing special about her beauty regimen.

And no, she doesn’t work out or watches what she eats, at least, that’s what she claimed in an interview with Byrdie. But she does use retinol cream and washes her face before going to bed in order to wake up looking mind-blowingly beautiful. Start taking notes!

17 Looking Like A Flawless Angel Isn't Hard When You're Elsa Hosk


The Swedish supermodel is the epitome of perfection. Her blue eyes are so hypnotic, you'll probably have a hard time looking away. Seriously, try it! It's like you want to stare at her every pore in order to figure out how anyone could be this beautiful?! Her radiant skin and natural lips are Insta-worthy, so, it’s no surprise that she’s worked for brands like Dior and H&M or that she’s a Victoria’s Secret angel. She relies on any and all products from Dr. Barbara Sturm, who has basically bottled the fountain of youth. And her key to looking pretty with and without makeup is to follow her dermatologist’s advice. She suggests being gentle with your skin and using products that aren’t too harsh. Clearly, she’s a good listener because she looks like the ultimate angel!

16 Kylie Jenner Makes Us Want To Get Every Single Kylie Lip Kit And Bathe In Her Products, Ugh!


In all fairness, Kylie’s 21 years old, so she’s got that going for her. It also helps that she was born into a mega-rich famous family. And having specialists like Dr. Ourian on call probably helped her with her epic glow up.

Now that Kylie is open about her lip fillers, she’s let us in on her secret to getting her ultra plumpy look.

She told the NY Times that Dr. Ourian in Beverly Hills uses Juvederm to carefully plump up and redesign her beautiful lips. She also banks on dermatologist Christie Kidd to treat things like acne and blemishes on the spot. But even if the girl's had a little help from cosmetic procedures, (and some would say, even plastic surgeons!) there's no denying it: Kylie is perfectly sculpted from head to toe. Sorry, Kylie, we can't help but stare!

15 Bad Gal Rihanna Rules The World Of Music, But She's Also The Queen Of Flawless


The pop star from Barbados is turning into a real trendsetter lately. She’s always been a flawlessly fierce beauty. But once she started opening up, we finally got to see her wild side. The thing that makes her ridiculously beautiful, (besides her looks) is the fact that she’s super confident too. It’s evident in her eyes. And she’s not afraid to experiment with her looks either. She’s been known to change her hairstyle, going from sporting a perfectly shaved side, to wearing it super short or long. She’s even changed her hair color more times than we can count. Plus, the ultimate beauty queen has recently launched Fenty Beauty, a brand that offers shades and colors for all skin tones and gender. Needless to say, the world's finally bowing down to this queen!

14 Bella Hadid Makes Us Ask Ourselves: What, Why, And How Did She Wake Up Like This? OMG


Do you want to know what we see when we look at Bella Hadid? We see a strong, confident woman, which is what Bella sees when she looks in the mirror first thing in the morning. Well, that and unreal beauty!

I mean, her cheekbones are to die for!

Bella has always stood out with her glossy brown hair, edgy makeup choices, and dewy skin. Of course, who could forget her signature cat-eyes. This gorgeous model can embrace any look, from natural and classy, to edgy and editorial, and she’d still look like she was ready to walk the runway.

13 Candice Swanepoel Is The Queen Of Instagram-Beauty, But Like, In Real Life!


The South African supermodel is known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, but her beauty could cause Instagram to crash. Her blue eyes and sculpted features are out-of-this-world flawless. But the blonde bombshell likes to keep it real. To keep her hair looking amazing, she adds hydration masks made of natural oils, which she leaves overnight and washes off in the morning. As far as her beautiful skin, she relies on serums, gels, and moisturizers from Biotherm because a good moisturizer is key to look fresh and healthy. And when all else fails, she loves doing some yoga and slow breathing techniques to de-stress, because stress is the ultimate kryptonite for a beauty like Candice. Plus, it probably helps to be blessed with supermodel genes, you know?

12 Bella Thorne Is Equal Parts Crazy, And Equal Parts STRIKING!


Bella Thorne’s look is totally crazy but in a good way. Her cat eyes are one of her best features, but she’s been known to do crazy things to her hair too, like going blonder and layering her hair with bold colors. She’s also experimented with piercings and tattoos, and some questionable outfits. She’s infamous now for wearing the strangest combos of clothing that call for a ton of confidence.

But leave it to Bella to rock the heck out of them! 

The young actress has definitely proven that you can go crazy and wild with hairstyles and outfits and still remain ridiculously beautiful.

11 Every Inch Of Selena Gomez' Face Seems To Have Been Sculpted By Angels


Selena Gomez has the face of an angel. She looks like the ultimate cutie, even if she's no longer a teen! But there’s a secret to her everlasting fresh face. She sculpts the cheekbones using Kora Organics products, (founded by Miranda Kerr,) to give her entire face a lift. Not that she needs it! She’s already pretty much pure perfection the way she is. Using Kora Organics Rose Quartz Facial Gua Shua, Selena is able to reduce puffiness and chisel her facial features even more so. In fact, there’s a video where her makeup artist Hung Vanngo works his magic, and it’s hard to argue with the angelic results.

10 Gigi Hadid Puts The "G" In Freakishly Gorgeous!


Gigi Hadid may very well be one of the most recognizable models in the fashion industry at the moment. Her fresh-faced look and California glow has allowed her to take impressive leaps and bounds in her career. She’s walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret and been part of several GUESS campaigns.

Maybe it’s in her genes.

After all, her mother, Yolanda, was a top model in the '80s. It could explain why this bombshell and her beautiful blonde locks have graced so many covers and photoshoots over the years. She’s simply unreal, and she’ll captivate anyone with one look.

9  Zendaya Takes Perfection To Inhuman New Levels


Zendaya has never been shy about experimenting with brand new looks, particularly her hair. The Disney Channel Shake It Up beauty is an inspirational beauty icon. She’s opted for a tousled hairdo on a few occasions, but she’s also been seen wearing hats to the red carpet. But her signature look comes from her eyebrows, which are off the scale. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing makeup or not, everyone seems to focus on her gorgeous eyebrows. Her secret? She doesn’t pluck or wax them. She just lets them grow naturally. And clearly, it worked, because her brows, her flawless skin, and natural colored lips make her inhumanly perfect.

8 Kendall Jenner May Have Incredible Genes, But She Knows How To Work It


It’s hard to keep up with Kendall Jenner’s hair and makeup routine as she continues to wow the fashion industry with her sleek looks and natural beauty.

This gal can go from bold and daring, to chic and minimal from one day to the next.

Her genes may have played a factor, of course. After all, her mom, Kris Jenner is equally as lovely, and so are Kendall’s other siblings. But what sets her apart from her sisters’ style is the fact that she prefers a more minimalistic approach, and she sure knows how to make it work.

7 Ariana Grande Is A Dangerously Beautiful "Dangerous Woman"


Ariana Grande is a “dangerous woman,” just like the name of her incredible 2016 album. But we should add that she’s dangerously beautiful too. She made us want to run to Sally's and get a faux ponytail! She seriously stands out from the rest with her amazing vocals and her seriously on-point winged eyeliner! You’ll never see her going out in public looking anything less than perfect, even when she's just out and about. In one of her makeup tutorials, she jokingly revealed that the goal to look your best requires you to "make yourself look nothing like yourself." But the key to her cat eyes lies in her faux lashes. All she has to do to pull off this look is blend a few neutral eyeshadows, slap some eyeliner, add a couple of coats of mascara and voila!

6 Ruby Rose Is Everyone's Bad Girl Crush, And You Can Clearly See Why  *Heart Emoji*


Model and actress Ruby Rose has redefined the way we look at beauty. But instead of wearing eyeliner the way most of us do, she decided to embrace other pop icons like Sinead O’Connor and rebel.

And her mom had a lot to do with that.

She taught Rose how to be quirky and develop her own unique identity, which is obviously the bad girl look. But it’s also about being confident and at peace with yourself. Sometimes she feels like going for a more boyish look. And other times, she’s in the mood to feel a bit more “glamorous and feminine.” And we absolutely love the versatility, girl!

5 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is A Cross Between An Angel And A Natural-Born Model


The secret’s out! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a Nephilim, which is a cross between an angel and a human, or in this case, a natural-born model. Sure, she totally rocks bare lips, smoky eyeshadow and long false lashes in this pic. Her rosy skin is equally flawless and those lips look perfectly flawless. But if you take it all off, you know she looks equally as striking. After all, she seems to have been perfectly sculpted by nature! It’s no wonder she’s one of the most in-demand models in the industry. Now seriously, though. Can we check out her birth certificate because we have the sneaking suspicion that she's a freaking robot!

4 Priyanka Chopra Is The Type Of Gal Who Probably Looks Flawless, Even When She's "Ugly Crying"


Gorgeous eyebrows, lips, and spectacular hair are just some of the reasons the former “Quantico” and soon-to-be wife of Nick Jonas looks like a freaking painting. Her tan colored skin adds a touch of demure and exotic sultriness.

Priyanka looks positively gorgeous 24/7. How do we know that?

The Indian beauty posts tons of photos on Instagram, including shots of what she looks like when she wakes up in the morning. But if we would have to pinpoint what makes her so stunningly beautiful, we'd say it's her eyes. There’s something ethereal about them. It’s as if they have the power to look into your soul. Is it possible that Priyanka is some kind of mythical goddess?

3 Science Believes Amber Heard's Face Is Perfect, And Her Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Features Will Have You Screaming "YUP, YUP, YUP!"


Amber Heard’s face is perfect, at least according to a scientific facial mapping software. Her face was analyzed by Dr. Julian De Silva of London’s Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, and he determined that Heard’s face contains the most beautiful features on the planet. The software analyzed 12 key markers like her eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, chin, jaw, and overall shape of her face. He gave her a score of 91.85 percent in the Greek’s phi ratio, which is believed to hold the secret to human beauty. Heard even beat out Kim Kardashian, who came in second.

2 Angelina Jolie Is The Queen Of Chiseled Good Looks, But She's Got Competition


Angelina Jolie has always been a natural beauty. When she looks at you with her magnificent eyes, your heart stops. We don't even need to talk about her lips! They're in a category all on their own!

But this fierce woman isn't just known for being ridiculously pretty.

She's also opened her heart and home to her adopted kids Maddox and Zahara. Angie is also passionate about her humanitarian work, supporting an array of causes, and being a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. Angelina is so fierce, it's no wonder that Hollywood picked her to play Maleficent. But you know what they say, no matter how good you are, there’s always someone who's ready to give you a run for your money. And even Angelina Jolie’s got some serious competition.

1 Megan Fox Is Seriously The Most Perfect Angelina Jolie Doppelganger We've Ever Seen


There are tons of celebrities that look like they could be twins, but Megan Fox’s resemblance to Angelina Jolie is uncanny. They both have the same bone structure, which is stunning, and they often sport the same long dark hair too and devious stare. They certainly got that, “don’t mess with me” look that makes fans rush to the theater whenever one of their movies come out. When Fox takes a photo, she gives off the same pouty expression that her Hollywood twin is known for. Megan Fox is practically the Angelina Jolie of today’s generation. But Fox better watch out because Jolie isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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